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High-volume sound engineering may finally be falling out of fashion Flickr user Erica Cassella Sleigh Bells The loudest album of 2010 was almost certainly Sleigh Bells' acclaimed Treats, a collection of songs with the volume and distortion of nearly every element pushed into the red. Drums became blasts of noise, the lyrics were nearly impossible to decipher, and even though it was very much a pop album, it was almost painful to listen to. That, of course, was precisely why it thrilled. Sleigh Bells had designed the album to sound that way. Then one day, his own music took him by surprise. The phenomenon Miller experienced with his own song is familiar to anyone who's put their iPod on shuffle. "I'm done blowing things out," Sleigh Bells' Derek Miller says. Think of a song like the Beach Boys' "Good Vibrations." This dynamic limiting both tires the ears and makes instruments sound worse, turning bright drums into dull thuds and letting small details get lost in a blaring wash of sound. The Loudness Wars: Is Music's Noisy Arms Race Over? - Mike Barthel - Entertainment The Loudness Wars: Is Music's Noisy Arms Race Over? - Mike Barthel - Entertainment
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In this feature we'll be looking at some tips to help you build and enhance the drum patterns you're programming for your tracks. It goes without saying that beats are at the heart of any dance music track. In fact, the patterns you program and the sounds you use tell a listener as much about the musical style they're hearing as any other sound. In this feature we'll be looking at some tips to help you build and enhance the drum patterns you're programming for your tracks. We won't be focusing on tricks common to one genre, but will instead explore a range of things to try by building a basic pattern and slowly introducing more involved techniques. Let's start with a simple pattern at 120 BPM. Basic beats: Here's an extremely basic pattern for a Battery 3 kit, featuring kick (on C1), snare (on D1) and hi-hats (on F#1). Developing pattern: So far, so straightforward. Pattern with swing: Here's our pattern again, this time with a little swing. A guide to drum programming A guide to drum programming
Understanding mix space Listening to the work of producers and artists you admire can be a double-edged sword. On one side, taking influence from such visionaries often provides the inspiration to write new tracks of our own. On the other, getting anywhere close to the same level of production and mix isn't easily done. In the struggle to match the power, drive and punch of such mixes, frustration can boil over to the point where new tracks are simply thrown into a mix without due consideration; extra effects are employed in the hopes of hitting upon something ear-catching; or output limiters are cranked up another few decibels in the belief that overwhelming volume alone will inject the adrenaline our own tracks seem to lack. Through this tutorial, we'll explore a counter-approach that could produce better results. Often, less is more. First, let's use a couple of pads to demonstrate how it's often better to reduce the role of certain parts rather than boost the levels of everything around them. Understanding mix space
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Real-Time, Online Payment Processing & Web-Based Reporting Our powerful processing platform is a feature-rich payment system called cGate®. Ideal for merchants with high capacity transaction volumes, cGate® is a fast and secure, platform-independent, Internet payment gateway. Integrating to our secure Internet payment gateway enables merchants to offer a range of multi-currency checkout options on their web sites including Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Ukash. Merchants are able to pre-authorise, authorize only, capture, reverse and refund transactions via our payment gateway, with real-time reporting available to assist with quick response times, managing customer expectations and service levels. Our Payment Gateway Features International Payment Gateways for Offshore Multi Currency Merchants International Payment Gateways for Offshore Multi Currency Merchants
Payment Tokenization and PCI DSS Solutions - First Atlantic Commerce What is Payment Tokenization? Tokenization is the process of replacing sensitive card data with a unique identifier (a token) that retains all of the essential information without compromising its security. The token cannot be mathematically reversed and is stored in First Atlantic Commerce’s payment gateway infrastructure. The tokens support all payment models including authorization, capture and settlement, recurring and subscription billing and partial captures. By employing FAC’s tokenization solution, merchants can move their customer’s credit card information out of their own environment. Tokenization of data not only mitigates the potential impact of a security breach, but reduces the costs and scope of PCI. PCI DSS Tokenization FAC’s tokenization service is a Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) compliant solution that allows merchants to store their customer’s card details on our platform. Credit Card Tokenization How does it work? Key Features of Tokenization Payment Tokenization and PCI DSS Solutions - First Atlantic Commerce
3D Secure |Fraud Risk Management Solutions 3D Secure |Fraud Risk Management Solutions 3-D Secure™ Payer Authentication Solutions Our solution, cGate®SecureVerify, is a fully compliant payer authentication solution for Verified by Visa and MasterCard®SecureCode™ designed to protect international online merchants from fraudulent transactions. Based on the Card Associations’ 3-D Secure™ technology, cGate®SecureVerify provides verification to the merchant that the buyer is the authorized owner of a card account, thereby reducing the number of unauthorized payments, resulting in fewer chargebacks. First Atlantic Commerce can offer 3-D Secure™ as part of our gateway services or as a standalone service for other banks and gateways. The advantage of 3-D Secure only is that the merchant has the ability to identify the enrolment status of the cardholder and their issuing bank prior to the payment authorisation. Protecting Online Sales Income With Chargeback Liability Shift Key Features
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lumina twirl™ baton - Flowtoys lumina twirl™ baton - Flowtoys Lights: Comes with 2 capsule lights. Capsule lights have many beautiful multicolored patterns with infinite adjustability, kinetic awareness (knows when you are twirling and when you are still), all-night runtime, and are microUSB-rechargeable. Options: Comes in 2 standard lengths. Custom lengths available for additional $10 - please specify desired overall baton length (in cm or inches) in Customer Notes during checkout. Baton comes standard with elastomer grip and holographic tape. You may opt for no grip for a glossy holographic taped shaft, or to add your own grip. Shipping: All orders require a 1-week lead time. Construction: - Light, rigid 12mm OD carbon fiber shaft - Soft silicone "flowcap" secures your lights with a snap - Virtually bulletproof polycarbonate tubing houses the lights - Translucent ABS compression connectors create a firm connection between the tubes and shaft - Optional seamless, translucent elastomer grip lets your baton's color shine through
Dino Pet: The living lamp that grows brighter the more you care for it Dino Pet: The living lamp that grows brighter the more you care for it The BioPop Company have come up with a very different and very cool living light/virtual pet by the name of Dino Pet. This is a biological lamp that has very small bioluminescent plankton inside it, called dinoflagellates, which glow in the dark with their own inner light. [Image Courtesy of Biopop] This is where the Dino Pet gets its name from, with the dinoflagellates being inside the plastic shell. In the day the Dino Pet should be placed in indirect light. The amount of light that you get from the Dino Pet will all depend on how well you care for it, or rather, the plankton inside its belly. The BioPop biological lamp/pet/toy was the outcome of the company’s quest for a sustainable bio-light. Via [BioPop] Google+
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5 Ways to Stop Procrastinating Your Work 5 Ways to Stop Procrastinating Your Work You’ve probably heard this crazy tidbit thrown your way before: Some of the world’s most-driven people are also some of the biggest procrastinators this planet has ever seen. And it makes no sense since these are exactly the kind of people who know that doing that never ends well. Why is that? And better yet, if you find yourself in a similar situation, how can you stop? One person had this same question and took it to Quora. 1. Perhaps there are certain aspects you are highly motivated to do and procrastinate on other aspects. Mike Tielemans OK, you may not be able to fully outsource every piece of your life to other people. 2. It's not that you don't want to do the things that you say you want to do. Rizwan Aseem Have you ever sat down and asked yourself why a particular task was so important to complete by a certain deadline? 3. Tim Metz 4. Drive doesn't come from willpower. Janice Benett Last year, I put “build a better personal website” on my to-do list. What took me so long? 5.
4 Different Kinds of Procrastinators—and How to Fix Them All If you regularly struggle to decide between stalking a high school friend’s wedding album on Facebook or preparing for a presentation at work, you’re probably a procrastinator. And a pretty good one at that! Tell you what, that’s totally OK—we all put things off. Luckily, it doesn’t mean we aren’t hard workers, it just means that we have to work a little more to get past our habits. (No, Netflix is not actually calling your name.) Follow this flowchart to see what your habits say about your procrastination style—and how you can overcome it. Infographic courtesy of Parcel Hero. About The Author A UNC-Wilmington grad born and raised in North Carolina, Kaitlyn always knew she would end up in NYC to pursue writing. 4 Different Kinds of Procrastinators—and How to Fix Them All
Can thousands of regulations be harmonized? Last summer, the European Union (EU) and the US took the first steps to establish a partnership between the two markets that together account for almost half the world’s economy. Teams of negotiators met in Washington to talk about how best to take the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) forward, and even though the second round of negotiations was canceled due to pressing political issues, both sides expressed a firm commitment to the TTIP process. The possibility of TTIP is important as the partnership promises both sides significant economic benefits. According to US Trade Representative (USTR) Michael Froman, trade and investment between the US and the EU currently far exceeds any other bilateral relationship, with $2.6 billion worth of goods flowing between the two sides each day. Many Americans do not realize that more than 13 million people in two countries owe their jobs to the transatlantic economic relationship. EU-US Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership
Many readers of In Compliance Magazine have seen the word “certification” bandied about in their professional lives. A smaller subset of those readers likely have some indirect exposure to the formal certification process, either through involvement in their company’s product compliance programs, as an engineer or technician in a testing laboratory, or maybe as an inspector or factory line auditor. We can likely further narrow the readership into an even smaller subset that knows that an international conformity assessment standard exists for the operation of a certifying organization (known as a Certification Body, or CB), and possibly even fewer that have direct experience with the requirements of that standard. The standard we speak of is ISO/IEC 17065, “Requirements for bodies certifying products, processes and services,” and its most recent revision was published in September 2013. The Role of Certification Schemes ISO/IEC 17065 in Detail Preliminaries Section Five—Impartiality ISO/IEC 17065: The Standard for Certification Bodies – A Review of the Key Requirements
The Problem It’s time for ship authorization and production shipments to begin. But, to everyone’s surprise the system does not have the GREEN light to proceed. For some unexplained reason there is a gap in the evidence needed that proves the product meets all of its regulatory obligations. Or, take this example. What are these limiters? Unfortunately many businesses find themselves in the exact predicaments presented above, or something rather close depending on the maturity of the business, the talent behind the product compliance activity, and the support structure within the business. It Starts at the Top: The Requirements Probably the most import factor is to inventory or categorize exactly what the product needs to meet. “Regulatory” includes all items that are based on a law or directive in a given country. One error many companies make is not keeping current on what the country requirements are. Getting the Job Done: The Right Person and Team Patience is a virtue. Peter S. Product Compliance Limiters and Their Impact on Product Shipments
Active Hydra is a two-component polyurethane injection resin which ensures high reactivity, excellent mechanical strength and chemical stability. Active Hydra is designed for waterproofing and consolidation of rocks, friable land and structures affected by high-pressure water, as well as to convey water in aquifers and fill voids and cavities. Packaging Active Hydra COMP. Features Does not contain halogens and CFCsReaction start on contact with waterAlways hardens: with or without waterImmediate reaction Applications TunnelsDams and hydraulic worksWells MiningAir gapsSub-foundations Specifications (at +20°C and 60% R.H.) Active Hydra | Waterproofing Solutions - Bolat
Tight Knot is a two component resin made of organic minerals. Although it is not expandable, it is characterised by its excellent chemical stability, mechanical resistance and flexibility. Tight knot is used for water proofing fractured rock, consolidation of loose land and rock, crack and cavity filling. Application Area Tunnelling Mining Dams Reservoirs Aqueducts Features The presence of water does not affect the reaction processNot flammableHardens rapidlyHas thixotropic properties that appear as soon as the two components are mixed.Non-toxic and non-pollutant Specifications (at +20°C and 60% R.H.) Tight Knot - Fractured Rock and Ground Consolidation | Bolat
Dwarfs Trifles – Rock Drilling Products | Bolat
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