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Paul & Elizabeth Kaiser: Sustainable Farming 2.0 Paul & Elizabeth Kaiser: Sustainable Farming 2.0 Adam Taggart: Hello and welcome to the Resilient Life Podcast. Resilient Life is part of It’s where we focus on practical and actionable knowledge for building a better future and I’m your host Adam Taggart. A few months back a Peak Prosperity reader on the East coast wrote to me asking if I was familiar with a small organic farming operation located near me in Northern California called Singing Frogs Farm. He had written an article extolling remarkably high yields this farm produces both in terms of crop yield and in terms of revenue per acre using nothing but sustainable farming practices free of pesticides, chemical fertilizers, conventional tilling and even using less water, which is a big deal given the historic drought in the west these days. Paul and Elizabeth, thank you so much for making the time to join us today. Elizabeth Kaiser: Thank you for having us. Paul Kaiser: Thank you very much. Adam Taggart: Oh it’s a real pleasure. Elizabeth Kaiser: Exactly.
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The Cosmos, the Earth, and Your Stomach: The Story of Soil The Cosmos, the Earth, and Your Stomach: The Story of Soil “Give me a place to stand and a lever long enough, and I will move the world.” With these words, the ancient Greek philosopher Archimedes taught us the power of leverage points. It’s a key concept in permaculture design, too. When we deeply understand the system we’re working with—be it a garden, a business, a community, or even a personal relationship—we can spot the places where a small, perfectly located nudge will beget a large response. Plenty of disciplines use leverage points. There’s aikido, where a tiny movement by a master redirects the force of an attacker to send the latter sprawling—or worse. The leverage point I want to focus in this and the next few articles is soil. I learned the value of good soil the hard way, as a novice permaculturist working a hillside site in Oregon twenty-odd years ago. Restoring our abused soil taught me a lot, and I’ll detail that story a bit later. We’re going to cover a lot of ground—if you’ll pardon the pun—in this series of articles.
Based on the video Together we can cool the planet! co-produced by La Vía Campesina and GRAIN in 2015, we have created a comic book to support training activities of social movements and civil society organisations around climate change. This comic book looks at how the industrial food system impacts our climate and also explains what we can do to change course and start cooling the planet. La Via Campesina and GRAIN have pointed out that the industrial food system is responsible for half of all greenhouse gas emissions. We say loud and clear: it is peasants and small farmers, along with consumers who choose agroecological products from local markets, who hold the solution to the climate crisis. We must all rise to the challenge! Click here to download the comic book in pdf format. And share the video, available from: More information is available from: Comic book: Together we can cool the planet! Comic book: Together we can cool the planet!
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Admins: How to Change Your Organization's Office 365 Theme | Office 365 Ninja Admins: How to Change Your Organization's Office 365 Theme | Office 365 Ninja We’ve showed you how end users can personalize their Office 365 themes, but administrators have the option to customize the Office 365 theme for the entire organization. Changing the theme affects the top navigation bar; you can add a clickable company logo, background image for the navigation bar, and custom colors for text, icons, and accents. We recommend that IT administrators work with their colleagues in marketing and branding to determine the best options for these settings. To change the logo and colors of the default Office 365 theme, follow the instructions in the video above, or: From the admin center, choose Company Profile in the left-hand panel.Select Custom theming.Add images, select colors, etc. for the options presented on the theme page.Click Save. You may have to wait a short time for the theme to populate throughout Office 365. To remove any of the theme elements, simply return to the Custom theming page and select Remove custom theming or Remove custom colors.
How to Use OneNote for Business Training: a Student Perspective | Office 365 Ninja How to Use OneNote for Business Training: a Student Perspective | Office 365 Ninja I already wrote about how an instructor, trainer, or teacher can utilize Microsoft OneNote to improve a training. But what about the student? Students are the focus of any training event, or at least should be. Good news, I’m going to suggest three quick ways that students can use OneNote to aid their learning. Webster defines training as “a process by which someone is taught the skills that are needed for an art, profession, or job.” Deeply ingrained in this definition is the concept that someone is at the receiving end of this training—a student. Replace Paper for Note Taking With so many sexy features in OneNote, it is easy to forget that at its most basic level, text notes can be typed and saved for future reference. When writing your notes, feel free to adjust your view to full screen mode by clicking the arrow in the top right corner of the page. If you are using a stylus with Microsoft Surface Pro 3, you can simply click on the pen and begin writing your notes. Office Lens
Introducing Office 365 Video Introducing Office 365 Video Mark Kashman (@mkashman) is a senior product manager in the Office 365 group. Over the years, SharePoint has been used not just for collaboration sites and document management, but also search, dashboards, company intranets, wikis, blogs and much more. We’ve categorized many of these under the same umbrella term, “Portals.” Now we have a tremendous opportunity to expand on the Portals portfolio and deliver new experiences that have taken weeks, if not months, to build, based on common patterns of valuable portal solutions we’ve seen customers put in place. Intelligent—Leveraging the Office Graph to deliver personalized, relevant information to users.Social—Integrating social interactions from Yammer to fuel participation.Mobile—Easy to access and consume content from any device, and anywhere.Ready to go—Getting you up and running quickly with highly functional, beautiful intranet portals. A beautiful user interface with an easy-to-manage approach To sum it all up —Mark Kashman Q. A. Q. A.
Can thousands of regulations be harmonized? Last summer, the European Union (EU) and the US took the first steps to establish a partnership between the two markets that together account for almost half the world’s economy. Teams of negotiators met in Washington to talk about how best to take the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) forward, and even though the second round of negotiations was canceled due to pressing political issues, both sides expressed a firm commitment to the TTIP process. The possibility of TTIP is important as the partnership promises both sides significant economic benefits. According to US Trade Representative (USTR) Michael Froman, trade and investment between the US and the EU currently far exceeds any other bilateral relationship, with $2.6 billion worth of goods flowing between the two sides each day. Many Americans do not realize that more than 13 million people in two countries owe their jobs to the transatlantic economic relationship. EU-US Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership EU-US Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership
ISO/IEC 17065: The Standard for Certification Bodies – A Review of the Key Requirements ISO/IEC 17065: The Standard for Certification Bodies – A Review of the Key Requirements Many readers of In Compliance Magazine have seen the word “certification” bandied about in their professional lives. A smaller subset of those readers likely have some indirect exposure to the formal certification process, either through involvement in their company’s product compliance programs, as an engineer or technician in a testing laboratory, or maybe as an inspector or factory line auditor. We can likely further narrow the readership into an even smaller subset that knows that an international conformity assessment standard exists for the operation of a certifying organization (known as a Certification Body, or CB), and possibly even fewer that have direct experience with the requirements of that standard. The standard we speak of is ISO/IEC 17065, “Requirements for bodies certifying products, processes and services,” and its most recent revision was published in September 2013. The Role of Certification Schemes ISO/IEC 17065 in Detail Preliminaries Section Five—Impartiality
Product Compliance Limiters and Their Impact on Product Shipments The Problem It’s time for ship authorization and production shipments to begin. But, to everyone’s surprise the system does not have the GREEN light to proceed. For some unexplained reason there is a gap in the evidence needed that proves the product meets all of its regulatory obligations. Or, take this example. What are these limiters? Unfortunately many businesses find themselves in the exact predicaments presented above, or something rather close depending on the maturity of the business, the talent behind the product compliance activity, and the support structure within the business. It Starts at the Top: The Requirements Probably the most import factor is to inventory or categorize exactly what the product needs to meet. “Regulatory” includes all items that are based on a law or directive in a given country. One error many companies make is not keeping current on what the country requirements are. Getting the Job Done: The Right Person and Team Patience is a virtue. Peter S. Product Compliance Limiters and Their Impact on Product Shipments
Dixie Stenberg and Brassy Battalion Adventure Theater, The (2006-10) "Umket Industries Presents: The Dixie Stenberg and Brassy Battalion Adventure Theater" is an original sci-fi action/comedy serial adventure done as an homage to/spoof of old time radio. The Dixie Stenberg and Brassy Battalion Adventure Theater grew out of a shared love for the classic radio theatre shows of the 40s and 50s. Specifically the aerial adventure drama, with shows like Captain Midnight, Hop Harrigan, Adventures by Morse and Speed Gibson. They showcased not only the dramatic range of the writers of the period and the actors and actresses involved, but also a somewhat larger canvas than most other radio serials of the period. The characters in these shows would traipse all over the world, getting into trouble and danger, sometimes not getting out again, most times saving society or friends or their neighbor's cat, but throughout all of this there was a high sense of fun and adventure in the voices of the cast. Thankfully my parents set me straight in that regard. Dixie Stenberg and Brassy Battalion Adventure Theater, The (2006-10)
PREVIEW TRAILERSKingeryTrailer1.mp3KingeryTrailer2.mp3KingeryTrailer3.mp3KingeryTrailer4.mp3KingeryTrailer5.mp3KingeryTrailer6.mp3KingeryTrailer7.mp3KingeryTrailer8.mp3KingeryTrailer9.mp3KingeryTrailer10.mp3 "The Kingery" is a full-cast, ongoing serial sci-fi crime drama. The Kingery began as a simple concept, which was merely that I gathered up the best writers I knew and asked them to co-create a show with me. What resulted were many long discussions and chats, planning sessions and debates over the course of two years. It is very much a series intended for adults and it will explore some very serious issues that can't as easily be touched upon in our other shows. It's got very complex, flawed characters... people with problems who are just trying to find their way in life. I think we've got an amazing and intricate story to tell, and I hope you'll think so, too. Jeffrey BridgesCo-creator and head writer, "The Kingery" Founder and Executive Producer, Pendant Productions Kingery, The (2007- )
PREVIEW TRAILERSVegasTrailer.mp3VegasTrailer2.mp3VegasTrailer3.mp3VegasTrailer4.mp3 "Once Upon a Time in Vegas" is a full-cast maxi-series fantasy drama. I suppose my writing bug began when I couldn't get into the advanced acting class in high school, so I took Playwrighting/Directing instead. I ended up being the most prolific student in the class, producing about four plays to everyone else's one. I loved writing! Fast forward a few years where I meet Rene Jones in a creative writing class in college. During the course of this class, she wrote two short stories which ended up being the premise for a book series, which we are still working on. Fast forward a little more where I end up living with the lovely and talented Julie Goldstein, whom I of course admire for her versatile voice talent. For a couple of years, I had been limited by a leg injury which prevented me from persuing acting much further and I believed it to be a lost art to me. So nearly a year passes... And so, here I am! Once Upon A Time In Vegas (2007-10)
Analysis For eLearning Projects SumoMe When you are hit with a new training or eLearning project or even an idea for a project, you need the facts before you can proceed. You can usually gather the facts by conducting one or more forms of analysis, of which there are many flavors. You’ll find that the amount of effort required for an analysis varies. In some cases, it involves no more than interviewing several key people. In other cases, an analysis might involve pouring over organizational documents or examining survey results from scores of audience members. Here are some of the most common forms of analysis that I use. Needs Analysis or Assessment There are several types of needs assessments. How to get the information: Audience Analysis The goal of an audience analysis is to help designers and developers understand their audience to serve them most effectively. Try to identify the following: Although each group is composed of individuals, try to focus on the similarities within each group. How to get the information: .
What Makes Effective eLearning? | Rob's Learning and Technology Blog There seems more interest than ever in elearning, but I worry that people will charge headlong for an author tool thinking it’s the answer to their prayers. The trouble is there’s more to creating good elearning than just using the author tool. Whatever we build it must be effective. We all know that, but what does ‘effective’ mean? For a piece of learning to be effective it must be: Relevant – it must align to what I, the learner, want to achieve. It’s not easy, but ensuring that whatever you produce satisfies all five of these requirements will allow you to create a truly effective learning experience. Like this: Like Loading...
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The Top 5 Technical Skills Every Product Manager Should Know | UserVoice Blog “You are kind of the mini-CEO – with all of the responsibility…but without any of the authority.” -Josh Elman – Partner at Greylock, former Product Manager at Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn Any “soft” skills or “hard” skills you need as a Product Manager all boil down to one core skill: Empathy. I worked for 4 months with a fellow Product Manager before ever realizing he used to be a developer. He never mentioned anything technical, at all! “Software is a team sport” I have been the least technical person on a very technical team and the most technical person on a fairly non-technical team. Being technical can have its pitfalls: “When you are an engineer going into product [management] and your engineer says to you, ‘Oh, that’s really hard to do.’ Now that the soft stuff is out of the way, let’s get down to it. “Trace a user issue (or set of issues) back to the underlying problem.” The Top 5 Technical Skills Every Product Manager Needs to Know: 1. Why:1. Feeling ambitious? 2. B. 3 . 4. B. 5.
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