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Productivity woes aggravated by failure to hire new immigrants Companies that fail to capitalize on the skills of new immigrants are aggravating Canada’s productivity woes by erecting employment barriers that hamper innovation and economic growth. And if foreign-born workers continue to experience the promise of prosperity as hollow, this country risks losing the growing global war for talent as Brand Canada is tarnished abroad. Those are the main findings of a new report, to be released Tuesday, by Deloitte. “We’re losing out,” said Jane Allen, partner and chief diversity officer at Deloitte. Canada’s labour productivity – a measure of what the economy produces in each hour of work – is often criticized for lagging that of other industrialized countries. The report found that companies are wary of hiring highly educated immigrants due to perceived “risks” including lengthy immigration approvals processes and other more intangible concerns over cultural fit. “People like to hire people that are like themselves. Productivity woes aggravated by failure to hire new immigrants
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10 Google Products You (Probably) Never Knew Existed I don’t know about you, but it feels like Google launches a new product every time I turn my laptop on. And these new products tend to fit into two distinct categories: Incredibly usefulIncredibly bizarre Fortunately, most of these products are free so we’re really not in a position to complain! So much so, that I thought it was a good idea to compile a list of the secrets of the Google product empire. Google Takeout – No, this is not Google’s food delivery service (although that’d be handy), this is a tool which allows you to download an archive of your data from things like your +1′s, Google+ Circles, Contacts and Picasa Web albums.Google Mars – While you’re probably familiar with Google Earth, Google Mars is a little less well known. So, how many of those did you know about? Also read: olly via shutterstock 10 Google Products You (Probably) Never Knew Existed
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10 Great Free Google Forms Every Teacher Should Be Using 10 Great Free Google Forms Every Teacher Should Be Using Today's post is about a great work that has been done by our colleague Tom Barret. He has created awesome example forms for different topics. He has also made all these forms available for us to download and use with our students. To download any of the forms below, make sure to visit Tom's original post. 1- Get to Know your Class Use this form to collect information about your students such as their likes, dislikes, club affiliations, and many more. 2- Emotion Graph This is a form ideal for use by students when studying linear narrative both written or visual. 3- Spelling Test As its name suggests , this form is great for use inside the classroom to test students spelling. 4- Comprehension Questions This is a form that test students understanding of a text or anything thing else you want to test. 5- Weekly Reading Record This is a form where students can provide data about their reading. 6- Maths Data Handling 7- Guided Reading Record 8- Prior Learning Assessment 9- Library Book Review
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How to Set up Your Desk to Increase Productivity at Work No matter how you want to approach the math, adults spend nearly 40% of their day at work according to a recent American Time Use Survey. While many of you have “hands on” jobs requiring physical labor, the majority spend our day plopped, posted, and perched at a desk staring at numbers or figures on a computer screen. So why is it that, even given the knowledge of our time commitment, that many people still overlook the significance of your desk? Here’s some essential tips, tricks, and tidbits on how to effectively utilize your desk space to maximize productivity, output, and, most importantly, your happiness while at work. Surround yourself with things that make you happy Some argue that a clean desk results in an unobstructed mind. But be aware: there’s always a fine line with decor, and this is no different. Enjoy window peeping If possible, request a desk near the window. Listen to some groovy tracks Stand up Standing desks are now thrown into this request pool. Give yourself a break How to Set up Your Desk to Increase Productivity at Work
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How to do the most work in the shortest time | Mark McCartney | Opinion We are designed by evolution to be busy. That’s OK for the caveman, who needs to feed himself; not OK for you in the 21st-century when you have to deal with an ever-growing range of tempting distractions. Which is why it is so baffling that Paris has been identified as the city with the shortest working week, when France is renowned for having higher productivity than the UK. As a coach who specialises in enabling people to get more done more quickly, I notice that those who get the most worthwhile work done in the smallest amount of time follow a set of rules. Oddly, we are never taught these rules, and most of us just stick to the same old unconscious (bad) habits. 1. Lock yourself in a room away from distractions and focus fully on one task at a time. 2. Those who get more done quickly don’t fight distractions – we can’t. 3. As Laozi said: “To attain knowledge, add things every day. 4. Do thinking work in the morning. 5. 6. Be careful about trying to get too efficient. 7. 8. How to do the most work in the shortest time | Mark McCartney | Opinion
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lumina twirl™ baton - Flowtoys lumina twirl™ baton - Flowtoys Lights: Comes with 2 capsule lights. Capsule lights have many beautiful multicolored patterns with infinite adjustability, kinetic awareness (knows when you are twirling and when you are still), all-night runtime, and are microUSB-rechargeable. Options: Comes in 2 standard lengths. Custom lengths available for additional $10 - please specify desired overall baton length (in cm or inches) in Customer Notes during checkout. Baton comes standard with elastomer grip and holographic tape. You may opt for no grip for a glossy holographic taped shaft, or to add your own grip. Shipping: All orders require a 1-week lead time. Construction: - Light, rigid 12mm OD carbon fiber shaft - Soft silicone "flowcap" secures your lights with a snap - Virtually bulletproof polycarbonate tubing houses the lights - Translucent ABS compression connectors create a firm connection between the tubes and shaft - Optional seamless, translucent elastomer grip lets your baton's color shine through
Dino Pet: The living lamp that grows brighter the more you care for it Dino Pet: The living lamp that grows brighter the more you care for it The BioPop Company have come up with a very different and very cool living light/virtual pet by the name of Dino Pet. This is a biological lamp that has very small bioluminescent plankton inside it, called dinoflagellates, which glow in the dark with their own inner light. [Image Courtesy of Biopop] This is where the Dino Pet gets its name from, with the dinoflagellates being inside the plastic shell. In the day the Dino Pet should be placed in indirect light. The amount of light that you get from the Dino Pet will all depend on how well you care for it, or rather, the plankton inside its belly. The BioPop biological lamp/pet/toy was the outcome of the company’s quest for a sustainable bio-light. Via [BioPop] Google+
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Can thousands of regulations be harmonized? Last summer, the European Union (EU) and the US took the first steps to establish a partnership between the two markets that together account for almost half the world’s economy. Teams of negotiators met in Washington to talk about how best to take the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) forward, and even though the second round of negotiations was canceled due to pressing political issues, both sides expressed a firm commitment to the TTIP process. The possibility of TTIP is important as the partnership promises both sides significant economic benefits. According to US Trade Representative (USTR) Michael Froman, trade and investment between the US and the EU currently far exceeds any other bilateral relationship, with $2.6 billion worth of goods flowing between the two sides each day. Many Americans do not realize that more than 13 million people in two countries owe their jobs to the transatlantic economic relationship. EU-US Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership EU-US Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership
ISO/IEC 17065: The Standard for Certification Bodies – A Review of the Key Requirements ISO/IEC 17065: The Standard for Certification Bodies – A Review of the Key Requirements Many readers of In Compliance Magazine have seen the word “certification” bandied about in their professional lives. A smaller subset of those readers likely have some indirect exposure to the formal certification process, either through involvement in their company’s product compliance programs, as an engineer or technician in a testing laboratory, or maybe as an inspector or factory line auditor. We can likely further narrow the readership into an even smaller subset that knows that an international conformity assessment standard exists for the operation of a certifying organization (known as a Certification Body, or CB), and possibly even fewer that have direct experience with the requirements of that standard. The standard we speak of is ISO/IEC 17065, “Requirements for bodies certifying products, processes and services,” and its most recent revision was published in September 2013. The Role of Certification Schemes ISO/IEC 17065 in Detail Preliminaries Section Five—Impartiality
Product Compliance Limiters and Their Impact on Product Shipments The Problem It’s time for ship authorization and production shipments to begin. But, to everyone’s surprise the system does not have the GREEN light to proceed. For some unexplained reason there is a gap in the evidence needed that proves the product meets all of its regulatory obligations. Or, take this example. What are these limiters? Unfortunately many businesses find themselves in the exact predicaments presented above, or something rather close depending on the maturity of the business, the talent behind the product compliance activity, and the support structure within the business. It Starts at the Top: The Requirements Probably the most import factor is to inventory or categorize exactly what the product needs to meet. “Regulatory” includes all items that are based on a law or directive in a given country. One error many companies make is not keeping current on what the country requirements are. Getting the Job Done: The Right Person and Team Patience is a virtue. Peter S. Product Compliance Limiters and Their Impact on Product Shipments
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Corporate Film Production Services - Razzmatazz Films
Advertising Films Production House in India - Razzmatazz Films While the making of mainstream films may indeed be considered an art, the production of advertising films is definitely a science. It needs an in-depth understanding of aspects like branding, brand identity, the communication process, marketing strategy, communication strategy and creative strategy. It also calls for a knowledge base that encompasses the many complex layers of advertising: defining the target audience; zeroing in on the desired response to be evoked; identifying the triggers to be used for evoking the desired response; and then evolving a creative strategy that activates the triggers. Razzmatazz Films is an ad films production house with extensive experience in the nuts and bolts of advertising. We understand the intricacies of making television commercials (also referred to sometimes as commercial videos), and the challenges involved.
Corporate Video Production Services - Razzmatazz Films The domain of corporate film production is a highly specialised one. It’s not something that mainstream filmmakers would be able to do without prior exposure to the challenges of corporate video production and the special skills that go into compressing a corporate story into a duration that is ideally between 7 and 10 minutes. Right from scripting the story and crafting the narrative to shooting the key elements of the story and weaving it into a cohesive corporate film, a corporate film production company leverages a whole new set of skills, talents and communication devices that are radically different from those used in mainstream film production. Across more than two decades in the business as a corporate video production company, Razzmatazz Films has built and honed these specialised skills, capabilities and domain knowledge. Razzmatazz understands the challenges of shooting corporate films where the vast majority of shots are on an ‘as-in-where-is’ basis.
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The Most Popular Keys of All Music on Spotify Each day, approximately 20,000 new songs appear on Spotify, which now has over 30 million tracks, which is obviously a lot of music. As the Beastie Boys once maintained, there are “only twelve notes, well a [hu]man can play.” They were right on the money about that, when it comes to Western music at least (rock, rap, classical, country, and many or most other genres). Unless you count the microtones between what the notes in the genres many of us are most familiar with, there are only 12 notes in all of music. That’s over 30 million songs, the vast majority with various combinations of the same 12 notes. Spotify data analyst and jazz pianist Kenny Ning took it upon himself to analyze the key of every track on Spotify, to determine how frequently they appear, and we turned the result into a chart. “With regard to Western contemporary music (which dominates our catalog), instrumentation is largely based around guitar, piano, or both,” said Ning. Let’s find out: Kenny Ning explains: Like this:
Music Scales and Chord Tools for Guitar and Piano
simplicity where it matters, complexity where it counts Note: Shortcircuit has been discontinued. It is now freely available for download, but Vember Audio does not offer any support for it. Sampling is supposed to be fun Prior to shortcircuit it wasn't as fun as it could be. Shortcircuit was created as a reaction against the ongoing trend where software samplers are being designed with the primary intent of library playback. The sample hierarchy in shortcircuit allow you to place samples directly at the highest level of the multi, without having to deal with instrument hierarchies and patches. let your ears be the judge Sound quality is of highest concern, and shortcircuit uses very high-quality interpolation to ensure that your samples sound as good as the source material, regardless of the pitch you play them at. Shortcircuit was designed to sound great, all other concerns have been secondary. ...and the toys, don't forget the toys! shortcircuit
Active Hydra is a two-component polyurethane injection resin which ensures high reactivity, excellent mechanical strength and chemical stability. Active Hydra is designed for waterproofing and consolidation of rocks, friable land and structures affected by high-pressure water, as well as to convey water in aquifers and fill voids and cavities. Packaging Active Hydra COMP. Features Does not contain halogens and CFCsReaction start on contact with waterAlways hardens: with or without waterImmediate reaction Applications TunnelsDams and hydraulic worksWells MiningAir gapsSub-foundations Specifications (at +20°C and 60% R.H.) Active Hydra | Waterproofing Solutions - Bolat
Tight Knot - Fractured Rock and Ground Consolidation | Bolat
Dwarfs Trifles – Rock Drilling Products | Bolat
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