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GO4ST8Physics Our organization was developed over twenty years ago by physics teachers for persons interested in physics education in the state of Minnesota. There are no dues, just an interest in sharing ideas that can improve physics education and the persons attending the meetings. There are usually 4 meetings a year. We have had people attend who live in northern Iowa or northern Minnesota and we try to accommodate these participants by scheduling meetings from 9:00 AM – 12:00 PM on Saturdays (the 2nd Saturday of odd-numbered months). There is a newsletter sent to some schools. Participants are always welcomed and are encouraged to bring others with them. Steve Ethen GO4ST8Physics
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Les enseignants ont kidnappé le débat sur le harcèlement à l'école Ceux qui dénoncent le clip de prévention produit par l'Éducation nationale, jugé «caricatural et méprisant», sont hors sujet. C'est l'histoire d'un rapt. Le 2 novembre, le ministère de l'Education nationale a rendu public le clip de prévention contre le harcèlement scolaire coproduit par Mélissa Theuriau. Presque aussitôt, des profs (et non pas «les profs», comme on l'a lu et entendu) ont manifesté leur mécontentement en dénonçant une «vidéo caricaturale et méprisante». Ils ont surtout, à gros coups de communiqués rageurs publiés par des syndicats pourtant souvent désaccordés, réussi à détourner les projecteurs du sujet principal (la souffrance des enfants harcelés) pour les braquer vers leur propre cause: le supplice enduré par des enseignants se sentant stigmatisés par une vidéo d'une minute qui ne s'adresse même pas à eux. C'est le premier problème de cette réaction. Allégorie Ce que semblent avoir oublié les profs qui s’insurgent contre ce spot, c’est son caractère allégorique. Les enseignants ont kidnappé le débat sur le harcèlement à l'école
A few months ago, my four year-old son went to a classmate's birthday. The party was superhero-themed and the loot bags were packed with cute little superhero trinkets, including temporary tattoos. One little girl, let's call her Izzy, put hers on immediately. "LOOK," Izzy yelled, running up to everyone in turn. The other children and parents in attendance oohed and ahed over her forearm. Later, as we parents were watching our cake-smeared kids run around in a sugar-induced frenzy, one of the other mothers turned to me and said, "Isn't it funny that [your son] loves My Little Pony so much? Not really knowing how to answer, I said, "I don't think it's funny. "Oh, sure," she said. I've been thinking a lot about this episode, along with all the other weird remarks people have made about my kid's love for all things Rainbow Dash. Little girls are, for the most part, taught that women can be anything. We see the devaluation of femininity play out in tons of different ways. We Need To Stop Devaluing Femininity We Need To Stop Devaluing Femininity
Bon, une fois n’est pas coutume, cet article-là, je l’écris surtout avec mes tripes (et en le démarrant je ne sais pas exactement où je vais avec). D’ailleurs ça introduit bien le sujet. D’habitude justement, je rédige mes articles un peu comme des dissertations. Avec un plan (construit à partir d’une liste d’idées) dans la tête, des parties, des sous-partes, des transitions, une intro, une conclusion. Il faut dire que des disserts et des commentaires, comme plein de gens, j’en ai fait depuis mes 15 ans jusqu’à la fin de ma licence. C’est devenu naturel chez moi d’écrire comme ça. D’ailleurs, j’ai souvent été considéré comme un intello, dans ma scolarité. Évidemment, le côté « intello » n’aide pas pour éviter le harcèlement, la mise à l’écart et l’effet plante verte. Et pourtant, au collège comme au lycée, je ne faisais pas réellement partie des bons élèves. C’était une erreur, parce que j’ai (évidemment) continué à ramer dans les matières scientifiques. J'aime : J'aime chargement… Les cancres et les intellos – trolldejardin Les cancres et les intellos – trolldejardin
Introduction STC Motion and Design is a 15-lesson kit intended for students in grade 5. It introduces students to the physics of motion and the importance of technological design. More… Big Ideas This kit is focused on both science content ideas and science process skills. Force as a push or pull More… Foundational Images Along with a variety of drawings, sketches, and multiviews, three of our foundational images are used in conjunction with the STC Motion and Design kit: Vectors , Particles and the Magnifier tool. To get a better idea of how some of these foundational images can be used in the classroom, refer to the Motion and Design roadmap below. Investigation Roadmaps - Motion Investigation Roadmaps - Motion
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Battaglia’s Chemistry 2015-2016: Unit 2: Atomic Structure Resources | NGSS Chemistry Resources Battaglia’s Chemistry 2015-2016: Unit 2: Atomic Structure Resources | NGSS Chemistry Resources NOTE: This information only represents the general sequencing of resources for lessons, not all of the instructional strategies involved. The Key Essential Questions, Transfer Goals, and Performance Expectations are from the district curriculum map. Unit 2: Atomic Structure From the Big Bang to MRIs Key Essential Questions: What are the characteristic properties and behaviors of waves? Transfer Goals: Students will be able to independently use their learning to Create and use models to illustrate and predict changes in atomic structure.Apply scientific understanding of atomic structure and stability to explain the composition of matter in the universe.Use mathematical and computational thinking to evaluate the relationship between waves and particles. Performance Expectations: Unit Driving Question: How does atomic structure help explain our past, present, and future? Guiding Questions: How are planets and stars formed? Guiding Question: How do we define atomic structure? Other Resources:
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Climate Change Will Make UK Coastline More Dangerous, Expert Says The UK's coastlines will become even more dangerous because of climate change, an expert has told Sky News. Two more people died today on Britain's shores - a man scuba diving in Cornwall and a 17-year-old boy in the waters near Sunderland. Last week, five young men were drowned at Camber Sands. The weekend before, seven people died in different parts of waters around the UK. Rip currents - fast moving, narrow channels of water that can drag swimmers out to sea - are not becoming more frequent or more vicious. But our changing climate is making them more unpredictable, according to Dr Simon Boxall, an oceanographer at the University of Southampton. Video: How To Survive A Rip Tide Dr Boxall told Sky News: "Climate change means not just more winter storms, but more summer storms as well, so you have an ever moving topography. "Rip currents need an escape and so they work on the topography of the sea floor. Video: Push For Lifeguards At Camber Sands After Five Deaths Climate Change Will Make UK Coastline More Dangerous, Expert Says
Italy avalanche: 'Many dead' in hotel Rigopiano in Abruzzo Image copyright EPA An Italian rescue official has said that a number of people have been killed after a hotel was hit by an avalanche, apparently triggered by an earthquake on Wednesday. Rescuers battled overnight to reach the hotel close to the Gran Sasso mountain in the Abruzzo region. "There are many deaths," Antonio Crocetta, the head of a mountain rescue team, was quoted as saying. Up to 30 people were in the Rigopiano hotel at the time of the avalanche. The roof partly collapsed and local residents in Farindola alerted emergency services. Rescuers said at least 20 tourists and seven staff had been inside the Rigopiano hotel when it was hit by the avalanche. The mountainous region of Central Italy was hit by a succession of four earthquakes on Wednesday and further tremors were reported overnight. The quakes came after the regions of Abruzzo, Marche and Lazio were hit by days of heavy snow. It was already known that one person had died and another was reported missing. Italy avalanche: 'Many dead' in hotel Rigopiano in Abruzzo
Escuela | Danza 3 Uriel Sabás Reggaeton. "Los ritmos latinos representan una gran esencia de lo que somos , el Reggaeton no sólo mezcla lo mejor de la cultura Hip-Hop y los latidos caribeños, sino que representa toda una revolución que engloba el calor y la sensualidad de todo un continente". Rafael Arroyo (Mex.) Salsa. "La Danza es una fiesta y como tal se debe celebrar, el sabor de cada uno tiende a resaltar cuando la música entra por tus venas y recorre tu cuerpo, sentir la música es el secreto para empezar a sonreír". Eddy Bounce (Mex.) Lyrical Hop y Hip-Hop Kids "La Danza se hizo para sentirla y disfrutarla, cuando entendemos y dejamos que el cuerpo hable por nosotros todo lo demás pasa a segundo término, el lenguaje artístico aporta seguridad e inteligencia a cualquier persona que se interese en experimentarlo". Jenny Pedraza (Esp.) Hip-Hop y Heels. Carlos Carrillo (Mex.) Técnicas de Ballet David Sánchez (Mex.) Fusión Jazz y Jazz Niños Pamela Parda (Mex.) Ballet I y II Omar Hernández (Mex.) Jazz I y II, Strech. Escuela | Danza 3
PHYSICAL APPEARANCE Vocabulario Peluquería del español al inglés / Spanish-to-English hair salon glossary / para salón de belleza / peluqueria palabras en inglés Vocabulario Peluquería del español al inglés / Spanish-to-English hair salon glossary / para salón de belleza / peluqueria palabras en inglés a capas - layered, in layers ablandador (de pelo) - relaxer, straightener, softener ablandador de canas - pre-softener for color-resistant gray hair so it will absorb dye better abombado (peinado) - bouffant abombarse (cabello) - frizz up, puff out abrillantador (nom) - gloss, brightener, lustrant abrillantador (adj) - brightening, glossing, shining abundante cabellera - full head of hair acaracoloado (pelo) - in ringlets acartonado (pelo) - stiff, without movement or vitality accesorio para pelo - hair ornament aceite de aguacate (o palta) - avocado oil aceite de ajonjolí - sesame oil aceite de argán - argan oil aceite de canela - cinammon oil aceite de germen de trigo - wheat germ oil aceite de jojoba - jojoba oil aceite de linaza - linseed oil aceite de oliva (o aceituna) - olive oil aceite de planchado - pressing oil acentuar - accentuate, emphasize acharolado (hair) - stiffened by gel or fixative ácido - acidic; acid aclarar (pelo) - rinse; lighten, make lighter acondicionador - conditioner Afro - Afro
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Mis à jour le 30 mai 2012 (correction des monstres entiers, il y avait des doublons...sorry!) Pour les parties du corps , le grand classique c'est bien évidemment la chanson "Head and shoulders" sur l'air de tête épaules et genoux/pieds. Je vous joins ma séquence de 3 séances sur la description de visages de monstres. Cette séance fait suite à celle sur les jouets précédemment remontée car elle réutilise au démarrage la même structure (have you got) Je vous mets les pistes audio correspondantes à ce que dit chaque monstre! monstre 8 monstre 7 monstre 6 monstre 5 monstre 4 monstre 3 monstre 2 monstre 1 Je joins également une évaluation possible à la fin de la séance (juste la compréhension orale et écrite, l'expression orale se fera en continu pendant les jeux de Qui est-ce? Une petite contribution de Delphine qui nous propose sa trace écrite de la chanson the body song de Peter Weatherall (sous publisher) Ribambelle a traduit les docs écrits pour l'espagnol. préparation de séquence Séquence sur les parties du corps et descriptions de monstres
Vocabulaire sur les parties du corps (how to describe a person's physical appearance - body and body parts in english) Vocabulaire simple sur les parties du corps et du visage en anglais (Agnès Pihuit Imbert) Fiche de vocabulaire pour décrire quelqu'un en anglais (Céline Blanchard) Diaporama avec 19 parties du corps illustrées en anglais (mes-english) Vocabulaire illustré sur les parties du corps en anglais (englishwsheets) 30 mots de vocabulaire illustré en anglais sur les parties du corps + exercices : matching / crossword ( Fiche de vocabulaire sur les parties du haut du corps en anglais (création Agnès Pihuit Imbert / Fiche de vocabulaire sur les parties du bas du corps en anglais (création Agnès Pihuit Imbert / Vocabulaire de description physique pour décrire les cheveux et l'âge en anglais (carte mentale par A. Description physique générale avec illustrations en anglais Vocabulaire sur le visage en anglais description physique en anglais - physical appearance
description physique Cet exercice te permet d’avoir une identité et de te présenter sur le site: tu peux voir ici les profils déjà créés 1. Recherche un avatar qui te correspond sur internet et enregistre-le sur l’ordinateur. (Un avatar est une image qui te représente) 2. 3. Exemple: Utilisateur test Il faut que tu donnes des indications sur: 1. I am…. 2. I live in ….. 3. I’m a girl/I’m a boy 4. ce que tu aimes comme musique I like …. 5. My favourite song is …… 6. I like ….. 7. I have ….. 8. I have …… Connecte-toi sur le blog et écris tout ceci sur ta page de présentation dans le champ “À propos de vous“. N’oublie pas d’enregistrer ton travail quand tu as terminé !
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The 1996 U.S. Surgeon General's "Report on Physical Activity and Health" is a landmark document that emphasizes the important link between physical fitness and American health. In a 2011 research report, the President's Council on Physical Fitness and Sports sought to broaden the definition of physical fitness laid down in the Surgeon General's report, subcategorizing skill-related fitness as "those components of physical fitness that have a relationship with enhanced performance in sports and motor skills." The components of skill-related fitness include agility, balance, coordination, power, speed and reaction time. Agility, as defined by the President's Council, refers to the ability to change your entire body position in space rapidly with accuracy and speed. Balance is your ability to maintain equilibrium, or control your body's position in space. A combination of strength and speed, power is the ability to exert maximum force in a quick, explosive burst. Lose Weight. 5 Skill Related Components of Physical Fitness
Youth Physical Activity Guidelines | Physical Activity | Healthy Schools | CDC Skip directly to search Skip directly to A to Z list Skip directly to navigation Skip directly to page options Skip directly to site content Get Email Updates To receive email updates about this page, enter your email address: Related Links Healthy Youth Youth Physical Activity Guidelines Toolkit Recommend on Facebook Tweet Introduction The Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans, issued by the U.S. Youth Physical Activity Guidelines Children and adolescents should have 60 minutes (1 hour) or more of physical activity daily. A Toolkit for Schools, Families, and Communities Despite the many health benefits associated with regular physical activity, many children and adolescents do not participate in physical activity for 60 minutes or more each day. Toolkit Components Many of the toolkit components can be adapted and customized for various audiences. Ordering Information Related Resources File Formats Help: How do I view different file formats (PDF, DOC, PPT, MPEG) on this site? Top
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