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35 Beautiful Human Portrait Typography Art Designs 35 Beautiful Human Portrait Typography Art Designs Inspiration Typography is the art and technique of using and arranging letters, type design, and modifying type glyphs. Type glyphs are created and modified using a variety of illustration techniques. There are many different branches of typography. One of them is the form of portrait making or text art. It is amazing to see how these creative designers have manipulated font types, sizes, typefaces and wording, combined with imagery to deliver the intended messages. 35 Beautiful Human Portrait Typography Art Designs Here we showcase 35 of beautiful and creative examples of human portrait typography. Since typography is a communication method that utilizes a gathering of related subjects and methodologies that includes sociology, linguistics, psychology, aesthetics, and so much more – we aim to educate that there is no single approach within typography that applies to everything. - Shelley Gruendler Typography Self Portrait Je T'aime Steven Paul Jobs Typography Self-Portrait Self Lisa Marie Eva
Creating a typographic portrait in Photoshop In this tutorial, we will turn a typical portrait image to a fantastic typographic design using Adobe Photoshop. Note that in this technique, we are not just adding some text over images, we will actually be creating typographic brushes to be applied to our portrait for a more creative and customized typographic effect. Just follow the steps itemized below and you should also be able to create your own effect like this. STEP 1 First things first, we will setup our main portrait image. Open Adobe Photoshop and load up your portrait image. STEP 2 Great! STEP 3 You will then see the shadow areas of our image selected. STEP 4 Then, click back on our original layer. STEP 5 Then, with the midtones selected, we also press CTRL+J to create a layer out of them. STEP 6 Now, before we finish, we will be adding a few more selections. STEP 7 Good, now we organize our layers. STEP 8 Now, we have the basics of our portrait image to be turned into typography. STEP 15 Now, select all of the text layers. Creating a typographic portrait in Photoshop
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Is this shopped? Truth, lies, and art before and after Photoshop Robert Johnson, The Art of Retouching Photographic Negatives (1930) We humans are insatiable visual gluttons, peering into the empathic peepholes of Flickr photostreams and scavenging the hyperactive junk food gestalt of Tumblr. The internet has practically trained us to gorge ourselves on a kaleidoscopic mess of images. Try as I might, I can't resist turning to that old copypasta adage which has so often graced the pages of 4chan: "This looks shopped — I can tell from some of the pixels, and from seeing quite a few shops in my time." The joke is that the saying usually follows an image that has been manipulated in some obvious and egregious way. Faking It: Manipulated Photography Before Photoshop, a new exhibit at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City, reminds us that yes, we have seen quite a few 'shops in our time. Henry Peach Robinson, Fading Away (1858); Albumen silver print from glass negatives As one might imagine, the reasons are as varied as the artists themselves. Is this shopped? Truth, lies, and art before and after Photoshop
In the example see above, we have changed the red color of M8, the Lagoon Nebula, whose main spectral emission lies in the red portion of the spectrum, to blue with a simple adjustment in Photoshop. When photography was first invented, its overwhelming power came from the fact that it recorded nature more realistically than any other art form had ever done before. Because of this, people trusted it and believed it portrayed "reality" and "truth". But, just as story telling could portray the "truth" with an accurate accounting of the facts, it could just as easily become fiction. Fake and manipulated photographs - visual fiction - began circulating not long after the invention of photography. With the invention of motion pictures, and certainly television, the public came to know that not every picture they saw was necessarily factual in its depiction of reality. Historical Image Manipulation Ethics and Aesthetics Today's viewers however, are very sophisticated visually. Interpretations The Ethics of Digital Manipulation The Ethics of Digital Manipulation
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80+ Color Altering Photoshop Actions 80+ Color Altering Photoshop Actions 353 shares Inspiring Architecture and City Photography I believe that architecture and general city landscapes are pretty inspiring. If we stop to pay attention to it, it is amazing the amount of textures, angles, symmetry, depth and other details we can find on the streets surrounding us. This is why today we gathered some inspiring photography to inspire you to look around… Read More 625 shares 30 Inspiring Examples of Black and White Photography Today we decided to showcase a different type of inspiration.
3D Map Generator - Action 3D Map Generator - Action Create your own 3D maps with only one click! Every shape is possible and delivers a professional result. Ideal for web graphics, infographics or presentations. Choose between three different directions (left, right or frontal). The tileable texture can be moved unlimited and the shadows and layers of earth are placed on single layers, so that they can be edited every time. Please also watch the Video Presentation and the screenshot examples. Package includes PSD file with all bonus elements and shape examples ATN and ASL files with the required actions and styles Short Instructions PDF Please watch the Video Presentation High quality bonus elements: little house, shop, villa, skyscraper, hospital or factory, tent with campfire, six cloud variations, sun, river and lake (vector), mountain, plant, palm, forest, points (vector), label (vector), pins (3 colors), tooltip (vector), ribbon (color and text changeable), golf flag with hole.
Jun 03 2011 Photoshop is a wonderful tool that not only lets you create amazing graphics but also automate your work and improve your workflow. With Photoshop Actions, you can perform your repetitive tasks with a simple click that not only saves you time but helps improving your efficiency. Photoshop actions allow you to record a sequence of commands and operations that you can set aside and can access afterward. Here we have compiled a list of 80+ top-quality Photoshop actions to share with you, so you can expedite your design work. Creating Photoshop Actions Creating Photoshop actions is very simple. A new window pops up giving you different options for creating actions. Hitting the “Record” button allows you to record your desired actions by carrying out the necessary steps. Once you’re done, hit the “Stop” button in the action menu. Installing Photoshop Actions There are numbers of ways to install Photoshop actions. Useful Photoshop Action Sets Photoshop Actions – 4 Red Action Infection 80 Time Saving and Free Photoshop Action Sets To Enhance your Photos - Noupe Design Blog 80 Time Saving and Free Photoshop Action Sets To Enhance your Photos - Noupe Design Blog
Hiyayaakko | Introduction to Camera Raw Hiyayaakko | Introduction to Camera Raw Camera Raw in Photoshop is a very powerful tool. Sadly it is often ignored by photographers and photo retouchers. In this tutorial I’d like to show you can import your images to Photoshop using this method, and do most of the heavy lifting while in Camera Raw. It certainly saves time to work this way, and I would argue that adjusting settings while still in Camera Raw will yield more accurate results than using adjustments within Photoshop. I will walk you through on how to import your RAW images this way to photoshop. Go to File, Open and select the raw file just like you would open ordinary file in Photoshop. Now, the following window might seem confusing for first time users of Camera Raw with so many tabs and sliders. In the title bar, you will see the Camera Raw version, and the digital camera model. I used the crop tool to get better feel of the image and get closer to the man. The default tab is “Basic”. In Basic, there is a drop down menu for White Balance. February 12, 2012
You don’t have to rely on Lightroom’s default view. In this tutorial we’ll show you how to use the tools in Lightroom’s Library module to customise your screen and organise your photos so they are easier to manage and find. If you’ve imported thousands of photos into Lightroom, you may be daunted by the challenge of finding specific files. Fortunately, Lightroom is packed full of tools to help you locate the image you want. Recently we demonstrated how to add selected photos to Collections, so you could group images together in a similar way to putting prints into a photo album. Lightroom displays all of your images according to the date they were captured, so you could simply scroll back and rely on your memory of when particular images were taken, but as we’ll explain over the next few issues, there are much more efficient ways to organise and search for files. SEE MORE: Lightroom tips – how to import, organise and add metadata to photos How to customise your Lightroom library How customise your Lightroom Library and stay organised How customise your Lightroom Library and stay organised
CD Selection Template Tutorial Let's Make that CD Template Step 1 Open and new image 713x713x150 Step 2 Zoom out so you can see the entire image area. Step 3 Set you rectangle selection tool for 'Circle' and check mark the 'anti alias'. Step 4 You will start at the central point of the image, , hold down the SHIFT key and drag a circle the full size of the image until the cordinances match these , then let go of the shift key and the mouse button. flood fill the selected area; you should have a circle of white then deselect. Step 5 You will make another circle selection, starting at the central cordinances of , hold down the SHIFT key and drag the mouse until the cordinances in match these cordinances, ; then let go of the SHIFT key and the mouse button giving you this image. Next, delete the selected area Step 6 You will now have a white doughnut shape; select ALL Step 7 Now float the selection using the menu or by clicking on the image one time. You can now close the image or decorate it for making your first CD label. CD Selection Template Tutorial
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Step 1 Start by creating a new document. I suggest you make it rather large (the example is 512px) since you don’t want the stars in the background to look repetitive. Then make a new layer and fill it with black. Step 2 Next we will create the stars. Step 3 Now, apply Filter » Blur » Gaussian Blur, to thicken up some of the soon-to-be stars (a setting of around 0.5 should work). Step 4 Next we’ll soften it back up with another pass of Gaussian Blur. Step 5 Now, we’ll add some detail… make a new layer, make white your foreground color, and choose the Airbrush tool. Step 6 The last step, if you plan to turn your starscape in to a seamless background, is to ensure that the four sides of your image will tile properly. View the final product Starscape | Photoshop Tutorials | Absolute Cross
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Video: How to Create Light Rays in Photoshop Getting Started It’s getting hot in here! Before we dive into Photoshop we had to ask ourselves the question, why Sun Rays? The truth is, sometimes it’s the most subtle of effects that really makes an image stand out. Dust particles, slight color changes, even Sun Rays are a great way to draw attention to your image. Now we’d suggest you try your absolute hardest to capture these elements in camera, during the actual photo shoot. But sometimes you just can’t, that’s where we come in.
How to Sharpen Images in Photoshop In this tutorial by kelvin Pimont from Kelvin Designs, you will learn a few ways to sharpen your images and photos in Photoshop. From Unsharp Mask, to High Pass filter, to sharpen tool and using Camera Raw. Many ways to sharpen images in Photoshop! There’s a bunch of different ways to sharpen an image using different tools and different filters. In this tutorial, Kelvin goes over a few different images to show you different techniques for different problems like how to salvage a blurry photo or how to accentuate some detail that you want to focus attention to. Bring Out the Best in Every Image with Photoshop Efficient And Effective Retouching Techniques To Use Again And Again. In Bring Out the Best in Every Image with Photoshop on-demand class, Chris Orwig will introduce a range of photographic case studies and discuss changes that will make each photograph stronger.
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Hi again, so today I’m going to demonstrate a number of techniques used to create the image below. This is not a complete walkthrough to create exactly the same image, but you’ll hopefully pick up some useful tips. It is a composition of 4 different photographs. (Click on the image to see it in full size – n.b. you’ll need a flickr account) The original images used were: (click on an image get the full res version) Open up the mossy wall image into photoshop and resize the image to 1176x 1756, then unlock the layer by double clicking on it in the layer panel (the padlock will then disappear). Open up the pipes image, and paste it in directly under the hue/saturation adjustment layer. Once you’ve got rid of the background, duplicate the pipes (hotkey ctrl+j) around the image to produce an effect similar to this: N.B. Select all the pipe layers and merge them together into 1 layer (hotkey ctrl/cmd+e ). Next we want to create some shadows. You’ll end up with something like this: PSD File Photo Manipulation – Creating a Fantasy Scene
Imagination is the key to creating Fantasy art. It could be a depiction of a magical and mysterious scene, a mythical or supernatural fairy, or even a horrendous blood-soaked fiend. Whatever the ingredients of the fantasy scene, the results are always the same, beautiful, mysterious and thought-provoking. The real beauty is that it could be anything that your imagination can muster. Unlike pure imagination, having the skills and knowing the techniques to reflect your vision on screen or in print needs work. In this post, we have collected 50 amazing fantasy art and horror tutorials and techniques using Photoshop, the graphic editor of choice for most fantasy artists. Fantasy Landscape Photo Manipulation Magic and Special Light Effects Fantasy Style Castle Scene Out of Bounds Fantasy Illustration Fantasy Illustration in Photoshop Fantasy Creature in a Misty Landscape Nature Fantasy Composition with 3d Text and Light Effects Create a Fantasy Scene with Death Fantastic Fantasy Night Sky Fantasy Art 50 Easy Photoshop Tutorials for Creating Fantasy and Horror Art
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