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Renting a House? Insure your Contents Reasons why insuring your contents is a good idea Natural disasters cause great damage to property While many may not be aware of content insurance, homeowners and especially tenants often fail to understand their ownership and risks of the home contents. Accidents and natural hazards such as fire, explosions, vandalism, earthquakes, floods etc. can damage the home as well as its contents. Content Insurance Helps Tenants To understand how content insurance can be useful for home renters read the following story. Shailesh and Ram were tenants in a building. Shailesh on the other hand chose not to insure his contents. Why You Must Insure Your Contents The things we possess and store in our house for security are liable to damage and destruction by accident or malicious acts. As a tenant in a rented accommodation, you can secure your belongings against theft or destruction by an accident or a natural calamity. Renting a House? Insure your Contents
Demat Account: Know All About Demat Account | Demat Account Opening Guides - Angel Broking Importance of Demat Account A demat account is the best and most secured way of holding securities. It eliminates the risk of theft, forgery, loss and damage of physical certificates. Types of demat account Demat account helps you, as an investor, to hold shares and securities in an electronic form, instead of taking physical possession of share certificates. Benefits The main benefit of a demat account is safety. How does a demat account work? Trading through a demat account is similar to the procedure of physical trading, except that it works through electronic means. Things You May Also Like to Know Are there any Demat Account Opening Charges? No, there are no demat account opening charges. How long does it take to open a demat account? Usually, it takes about a week or two to open a demat account. If you already have a demat account with a particular depository and wish to change to another, you can do so. I have submitted my application. How do I get my user ID and password? Demat Account: Know All About Demat Account | Demat Account Opening Guides - Angel Broking
Australia Visa - Tourist Visa to Australia Online Australia Visa - Tourist Visa to Australia Online Be at ease, and get your Australia Visa with The process is extremely simple and hassle-free. All you have to do is apply for an Australia visa at just Rs 11,499, and get your visa in 10 working days. Your Australia visa price includes Consulate application fees India service fees Assistance in filling visa form Documents for Australia visa application There are two types of forms that need to filled in and submitted (Form 1419 and Form 956). To know more, call our travel experts on +91-22-33951010 or email Get your Australia Visa in 4 simple steps: Apply online.Make an online payment.Submit your documents.Get your visa in just 10 working days. Visa Video Here's the easiest and fastest way to get your Visa from Australia Visa FAQs General What is an ETA? Australia Travel Guide This beautiful continent country deserves due attention, and for you as a Musafir, we have the continent covered. About Australia Diplomatic Representation
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There’s a mild-mannered warrior in the front lines of the propaganda wars. Kylie Peters, a librarian in the Chicago area, has been concerned about the rise of so-called “fake news”: deliberately false stories made to appear factual, designed to sway public opinion. “Librarians are the original search engine,” said Peters, who works at Geneva Public Library in suburban Chicago. A recent analysis showed that fake or hoax stories got more reader engagement on Facebook than real news stories during the last three months of the election. “People think they don’t need libraries because of Google. Here are her tips for helping your children learn how to distinguish facts from fiction or propaganda online: “Your first stop when you visit an unfamiliar website should be the ‘about’ page. “Scroll to the very bottom of the page and look at who owns the copyright. “Does the website cite its sources? “Look at graphic design. It gets trickier when it comes time to evaluate the content itself. Loaded: 0% Aisha Sultan: Teaching children how to spot real news from fake news | Aisha Sultan Aisha Sultan: Teaching children how to spot real news from fake news | Aisha Sultan
What Are You Doing to Teach Students to Spot Fake News Stories? | CTQ #CTQCollab Posted by Bill Ferriter on Sunday, 11/20/2016 One of the most interesting conversations currently taking place around Donald Trump's surprise victory in our Presidential election has been the role that fake news peddled and promoted in Facebook news streams may have played in swaying voters. Mark Zuckerberg -- Facebook's charismatic founder -- has called the notion that fake news is a problem on his site "a pretty crazy idea" and argued that a clear process is in place that allows users to flag suspicious or hateful content for further review. But that position was openly challenged over and over again all week long. Buzzfeed, a popular online source covering digital media and technology, opened the criticism by publishing the frightening results of an analysis of the election stories generating the most engagement -- think likes, shares and comments -- on Facebook in the final three months of the election. Turns out, the process isn't consistent, thorough or reliable. It's not pretty: What Are You Doing to Teach Students to Spot Fake News Stories? | CTQ #CTQCollab
The rise and proliferation of fake news stories has been much discussed lately. Some claim the wild and reckless distribution of baseless stories about Hillary Clinton swung the election to her opponent. There may be some truth in that. What has most alarmed people about fake news stories is their presence on social media. Facebook has gotten the lion’s share of grief over this phenomenon. I have personally seen FB postings that contain links to the stupidest and most outrageous stories imaginable. Fake news stories do not lure the non-educated exclusively. It takes some cleverness to give absurdity the veneer of intellectual respectability. Although Facebook and other social media sites may start doing more to counter the spread of fake news stories, you must take measures to protect yourself against them. False news stories always contain a few flaws that make them easy to spot. First, those who write and spread such nonsense tend to be ignorant of proportionality. Let's face it. How To Spot A Fake News Story How To Spot A Fake News Story
Templates - Private Use Only Fourni par Traduction The templates created by are considered copyrighted works under the Unites States and other copyright laws and are the property of Vertex42 LLC. The items listed below are additional points to help clarify how you may use this template. This license agreement applies only to those templates which specifically refer to this agreement. By downloading and/or using the template, you agree to abide by the following terms: Limited Use You may download the template (the "Software"), make archival copies, and customize the template only for your personal use or use within your company or organization and not for resale or public sharing. You may not remove or alter any Vertex42 logo, trademark, copyright, disclaimer, brand, terms of use, attribution, or other proprietary notices or marks within the template. Limited Private Sharing * "Privately" means only accessible to those few people who you expressively give permission to view or edit the file. Other Allowed Uses Templates - Private Use Only
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Time Card Template for Excel Time Card Template for Excel Are you looking for timecards or a low-cost timecard software solution? There are many electronic timecard systems out there, but if you just need something simple, try our free timecard template for Excel, OpenOffice or Google Sheets. It calculates total hours for a week broken down by project. If this free timecard isn't exactly what you need, try our other other timesheet templates, or let us know what you would like the time card template to do for you. Advertisement Weekly Time Card Template for Excel, OpenOffice, and Google Sheets Download For: Excel 2007 or later & Excel for iPad/iPhone Other Versions Template Details License: Private Use(not for distribution or resale) "No installation, no macros - just a simple spreadsheet" - by Jon Wittwer Description This project-based timecard calculates total hours grouped by project and day of the week. Note: The biweekly version of this time card is one of the spreadsheets that Vertex42 uses to manage its own payroll. More Timecard Templates

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MTV Romania - Courtney Stodden, supranumita de presa mondena de peste ocean "Mireasa Minora", a fost surprinsa in urma cu putin timp la un eveniment ... Postat la 10 2017 14:59 Saptamana iubirii se transforma in saptamana INNA doar la MTV Romania. Postat la 9 2017 14:26 Surorile Hadid, Hailey Baldwin, Stella Maxwell (iubita lui Kristen Stewart), Romee Strijd, Sara Sampaio si Joan Smalls au fost doar o parte din ... Postat la 9 2017 14:07 Este o piesa fresh compusa de INNA impreuna cu David Ciente, Marco & Seba, cei care au compus si produs cele mai mari si cunoscute hituri ale ... Sotia cantaretului britanic este cea care a dezvaluit incidentul. Cei doi artisti au participat in etapa de preselectii Eurovision, unde au cucerit juriul cu ritmurile inedite ale piesei. Este un lucru cat se poate de cunoscut faptul ca vedetele apeleaza la tot felul de trucuri de infrumusetare, pentru a aparea impecabil pe covorul ... Vocea calda a lui Nadir reuseste sa ne emotioneze din nou. MTV Romania -
API ODOO: Metaclases y Decodarores ~ Programando con Odoo (OpenERP) y Python Implementación de la API de Odoo Utilizando Metaclases y Decoradores API por sus siglas en Ingles Application Programming Interface ( Interfaz de Programación de Aplicaciones), es el conjunto de subrutinas, funciones y procedimientos (o métodos, en la programación orientada a objetos) que ofrece cierta biblioteca para ser utilizado por otro software como una capa de abstracción. Son usadas generalmente en las bibliotecas. Metaclases: A metaclase puede definirse como "Una clase de Clases". Detalles para Implementar la API en sus Desarrollos: Odoo provee 2 formas de Implementar las Clases (Modelos), para la generación de Formularios, podríamos llamarlas como la forma "Tradicional" y a través de "Recordsets". En la forma tradicional utilizamos siempre los parámetros cursor de la base de datos (cr), id usuario (uid), un listado de los Registros (ids) y context, cada vez que definimos un Método de la Clase. Ejemplo con el Metodo Tradicional: print Ejemplo Utilizando la API de Odoo: 1. 7.
Como todos sabemos Odoo anteriormente OpenERP, ah modificado su Núcleo de desarrollo, ofreciendo nuevas alternativas para la creación de Módulos para este ERP, ahora trae a nosotros los modulos Website, que permiten integrar una e-shop, un sitio web, añadir temas, chat de contacto, etc. Podemos observar también modificaciones al Framework de Desarrollo de Módulos, una nueva Api que cambia el Aspecto del desarrollo, pero que es compatible con el Framework de la versión 7 de OpenERP, mis proximas entradas seran con aspectos importantes de esta nueva Version. Definición de Clases con la nueva API (Odoo) Para la creación de una clase con la Api de Odoo se utiliza el código siguiente: En OpenERP 7 se crearía con el código: Ambas formas son Validas en el desarrollo para Odoo, ya que tiene retrocompatibilidad con la definición de clases osv.osv. Diferencias Odoo y OpenERP7: Este es mi primer Aporte sobre la Api de Odoo, espero que sea de su agrado. Definicion de Clases Api Odoo ~ Programando con Odoo (OpenERP) y Python
New decorators are just mapper around the new API. The decorator are mandatory as webclient and HTTP controller are not compliant with new API. api namespace decorators will detect signature using variable name and decide to match old signature or not. Recognized variable names are: cr, cursor, uid, user, user_id, id, ids, context @api.returns¶ This decorator guaranties unity of returned value. @api.returns('res.partner')def afun(self): ... return x # a RecordSet And if an old API function calls a new API function it will automatically convert it into a list of ids All decorators inherits from this decorator to upgrade or downgrade the returned value.¶ This decorator loops automatically on Records of RecordSet for you. @api.onedef afun(self): = 'toto' Note Caution: the returned value is put in a list. @api.multi¶ Self will be the current RecordSet without iteration. @api.multidef afun(self): len(self) @api.model¶ @api.modeldef afun(self): pass @api.constrains¶ @api.depends¶ Method and decorator — Odoo new API guideline 0.1 documentation

No Longer Human - Wikipedia No Longer Human (人間失格, Ningen Shikkaku?) is a Japanese novel by Osamu Dazai. Published after Run Melos and The Setting Sun, No Longer Human is considered Dazai's masterpiece and ranks as the second-best selling novel in Japan, behind Natsume Sōseki's Kokoro.[1] The literal translation of the title, discussed by Donald Keene in his preface to the English translation, is "Disqualified from Being Human". One modern analyst has proposed Dazai was suffering from complex post-traumatic stress disorder when he wrote the book.[2] Plot outline[edit] No Longer Human is told in the form of notebooks left by one Ōba Yōzō (大庭葉蔵?) The novel is composed of three chapters, or "memoranda", which chronicle the life of Ōba from early childhood to late twenties. The story is bookended with two other, shorter chapters from the point of view of a neutral observer, who sees three photos of Ōba and eventually tracks down one of the characters mentioned in the notebooks who knew him personally. Adaptations[edit]
No Longer Human - Wikipedia
Aphantasia Aphantasia is the suggested name for a condition where one does not possess a functioning mind's eye and cannot visualize imagery.[1] The phenomenon was first described by Francis Galton in 1880,[2] but has remained largely unstudied since. Interest in the phenomenon renewed after the publication of a study conducted by a team led by Prof. Adam Zeman of the University of Exeter,[3] which also coined the term aphantasia.[4] Research on the subject is still scarce, but further studies are planned.[5][6] History[edit] The phenomenon was first described by Francis Galton in 1880 in a statistical study about mental imagery.[2] Galton described it as a common phenomenon among his peers.[7] However, it remained largely unstudied until 2005, when Prof. In popular culture[edit] In April 2016 an essay by Blake Ross was published on Facebook, describing his own aphantasia and his recent realisation that not everyone experiences it. Related concepts[edit] References[edit] External links[edit]
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