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Free Mobile ne perd pas de temps. Moins d'un mois après avoir officiellement décroché la 4e licence 3G de téléphonie mobile, le groupe s'est attelé à la partie la plus lourde et la plus coûteuse de son projet : le déploiement du réseau (au bas mot, 1 milliard d'euros). Interrogé lors d'une réunion de presse organisée par l'Association des journalistes médias, Maxime Lombardi, directeur général d'Iliad, a d'abord indiqué que les discussions avec les grands équipementiers télécoms sont avancées. Une décision pourrait intervenir dans les prochaines semaines. 25% en deux ans Le dirigeant a également expliqué que "les fournisseurs d'équipement nous proposent des solutions de financement intéressantes". Concernant l'épineux problème de l'installation des antennes sur le territoire, Maxime Lombardi se montre serein. La difficulté à déployer des antennes, les communes multiplient en effet les recours, est pourtant considéré comme la principale difficulté pour le nouvel entrant. Free Mobile : les choses se mettent en place - Actualités - ZDNe Free Mobile : les choses se mettent en place - Actualités - ZDNe
Free Mobile : la connexion à FreeWiFi devient automatique Free Mobile : la connexion à FreeWiFi devient automatique 01net le 23/04/12 à 16h03 Mise à jour du lundi 23 avril 2012 à 16H00 Suite aux nombreuses réactions qui ont suivi notre article, nous avons décidé de vous apporter quelques précisions. Premier point, le réseau FreeWiFi Secure est indépendant du réseau Wi-Fi personnel du propriétaire de la Freebox. Notre deuxième précision concerne les mobiles pouvant bénéficier de cette technologie. Trois mois après le lancement en fanfare de ses offres mobiles, Free vient d’annoncer un nouveau service réservé à ses abonnés aux offres Tout illimité à 15,99 euros/mois et 19,99 euros/mois : la connexion automatique vers l’un de ses quatre millions de points d’accès Wi-Fi communautaire FreeWiFi. Internet illimité sans entamer son forfait données Baptisé FreeWiFi Secure, ce service permet concrètement d’être connecté avec son smartphone en Internet illimité sans que cette consommation de données ne vienne entamer le fair use du forfait mobile limité à 3 Go par mois. Trois réseaux Wi-Fi distincts
Le Galaxy S5 disponible à la location chez Free Mobile Le Galaxy S5 disponible à la location chez Free Mobile Alors que le nombre de mobiles disponibles à la location s’était considérablement restreint ces derniers temps chez Free Mobile, notamment depuis la récente disparition du Galaxy S4, un des smartphones les plus populaires du moment y fait son arrivée... Le Samsung Galaxy S5 est disponible à la location depuis aujourd’hui chez Free Mobile, en version 16 Go (noir ou blanc) pour 49 € à la commande, puis 16 €/mois pendant 24 mois (ou 21 €/mois en cas de résiliation du forfait). Il rejoint la sélection de mobiles en location déjà composée de l’iPhone 5S, l’iPhone 4S et du Galaxy Note 3, tous trois disponibles pour 12 €/mois. Commentaires des lecteurs Il y a 6 h Toutes les marques citées et logos afférents sont déposés par leurs propriétaires respectifs.
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I believe mobile devices will transform education. This is why I created a free ebook, Effective Mobile Learning: 50+ Quick Tips & Resources with helpful tips and several resources to help support this trend. One reason is because mobile devices are designed in a way that forces the teacher to give control to the learner. When we equip a classroom with iPads, iPods, small tablets, or cellphones the learning is literally put in the hands of the students. The teacher has to facilitate and walk around the room to manage the learning. Mobile Learning Free Ebooks Mobile Learning Posts/Presentations I’ve Given Mobile Learning LiveBinder of Resources Mobile Learning Mindmap of Implementation This mindmap is full of case studies, schools, teachers, free ebooks, and more to show real examples of mobile learning at its best. Mobile Learning: 50+ Resources & Tips
Once Upon a Device: 20 Reading Activities & Apps Once Upon a Device: 20 Reading Activities & Apps “Reading furnishes the mind only with materials of knowledge; it is thinking that makes what we read ours.” – John Locke Epiphany is one of my favorite words. I remember discovering the word in high school and thinking that finally I had the right word to describe the “aha” moments I would get after reading a good book. I want my learners to have several epiphanies throughout their learning journeys. I want them to make connections to what they read and personalize the content. Often, teachers have to teach books that are much older than the kids, written in archaic language, and that take place in countries and imaginary worlds our learners have no experience with. Enjoyed these resources? Challenge: Try one of these lesson ideas to inspire reading. Enjoyed these resources?
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David Roccato: Be a Brilliant iPhoneographer David Roccato describes himself as an iPhoneographer — which means he takes professional-quality photos using his iPhone. It’s one of the many new cultural habits to emanate from the global adoption of smartphones. The fear that we’re spending far too much of our day on a time-wasting device is all too present, but some people, like David, have chosen to use their device to search for beauty and art. Having spent the past few years travelling the world, learning languages and seeing different cultures, David now lives in Italy and manages a local group oriented towards providing services and building relationships. The term iPhoneography has become the international standard that defines iPhone art and photography. I don’t know if we can say that there is a difference between iPhoneography and traditional photography; it’s just a different approach using another tool. For a lot of people, it is often the same. David Roccato: Be a Brilliant iPhoneographer
The Ultimate Guide To Apple's Presence In Education The Ultimate Guide To Apple's Presence In Education Added by Jeff Dunn on 2012-08-31 All eyes are on education right now. Whether it’s in the political theater or the venture capitalists, everyone has set their sights on the future leaders of tomorrow. Some companies, like Apple , have long realized the potential of this demographic and have specifically targeted them with iPads, iPod Touches, and other devices . In an effort to share exactly how Apple is targeting students, MDG Advertising whipped up a thought-provoking infographic. Smart devices are having a real impact on both literacy and learning levels. Awesome Apple logo via DeviantArt Comments are closed.
DERN The use of portable devices such as smartphones, ereaders, touch pads, convertibles and ultra laptops has become prolific in education over the last three to four years. When the iPad was launched in April, 2010, it attracted immediate attention. In education, there have been numerous well publicised trials and one-to-one implementations of tablets. However, research on the benefits of using portable devices, although increasing, remains scarce. A recently launched summary of recent research is particularly useful for identifying some trends in education. From the research, the report emphasises two aspects of teaching and learning with tablets. Whilst there is no doubt that portable devices, especially tablets and smartphones, were more convenient, cheaper and more reliable than desktop computers, the researchers found that students were more motivated to learn and more confident using mobile devices, especially ones that they owned. Research Report: Clarke, B. , & Svanaes, S. (2014). DERN
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CONNECTING EMOBILITY NETWORKS. Wie kann Elektromobilität selbstverständlich werden? Eine flächendeckend nutzbare Ladeinfrastruktur, attraktive Fahrzeugkonzepte und wirtschaftliche Geschäftsmodelle sind gleichermaßen Voraussetzung für den Erfolg der Elektromobilität. Aus der Überzeugung, dass dieser Erfolg nur durch das gemeinsame und lösungsorientierte Handeln aller Branchen möglich ist, haben sich Unternehmen der Automobilindustrie, Energiewirtschaft und IT-Entwicklung zur Gründung des Joint Ventures Hubject GmbH entschieden. Mit unserer Mission und unserem Versprechen „connecting emobility networks“ entwickeln wir seit 2012 einen paneuropäischen Marktplatz für Elektromobilitätsdienstleistungen. Über unsere Business- und IT-Plattform ist das anbieter-übergreifende Laden von Elektrofahrzeugen – das sogenannte eRoaming – mit intercharge seit 2013 Realität. CONNECTING EMOBILITY NETWORKS.

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Bada Da Wikipedia, l'enciclopedia libera. Progettato per smartphone, il suo nome viene dal coreano e significa oceano. Il primo dispositivo con sistema operativo Bada è stato il Samsung S8500 Wave, rilasciato il 1º giugno 2010 su mercato europeo. Il 25 febbraio 2013 Samsung ha annunciato che interromperà lo sviluppo di Bada per concentrarsi su Tizen. Storia[modifica | modifica sorgente] Samsung ha annunciato la piattaforma Bada il 10 novembre 2009. Panoramica delle versioni[modifica | modifica sorgente] Architettura[modifica | modifica sorgente] Bada utilizza una piattaforma modulare con kernel configurabile, derivata da linux, parti di codice di FreeBSD e RTOS (un kernel proprietario Samsung). Novità introdotte dal passaggio dalla versione 1.0 alla 1.2[modifica | modifica sorgente] Inoltre Samsung ha rilasciato in maniera ufficiale la nuova versione firmware che ha portato il sistema alla versione bada 1.2. Novità introdotte dal passaggio dalla versione 1.2 alla 2.0[modifica | modifica sorgente] Bada
Da Wikipedia, l'enciclopedia libera. Logo Blackberry BlackBerry (letteralmente "mora" in inglese) è il marchio commerciale dei dispositivi portatili smartphone (i primi modelli, come l'850, erano cercapersone con funzionalità aggiuntive di messaggistica e agenda[1]) prodotti dalla società canadese BlackBerry Limited (precedentemente conosciuta come Research In Motion o RIM fino all'inizio del 2013) fondata dall'ingegnere elettrico Mike Lazaridis, oltre che dell'infrastruttura che permette il loro funzionamento. Caratteristiche principali[modifica | modifica sorgente] BlackBerry 850, uno dei primi modelli dei dispositivi BlackBerry La caratteristica principale di questi apparecchi è la gestione delle email da dispositivo portatile: le email vengono consegnate sul palmare da appositi server attraverso un servizio di push email, in modo analogo ai normali SMS sui telefoni cellulari, in tempo reale senza che il client debba avviare una ricerca di nuovi messaggi sul server. BlackBerry BlackBerry
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Faster UI Animations With Velocity.js From a motion design perspective, is phenomenally static. It’s purposefully dumbed down for the broadest levels of compatibility and user comfort. Facebook’s iOS apps, on the other hand, are fluid. They prioritize the design of motion; they feel like living, breathing apps. This article serves to demonstrate that this dichotomy does not need to exist; websites can benefit from the same level of interactive and performant motion design found on mobile apps. Before diving into examples, let’s first address why motion design is so beneficial: Improved feedback loops As a UI and UX designer, you should use patterns as much as possible since users will be subconsciously looking for them. In the examples below, we’ll be using Velocity.js1 — a popular animation engine that drastically improves the speed of UI animation. UI Pack Overview Link After including the UI pack (only 1.8 KB ZIP’ed) on your page, you’ll gain access to UI effects that are organized into two categories: Drag Link
Creare un filtro in JavaScript | Faber04 {_blog} Talvolta può essere utile creare un piccolo motore di ricerca/filtro all’interno delle nostre pagine web. Possibilmente però senza appesantire il server con continue richieste. In questo caso – rispettando le buone regole di SEO – inserendo il codice HTML necessario, saremo in grado tramite JavaScript di filtrare le informazioni necessarie. Vediamo come. Anzitutto iniziamo dal codice HTML necessario: <h2>HTML Editors</h2> <input type=”search” id=”search”> <ul class=”software”> <li>Dreamweaver</li> <li>Aptana</li> <li>Sublime Text</li> <li>Brackets</li> <li>Atom</li> </ul> Quello che faremo sarà semplicemente filtrare la lista attraverso il campo di input “search” in modo che (sia scrivendo in capitale che non) l’utente trovi una corrispondenza anche non esatta (scrivendo la lettera “a” il nostro codice mostrerà tutte i software che conterranno la lettera “a” nel loro nome. Subito sotto la lista inseriamo il seguente codice JavaScript: Inzialmente creiamo una classe che chiameremo Search.
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25 bancos de imágenes gratuitos Hace unos meses os presenté una lista de 12 excelentes bancos de imágenes que ofrecen material gratuito para ilustrar nuestros trabajos. También publiqué el vídeo que aquí podéis ver, mostrando el paso a paso para obtener fotos gratuitas de buena calidad en flickr: El tiempo pasa, las opciones crecen y ahora es quien nos brinda con 25 opciones para esta finalidad. Actualización: Esta lista, de 2010, incluye enlaces a bancos que ya no son gratuitos. Una lista imprescindible para quien trabaja en la publicación de contenidos, aunque lo que es gratis hoy, en 2010, puede dejar de serlo en el futuro, por lo que os recomiendo mirar siempre la licencia de cada imagen que estáis obteniendo: Stock Xchng Una galería extremadamente famosa con más de 350.000 fotos de gran calidad hechas por más de 30.000 fotógrafos. Dreamstime Más de 9 millones de imágenes gratuitas y a la venta. Stockvault.Net Podemos bajar fotos gratuitas sin necesidad de registro. PhotoXpress Everystockphoto Morguefile
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A Portrait of Smartphone Ownership As smartphones have grown increasingly common in recent years, these devices have taken on a central role in the information lives of a substantial number of Americans. And yet, those Americans who rely most heavily on their smartphones as a gateway to online services and information are often the ones whose connections to their devices are most tenuous. This chapter of the report examines the general state of smartphone ownership in America today, with a focus on how these devices fit into the digital access options available to their owners. 64% of Americans now own a smartphone, up from 58% in early 2014 Nearly two-thirds of American adults (64%) now own a smartphone of some kind, up from 58% in early 2014. As in past surveys, smartphone ownership is highest among younger Americans, as well as those with relatively high income and education levels. Ownership levels remain particularly low among seniors, as just 27% of Americans 65 and older now own a smartphone.
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