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A colleague asked if I could put together a list of some great Android apps for education and some great Android resources for a presentation he is doing on the Kindle Fire. Here's what I came up with:Great Android Apps for Education and Resources for Android Comparison to iPadEvery app I want or need is available on Android. For the most part the functionality and features are the same between Android and iPad versions. Sometimes the iPad version has more features, sometimes the Android version does. What are your favorite Android Apps for Education? Android Resources & Apps Android Resources & Apps
Learn with Nintendo DSi Learn with Nintendo DSi Although I continue to see additional iOS devices, iPods and iPads, in the hands of students in the elementary grades, one of the most popular technology devices continues to be the Nintendo DS and DSi. In fact, all Nintendo DS models combined have made it the best selling handheld game console. These handhelds are often a child’s first foray into personal technology, and they can be utilized effectively as learning tools within the BYOT classroom. To learn more about these devices, I asked the experts – a group of fourth grade students! There are relatively few educational games for the Nintendo DS and DSi compared to the overall inventory of available games. However, the real benefits of the Nintendo DS and DSi are the free applications within these handheld devices. 1. 2. 3. 4. There are different lens tools that students can use to edit their photos. Other types of effects can be added to faces in students’ photos. 5. Like this: Like Loading...
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CONNECTING EMOBILITY NETWORKS. Wie kann Elektromobilität selbstverständlich werden? Eine flächendeckend nutzbare Ladeinfrastruktur, attraktive Fahrzeugkonzepte und wirtschaftliche Geschäftsmodelle sind gleichermaßen Voraussetzung für den Erfolg der Elektromobilität. Aus der Überzeugung, dass dieser Erfolg nur durch das gemeinsame und lösungsorientierte Handeln aller Branchen möglich ist, haben sich Unternehmen der Automobilindustrie, Energiewirtschaft und IT-Entwicklung zur Gründung des Joint Ventures Hubject GmbH entschieden. Mit unserer Mission und unserem Versprechen „connecting emobility networks“ entwickeln wir seit 2012 einen paneuropäischen Marktplatz für Elektromobilitätsdienstleistungen. Über unsere Business- und IT-Plattform ist das anbieter-übergreifende Laden von Elektrofahrzeugen – das sogenannte eRoaming – mit intercharge seit 2013 Realität. CONNECTING EMOBILITY NETWORKS.

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Bada Da Wikipedia, l'enciclopedia libera. Progettato per smartphone, il suo nome viene dal coreano e significa oceano. Il primo dispositivo con sistema operativo Bada è stato il Samsung S8500 Wave, rilasciato il 1º giugno 2010 su mercato europeo. Il 25 febbraio 2013 Samsung ha annunciato che interromperà lo sviluppo di Bada per concentrarsi su Tizen. Storia[modifica | modifica sorgente] Samsung ha annunciato la piattaforma Bada il 10 novembre 2009. Panoramica delle versioni[modifica | modifica sorgente] Architettura[modifica | modifica sorgente] Bada utilizza una piattaforma modulare con kernel configurabile, derivata da linux, parti di codice di FreeBSD e RTOS (un kernel proprietario Samsung). Novità introdotte dal passaggio dalla versione 1.0 alla 1.2[modifica | modifica sorgente] Inoltre Samsung ha rilasciato in maniera ufficiale la nuova versione firmware che ha portato il sistema alla versione bada 1.2. Novità introdotte dal passaggio dalla versione 1.2 alla 2.0[modifica | modifica sorgente] Bada
Da Wikipedia, l'enciclopedia libera. Logo Blackberry BlackBerry (letteralmente "mora" in inglese) è il marchio commerciale dei dispositivi portatili smartphone (i primi modelli, come l'850, erano cercapersone con funzionalità aggiuntive di messaggistica e agenda[1]) prodotti dalla società canadese BlackBerry Limited (precedentemente conosciuta come Research In Motion o RIM fino all'inizio del 2013) fondata dall'ingegnere elettrico Mike Lazaridis, oltre che dell'infrastruttura che permette il loro funzionamento. Caratteristiche principali[modifica | modifica sorgente] BlackBerry 850, uno dei primi modelli dei dispositivi BlackBerry La caratteristica principale di questi apparecchi è la gestione delle email da dispositivo portatile: le email vengono consegnate sul palmare da appositi server attraverso un servizio di push email, in modo analogo ai normali SMS sui telefoni cellulari, in tempo reale senza che il client debba avviare una ricerca di nuovi messaggi sul server. BlackBerry BlackBerry
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Scrolling Parallax examples Simple scrolling parallax effect Multiple, layered parallaxes for a nice depth effect Parallax in all directions: vertical and horizontal scrolling Parallax called on a piece of inline HTML markup About Scrolling Parallax Scrolling Parallax is a new jQuery plugin that binds a parallax effect to the scrollbars and mouse wheel. Basic use of the Scrolling Parallax plugin is extremely easy. The Scrolling Parallax plugin is also very versatile. Download the Scrolling Parallax Plugin for jQuery Scrolling Parallax for background images Using the parallax for a background image is incredibly easy. $.scrollingParallax('img/background-parallax.jpg'); This will append the image to the page, and stretch its dimensions as described above. This would stretch the background width to 200% of the screen size, and enable the parallax to work on horizontal as well as vertical scrolling. Scrolling Parallax on jQuery objects $('div.parallax-div').scrollingParallax(); staticSpeed : .2 Scrolling Parallax: A jQuery Plugin Scrolling Parallax: A jQuery Plugin
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Faster UI Animations With Velocity.js Faster UI Animations With Velocity.js From a motion design perspective, is phenomenally static. It’s purposefully dumbed down for the broadest levels of compatibility and user comfort. Facebook’s iOS apps, on the other hand, are fluid. They prioritize the design of motion; they feel like living, breathing apps. This article serves to demonstrate that this dichotomy does not need to exist; websites can benefit from the same level of interactive and performant motion design found on mobile apps. Before diving into examples, let’s first address why motion design is so beneficial: Improved feedback loops As a UI and UX designer, you should use patterns as much as possible since users will be subconsciously looking for them. In the examples below, we’ll be using Velocity.js1 — a popular animation engine that drastically improves the speed of UI animation. UI Pack Overview Link After including the UI pack (only 1.8 KB ZIP’ed) on your page, you’ll gain access to UI effects that are organized into two categories: Drag Link
Creare un filtro in JavaScript | Faber04 {_blog} Creare un filtro in JavaScript | Faber04 {_blog} Talvolta può essere utile creare un piccolo motore di ricerca/filtro all’interno delle nostre pagine web. Possibilmente però senza appesantire il server con continue richieste. In questo caso – rispettando le buone regole di SEO – inserendo il codice HTML necessario, saremo in grado tramite JavaScript di filtrare le informazioni necessarie. Vediamo come. Anzitutto iniziamo dal codice HTML necessario: <h2>HTML Editors</h2> <input type=”search” id=”search”> <ul class=”software”> <li>Dreamweaver</li> <li>Aptana</li> <li>Sublime Text</li> <li>Brackets</li> <li>Atom</li> </ul> Quello che faremo sarà semplicemente filtrare la lista attraverso il campo di input “search” in modo che (sia scrivendo in capitale che non) l’utente trovi una corrispondenza anche non esatta (scrivendo la lettera “a” il nostro codice mostrerà tutte i software che conterranno la lettera “a” nel loro nome. Subito sotto la lista inseriamo il seguente codice JavaScript: Inzialmente creiamo una classe che chiameremo Search.
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Best Text To Speech Android Apps | AskDeveloper.Net Blog In the busy life schedule of work and home, you may be don’t get time or skip reading time in your daily life. So you may not get updates of any news or delay in you hobby of reading or delay in office document reading. Now what is the solution of this problem? There is only one solution to come out of this problem and it is that you must install text-to-speech mobile app in your smart phone. Voice Aloud Reader This app reads on screen text from PDF, DOC, DOCX, TXT, RTF, open office document files, AWZ, FB2, EPUB, MOBI ebooks; web pages, news articles, emails and more. eReaer Prestigio You can read books in multiple formats and audio book formats. FB Reader Favorite book reader is free android application and it supports epub, RTF, doc, html, plain text, fb2 and kindle azw3 format. Cool Reader This ebook reader support general text formats and also non-DMR and PML formats. Moon+ Reader This app offers more custom options like 10+ embedded themes with day and night mode. Best Text To Speech Android Apps | AskDeveloper.Net Blog
In recent years, mobile apps cover almost industries at small, medium and large scale. Cloth store, salon, fruit shop, food industry, real estate, etc. If you are real estate owner or agent or broker, then you must create this type of app to get more business. As per our expert’s survey, there are some android apps development companies for real estate firms but works with lots of errors and bugs. Android application development company will help real estate industries to increase sales and improve effectiveness to create brand loyalty. Why buyers use your app? It has the main reason that they have no need to contact agent every time. Benefits of app : Super Quality Real Estate App AditMicrosys is an android application development company, deeply involved in after sells services and offers best solutions globally. Strong knowledge and great market research capabilities make us incomparable IT service provider in Australia, US, UK, Canada and many more countries. Android Application Development For Real Estate Industry - Adit Australia Android Application Development For Real Estate Industry - Adit Australia
On daily basis, more and more smart phones and tablets are coming into the market. There is no doubt Android is become more preferred and popular mobile OS for developers. As Android is open source and free to develop application. Three are lot of books available on the Android and it may confuse beginners. Head First Android Development This book is published by “O’Reilly Media Inc.”, the well-known company for book publication. It started with the installation of eclipse or Android studio with screen shots. Hello, Android This book is authored by “Ed Burnette”. It will teach audio, video and graphic features gradually. Introduction to Android Application Development: Android Essentials Addison-Wesley Professional published this book and authored by three persons – Joseph Annuzzi Jr., Lauren Darcey, Shane Conder. Moreover, it includes design patterns, material design, styling android apps and querying with SQLite. Beginning Android Application Development Books For Android Application Development - AditMicrosys
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Waarom is AR belangrijk voor bedrijven voordat ze zich richten tot de consument? Augmented reality (AR) technologie heeft het niveau bereikt om als een effectief instrument ingezet te worden bij bedrijfsprocessen, workflows en opleidingen. Momenteel is het klaar voor implementatie in verschillende bedrijfstakken en onderzoek toont aan dat meer den 65 procent van de bedrijven dit momenteel overweegt. In de nabije toekomst kunnen er dan ook positieve ontwikkelingen verwacht worden van de AR aanwezigheid in bedrijven. Maar waarom ontwikkeld deze technologie zich zo snel in de richting van bedrijven en niet rechtstreeks naar de consumenten? Experts verklaren dat AR systemen nog niet klaar zijn op het gebied van design, daarnaast is de noodzaak nog niet aanwezig om met AR systemen de dagelijkse bezigheden van de consument te vergemakkelijken. Bij bedrijven daarintegen kunnen ze eenduidelijk rendement zijn door het investeren in AR op basis van pilot-programma’s. Zie ook - Wees een Trendsetter! AR op de werkvloer AR als trainingmateriaal AR in retail
Maak gebruik van Visual Recognition Mobile App voor de verbetering van uw bedrijf Moderne bedrijven worden geconfronteerd met de uitdaging om de data effectief te benutten , meestal in de vorm van foto's, om hun best mogelijke voordeel te bereiken. De Watson Visual Recognition Service stelt mobiele app ontwikkeling experts in staat om applicaties op maat van uw zakelijke behoeften te creëren. Visuele herkenning Door het gebruik van deep learning algoritmen analyseert visuele herkenning afbeeldingen om inzicht te krijgen op uw visuele inhoud. Het kan de klasse taxonomie en de beschrijving genereren. Toepassing van visuele herkenning binnen Industrieën De visuele herkenning dienst kan worden gebruikt voor verschillende toepassingen in de volgende verschillende industrieën: Zie ook- Mobiele app ontwikkelings trends die zullen heersen in 2017 Onderwijs Verzekering Met een app afgestemd op de behoeften van de verzekeringssector, kunt u deze gebruiken om de claims sneller te verwerken. Manufacturing Maak gebruik van Visual Recognition Mobile App voor de verbetering van uw bedrijf
There are many unknown risks of app security. And many businesses and even development teams tend to omit them. In the digital era, we are all very vulnerable to the security risks and for many businesses; it has become the biggest threat. However, the reasons for these risks may be many but one of the biggest reason is the convenience that the mobile app users are availed. According to the State of Application Security Report of 2016, 90% of the tested apps will have at least two security vulnerabilities. Thus, it is firstly important to understand the risks of app security in order to be able to fight it. In this blog, we are also going to highlight the reasons of why you must consider improving or upgrading app security. Why you should worry about Mobile App Security? Unprotected Data Storage One of the reasons for better app security is unprotected data storage. Inappropriate Session Handling This is one of the reasons that today mobile app security is at risk. Mobiele Applicatie Specialist: Understand Risks of App Security in 10 Minutes!
How to Make a Messaging App? - Erminesoft 5-10 years ago, you were able to see smartphones only in that-time geeks’ hands, and now we all strive to be more mobile and “always online” 24/7/365. The big push to that factor was given by all sorts of instant messengers, which later evolved to become mobile applications (due to the widespread use of mobile devices, of course). In today’s article, we would like to discuss chat app development and instant messaging app development. One of a kind We divide messengers into several types, depending on the features or options they carry. • Video chats. • Text chats. Google Allo is a little more interesting because it offers not only the functions available in other chats (like in Telegram – chatbots, encryption, etc.), but also to chat with a personal Assistant, which can help you choose movies, cafes or find the right information. • All-in-one. Read also: How to develop a chat app like WhatsApp? Messenger App Development Cost We are not ashamed to raise such topics. Features • Registration.
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