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ZELENEW – переробка пластику на корисні речі. Спільнокошт – краудфандинг в Україні. Велика Ідея ZELENEW – переробка пластику на корисні речі. Спільнокошт – краудфандинг в Україні. Велика Ідея Факт: з усього пластику, що використовує людство, тільки 10% переробляється. Решта 90% отруює життя мешканцям Землі. Чому це відбувається? Майстерня ZELENEW створює обладнання, яке допомагає одноразовому пластику знову служити людям. Твоя підтримка проекту не лише захистить річки та природу від понад 500 000 пластикових пляшок на рік, а й сприятиме благоустрою громадського середовища. Що ми взяли за основу? Проста і доступна технологія голандського дизайнера Дейва Хаккенса PreciousPlastic дозволяє відмовитись від дорогого промислового обладнання і без проблем розміщається навіть у гаражі. На виході ми отримуємо прості та практичні речі для домашнього побуту і благоустрою: декор, світильники, оригінальні меблі, контейнери для зберігання та сортування, покриття для поверхонь та багато корисних речей для дому та вулиці. Ця технологія настільки гнучка, що нагадує ручний 3D – принтер, яким можна виготовляти нові вироби хоч у єдиному екземплярі, даючи простір для дизайнерських експериментів.
Довідник громадського активіста — Місцева демократія для ОТГ Місцева демократія для ОТГ Експерти проекту USAID «Громадяни в дії» адаптували типові положення по місцевій демократії для потреб об’єднаних територіальних громад України. В їх основу лягли типові положення, які були розроблені ще кілька років тому спільними зусиллями Українського незалежного центру політичних досліджень та Інституту політичної освіти. Типові положення дозволяють посилити роль громадян в управлінні своїми громадами, через запровадження кращих практик демократії участі. В перелік увійшли типові положення по таким інструментам: Громадські слухання Місцева ініціатива Електронні петиції Загальні збори громадян Консультації з громадськістю Громадська експертиза Звітування голови громади та депутатів «Об’єднані громади зараз це один з драйверів громадянського суспільства. Довідник громадського активіста — Місцева демократія для ОТГ
Top 8 Tips for Growing Organic Vegetables A lot of people, especially beginners, make quite a lot of mistakes in growing vegetables. Not even trying to be offensive here, they just do, and there are some rules you simply HAVE to follow in order to grow your veggies well. But fear not for I am here to spread knowledge and love! Being omniscient is a rather okay occupation. Here I will try to teach you how to go about it, from start to finish, because I have seen people do too many mistakes. Positioning your vegetable garden Let's discuss wind. Compost Compost as we all(or not) know comes in two forms. Important: You must make sure that you check the heated material every 2-3 days because it often gets way too hot(not even relatively) and perhaps dampen it a bit. Bonus fact: Soils with 6-12% of compost are much better at growing vegetables! Soil Soil in general comes in 3 forms - clay soils(fine particles), silty soils(slightly bigger ones) and sandy soils(grain size is quite large). Seeds Mulching Feeding your plants Top 8 Tips for Growing Organic Vegetables
Buddha (The Awakened One) The Four Noble Truths: 1. All things and experiences are marked by suffering/ disharmony/ frustration (dukkha). 2. 3. 4. The eightfold path to the cessation of suffering: 1. • the truth about suffering ... • everything is impermanent and changes; • there is no separate individual self- this is an illusion. 2. • give up what is wrong and evil; • undertake what is good; • abandon thoughts that have to do with bringing suffering to any conscious being; cultivate thoughts of loving kindness, that are based on caring about others' suffering, and sympathetic joy in others' happiness. 3. • Abstain from telling lies. • Abstain from talk that brings harm or discredit to others (such as backbiting or slander) or talk that creates hatred or disharmony between individuals and groups. • Abstain from harsh, rude, impolite, malicious, or abusive language. • Abstain from idle, useless, and foolish babble and gossip. • Abstain from harsh speech—practice kindly speech. 4. 5. 6. • Foster good and prevent evil; 7. Buddha (The Awakened One)
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Top 40 Useful Sites To Learn New Skills The web is a powerful resource that can easily help you learn new skills. You just have to know where to look. Sure, you can use Google, Yahoo, or Bing to search for sites where you can learn new skills , but I figured I’d save you some time. Here are the top 40 sites I have personally used over the last few years when I want to learn something new. Hack a Day - Hack a Day serves up fresh hacks (short tutorials) every day from around the web and one in-depth ‘How-To hack’ guide each week.eHow - eHow is an online community dedicated to providing visitors the ability to research, share, and discuss solutions and tips for completing day-to-day tasks and projects.Wired How-To Wiki - Collaborate with Wired editors and help them build their extensive library of projects, hacks, tricks and tips. Top 40 Useful Sites To Learn New Skills

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Curso Online Gratuito: Chino Para Principiantes – Coursera | Becas Para Mexicanos Curso Online Gratuito: Chino Para Principiantes – Coursera | Becas Para Mexicanos Becas Para Estudiar En El Extranjero: Actualmente, es cada vez más grande el número de personas interesadas en la cultura y la lengua china. Y es útil saber sobre el idioma cuando uno se va a China para viajar o hacer negocios. Este es un curso introductorio de chino para principiantes, e incluye una introducción a la fonética y a expresiones de uso diario. Fecha límite: No Aplica Institución Que Dicta El Curso: Universidad de Pekín Tipo De Título: Curso Número de becas: No aplica Campo De Estudio: Idiomas Beneficios y Requisitos: Para conocer los beneficios y requisitos de estos cursos visita el Sitio Web Oficial del proveedor. [the_ad id=”783″] Sitio Web Oficial: ¿Te parece útil está información?
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Mitosis and Meiosis Crossword Puzzle by Science from Murf LLC Mitosis and Meiosis Crossword Puzzle by Science from Murf LLC This is a mitosis and meiosis crossword puzzle with word bank and answer key. This crossword contains 16 clues. A word bank can be provided or removed to make the crossword more or less challenging. Please read the questions below or view the .pdf sample file. Also included are hundreds of PowerPoint Previews, bundled homework, and lesson notes from my DNA and Genetics Unit that I offer on TpT. DNA and Genetics Entire Unit (3,500 Slides) on TpTDNA and Genetics Unit, Cell Division This unit includes all of the lessons below in one organized folder.... Entire Curriculum that I offer on TpT Entire 4 year Science Curriculum, 20 Full Units (50,000 Slides) HW, Notes, and much more Answers: Anaphase, Cancer, Centromere, chromosomes, CrossingOver, Cytokinesis, Diploid, Half, Haploid, Interphase, Meiosis, Metaphase, Mitosis, NuclearMembrane, Prophase, Reduction, Telophase Across: 1 - These are not visible in the cell during interphase 3 - An Egg has 23 chromosomes. Best wishes,
Scotland's Bravehearts - Robert the Bruce and William Wallace There are two men whose names were a clarion call to all Scots. Robert the Bruce, who took up arms against both Edward I and Edward II of England and who united the Highlands and the Lowlands in a fierce battle for liberty: and a humble Lowland knight, Sir William Wallace. Sir William Wallace 1272 – 1305 Wallace killed the English Sheriff of Lanark who had apparently murdered Wallace's sweetheart. A price was put on his head, so Wallace took the bold course and raised the Scottish Standard. Wallace then made a fatal mistake; he took on the English Army who greatly outnumbered his men, and in a pitched battle at Falkirk in 1298, Edward I of England annihilated the Scots battalions and Wallace became a fugitive for 7 years. While in Glasgow in 1305 he was betrayed and taken to London where he was tried for treason in Westminster Hall. Robert the Bruce 1274 – 1329 Robert the Bruce, as every school-child knows, was inspired by a spider! Scotland's Bravehearts - Robert the Bruce and William Wallace
Life was hard for the peasants who worked on the farms. There was always something that needed doing on the land and they could not afford to slack in any way. If the harvest failed, the whole village could face starvation in the winter. Repairing Peasants had to make their own houses during the Medieval Period. Bad weather and high winds would easily damage the houses and it was essential that repairs were carried out as soon as possible. Wood and twigs were used to make repairs to the walls of the peasant’s houses. Planting During the late winter and early spring, vegetables were planted in the peasants’ gardens. Peas, beans and onions were grown in the peasants’ gardens (tofts). Apple and pear trees were planted in the orchard or in the peasants’ own gardens to provide fruit. Berry bushes were sometimes also planted to ensure a supply of berries. Weaving Weaving was one of the main Medieval ways of making things. Baskets were often woven out of willow. Ploughing Fertilising Sowing Weeding Medieval Life - The Farming Year - History on the Net Medieval Life - The Farming Year - History on the Net
In medieval London, shoes were an integral part of daily life. Overall, women and men wore the same styles of shoes and boots. For example, according to the sizes of shoes found at Baynard’s Castle, both men and women in medieval London wore below-the-ankle shoes and full boots in the late thirteenth century. This aspect of London culture was most likely a result of the need for simpler shoes that would not interfere with daily work. That being said, shoes were probably more useful indoors, while boots were more appropriate for outside labor. Unlike the finds at other sites, a large number of fourteenth-century shoes recovered at Baynard’s Castle were below-the-ankle shoes, and few shoes at this site have been repaired, which suggests that these shoes may have belonged to members of the upper class or even to the Royal Wardrobe. Like most towns in medieval England, London had its own shoemakers, also known as the cordwainers. Shoes and Shoemakers · Medieval London Shoes and Shoemakers · Medieval London
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Blackbeard › Lawless pirates, called buccaneers, attacked Spanish ships and colonies in the Caribbean and Americas. The most blood-curdling pirate of the Caribbean was Blackbeard. Blackbeard › Corsairs › Corsairs were pirates who roamed the Mediterranean Sea between the 12th and 17th centuries. Corsairs › Did pirates have pet parrots? Legends claim that pirates kept parrots on board ships as exotic pets. Did pirates have pet parrots? Jolly Roger › Pirates flew distinctive flags; the most famous was the Jolly Roger. Jolly Roger › Pirate adventures › Stories of daring raids and terrifying attacks on gold-laden ships are popular pirate tales. Pirate adventures › Pirate women › Many women became pirates for a life of adventure and the lure of wealth. Pirate women › How pirates were punished › A cruel fate awaited any pirates caught and convicted. How pirates were punished › The Spanish Main › The Spanish Main › Treasures of the East › Treasures of the East › Pirate Facts For Kids | What Are Pirates? | DK Find Out
All About Pirates and Their Treasure We’ve all seen the movies where one-eyed, peg-leg pirates make off with great wooden chests full of gold, silver, and jewels. But is this image really accurate? It turns out that pirates very rarely got their hands on gold, silver or jewels. What sort of plunder did pirates actually take from their victims? Pirates and their Victims During the so-called "Golden Age of Piracy," which lasted roughly from 1700 to 1725, hundreds of pirate ships plagued the waters of the world. These pirates, while generally associated with the Caribbean, did not limit their activities to that region: they struck off the coast of Africa and even made forays into the Pacific and Indian Oceans. Food and Drink Pirates often plundered food and drink from their victims: alcoholic drinks, in particular, were rarely if ever allowed to continue on their way. Ship Materials Pirates rarely had access to ports or shipyards where they could repair their vessels. Trade Goods Slaves Weapons, Tools, and Medicine Buried Treasure?
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A well-established and innovative insurance division is a benefit for the economic development of a country. It offers long-term capitals for infrastructure development and simultaneously strengthens the risk-taking ability of the country. India’s rapid rate of economic growth over the past decade has been one of the most significant developments in the global economy. The Indian insurance industry has experienced transformational modifications since 2000 when the industry was liberalized. There have also been a number of product and operational innovations required by user need and increased competition among the players. Supervisory changes were presented and life insurance companies adopted many consumer-centric practices in this period helping towards the growth of life insurance industries. Life insurance is a big savings vehicle which might be helpful even in uncertain economic conditions. The potential growth of insurance sector in India posted by hmenon at Bizbilla Blog
Why is Health Insurance Is Necessary For Women? by desh dunia Health insurance is important. Yes, important for everyone. With soaring medical expenses, a major section of our country cannot afford a basic healthcare treatment. Here, we are talking about the need of health insurance for women; that section of society which needs the most protection. Thus, it is extremely important for women to avail a health insurance plan. Compensation for all medical expenses.Pre and post hospitalisation expensesPersonal accident coverCompensation to family in case of accidental death or permanent disability.Cover for women specific diseases such as breast cancer, cervical cancer, ovarian cancer etc. Here is what you should look for in a good health insurance plan: It is not always that discounts are good. Do not rely on your company to provide you a health insurance coverage. The earlier you buy, the better price you avail.
AEGON Life Term Insurance Plan - Compare & Check Reviews Aegon Life Insurance Company Limited is an Indian Assurance Company. Aegon Life Insurance is a joint venture between Aegon and Bennett, Coleman & company. Aegon is an international provider of life assurance, pensions and asset management. Bennett, Coleman & Company is an India’s leading media conglomerate. Aegon Life Insurance launched its pan-India operations in July 2008. AEGON Life Term Insurance Plan Aegon Life Term Insurance Plan provides various Term Plans for Individuals, Couples, and Families, etc. Benefits of AEGON Life Term Insurance Plan AEGON Life Term Insurance Plan Features List of AEGON Life Term Insurance Plan Term Insurance plans are typically inexpensive plans that provide full protection and financial stability to your loved ones in case of any unpredicted events. AEGON Life Easy Protect Insurance Plan.AEGON Life IReturn Insurance Plan.AEGON Life iIncome Insurance Plan.AEGON Life iSpouse Insurance Plan.AEGON Life Term Plan.AEGON Life iTerm Plan. Entry Age Key Features
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