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David A. Kolb on experiential learning. David A. Kolb on experiential learning. Contents: introduction · david a. kolb · david kolb on experiential learning · david kolb on learning styles · issues · developments – jarvis on learning · a guide to reading · links · how to cite this piece As Stephen Brookfield (1983: 16) has commented, writers in the field of experiential learning have tended to use the term in two contrasting senses. On the one hand the term is used to describe the sort of learning undertaken by students who are given a chance to acquire and apply knowledge, skills and feelings in an immediate and relevant setting. The second type of experiential learning is ‘education that occurs as a direct participation in the events of life’ (Houle 1980: 221). Much of the literature on experiential learning, as Peter Jarvis comments (1995: 75), ‘is actually about learning from primary experience, that is learning through sense experiences’. Village One is concerned particularly with assessing and accrediting learning from life and work experience…. Issues
As new practitioners discuss their problems with their fellows, or learn from their colleagues how to integrate the practice with the rest of their business workflow; in such a way, the CoP becomes a repository and dissemination mechanism combined for best practice - Etienne Wenger Communities of Practice: Learning, Meaning, and Identity (1998). Jean Lave and Etienne Wenger pioneer the concept of a Community of Practice (CoP) in their book, Situated Learning: Legitimate Peripheral Participation. (1991) They theorized that knowledge can be developed through social and spontaneous communities that are driven by common interests and passions, whereas innovation lies in the interaction between different communities. A community of practice defines itself along three dimensions: What it is about: A joint enterprise as understood and continually renegotiated by its members. These community of practices normally go through five stages: Lave and Wenger Further Reading Next Step Jean Lave and Etienne Wenger - Community of Practice Jean Lave and Etienne Wenger - Community of Practice
Aprendizaje Social. Teorias de Albert Bandura. « Psicología Social - La Coctelera Aprendizaje Social. Teorias de Albert Bandura. « Psicología Social - La Coctelera 1. Atención. Si vas a aprender algo, necesitas estar prestando atención. Alguna de las cosas que influye sobre la atención tiene que ver con las propiedades del modelo. 2. 3. 4. Refuerzo pasado, como el conductismo tradicional o clásico. Refuerzos prometidos, (incentivos) que podamos imaginar. Factores que influyen en el aprendizaje observacional . *Estado del desarrollo *Prestigio y competencia del modelo *Consecuencias vicarias *Expectativas de los resultados *Establecimiento de metas *Auto-eficiencia El aprendizaje observacional en la enseñanza (cinco posibles resultados) . *Enseñar nuevas conductas y actitudes. *Promover la conducta actual (previamente aprendida). *Modificar inhibiciones (Fortalecer / Debilitar). *Dirigir la atención. *Despertar emociones Los niños ven.... los niños hacen Técnicas del modelaje. *Modelar la conducta vívidamente en forma atractiva y novedosa. *Mostrar las consecuencias (positivas y/o aversivas). *Los modelos en el hogar son variables externas de gran relevancia.
‘In 22 years, I have never seen anything quite like it’ ‘In 22 years, I have never seen anything quite like it’ A small group of 24 students is gathered in the library at George Green’s School on the Isle of Dogs. After a period of fiddling with hair, averted gazes, rustling and whispering, their attention is caught by the tiny, tousle-haired American woman in the centre of the room. Her energy is dynamic and pervasive, and she is asking them to provide her with a definition of feeling. She is, one by one, asking them to tell her their stories – not a précis of their family structure and interests, but the story of their emotions, their dreams, what they are feeling right now. She encourages them to reach up their hands – grasp at something intangible, a dream perhaps. The woman is Lois Walden, who is over from the USA to promote her book Afterworld. At home in America, she travels the country helping teenagers to get in touch with their emotions, and she’s doing the same thing here, using her book as inspiration. Is it appropriate for a group of multicultural, reserved teenagers?
The call to lead requires those who are willing to sail into uncharted waters. This particular moment calls for exquisite leaders, those who know the depth and breadth of the need, who have been gifted (or cursed) with a vision of what might be and who are inspired enough for others to follow by choice. As a nation, Americans are a hopeful people. Rick Hess, in his new book Cage-Busting Leadership, describes present leadership as being like Sisyphus, rolling a boulder up a mountain for eternity. So, let's consider the relationship between heart and leaders and leadership. We propose another source. Heart is the place where we integrate intellect with emotion, imagination and intuition. Yet, leadership requires that we bring them along. Those only are offered when the leader's heart is visible. Your vocabulary needs to expand as your heart takes center stage. There is a shore across the sea if we believe it. The ContractA word from the led Resources: Hess, Fredrick M. (2013). Leadership Comes From The Heart - Leadership 360 Leadership Comes From The Heart - Leadership 360
The Science of Passion Based Learning “You can’t separate intellect and feelings in the work of the mind. They’re both there all the time. Real learning—attentive real learning, deep learning—is playful and frustrating and joyful and discouraging and exciting and sociable and private all at the same time, which is what makes it great.” ~ Eleanor Duckworth Know when to memorize. Know when to mesmerize! If we want students to learn deeply and efficiently we need to understand the role emotions play in different types of learning. Without getting into it too deeply, we could probably agree that we want students to acquire some knowledge, skills and attitudes. Should Students Memorize Content? Other approaches would involve getting students to memorize content or procedural knowledge. These days, there is a very vocal anti-memorization movement! Passion Constitutes More than Engagement Passion-based learning has gained more ground recently. But passion isn’t just about the motivational aspect. Emotions Impact Cognition Nellie J. The Science of Passion Based Learning
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The Lifelong Learner Infographic The Lifelong Learner Infographic Continuing Education Infographics Lifelong learning is the ongoing, voluntary, and self-motivated pursuit of knowledge for either personal or professional reasons. The Lifelong Learner Infographic explores why you should never stop learning, the perceived barriers of lifelong learning as well as its benefits and provides tips on how to become a lifelong learner. Via: Embed This Education Infographic on your Site or Blog!
The inverted calculus course and self-regulated learning - Casting Out Nines The inverted calculus course and self-regulated learning - Casting Out Nines A few weeks ago I began a series to review the Calculus course that Marcia Frobish and I taught using the inverted/flipped class design, back in the Fall. I want to pick up the thread here about the unifying principle behind the course, which is the concept of self-regulated learning. Self-regulated learning is what it sounds like: Learning that is initiated, managed, and assessed by the learners themselves. An instructor can play a role in this process, so it’s not the same thing as teaching yourself a subject (although all successful autodidacts are self-regulating learners), but it refers to how the individual learner approaches learning tasks. For example, take someone learning about optimization problems in calculus. The learner works actively on optimization problems as the primary form of learning. Even before I started working with the inverted/flipped classroom, what I just described is a picture of what I envisioned for my students. Back to the story about calculus.
Kung Fu Typing Kung Fu Typing This is, a web application that will help you teach touch typing. Touch typing is typing without using the sense of sight to find the keys. A person possessing touch typing skills will know their location on the keyboard through muscle memory. It can improve any individual's typing speed and accuracy dramatically. This is a short tutorial that will explain how does this application works. You can use the left and right arrow keys to navigate through these slides. This tutorial is based on these few principles: No boring, repetitive exercises. Initially it starts generating words from a small subset of the most frequent letters of the alphabet. When you are typing these words, keybr measures time to type a key for every letter in that subset. Once you familiarize yourself with the current subset of letters, the algorithm expands it, adding more and more letters to it. So at any time, you will by typing the letters you are least familiar with. This is the text board. ? ? ? ? ?
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These include The Best Web Tools For English Language Learners (In Other Words, The Ones My Students Regularly Use) and The Best Beginner, Intermediate & Advanced English Language Learner Sites. Now, though, I think it's time to narrow them down to my choices for the "best of the best" or, in other words, an "All-Time Best" list. Here are my choices, and I hope readers will let me know if they agree, disagree, and/or think I've missed some (one key requirement is that they are all free to use). Obviously, The British Council has tons of great resources. I'm obviously biased, but I think the weekly student interactives I create for The New York Times are very useful to English Language Learners. The Reading and Everyday Life activities from GCF LearnFree are excellent. ESL-Bits has good exercised for Intermediate English Language Learners. Kiz Klub has many simple interactive books to read with audio support for the text. Mrs. Duolingo has got to be number one in this category. Larry Ferlazzo - Online tools

HT/TKTL Verkkokurssimateriaalin tuottaminen Verkkomateriaalin tuottaminen Kurssien verkkomateriaalit voivat olla varsin monimuotoista ja laajuudeltaan erilaista. Materiaalin tuottamiseen voi osallistua vain yksittäinen opettaja tai toisaalta laaja tuotantoryhmä. Kun rinnastamme materiaalituotannon ohjelmistotuotantoon voimme jakaa materiaalituotannon ohjelmiston elinkaarta vastaaviin vaiheisiin: esitutkimusperiaatesuunnittelusisällön suunnittelutoteutustestauskäyttöönottoylläpito Yllä nimetyt vaiheet eivät välttämättä ole peräkkäisiä vaan osoittain rinnakkaisia.
Mitä kaikkea Tabletkoulu tarjoaa? Itseisarviointi tukee oppimista Tabletkoulun itsearviointitoiminto kannustaa oman oppimisen reflektointiin. Itsearviointi auttaa opiskelijaa tarkkailemaan omaa etenemistään ja pohtimaan tarkemmin, miten hän onnistunut tavoitteissaan ja miksi, mikä on motivoinut häntä ja miten hän voisi jatkossa oppia vielä paremmin. Itsearviointilomake on valmiina oppimateriaalissa kunkin jakson viimeisessä luvussa. Muutenkin oppimateriaaleissa kannustetaan säännöllisesti oman oppimisen arviointiin. Vertaisarviointi motivoi opiskelijoita ja tukee opettajan työtä Vertaisarviointi osallistaa ja motivoi opiskelijoita. Badget kannustavat opiskelijaa Opettaja voi antaa opiskelijalle badgen eli osaamismerkin hyvästä suorituksesta ja toiminnasta. Opettajan huomiot tukevat arviointia Opettaja voi tallentaa itselleen opiskelijoihin liittyviä huomioita, jotka eivät näy opiskelijoille. Opiskelijoiden etenemistä on helppo seurata yhdessä näkymässä
>>Etusivulle Oppikirjan uudet muodot (raportti)Digitaalisten oppimateriaalien ominaisuuksia OPS on elämää (pedagogiikkaa sarjakuvamuodossa)Luettelo digitaalisen oppimateriaali tuottajista (wikisivu) Puuttuuko luettelosta jotain? Editoi suoraan wikisivua (sivun ylälaidassa ohje) tai ilmoita lomakkeella.Oppimateriaalituottajien lisäksi mm. sähköisten arviointisovellusten tarjoajia.Kooste avoimesta sähköisestä oppimateriaalistaVoit täydentää ja korjata muokkaamalla wikisivua tai ilmoittamalla lomakkeella muutokset.Oppimisen tilat – uusimuotoinen oppimateriaali ja koulun fyysiset ympäristöt (wikisivu)Tunnista osaamisesi (tulostettava korttipakka)Keskeinen sanasto (wikisivu) Sanastoa pääsee muokkaamaan suoraan. Voit myös ehdottaa täydennystä lomakkeella.Kirjallisuutta, artikkeleita ja uutisointia aiheesta Otavan Opiston ja Suomen eOppimiskeskuksen luotsauksella jalostettiin kevään 2013 ITK-konferenssissa laajaa kiinnostusta herättänyt teema Oppikirja uusiksi oppimisympäristöhakemukseksi. Tietoja ja tuloksia | #opus2015
Учебные материалы по QGIS У проекта QGIS имеется активное сообщество, создавшее много хорошей документации и ресурсов, которые можно использовать для изучения этой программы и методов работы с ГИС. Вот небольшая подборка внешних ресурсов. Книги Graser, Anita Learning QGIS 2.0, Packt Publishing, 2013Kurt Menke, GISP, Dr. Richard Smith Jr., GISP, Dr. Luigi Pirelli, Dr. Онлайн-курсы GeoAcademy offers 5 Free online courses and covers a full GIS curriculam using QGIS.
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