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12 Rules for Learning Foreign Languages in Record Time — The Only Post You’ll Ever Need 12 Rules for Learning Foreign Languages in Record Time — The Only Post You’ll Ever Need Preface by Tim Ferriss I’ve written about how I learned to speak, read, and write Japanese, Mandarin, and Spanish. I’ve also covered my experiments with German, Indonesian, Arabic, Norwegian, Turkish, and perhaps a dozen others. There are only few language learners who dazzle me, and Benny Lewis is one of them. This definitive guest post by Benny will teach you: How to speak your target language today.How to reach fluency and exceed it within a few months.How to pass yourself off as a native speaker.And finally, how to tackle multiple languages to become a “polyglot”—all within a few years, perhaps as little as 1-2. It contains TONS of amazing resources I never even knew existed, including the best free apps and websites for becoming fluent in record time. This is a post you all requested, so I hope you enjoy it! Enter Benny You are either born with the language-learning gene, or you aren’t. I think you can stack the deck in your favor. So, let’s get started! Here’s what I suggest instead:
by Dylan Matthews on April 15, 2015 "The limits of my language," the philosopher Ludwig Wittgenstein once posited, "mean the limits of my world." Explaining everything within the limits of the world is probably too ambitious a goal for a list like this. But here are 23 maps and charts that can hopefully illuminate small aspects of how we manage to communicate with one another. The basics Indo-European language rootsMinna Sundberg, a Finnish-Swedish comic artist, created this beautiful tree to illustrate both the relationships between European and central Asian languages generally, as well as a smaller but still striking point: Finnish has less in common with, say, Swedish than Persian or Hindi do. Language divides Bilingualism Who in Europe speaks EnglishMany countries have more than one commonly used language, with many residents learning two or more. English American English 23 maps and charts on language 23 maps and charts on language
We can mark the passage of time and the changing nature of a society through the development of our many languages. The English language is spoken by millions of people across the world, but it wasn't always as uniform as it is today. There are six letters that have been rendered obsolete. Here they are: Eth (ð) This was pronounced like the ‘th’ sound in this or that. Wynn (ƿ) Wynn was put into the alphabet to represent ‘w’. Thorn (þ) Thorn is also a ‘th’ sound. Ash (æ) In Old English this used to represent a short vowel, a little like the ‘a’ in cat. Ethel (œ) Ethel used to be used to pronounce a letter between two vowels o and e, a little like coil. Yogh (ȝ) Yogh is the father of the silent ‘gh’ in though or daughter. HT omgfacts More: The most commonly misspelled words in the English language More: The 16 grossest words in the English language The English alphabet used to be 32 letters long | indy100 The English alphabet used to be 32 letters long | indy100
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(B) = Beginner; (I) = Intermediate; (A) = Advanced VERB TENSES (Tests/Quizzes): Commands (Imperative) 1 (B/I)Commands (Imperative) 2 (B/I)Commands (Imperative) 3 (B/I)The Present Continuous 1 (B)NEWSimple Past/Past Continuous? 1 (A)Simple Past/Past Continuous? SIMPLE PRESENT TENSE 1 (B)SIMPLE PRESENT TENSE 2 (B)TO BE (Present tense) 1 (B)TO BE (Present tense) 2 (B)NEWTO BE (Present tense) 3 (negative sentences) (B)NEWTO HAVE (Present tense) 1 (B)TO HAVE (Present tense) 2 (B)NEWTO BE or TO HAVE? EXERCISES TO IMPROVE YOUR ENGLISH WRITING SKILLS (ADVANCED) Whether you're a native speaker of English or an advanced ESL student, these practice tests will help you to recognize and eliminate common grammar errors. English punctuation: Comma or semicolon? COUNTABLE (COUNT) or UNCOUNTABLE (NONCOUNT) NOUNS: THERE IS or THERE ARE? USED TO, BE USED TO, WOULD 1 (B/I)NEWWOULD YOU LIKE or DO YOU LIKE? English Grammar Tests for ESL Students - English Grammar Practice Quizzes English Grammar Tests for ESL Students - English Grammar Practice Quizzes
C1 level English language practice tests Exam English ✓ Free Practice Tests for learners of English Practice tests at C1 level The following practice tests are at C1 level: CAE About CAE | Reading 1 | Reading 2 | Reading 3 | Reading 4 | Listening 1 | Listening 2 | Listening 3 | Listening 4 | Listening | Use of English 1 | Use of English 2 | Use of English 3 | Use of English 4 | Use of English 5 BEC Higher BEC Higher: Reading part 1 | Reading part 2 PTE General Level 4 Level 4 listening | Level 4 reading | The following are multi-level exams that encompass C1 level: TOEFL Reading: Reading 1| Reading part 1 | Reading part 2 | Reading part 3 Listening: Lecture 1 | Lecture 2 | Lecture 3 | Lecture 4 | Conversation 1 | Conversation 2 | Conversation 3 Vocab & Structure: Vocabulary test | Structure test 1 | Structure test 2 | Structure test 3 | Structure test 4 TOEFL Tips | TOEFL Junior | About TOEFL PTE Academic PTE Academic: listening test 1 | listening test 2 | listening test 3 2014 © Exam English Ltd. C1 level English language practice tests
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Brown's Stages of Syntactic and Morphological Development Brown's Stages of Syntactic and Morphological Development Brown's Stages of Syntactic and Morphological Development Details Created: Wednesday, 09 November 2011 08:53 Updated on Friday, 10 June 2016 13:54 Typical expressive language development "Brown's Stages" were identified by Roger Brown 1925-1997 (obituary) and described in his classic book (Brown,1973). A structural analysis does not include a measure of a child's development in the area of the clarity of pronunciation of speech sounds. Morphology In Linguistics, morphology is the branch of grammar devoted to the study of the structure or forms of words, primarily through the use of the morpheme construct. Syntax In Linguistics, syntax is a traditional term for the study the rules governing the combination of words to form sentences. Morpheme A morpheme is a unit of meaning. happy 'Happy’ is ONE WORD, it has TWO SYLLABLES (ha-ppy), and because it contains only one unit of meaning it is ONE MORPHEME. Stage I Sentence Types Brown's Stage I Brown's Stages ("Brown's Morphemes") I to IV Reference Links
To browse for materials to play: Use the left menu to navigate through the CHILDES corpora. Click once on the folder you want to explore, and it will expand to show any available subfolders and transcripts. Once you have found the transcript you want to review, click its filename. Next to each transcript name is an icon displaying whether the file has linked audio , video , or no media Controlling playback: For transcripts that are linked to media, you can control playback in three ways: Use the controls that display below the media to play, pause, and rewind/fast forward. Continuous playback: By default, media playback is continuous. To run CLAN commands: CLAN commands may be entered in the text box below Command line: (on left, below the directory listing), and run entirely in the browser. Hiding dependent tiers: Codes, comments, events, and descriptions of interest to the researcher are often typed below the main tier. Eng-UK/ | CHILDES Transcript Browser Eng-UK/ | CHILDES Transcript Browser
qr_generator qr_generator Note: each of the QR codes is a text file. There is no need for the mobile devices to connect to the internet to decode them. The correct answers for this quiz can be found here. InstructionsAcquisition Grammar Your job is to find the QR codes which your teacher has put on display around the area. Acquisition Grammar: QR Challenge Question 1 (of 5) Question 2 (of 5) Question 3 (of 5) Question 4 (of 5) Question 5 (of 5)
babbel Facebook now has approximately 1.6 billion users, which equates to about one quarter of the world’s population. This number becomes even more astonishing when you consider that 3.3 billion of the world’s 7.2 billion people are connected to the internet — Facebook has registered over half the world’s connected population. The other internet giant, Google, handles around 4 billion search queries a day. Companies that operate on the breathtaking scale of Google and Facebook address and satisfy core fundamental human needs; namely, access to information and social interaction. What happens, though, when a web company focuses not on need, but on aspiration? In 2007, the language experts at Babbel set out to make language learning easy, effective, and accessible to everyone. So how’s it working out? The numbers speak for themselves: over 1,000,000 people choose to learn a language with Babbel, and that number continues to grow. 1. 2. App-based learning carries a few inherent advantages. 3. babbel
Σε όποια περιοχή της Ελλάδας και αν μένετε, μπορείτε να παρακολουθήσετε τα ταχύρυθμα τμήματα Γαλλικών για Ενήλικες που προσφέρει η Ευρωδιάσταση μέσω H/Y (real time). Πραγματική τάξη σε πραγματικό χρόνο! Πάνω από 1.200 επιτυχόντες στις εξετάσεις για τα πτυχία Γαλλικών DELF και DALF. DELF B2 σε 11 μήνες αρχίζοντας από το μηδέν! Πολυπληθής ομάδα καθηγητών υψηλού επιπέδου, με εξειδίκευση στα ταχύρυθμα μαθήματα Γαλλικών για Ενήλικες, πολύχρονη διδακτική πείρα και συνεχείς μαζικές επιτυχίες στις εξετάσεις. Μοναδική προσφορά αποκλειστικά για online μαθήματα (αφορά τα νέα τμήματα Γαλλικών Φεβρουαρίου 2017): 60% έκπτωση επί των αρχικών τιμών των προγραμμάτων και δώρο όλα τα βιβλία! Πανελλαδικά τηλέφωνα επικοινωνίας: 210 96.200.43, 210 33.01.300, 210 41.000.85. Εάν επιθυμείτε να επικοινωνήσουμε εμείς μαζί σας για να σας ενημερώσουμε, μπορείτε να συμπληρώσετε μία Φόρμα Επικοινωνίας εδώ. Εξετάσεις Γαλλικών DELF B2 - Αναλυτικές πληροφορίες για τη διαδικασία και περιεχόμενο των εξετάσεων Γαλλικών DELF B2. Online μαθήματα Γαλλικών: μαθήματα Γαλλικών με e-learning από την Ευρωδιάσταση. Νέα ταχύρυθμα τμήματα Φεβρουαρίου 2017. - Ευρωδιάσταση Online μαθήματα Γαλλικών: μαθήματα Γαλλικών με e-learning από την Ευρωδιάσταση. Νέα ταχύρυθμα τμήματα Φεβρουαρίου 2017. - Ευρωδιάσταση
Διαδραστικά Σχολικά Βιβλία | Γαλλικά (Α Γυμνασίου) ΦΩΤΟΔΕΝΤΡΟεθνικός συσσωρευτής εκπαιδευτικού περιεχομένου e-meΨηφιακή ΕκπαιδευτικήΠΛΑΤΦΟΡΜΑ Μεταφορά στην ιστοσελίδα Ψηφιακό Σχολείο Μεταφορά στην αρχική σελίδα επικοινωνία Γαλλικα (Α Γυμνασιου) Γαλλικα Α Γυμνασιου ψηφιακοί πόροι βιβλίων περιγραφή και στόχοι βιβλία μαθητή μη εμπλουτισμένα html διαδραστικό βιβλίο μαθητή εμπλουτισμένο html διδακτικό πακέτο βιβλία pdf Δείτε περισσότερα για τις υπηρεσίες του Ψηφιακού Σχολείου Το έργο «Ψηφιακή Εκπαιδευτική Πλατφόρμα, Διαδραστικά Βιβλία και Αποθετήριο Μαθησιακών Αντικειμένων» συγχρηματοδοτείται από την Ευρωπαϊκή Ένωση (ΕΚΤ) και το Ελληνικό Δημόσιο στο πλαίσιο του ΕΠ «Εκπαίδευση και Δια Βίου Μάθηση» του ΕΣΠΑ 2007-2013 και υλοποιείται από το ΙΤΥΕ «ΔΙΟΦΑΝΤΟΣ».
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TPRS and AIM | AIM Language Learning By Wendy Maxwell, Karen Oraas, and Renée L. Villeneuve Similarities TPRS and AIM: are story basedfocus on verbs and third person singularpromote active oral participation of all students,contain highly engaging lessonspromote emotion as an important toolensure oral language is the focus before written, but all four skills (reading, writing, speaking and listening) are used early in the programare relatively new programs and new materials continue to be made availableboth feature “pleasant repetition” but in different waysare both quite different than traditional methods and “traditional” teachers may not be open to trying themseem to attract similar types of teachers (teachers who are disappointed with low results from other programs, also many teachers with lots of energy!) Differences This document is meant to be a starting point for discussion and comparison of two effective methodologies that accelerate language acquisition.
What is TPRS? TPR Storytelling is a method for teaching foreign languages that was invented by Blaine Ray, a Spanish teacher in Bakersfield, California, in 1990. Concerned that his students were disinterested in the unexciting process of learning a language from a textbook, he began to use James Asher's Total Physical Response to teach Spanish. Asher says that students acquire their second languages as they acquired their first languages. Our students learn as babies learn. The TPRS Objective As TPRS was originally developed, the objective was to create a method that would prepare students for the College Board Advanced Placement Exam from level 1. Although nationwide fewer than 10% of our high school students proceed to the highest levels of foreign language offered in our schools and even fewer proceed to college foreign language studies, we have seen enrollment in our programs increase by as much as 400% after TPRS programs were introduced. Why TPRS Works On Assessment -Dr. Testing What is TPRS?
How the Word Cloud Generator Works The layout algorithm for positioning words without overlap is available on GitHub under an open source license as d3-cloud. Note that this is the only the layout algorithm and any code for converting text into words and rendering the final output requires additional development. As word placement can be quite slow for more than a few hundred words, the layout algorithm can be run asynchronously, with a configurable time step size. This makes it possible to animate words as they are placed without stuttering. Word Cloud Generator
Why is the computer version free? The game has been funded by the Usborne Foundation, a charity set up to support initiatives to develop early literacy. The charity was founded by Peter Usborne MBE and his children, Nicola and Martin. What reading level is it suitable for? How do children learn from the game? Will it work on my device? Who are The Usborne Foundation? Teach Your Monster to Read: Free Phonics & Reading Game
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