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Teacher spends two days as a student and is shocked at what she learns A student takes notes at Woodrow Wilson High School in Washington D.C. (AP Photo/Charles Dharapak) Do teachers really know what students go through? To find out, one teacher followed two students for two days and was amazed at what she found. Her report is in following post, which appeared on the blog of Grant Wiggins, the co-author of “Understanding by Design” and the author of “Educative Assessment” and numerous articles on education. Wiggins initially posted the piece without revealing the author. By Alexis Wiggins I have made a terrible mistake. I waited 14 years to do something that I should have done my first year of teaching: shadow a student for a day. This is the first year I am working in a school but not teaching my own classes; I am the High School Learning Coach, a new position for the school this year. My class schedules for the day (Note: we have a block schedule; not all classes meet each day): The schedule that day for the 10th grade student: 7:45 – 9:15: Geometry Teacher spends two days as a student and is shocked at what she learns
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Button Styles Inspiration Winona Ujarak Wayra Tamaya Rayen Pipaluk Moema Based on the "Add New Location" button concept by Charles Patterson. Isi Aylen Saqui Wapasha Nina Nanuk Nuka Antiman Itzel clip-path does not work in IE, so you'll see the line under the icon. Naira Quidel Sacnite Shikoba Based on Portfolio Update! Icons "Vicons" by Victor Erixon. If you enjoyed this demo you might also like: Button Styles Inspiration
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Remote Jobs for Digital Nomads Remote Jobs for Digital Nomads InFlight is looking for a Front End Developer (JavaScript) to work with our engineering team transforming and re-imagining legacy web systems on top of our core technology. We are looking for individuals who contribute actively, make a meaningful impact and aren’t afraid to challenge the status quo when they see a better way. What we do At InFlight, we believe that multimillion dollar enterprise software can and should be every bit as easy-to-use as a $1 smartphone app. InFlight modernizes and mobilizes business critical enterprise applications for Fortune 500 customers, giving them full control over the user experience. Our technology is unique in the market and enables customers to completely re-imagine cumbersome and complicated applications to put users first and make it easier for them to complete tasks. Thanks to InFlight, there are currently over 1 million users who are now more productive and more engaged with the software they rely on to do their jobs. Who you are: __More about us:
Photo Assignment — Child’s View | Perfectly Clear Want to jump-start your photographic vision? Here’s a fun photo assignment that will absolutely help. You will need another photographer to complete this assignment. But not just any photographer will do. You need a special photographer. You need a kid! That’s right – a kid! Find an inexpensive point and shoot digital camera that’s easy to use.Show the kid how the camera works.Then sit back and learn. Yep, I said learn. To make this photo outing work, it’s important that you don’t interfere. Then, make a date to look at the pictures when you return. Make sure to keep that photo handy so you can look at it once in a while as a reminder. . . a reminder that photography is something so beautiful and special that both kids and adults can do it – and can do it well enough to make a difference in the world. By Scott Bourne
FairyTale Portraits- Adults FairyTale Portraits- Adults Dan Frievalt is a senior portrait photographer operating just outside of Green Bay, Wisconsin. He’s been creating great-looking, powerful photos as a professional for over 10 years. As part of the theme of senior portrait photography this month, Dan completes the string of awesome content with a talk about how to make a profit. Thanks, Dan! One of the main struggles for many photographers in our industry is pricing. Frustrated with my sales averages, I took several different sales methods and refined them to develop a simple, effective way to sell work and boost averages. Giving the client what they want is my number one priority. Clients who come to my studio have two options, they can either pick items from a menu, or they can put together their own collection. Human nature is to purchase based on what will save them the most money. Why is it a good idea? “Just wanted to let you know how much I love sales now that we have your Create a Collection system.
Thank you to all the photographers that shared their most stunning image from 2016 in the Image of the Year Photo Contest 2016 with chances to win the prize of their choice amongst a Canon 5D MK III camera body, Sony A7S camera body, Nikon D500 DSLR camera body, Fujifilm X-T2 camera body, and more awesome stuff! A special thanks to the photographers that helped us find the following winner and some of the most popular photos by voting for their favorite shots. Stay tuned for more inspiring photo contests coming soon! Congratulations Grand Jury Winner “Flying High” by anitarossview Congratulations People’s Choice “Sunrise portrait” by CelestineAerden Congratulations Amateur Winner “Broken wings” by semy Congratulations Honorary Mention “This ain’t Kansas” by jeffniederstadt Congratulations Honorary Mention “fox.P1100221” by agustingoba Congratulations Honorary Mention “Land of King Penguins” by Rainer Congratulations Honorary Mention “Together we stand ” by mchutton “Fox Tango” by bkcrossman Image Of The Year Photo Contest 2016 Winner Blog -
Press Space or double-click to edit Press Space or double-click to edit Capture ideas at the spead of thought – using a mind map maker designed to help you focus on your ideas and remove all the distractions while mindmapping. Create unlimited mind maps for free, and store them in the cloud. Your mind maps are available everywhere, instantly, from any device. Brainstorm, create presentations and document outlines with mind maps, and publish your ideas online and to social networks. Get Started Why use MindMup? MindMup is great for individual note-taking, collaborative planning, teamwork and classrooms. 1 Powerful keyboard shortcuts speed up your work 2 Frictionless interface helps you focus 3 Convert maps easily to PDF, PowerPoint, outlines... 4 Publish and share maps online 5 Easily save to Google Drive and manage using Google Apps
15 Super Smart Quotes on Success From Today’s Best Young Entrepreneurs — Marketing and Entrepreneurship 15 Super Smart Quotes on Success From Today’s Best Young Entrepreneurs — Marketing and Entrepreneurship 15 Super Smart Quotes on Success From Today’s Best Young Entrepreneurs Here are some inspiring quotes on the secrets of succeed from the youngest and brightest entrepreneurs. Millennials get a lot of hate thrown their way. They’re called selfish. Spoiled. Self-absorbed. Enough with the generation bashing! Labeling one group so broadly is dangerous and flat out wrong. Just as we can all learn and seek inspiration from entrepreneurial superstars,billionaires, pop megastars, and even ultimate fighters on topics like adversity,resilience, and happiness, we can learn from today’s successful Millennial entrepreneurs. Or, as I prefer to call them, entrepreneurs. Here are some super smart tips from 15 of the young entrepreneurs who made this year’s Inc 30 Under 30 list. 1. Don’t let someone else’s vision of success force you to stray from the path you worked to be on. 2. I love the [Jim Rohn] quote “You’re the average of the five people you spend the most time with.” 3. 4. 99 Percent Perspiration 5.
Your Idea or Invention Has Been Ridiculed. Welcome to a Prestigious Club. Whether you're venturing into the world of technology, science, the arts or business, if you’re introducing something new and progressive, be prepared for rejection and ridicule. And not necessarily because your idea hasn't passed muster. In fact, it may be just the opposite. Related: 10 People Who Became Wildly Successful After Facing Rejection We’ve all heard about countless greats who jumped through these same hoops of rejection on their path to success. In a article titled, "Why Great Ideas Get Rejected," author David Burkus wrote that “Mounting evidence shows that we all possess an inherent bias against creativity.” In fact, the emotions evoked in us when we confront ideas that challenge the status quo are actually similar to the ones changes in our lives create: The word “anxiety” comes to mind. This anxiety and fear compels us to reject new creative ideas and concepts that would change our own long-held, structured routines. Hear any bells going off? Premium cable anyone? Your Idea or Invention Has Been Ridiculed. Welcome to a Prestigious Club.
Routes to entrepreneurship: how we came to the start-up life If you want to start up in a new field, be sure to know your market inside out. If it isn't a market that you have direct experience and knowledge in, then find someone who does - conduct a lot of market research, focus groups, questionnaires. Read article, case studies, attend workshops and get down to the backbone of your industry, understand exactly what it is they want, need and how you can provide that. Be prepared for a lot of sleepless nights, a lot of self doubt and a lot of money to be spent! James Cadbury is the founder of Love Cocoa, a subscription chocolate service that delivers high-quality chocolate to your door. Ever since I can remember, I’ve wanted to start my own business. However, before starting up, I studied marketing at the University of Liverpool before doing a Masters in real estate. Routes to entrepreneurship: how we came to the start-up life
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Länkskafferiet En lekfull mattesajt på flera språk. Ta hjälp av den lekfulla musen och hitta skojiga mattelekar. Gissa gåtor, lär dig dela lika, bygg torn, eller hitta rätt form. Språken är svenska, arabiska, finska, samiska, spanska, sorani (sydkurdiska) och turkiska. Flash Player behövs på datorn.

I’m sitting in the lounge area at the House of Yes. Everything is red. The lighting is red. I’m doing my best to hide my beaming cheeks in the shadows of the lounge area. Rachel, a producer for Guerilla Science, is making her way to the entrance of the dance hall. Ladies, gentlemen, those who reject the gender binary, come on in. Elite Daily People begin to trickle into the dance hall sheepishly. Over 70 people of all different races, ages and sexual preferences have come to spend two hours at a speed dating event held in Brooklyn, New York. But this isn’t your average speed dating event, this is “Sensory Speed Dating.” Guerilla Science describes it as “a one-of-a-kind event [that] explores the science of attraction through a range of enticing sensory adventures. In the hall, long tables are laid out in a three-by-three grid with room for eight people at each. And from what I saw, he was right. Sensory Speed Dating Explores The Science Of Attraction
By Barbara G. Walker | October 2008 Freethought Today During the last 50 years, scholars have established a very different view of our Stone Age ancestors from the one we used to imagine. It seems there weren’t all those women dragged off to caves by their hair by boorish male savages with clubs. Women’s power to create life, apparently out of their own substance, and to respond with fearful and mystical blood cycles to the phases of the moon, made them creatures of magic in the eyes of primitive men, who knew themselves unable to match such powers. Even after fatherhood was recognized, and hierarchies of kingships began to appear in the Bronze Age, women’s connections with the Goddess were given paramount importance. Similarly, early Israelites mated their god with the Goddess Asherah, a Canaanite version of Astarte, and believed that a priest’s invocations would be useless unless he was married. Throughout the centuries, men have usually practiced magic without much disapproval. Notes How local wise-women who carried on ancient traditions were exterminated by Christianity
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EXPERIMENTS Experiments see also Poem Profiler and "wreading" experiments Homolinguistic translation: Take a poem (someone else's, then your own) and translate it "English to English" by substituting word for word, phrase for phrase, line for line, or "free" translation as response to each phrase or sentence. Or translate the poem into another literary style or a different diction, for example into a slang or vernacular. Do several differnt types of homolinguistic transation of a single source poem. Chaining: try this with a group, sending the poem on for "translation" from person to another until you get back to the first author. Remember: Poems can be in prose format! Compiled by Charles Bernstein.
"Write what you know" is probably one of the most clichéd sayings in writerdom. I've heard a few different takes on it, as well as a thorough defense of its opposite: Write what you don't know. (Intriguing, right?) Like any cliché, it can get a little irritating. (Yes, I've definitely rolled my eyes at it.) But. Also? Which is why it totally belongs in Idea Camp. Here is the truest true thing about my best work: it all is closely tied to what I know very well. Especially what I know well emotionally. About family. THAT is the kind of what you know that drives really good ideas, and really compelling stories. Writing what we don't know is magnificent when it comes to new settings, fantastical beings, and villainy. But as writers (and observers! Meaning: What our hearts know. When I encounter that kind of knowing in a novel, it rings in my head and heart long after I finish reading. When another writer has taken the time to show exactly what it looks like: to be here, to be alive. Mmmmmmm!! ... You've Already Done Your Hardest Research (So Let's Turn It Into Idea Gold!) — Lucy Flint
Fifty Plot Twist Ideas for Your Work-In-Progress! — Lucy Flint
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Sweet Home 3D
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