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Tutorial to create an Animated GIF in Photoshop CS5 CS6 & CC | Tutorial to create an Animated GIF in Photoshop CS5 CS6 & CC | Let’s say you have a folder full of images that you want to sequence together as frames in an animated GIF. You can find special programs online to do this, but with some of the new features of Adobe Photoshop, it’s quite fast and simple. Gather the images you want to animate into one folder.Click File > Scripts > Load Files into Stack. The drop down button circled in black in the image above will change how many times the animation will loop; either a fixed number of times, or forever.Once the frame order and timing as been set up, it is time to save the image! You will now have an animated GIF taken from a folder full of the individual frames. If you want to add a transition effect to fade one frame into the following frame, please see my other post, Fade In & Fade Out an Animated .GIF in Photoshop.
Design a Grungy Minimalistic Poster in Photoshop Design a Grungy Minimalistic Poster in Photoshop In this tutorial we will be making use of simple but very powerful Photoshop tools to create a grungy minimalistic poster, which is so good you might even consider contacting a poster printing company to get a bunch printed! We will be combining triangle shapes, textures and lots of blending modes to create what you see below. Let’s not waste any more time and get started! Tutorial Outcome This is what we will be designing – the full poster followed by two close-ups. Step 1: Setting Up The Document As with all tutorials, the first thing we need to do is open a new document. Step 2: Changing The Background Color Select a light coffee color (I used #f1f0e4) and fill your background in using the Paint Bucket Tool. Step 3: Creating Your First Triangle Make a New Layer and call it ‘Big Triangle’. Select white as your foreground color and drag out a selection with the tool; it should make a perfect white triangle. Step 4: Rescaling Your Triangle Step 5: Duplicating Your Triangle Keep adding… Conclusion
Hand lettering typography illustrations are really cool, but it takes a lot of skill to craft authentic artworks by hand with pen and paper. Typically this style of art is created by elite illustrators, but I’ve found an entirely digital technique that allows us mere mortals to create cool looking artwork too! Follow this step by step Illustrator tutorial to learn how to manipulate text within a silhouette shape and add texturing to produce a realistic hand drawn style typography illustration. After releasing last week’s free meat cut illustrations I received a few enquiries from people asking how they were made, so today’s tutorial is based on the same technique. The quote I’ve chosen to depict in this typography illustration is “Give Me a Home Where the Buffalo Roam” from the classic Home on the Range song, so an image of an actual buffalo suits this quote perfectly. Select the Pen tool and begin tracing a rough outline around the subject. Download this file How To Create Typography Illustrations the Easy Way How To Create Typography Illustrations the Easy Way
Emprendedores sociales confirman que la sostenibilidad no es una moda Emprendedores de base social en todo el mundo están demostrando con hechos que el discurso de la sostenibilidad no es una moda sino un compromiso real por transformar la realidad del mundo a partir de un modelo de negocio innovador. La Fundación Schwab para el Emprendimiento Social, con sede en Ginebra (Suiza), explica que este movimiento de empresarios jóvenes es una “tendencia global creciente” que promete cambiar el mundo. De hecho, destaca que en la actualidad las universidades están dedicando cursos completos para fomentar este espíritu, mientras que las empresas y Gobiernos están impulsando este tipo de emprendimiento con la creación de fondos de inversión e incubadoras de negocios. La presidenta de la Fundación Schwab, Hilde Schwab, de hecho ha manifestado que el emprendimiento social ya es reconocido como un motor de cambio en la esfera económica global. Lea también: Premian a Medellín y Bogotá por sus proyectos innovadores que mejoran vidas Emprendedores sociales confirman que la sostenibilidad no es una moda
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Creative Ice Cube Tray Receipes Creative Ice Cube Tray Receipes These icy recipes are sure to score a perfect 10. No triple salchows and double axels here, just a trusty ice cube tray and good ol’ H2O We’ve brought you refreshing Sorbet Bites and don’t forget, Ice Ice Baby, our creative takes on jazzing up the ice cube. Now, enter ice capades, the stars on ice! From simple to complex and everything in between, chill out with these glistening recipes. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20. 21. 22. 23. 24. 24. 26. 27. 28. Do you have any ice cube recipes that land a perfect 10? Michelle Swift is a freelance writer and blogs on
10 Genius Ways to Cook With a Muffin Tin - ZergNet
10 Things You Can Clean in the Dishwasher Cleaning Guide - Yahoo! Shine 10 Things You Can Clean in the Dishwasher Cleaning Guide - Yahoo! Shine BESbswyBESbswy Skip directly to list of articles Yahoo Health Please enable JavaScript JavaScript needs to be enabled in your browser to use Yahoo Health. Here’s how to turn it on: The Psychology of a 'Human Barbie' Lauren Tuck This article is featured. Body 7 Foods That Can Trigger Acne Annie Tomlin Skin What People Who are Colorblind (and Their Doctors) Want You to Know U.S. Medical Deadly Allergy Attacks at 30,000 Feet: Nuts are to Blame Leah Ginsberg Who Knew? Beth Greenfield Studies The 7 Simplest Ways to Live Longer You Beauty Health PCBs in Schools: Know the Risks Keith Mulvihill News What Happens When You Fall Off Your Training Plan Schedule Ginger Zee, Women's Health Fitness Facekini Is the Newest Trend in Skin Protection Arielle Miller Gross or Dangerous? YouBeauty The Medical Tests Some People Over 65 May Not Need California Couple Shares Surrogate Story in Wake of Thailand Controversy 6 Muscles You Can't Ignore Men's Health Why Do We Yawn?
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‹‹ Back to Listing At long last, Milo - the charismatic frontman of The Descendents - is once again available in Throbblehead form. Milo V2 is limited to 2000 numbered units, stands at 7 inches tall, and is made of a lightweight polyresin. Accurately sculpted right down to the signature glasses, and new Descendents tee with bitchin' pant-grabbin' stage stance, Milo V2 is no joke. "You can blame me for the V1 selling out," said Milo. Price: $24.95 Order Through SeeOfSound Request Information Tagged: Throbbleheads Blogger0 0 0 Milo of the Descendents V2 Throbblehead Figure - Buy it! - Aggronautix: Rock n Roll Collectibles. GG Allin, Tesco Vee, and more to come! Milo of the Descendents V2 Throbblehead Figure - Buy it! - Aggronautix: Rock n Roll Collectibles. GG Allin, Tesco Vee, and more to come!
A small, autonomous, intelligent orb that guesses... A small, autonomous, intelligent orb that guesses what object you are thinking of in 20 questions 20Q Deluxe by Techno Source Ages 7 and up $14 Buy a copy on Amazon This link is for 20Q Deluxe, a newer version from the photos above This tennis ball-size orb knows what you are thinking. Most of the time it will guess what you have in mind after asking you twenty yes/no questions. August 5, 2015 A small, autonomous, intelligent orb that guesses...
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Autor invitado: Rafael Martín Villa (*) “Cuando todo está dicho y hecho, lo realmente decisivo para el aprendizaje de los alumnos sigue siendo los compromisos y las competencias de los profesores” (Darling-Hammond, El derecho de aprender) “Los estudiantes, sintiendo que las cosas las tienen muy cerca y que no son abstractas... perciben que están haciendo historia. Nuestro propósito es despertar en el alumnado el orgullo de estudiar en donde antes lo han hecho grandes figuras de nuestra Historia, que les han precedido en estas mismas aulas.” (Foro difusión de "Buenas Prácticas" educativas. Desempolvando estantes escondidos del laboratorio, intentábamos limpiar una antigua lámina grabada que representa dinosaurios y otros animales prehistóricos que poblaron la Tierra ‘antes del diluvio’. Paloma, una de las alumnas de 4º de Educación Secundaria Obligatoria, que en aquel momento se afanaba en ayudarnos, a adecentar las piezas para el museo… enseguida me preguntó… Solo pude sonreír y decirle ! Cerca de la historia >> Escuelas en Red Cerca de la historia >> Escuelas en Red
Hace dos cursos conocí por primera vez la pedagogía sistémica e inicié la experiencia de invitar a las madres de primero de ESO a clase para celebrar el día de la madre entre todos juntos. Recogí la experiencia aquí. Como fue de lo más positiva, al curso siguiente, ya en segundo, quise invitar a los padres, pero no hubo manera de cuadrarlo, por mucho que lo intenté. Este curso 2015-2016 vuelvo a tener alumnos de 1 de ESO, y volví a invitar a las madres, con mayor éxito que en los cursos anteriores. Aquí os dejo los vídeos que les regalamos a las madres por su día. ¡Me comprometo públicamente a montar algo para los padres el curso que viene! ¡Gracias a todos! Clase abierta a las madres de primero de ESO Clase abierta a las madres de primero de ESO
Romper azulejos para romper prejuicios Quieren acabar con los estereotipos negativos sobre su barrio, y para ello no han dudado en plantarse delante de la cámara para versionar una canción de Bebe que no puede ir más en consonancia con su objetivo. 'Ella' ha sido el tema elegido por un grupo de mujeres de Los Asperones para realizar un videoclip en el que, acompañadas por la guitarra de José Córdoba Caballero, afirman de forma tajante que 'los prejuicios se pueden romper con un solo portazo', que hay que 'derribar barreras que esta sociedad ha marcado', 'que todos pueden valorarte' o que afortunadamente 'el cambio se ha cumplido en tu gran barrio'. La grabación, realizada por alumnos de Publicidad y Relaciones Públicas y de Educación Social de la Universidad de Málaga como parte de un proyecto de innovación, se proyectará hoy durante la fiesta por el 40.º aniversario de la Escuela Infantil de la UMA Francisca Luque en Teatinos.
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Most people believe that bathroom decor is not important, and attention to bathroom decorations do not significantly affect in the House. But actually, this location is as important as any room in the House and must attend to in terms of cleanliness, designed and decorated. The problem is that some people believe that the bathroom renovation is expensive and need to too much effort. But the fact that the bathroom renovation can cost only some effort with a reasonable budget. With the beginning of summer, a lot thinks in redecorating the House Interior and exterior decoration and also porch designs to match the atmosphere of the spring and summer, and some neglected the bathroom renovation. 1. change the wall colors: you can paint the walls in bright colors, or add a wallpaper, you can also resort to inexpensive way without having to make major changes, such as adding colorful and attractive shelves to put bathroom tools. 2. Before and after bathroom remodel pictures: 10 Before and After Bathroom Remodel Ideas for Summer 2016
the bathroom is an important place in the House and has a privacy. At first glance, some believe that the bath vital place in the home and confined to daily personal use only, but in fact, it is a place to relax and you can turn it into paradise and decorated beautifully through some accessories including a the rugs and bathroom curtains. Some believe that bathroom decoration is not necessary, but the opposite is true. Preferably the bathroom is a comfort, cleanliness and beauty place. You must choose bathroom accessories, such as carpets, curtains and elegant storage units and shelves. Many people prefer to use bathroom curtains whether window curtain or shower curtain. the Prices also is vary according to the type of bathroom curtain. As for the bathroom curtain colors are varied and include all colors including pastels and other dark and most forms of shower curtains are composed of simple, elegant graphics to give an aesthetical touch. (Visited 13 times, 2 visits today) May 15, 2016 Amazing Bathroom Curtains Ideas Give The Place More Beauty
Fabulous bedroom furniture sets for luxury lovers Very often we find the bed in the bedroom takes up a large space of the room however without any aesthetic or stylish design, just a basic piece of bedroom furniture sets. If you are looking for a new bed model and modern designs, why don’t you look at this design? The round bed extremely sleek and multiform, styles and sizes to fit your space, whether wide or narrow. Modern and contemporary designs are very elegant and impressive clearly on bedroom interior designs, with discreet elegance and beauty. In all cases, if you prefer a round bed, today we have a group of ideas about how to incorporate elegant bed design to the bedroom decor. If you have enough space, you can choose to form a large circle bed and make it the focal point of the Interior for your bedroom. There are also ideas for bedroom furniture set in an oval shape, and sometimes we find even irregular shapes. There are classic designs for more calm and relaxed. (Visited 1 times, 1 visits today) February 20, 2016 In "Bedroom"
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For the development of this small zen conceptual garden, the Australian designer Alison Douglas used concrete pipes to create a sitting area, a basin of water and a corner of external fire. It is named "Pipe Dream". Thanks to his original idea, Alison won a prize in the category "Garden Shop" at Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show 2015 in Australia. By using a few concrete pipes, Alison Douglas created this outdoor area impresses with its unique design. The plants chosen for the development of this garden are plants that live throughout the year. Small Zen Design Garden Called Pipe Dream • Gardens & Landscapes
15 DIY Wood Log Ideas For Your Garden • Gardens & Landscapes
15 DIY Wood Log Ideas For Your Garden • Gardens & Landscapes
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Easy Business To Start: The ForeverJobless Free Business Idea Edition - Forever Jobless
Entrepreneurial Diworsification - Forever Jobless
Easy Business To Start: The ForeverJobless Free Business Idea Edition - Forever Jobless
止まった刻。水面から跳ね上がる飛沫を表現した陶芸作品「Fluid Porcelain Bowls」 | 展覧会情報・写真・デザイン|ADB
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22 Qualities That Make a Great Leader
In IT Lead Generation, Should You Sell Price Or Value?
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FREE Printable Book for Teaching Colors - Mrs. Jones' Creation Station
Zacchaeus Bible Crafts and and Activities for Sunday School
Printable Bible Worksheet "Learn about Jesus' Parables"
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