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A Slinky makes a handy model of earthquake waves. See for yourself which waves may send you rocking and rolling, and which ones may bounce you out of your chair. Before this activity, you may want to read about waves in the earth. You can also see illustrations of the motion of P and S waves and the motion of Rayleigh and Love waves. What do I need? • A Slinky (two if you have them) • A partner Assembly Stretch the Slinky 6 feet (2 meters) or more between your partner and yourself. What do I do? The vibrating parts of the Slinky move back and forth in the same direction as the wave is traveling. 2. This time, sections of the Slinky move up and down, perpendicular to the direction in which the wave is traveling. You can also shake the Slinky from side to side. S waves and P waves are known as body waves. 3. This circular-motion wave models an earthquake wave called a Rayleigh wave. 4. What's going on? Surface waves are long, slow waves. Faultline Faultline
- True Story by Bob Sprankle 0 Comments April 28, 2012 By: Bob Sprankle Apr 27 Written by: 4/27/2012 4:33 PM ShareThis Five hundred years ago, Gutenberg presses did not immediately enable people to overthrow monarchies, drive the Protestant Reformation, and invent science as a collective enterprise. Rheingold, Howard; Weeks, Anthony (2012-02-24). A few months ago, my friend took her car to the dealership to get an oil change. My friend is a teacher and so she appreciated the free WiFi as she was able to work on grading her report cards as she waited on the oil change. The good folks who changed her oil, also took a look at her battery. "How much?" Answer: $249.99 --- including labor and disposal of the old one. She thought $249.99 sounded a bit high as she remembered her husband recently buying one for less than $100 and she knew how to install the battery herself. A few minutes later, the service man returned and said that he could give her the battery for $199 (install and disposal of old battery still included). - True Story by Bob Sprankle
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Coming soon to a 3D printer near you: human tissue and organs Coming soon to a 3D printer near you: human tissue and organs While the media focus on the possibility of 3D printing assault rifles, something far more meaningful has been going on in a number of university and commercial labs across the US: research to print human tissue and organs. Though printing every other widget under the sun is happening by leaps and bounds, getting viable organ tissue is moving in baby steps. One week ago, San Diego-based Organovo announced a new milestone in this field, using 3D printing technology to assemble functioning sections of human liver tissue, which are viable for testing drugs, for example. In a presentation at the annual Experimental Biology conference of the American Society of Pharmacology and Experimental Therapeutics held in Boston, Organovo demonstrated its success at creating a three-dimensional structure, albeit thin, of actual liver cells. Liver or beef? Measure twice, cut once
Today, there’s a massive hole in the way we issue commands to our machines. While the traditional mouse and keyboard, and even newer technologies like voice recognition and multitouch screens, have served us quite well, these controls simply don’t map well to the potential of wearable computing. Imagine Oculus Rift controlled by a D-pad, or Google Glass driving us all to mutter to ourselves all day. There’s a need for a go-anywhere, 3-D interface that will be fulfilled by some technology, and Thalmic Labs hopes their Myo can be just that solution. The Myo is a band that you slide on your forearm, where it can read the muscle-based electrical impulses driving the fine motor controls of your hand. The best analogy might be a Kinect that works from within. “Hands are the ultimate tool for input,” explains Thalmic’s Stephen Lake. But for now, the Myo team is after redefining active inputs rather than interpreting passive activities. That sounds really tough, right? “Is it risky? 4 | A Biometric Controller That Converts Muscle Twitches Into Digital Actions 4 | A Biometric Controller That Converts Muscle Twitches Into Digital Actions
Our Next Steps - As we are nearing the final hours of our Kickstarter campaign I wanted to say thanks so much to all of our backers! We've had such an enthusiastic response from so many people around the world - we are still just as committed to seeing Stash Shorts delivered to your door. Though we won’t be hitting our funding goal, we consider this past 30 days to be a success in many ways. We are still making really great connections and have gained such invaluable input from all of you, which will be guiding our next steps towards making the Stash Shorts (and other gear) a reality in the near future. A couple of important points moving forward: 1. 2. Keep in touch - We're Gonna Make These! As we are forming plans to relaunch - possibly here on Kickstarter but maybe otherwise - please keep in touch with us on our Stash Incorporated Facebook Page and soon on our Stash Incorporated website as well. Thanks again from all of us and talk to you soon! Stash Pocket + Shorts = Stash Shorts Stash Waterproof Pocket Shorts by Stash Incorporated Stash Waterproof Pocket Shorts by Stash Incorporated
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Big Island Snorkeling Secrets! The Complete Guide to Snorkeling the Big Island! Big Island Snorkeling Secrets! The Complete Guide to Snorkeling the Big Island! Best Big Island Snorkeling Beaches: Mauna Kea Beach, Kaunaoa Bay - On the Travel Channel's "World's All Time Best Beaches" list The City of Refuge, Puuhonua O Honaunau - My favorite Big Island snorkeling beach Kahaluu Beach Park - The perfect beginner snorkeling beach. To experience Big Island snorkeling is to witness the birth of an island. The Big Island is nearly twice the size as all the other islands combined yet has less than 15% of the states total population. The Big Island is home to Kilauea, the world’s most active volcano. If you've found Big Island snorkeling and beaches information useful, please pass it on or link to it so others can benefit. Big Island snorkeling & snorkeling Big Island Hawaii. Snorkel Wisely I know… I know… but it has to be said. Pass It On If you've found this Big Island snorkeling information useful, please pass it on or link to it so others can benefit.
Experience 7 incredible ziplines that pass above jaw-dropping scenery, along unrivaled spans, including the only zipline in Hawaii that soars over a 250' waterfall! This tour meets at our store in Honomu, located on the famed Homakua coast. Guests are shuttled to the course for the best ziplines on the Big Island! The Big Island of Hawaii offers up a wide array of options for travelers. Honomu, Big Island Big Island Zipline in Akaka Falls Hawaii with Skyline Eco-Adventures Big Island Zipline in Akaka Falls Hawaii with Skyline Eco-Adventures
Select Your Trip... It is great that you have chosen to book with Four Winds. We look forward to welcoming you onboard soon! Save Up To $10 On Each Ticket! When you purchase online. Havin' Fun with Four Winds...humpback whale breaching! Snorkel and Whale Watch Combo Why just do a whale watch when you can do it all aboard the Four Winds II on a Snorkel and Whale Watching Combo Trip? From late December through mid-April, you can join us on our daily morning or afternoon Snorkeling and Whale Watch Combos while we observe the playful habits of Maui's most consistent return visitor – the Humpback Whale! You get to snorkel, enjoy the splendor of Maui's coral reefs, swim in the warm waters of the Pacific Ocean, plus you get the added bonus of an awe-inspiring spectacle of humpback whales in action! For those who don't wish to get into the water, there's still plenty to do on board the Four Winds II. Marine Naturalists Onboard Maui's Annual Humpback Whale Migration Listen While You Snorkel and Snuba! Maui Snorkel and Whale Watch - Four Winds Maui Maui Snorkel and Whale Watch - Four Winds Maui
The 24 Life-Changing Things That Are Worth Every Penny | Life Tips
Emprendedores sociales confirman que la sostenibilidad no es una moda Emprendedores de base social en todo el mundo están demostrando con hechos que el discurso de la sostenibilidad no es una moda sino un compromiso real por transformar la realidad del mundo a partir de un modelo de negocio innovador. La Fundación Schwab para el Emprendimiento Social, con sede en Ginebra (Suiza), explica que este movimiento de empresarios jóvenes es una “tendencia global creciente” que promete cambiar el mundo. De hecho, destaca que en la actualidad las universidades están dedicando cursos completos para fomentar este espíritu, mientras que las empresas y Gobiernos están impulsando este tipo de emprendimiento con la creación de fondos de inversión e incubadoras de negocios. La presidenta de la Fundación Schwab, Hilde Schwab, de hecho ha manifestado que el emprendimiento social ya es reconocido como un motor de cambio en la esfera económica global. Lea también: Premian a Medellín y Bogotá por sus proyectos innovadores que mejoran vidas Emprendedores sociales confirman que la sostenibilidad no es una moda
This Master List Shows How to Close 60+ Online Accounts and Services
Gmail Adds “Unsubscribe” Button To Make It Easier To Opt Out Of Marketing Emails
How to (Legally) Boost Your Music Library Without Spending a Dime Free yes but I don't think that'd constitute legal compared to the methods in the article. There are (arguably) easier ways to go about doing this, and such action is quite dubious legally. I'm not preaching to you, just sayin... It's really no better than pirating music directly. I've told my dad and sister this and they're skeptical for whatever reason; it's just that this method doesn't seem like piracy since piracy is all done on torrents (people think). Years back I used to do this, but then I realized it was dumb - and not right. If you're gonna do it, just do yourself a favor and look to file-sharing sites first because if you're going to pirate music, you might as well get decent audio (Youtube is getting better with their video and audio upload quality, but when I did it, they didn't even have any resolution options, let alone HD ones, meaning the audio was poop). edit: I'll admit that creative copyright is something that's really hard to deal with. How to (Legally) Boost Your Music Library Without Spending a Dime
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Tomato Avocado Melt | Tastes Better From Scratch
Lighter Chicken Avocado Salad Sandwich - The Best Blog Recipes I have a total confession to share with you…. I have an addiction to sandwiches! It’s bad too! This is seriously the worst kind of addiction for me to have because bread (and pasta) put weight on me faster than anything else out there! So in this “Lighter Chicken Avocado Salad Sandwich” recipe I decided to add a few extras as healthier fillers and removed some of the bad stuff for me and you know what…. it was delicious! Here’s where you can find us: FACEBOOK | PINTEREST | TWITTER | BLOGLOVIN | GOOGLE+ Lighter Chicken Avocado Salad Sandwich Ingredients 2 cups shredded or cubed cooked chicken breast 1 medium avocado, cubed into bite sized pieces 1 celery stalk, chopped 2 green onions, chopped 1 tablespoon light mayo 1 tablespoon plain greek yogurt Healthy Bread of your choice: I used 100% Whole Wheat Oroweat Sandwich Thins Salt & Pepper to taste 1 handful of fresh spinach per sandwich 2 slices of tomato per sandwich Directions Here are a few other recipes you might enjoy today:
Walking Tacos (aka Tacos in a Bag) Pages This Blog Linked From Here February 21, 2013 Walking Tacos (aka Tacos in a Bag) I first saw these "walking tacos" at an amusement park concession stand several years ago. So simple! While not the healthiest dinner, they were definitely yummy and a fun treat. Sharing at: Sun Scholars I heart Naptime Today's Creative Blog Posted by Laura Novobilsky at 7:59 AM Email ThisBlogThis! Labels: party food, recipes 20 comments: Steph @ Crafting in the RainFebruary 23, 2013 at 7:37 PMYum! Load more... Newer PostOlder PostHome
How to Make Picture Frames from Reclaimed Materials | Designer Trapped A big thank you to Dap for sponsoring this project. As always, all opinions are 100% my own based on my experience. Y’all, I could not possibly be more excited to show you how to make picture frames for maps today! GAH! I’m so in love with this project and it was so affordable because we used an old pallet to make them, which cost us NOTHING. Materials needed: An old pallet (or any other wood reclaimed wood you would like to use)Maps (I purchased all of my reproduction maps at this awesome Etsy store)DAP Rapid Fuse Wood AdhesiveClampsTable sawChop saw or hand sawDrill and drill driver Optional if you want to be able to change your maps and suspend from pipe: *NOTE: Your pipe fittings must match the diameter of your pipe. How to Make Picture Frames (the SUPER easy method): 1) You will need 4 lengths of wood for each print. 2) Grab your Rapid Fuse and some clamps. 3) Squeeze on a small amount of Rapid Fuse over both pieces of wood. Don’t believe it’s that easy. That’s it! SQUEAL!!!!
Today I’m going to show you how to build a DIY Downdraft Sanding Table to help eliminate dust in your shop! This is actually and update to an earlier downdraft table and sanding box I made last year. I wanted this one to be a little bigger and I refined the design a little too. Now I know you love sanding your woodworking projects, right??? You strap on the respirator, grab your sander, your preferred sanding grits (80, 150, 220 for me), now stand there for an hour or more working through your grits while your hand goes numb and you look like Indiana Jones coming out of the sand storm. Okay, so we all (at least the sane ones) hate sanding. Before we get started, make sure to follow me on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and Pinterest to keep up with all my latest builds and free projects! Here is what you’ll need for the project: Affiliate links are provided in this post for your convenience. Building the Downdraft Sanding Table 1. Begin by cutting the pegboard to size. 2. 3. 4. How to Build a DIY Downdraft Table | FixThisBuildThat
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Pabellón de Pallets Reciclados / Avatar Architettura
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O For Tuna Orff: Jingle Bell Rock Bucket Drumming Routine
O For Tuna Orff: Jingle All the Way..
O For Tuna Orff: Happy Falloween!
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The Museum's Ghosts Project by Andres Wertheim
Rene Magritte: Les Valeurs Personnelles, 1952 & My Personal Values Room – d'Art Voix
Design in Art: Repetition, Pattern and Rhythm Tutorial
Makers: la fabricación de productos en forma de cartas • Consola y Tablero
La Ciencia al alcance de los niños con el libro ‘¡Atrapado en la ciencia!’
PocketLab, un laboratorio de ciencias en la palma de la mano
4 Must Do Photography Marketing Activities : Joy of Marketing
Portrait Photographer Sample Marketing Plan - Marketing Calendar
Creating a 12 Month Marketing Calendar
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