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All-Natural Sleep Aids Do you have trouble falling asleep at night but dread the idea of taking sleeping pills and dealing with potential side effects? If you’re looking for alternate ways to induce the zzz’s, here are some natural remedies that can help lull you into dreamland. MelatoninMela…what? This natural hormone, which is made by the body’s pineal gland, is available over the counter, and many health experts say it can safely help you get drowsy before bed (it may even have immune-stimulating and antioxidant benefits, too). But, as with all herbal and natural remedies, it’s best to get your doctor’s OK first. Awareness Breathing Does your mind race with thoughts and worries in bed? YogaWhat can a few downward-facing dogs do for your sleep quality? Passionflower This exotic-sounding herbal supplement is commonly used throughout South America for help with sleep and relaxation—it’s even found in some sodas. Total DarknessOf course you turn off the lights before dozing off (you do, right?). All-Natural Sleep Aids
By Paul Ford How to breathe deeply when you're nervous. This morning I went to a studio and recorded some writing for eventual radio broadcast. During my readings, I could not get my breath. Because of this, I couldn't get back to the calm, measured reading I'd rehearsed. My girlfriend is an opera singer and performance studies expert who has spent years working on breathing, so I asked her what to do next time. 1. 2. 3. 4. That's it. Phew. Vacuuming the Lungs Vacuuming the Lungs
Fit Tip: Improve Your Posture in a Snap! Fit Tip: Improve Your Posture in a Snap! Like many little girls, I spent a majority of my youth in ballet slippers perfecting my arabesque and chassé. I dreamed of becoming a prima ballerina. Within weeks of my first lesson I became obsessed and proclaimed to my parents that I would only walk around our home on my tiptoes. While my ballet days are far behind me, there is one thing that has stuck with me: Posture! For me, it’s something I haven’t had to think about—and for that I am grateful. In light of this month’s theme to “Be Better,” I thought posture would be an appropriate topic to cover. A few more pointers… If you’re sitting… Remember to keep your neck and back in line. If you’re standing… Keep most of the weight on the balls of your feet with your neck and back in alignment, with your stomach tucked in and shoulder blades pulled back. If you’re lifting something… Did you know there is a proper way to lift things? And there you have it! Speaking of being better, have you checked out our post about the spinach swap?
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A Quick Guide to Coconut Oil & Beeswax Ratios - Humblebee & Me A Quick Guide to Coconut Oil & Beeswax Ratios - Humblebee & Me I find my quick guide to liquid oil and beeswax ratios so useful that I knew I’d have to extend it out to soft oils as well. Today we’re looking at beeswax and coconut oil, a perennial favourite in DIY body products. Coconut oil is a soft oil, solid at room temperature. However, it melts at 24°C, which means it’s liquid most of the time in the parts of the world where coconuts actually grow. It’s a very smooth oil that liquifies quickly and absorbs into the skin leaving little evidence it was ever there. I used the same method for this experiment as for my other wax and oils guides. I labelled each little tin, melted them one by one in a water bath, and then let them set up before observing my results. When it came time for my observations, I used the same criteria as I did with the beeswax experiment: How hard was it? And, as before, I did everything in my house, with an average ambient temperature of about 20°C (so my coconut oil is solid at room temperature). 1:7 Very soft.
It seems that essential oils can work miracles. There are so many things that they can do for our home, our beauty, and our health. Using essential oils for pain and inflammation is one of the main awesome uses for these potent fragrant oils. Essential oils are highly fragrant substances found in the petals, stems, roots, and other parts of plants. These essential oils are really much more powerful than you might think and some of them are really great for acute and chronic pain relief, They can also help with muscle tension, neuropathy, inflammation or migraines and much more. There are many useful oils that are available. It is surprising that people do not use this amazing natural product more. The best way to use essential oils is to put them in massage oils. Before direct application on the skin. you can do a skin patch test to check its effects on your skin. To blend your essential oils into a synergy, You only need to use a few drops of essential oil. Best Essential Oils For Pain Essential Oils for Pain and Inflammation+The Best 7 Essential Oils For Instant Pain Relief Essential Oils for Pain and Inflammation+The Best 7 Essential Oils For Instant Pain Relief
Much to the dismay of my coworkers and loved-ones, I’ve been spending the better part of a year experimenting with DIY deodorant. Like all of us, I used regular drugstore deodorant for years. But getting getting dressed each morning, it always made me wonder what the long-term ramifications were of marinating in chemicals all day, every day, for the remainder of my adult life. Then I tried switching to those natural deodorant brands, but — like we all found out, one way or another — they never quite worked. But then I came across this. And bingo. I’ll provide two ways to make this: Stick form, which is more labor-intensive, and a simple paste, in case your skepticism requires you try it out first. For this, you can either buy empty deodorant containers or you can clean and reuse one you’ve already finished. Ingredients: 1 part Baking Soda1 part Arrowroot Powder (or any thickening agent: Guar Gum, Cornstarch, etc.)1 part equal amounts Coconut Oil, Shea Butter & Beeswax First, melt your base. Homemade Deodorant | The Crunchy Urbanite Homemade Deodorant | The Crunchy Urbanite
Mattress Ratings >> Airbed Reviews > Sleep Number Bed Reviews Based on 1,642 Consumer Experiences January 27, 2014 What You Need To Know THE GOOD. THE BAD. THE COMPANY: Sleep Number / Select Comfort makes permanent-use air beds ranging in price from $700-$4400 (queen, no foundation). THE COMPETITION. Contents Sleep Number Bed Ratings – Overview Owner Satisfaction Longevity / Durability Ratings Complaints / Problems - middle area - price and value - air loss (gain) - pain / discomfort - compression / flattening of top - noise Advantages / Benefits - adjustable firmness - sleep quality - pain reduction - motion isolation - pregnant friendly Love Making Suitability Assembly Mold Weight Warranty Ratings Trial Offer / Return Policy Ratings Company Reputation Including BBB Rating Model Prices, Specifications and Comments About Our Sleep Number Bed Research Sleep Number Bed Ratings: Overview Owner Satisfaction Top of page Durability and Longevity Durability Longevity Ownership length Chart 1. Chart 2. Unbiased Sleep Number Bed (Select Comfort) Reviews 2013 : Ratings For Classic, Performance Memory Foam Innovation : c2 c3 c4 p5 p6 i8 i10 m7 m9 : Comparison Complaints : Consumer Reports Unbiased Sleep Number Bed (Select Comfort) Reviews 2013 : Ratings For Classic, Performance Memory Foam Innovation : c2 c3 c4 p5 p6 i8 i10 m7 m9 : Comparison Complaints : Consumer Reports
Make Your Own Padded Air Mattress Make Your Own Padded Air Mattress How to Make Your Own Mattress In the fall of 2011, my husband and I had a serious problem. The mattress I had been sleeping on for several years had finally given up the ghost, and we did not have enough money to replace it. A used mattress was not an option (can you say eeewww!?), and continuing to sleep on my old, worn-out mattress was giving me back pain, making the tired all the time, and (most significantly to my husband) making me irritable in a way that usually happens once a month. After thinking about it for a little while, Hubby came up with an unorthodox solution. If you ever find yourself in the same situation, you can do what we did and save yourself some serious cash. You will need Your (clean!) Using a utility knife, cut apart your old mattress. Remove all the padding from your old mattress. When you have finished removing all the padding from the old mattress, take the spring frame to a scrap metal recycling center. Make your bed away you normally do. Safety note:
HomeBlogDo you wake up at 2-3 every morning? Jan 29 2013 by Kate 11 Comments If you are one of the many people waking up at 2 or 3 in the morning and can’t get back to sleep, you might want to read this… While you could pop an over-the-counter sleep aid, there might be a better choice out there for you. So maybe you could just pop a natural supplement instead, right? So what’s one to do? The solution to the root cause of the problem is likely to be blood sugar control. So maybe you are not convinced. - Do you get shaky, irritable, or lightheaded if you miss meals? If your answer is yes to either one of those, you do belong to those with blood sugar imbalances. What does this all have to do with you waking up at 3am? “Alice’s alarm goes off at 7am. Let’s look at what happens to Alice physiologically. So I’m hoping you can see what a roller coaster this diet is causing her. If you are “Alice” but you still don’t believe me, try this simple trick. Your email address will not be published. Nutrition Inc. » Do you wake up at 2-3 every morning? Nutrition Inc. » Do you wake up at 2-3 every morning?
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Low back pain isn’t for Christmas, let alone life Many riders are troubled by low back pain, and it seems common that it has become an accepted 'just part of being a cyclist'. Three hours into a group ride and you can see a bit of squirming and sitting upright going on. The low back area is a bit of a nightmare when it comes to muscles, tendons, nerves and bones. Take, for example, the hamstring muscles. They cross the knee joint, and also the hip joint. They help bring your heel to your backside from straight leg to flexed leg, and also help push your knee from raised to straight. As a crazy little way to illustrate how connections between muscle, nerve and tendon can be beyond what we think is rational, try this little exercise. Take your shoes off, stand up and touch your toes. Now try to touch your toes again – see how much further you can reach? Prevention, not cure Rather, I want to address what you can do to minimise the likelihood of incurring back pain while riding and in normal life. Look down. What to do? Kettlebell Swing Low back pain isn’t for Christmas, let alone life
Learn how to wheelie, with Anna Glowinski There’s a sound practical reason why you’d want to learn how to wheelie: it helps you manoeuvre the bike up and over obstacles. But perhaps more importantly in many people's eyes, it's old-school cool. In this video, Anna Glowinski talks you through the basics, from getting into the right starting position and correct gear, then leaning back to find the right balance point, and keeping the bike rolling smoothly with judicious dabs of pedals and rear brake. From there it's practise, practise and more practise – before you know it you'll be riding everywhere on one wheel. Maybe. Step 1: Get into a low gear It’s also helpful to find a bit of an upslope, because that will help with popping up the front wheel. Select the little ring at the front, and a gear three or four down from easiest at the back. Step 2: Place your strongest foot near the top of the pedal turn You might be thinking that this is the point where you “heave” up the front wheel with your arms.
Outgoing people with anxious minds – or minds that overthink – tend to feel anxiety the most intensely, often because we don’t talk about it. And by “often” I mean never. Our anxiety is a contrast to our big, bold personalities. Strangers would never guess it. We never know when to fight or flight, and our self-angst is maxed out. Our day normally goes something like this: Anxiety: Okay but what if – Me: Homie we went over this a thousand times and we totally resolved it. That might mean we’ll have lots of friends or acquaintances but veryfew close friends who we share our world with. 12 Struggles Of Having An Outgoing Personality But An Anxious Mind | Healing bright
Access the corrigendum for Health at a Glance 2015 for pages 89, 101 and 127 press & overview information Country-specific findings Read the press releases issued by countries:Canada: International Comparisons: A Focus on Diabetes (2015) from CIHIEstonia: National Institute for Health Development, in EstonianFinland: Ministry of Social Affairs and Health, in Finnish, in Swedish and in EnglishIceland: Directorate of Health, in IcelandicIsrael: Ministry of Health, in Hebrew and in English; and Israel Central Bureau of Statistics, in Hebrew and in EnglishNetherlands: CBS-Statistics Netherlands, in EnglishNorway: Statistics Norway, in NorwegianSlovenia: National Institute of Public Health, in Slovenian Key presentations and data further reading Health at a Glance 2015 - OECD Indicators - en
Object moved This new edition of Health at a Glance presents the most recent comparable data on the performance of health systems in OECD countries. Where possible, it also reports data for partner countries (Brazil, China, Colombia, Costa Rica, India, Indonesia, Latvia, Lithuania, Russian Federation and South Africa). Compared with the previous edition, this new edition includes a new set of dashboards of health indicators to summarise in a clear and user-friendly way the relative strengths and weaknesses of OECD countries on different key indicators of health and health system performance, and also a special focus on the pharmaceutical sector. This edition also contains new indicators on health workforce migration and on the quality of health care. Chapter 1.
Drug Innovation > Novel Drug Approvals for 2017 Innovation drives progress. When it comes to innovation in the development of new drugs and therapeutic biological products, FDA’s Center for Drug Evaluation and Research (CDER) supports the pharmaceutical industry at every step of the process. With its understanding of the science used to create new products, testing and manufacturing procedures, and the diseases and conditions that new products are designed to treat, FDA provides scientific and regulatory advice needed to bring new therapies to market. The availability of new drugs and biological products often means new treatment options for patients and advances in health care for the American public. Each year, CDER approves a wide range of new drugs and biological products. Certain drugs are classified as new molecular entities (“NMEs”) for purposes of FDA review. * This information is currently accurate.
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