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NBS Universal Phono Pre Amplifier Promises Sound Clarity minus N Modern digital technology has revolutionized the way sound is recorded and heard but yet when there are very few plug-in amplifiers which can transmit sound with total clarity without glitches. NBS has unveiled state-of-art high end heavy pre amplifier with sophisticated circuitry that uses advanced semi conductor processes and controls sound totally electronically to minimize external and internal noise. NBS seems to have made all efforts to attain perfect sound output. The external body is made of soild copper which not only shields but also acts as ground. For connoisseurs of music, artists and entire music industry perfect sound and silences are crucial for extraordinary musical experience. Via NBS Cables NBS Universal Phono Pre Amplifier Promises Sound Clarity minus N
How To Rip Tunes From Vinyl To MP3 (Without Them Sounding Like Junk) How To Rip Tunes From Vinyl To MP3 (Without Them Sounding Like Junk) From black disk to hard disk… how to rip your old vinyl successfully to MP3 If you’re returning to DJing as a digital DJ but still have a vinyl collection, or are considering making the switch but are scared about what on earth you’re going to do about your “vinyl mountain”, then ripping your old records to MP3 is probably high on your priority list. Luckily, with some planning and a bit of understanding, such MP3s can sound fantastic. This isn’t a list of instructions, as everyone’s circumstances will be different. More, it’s an introduction to the topic and the issues, with some tips to help you get it right, if and when you decide to go ahead and so some ripping. There are 4 stages to the process that you need to consider: You have to decide the best way to go about it depending upon what equipment you already haveYou need to install ripping software on your computerYou need to do the ripping successfullyYou need to turn your ripped music into MP3s that are fit to join your collection 1.
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British firm develops 'cheapest wireless tablet' British firm develops 'cheapest wireless tablet' A British technology company claims to have developed the world's least expensive computer tablet for wireless Internet access. At a cost of as little as $35 (£22) apiece, Datawind Ltd hopes to supply a market of billions of customers, many in underdeveloped countries. The student tablet released in October costs $35, but Datawind released an updated version of the Aakash computer tablet this month for the commercial market that costs $50. It comes with more features. Aakash is the Hindi word for "heaven." The Aakash tablets reached their first users last fall under an information technology program sponsored by the Indian government. The company provided 100,000 of the tablets, which were designed at its Montreal facility, to Indian students. Customers have been contacting Datawind with "in the range of about 30,000 orders every day," said Suneet Singh Tuli, Datawind's chief executive officer, during a telephone interview with AFP. "It is huge. "It is a totally different game," he said.
I'm sure somewhere in this massive, 18-page article, AnandTech might address it :-) [] Massive? That's their PREview. Omg, I know. I can't even imagine what the review will be like. I'm trying to figure out why you are looking to spend so much money on pieces that will give you little, if any performance increases. Under the assumption you are using After Effects, there is no advantage of having 64 GB over 32 GB, or maybe even 16 GB. If you really want to get a lot more bang for your buck, you should consider building two machines and using the second as a render box which AE (and most professional tools) support by sending jobs them. This way you can build 2 machines for 1/3 the price of the one you are wanting, and getting significant performance and productivity boosts - sure the raw specs of the the other two machines will be lower at 16 or 32 GB RAM and 2700k processors, but you won't even notice the difference. Do I Even Need to Care About Processors Anymore? Do I Even Need to Care About Processors Anymore?
Quali antenne devo usare? [Napoli Wireless] Quali antenne devo usare? [Napoli Wireless] E' una delle domande più frequenti nei forum sparsi per la rete: “Devo connettere 2 punti distanti N Km. Quali sono le antenne ideali con prezzo/prestazioni migliori, meglio se autocostruite?” (anche se spesso sfacciatamente si chiede: “ho trovato una rete wireless non protetta, ma non riesco a collegarmi…..vorrei potenziare il segnale del mio portatile, come faccio?”) Introduzione La risposta a questa domanda dipende da come sono disposti i punti da connettere e quali eventuali ostacoli si devono superare. Prima di continuare, diciamo cosa fa un'antenna (direzionale o omnidirezionale): Un'antenna ha lo scopo di concentrare in una zona limitata dello spazio (in un “fascio”) l'energia emessa dal trasmettitore; il risultato è che l'energia non viene sprecata in direzioni non volute (ad esempio verso il cielo). La maggior parte delle informazioni che troverete su Internet si basa su un presupposto che, quasi a ragione, è dato per scontato: i punti devono essere “a vista radioelettrica”.
Estendere il segnale Wireless Esistono diversi metodi per aumentare il raggio d'azione del proprio router, in questa pagina consideriamo i metodi più semplici: gli Extender, gli Access Point e i Powerline. Ripetitore di segnale / Range Extender Immaginiamo di avere un router wifi che non soddisfa le nostre aspettative, magari riesce a coprire alcune stanze della nostra abitazione ma non arriva al piano superiore o lascia scoperte le camere più distanti dal router. In questo caso potrebbe risultare utile l'utilizzo di un ripetitore di segnale da posizionare in un punto intermedio dove il segnale arriva, la funzione di tale apparecchio sarà proprio quella di captare il segnale e dargli nuova forza ritrasmettendolo. In tal modo l'area raggiunta sarà più ampia e arriveremo in zone che non erano prima raggiunte dal segnale. Lo svantaggio principale del range extender è che il segnale ripetuto è sempre meno veloce di quello orginale, ma un utente medio spesso non se ne accorge. ASUS EA-N66 WiFi N900 Dual Band Estendere il segnale Wireless
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Mobile Computing | News Microsoft Discounts Surface Pro 3 for Education Microsoft has launched a new education program for its Surface Pro 3 tablets, offering discounts on bundles that include the Type Cover keypad. The program provides a 10 percent discount on specific Surface Pro 3 bundles. Surface Pro 3 (Intel Core i3) with 64 GB internal storage (black Type Cover), which, through the program, is available for $839; Surface Pro 3 (Core i5) with 128 GB internal storage (black Type Cover), which is available for $1,019; and Surface Pro 3 (Core i5) with 256 GB internal storage (black Type Cover) for $1,289. In all cases, the discount applies to quantities of five or more. The program is open to K-12 schools, colleges and universities in the United States, Canada and the UK. About the Author A 21-year publishing veteran, Nagel has led or contributed to dozens of technology, art and business publications. He can be reached at Microsoft Discounts Surface Pro 3 for Education -- Campus Technology Microsoft Discounts Surface Pro 3 for Education -- Campus Technology
Mobile Using iPads To Lower the Cost of a Degree Lynn University's iPad initiative aims to create an educational experience that's affordable for more students and provides higher quality content. Photo: Since 2011, Lynn University in Boca Raton, FL, has issued 2,600 iPads to students and faculty. "We're just warming up," said Kevin Ross, Lynn University president. He and CIO Chris Boniforti "tinkered" with the idea of a mobile technology initiative for approximately a decade, according to Ross. In addition to the iPad, the initiative includes about 40 applications — "hand-picked by faculty," said Boniforti — ranging from productivity to note-taking to social media, plus MobileIron, a mobile device management system, iTunes U, a LiveText license subscription and iBook options. Independent and Affordable "Higher education is under pressure," explained Ross. "It's a robust collaboration," added Ross. Students are introduced to the iPad program at a traditional orientation. Using iPads to Lower the Cost of a Degree -- Campus Technology Using iPads to Lower the Cost of a Degree -- Campus Technology
Readers Review: Sony Digital Paper Sony's Digital Paper is probably unique in the tech universe. It's a device that comes in a tablet form factor, but it's decidedly unlike any tablet on the market. Sony digital paper is a purpose-built device for reviewing and annotating PDF documents. Period. It doesn't run games. Yet this device is finding its niche in higher education among faculty members for just that reason: They need a convenient, easy and comfortable way to annotate documents without distractions. Convenient, easy and comfortable it is. The Screen The centerpiece of Digital Paper is the large, grayscale, touch- and stylus-sensitive display. The display's resolution is 1,200 x 1,600 dots, and it offers 16 levels of gray. The touch display supports input from fingers (including gestures) and the included Wacom stylus. The stylus, like other Wacom styluses, offers interchangeable tips, so you can get the kind of tactile feedback that you prefer. Other hardware features include: Review: Sony Digital Paper -- Campus Technology Review: Sony Digital Paper -- Campus Technology
This guide applies to the Current Saffire Range, and is also relevant to the Scarlett 6i6, 18i8 and 18i20 The first section of this Saffire MixControl tutorial is going to focus on the top half of the control panel (shown below), and how to use it to create custom mixes that can be routed to any of the outputs on your interface. It is worth noting however, that this section of the MixControl software has no effect on the signal being passed into your computer. When used with the PRO 40 and the Liquid Saffire 56 (pictured above), Saffire MixControl contains up to 16 mono, or 8 stereo mixes. With the PRO 24 and PRO 24 DSP, this number is halved. Let’s start by focussing in on a pair of channels in the mix window: The first thing that you need to do is to select an input for the channel. The possible inputs are divided into streams grouped by source, as shown in the drop down menu above. Pan – adjusts the balance between left and right speakers PFL – Pre-Fade Listen. The Mix Output Saffire MixControl Tutorial Part I: Creating Mixes – Focusrite Audio Engineering Saffire MixControl Tutorial Part I: Creating Mixes – Focusrite Audio Engineering
Some music applications will completely fail to take advantage of the multiple cores of a modern CPU - but which ones, and why? We find out, and advise on how you can make best use of however many cores your PC has. Over the last couple of years, the PC musician has been offered first dual-core processors, then quad-core models, and octo-core machines (currently featuring two quad-core processors) are now available for those with deep enough pockets. A Brief History In the days when most musicians ran Windows 95, 98 or ME, the question of running multiple processors didn't arise, because none of these operating systems supported more than a single CPU. In 2001, Microsoft released Windows XP in Home and Professional versions, and once again most consumers who opted for the Home version were limited to a single physical processor, although the Professional version supported two. Checking Your Tasks Multiple-threaded Applications Mainstream Applications Hang On, I'm Busy Audio Applications Multi-core Processors For Musicians | Sound On Sound
Cicks and pops can ruin a recording, not to mention causing vast amounts of annoyance and wasted time. Tracking down their causes can be far from easy – but our step-by-step troubleshooting guide is here to help. We've published lots of fault-finding hints and tips in SOS, but quite a few PC musicians still seem to be suffering from audio clicks and pops, also known as gapping. They can be caused by a wide variety of factors, from a single unsuitable software setting to conflicts between hardware devices, so this month we're providing a logical step-by-step troubleshooting guide. Introduction Before we start, I'll explain the fundamental cause of audio clicks and pops. To maintain a continuous audio stream when recording or playing back a song, small chunks of system RAM (buffers) are used to temporarily store a chunk of audio at a time. Clocking Problems If you hear occasional clicks and want to rule out clocking issues, temporarily set your soundcard to internal clock. The Last Resort Eradicating PC Audio Clicks & Pops

NavSpark: Arduino Compatible with GPS GNSS Receiver English, Simplified Chinese (简体中文), Traditional Chinese (繁體中文) For viewers in some region having problem seeing the above YouTube video, the contents is here: Powerpoint (简体中文), Youku Video (简体中文). NavSpark 点名时间上中文說明: NavSpark is a small, powerful, breadboard-friendly, 32bit development board that is Arduino compatible, with a world class GPS receiver as on-board peripheral, and under $15. There is also NavSpark-BD, a variant model having world-class GPS/Beidou receiver as on-board peripheral, that enables you to adopt new GPS/Beidou satellite navigation technology when Broadcom Qualcomm just recently came out with solution supporting Beidou to their tier-1 smartphone customers like Apple and Samsung. NavSpark puts leading edge satellite navigation technology in the hands of the makers. Up until now, adding GPS to an Arduino requires additional GPS shield, which adds cost and size. We have been developing GPS related products for some years. · GPS on board 1.
Reprap development and further adventures in DIY 3D printing
Enable Auto Leveling for your 3D Printer with an inductive sensor (Marlin Firmware) The auto-leveling sensor will be replacing your 3D printers z-end stop on your control board. You won't need the old z-stop because your sensor will be probing the bed for it's z-position. Make sure your sensor has a detecting distance of at least 4mm. In reality, this might be lower depending on the sensing material. Your sensor should be mounted close to the nozzle and able to reach near the corners of your print bed when mounted. The sensor mentioned in this indestructible has an LED that turns on when triggered. For the mount, 123D design is perfect designing simple objects like this and of course, Wiring the LJ12A3-4-Z/BY Inductive Proximity Sensor: 1) Locate and disconnect the z-probe from your control board. 2) Connect the output voltage wire (labeled V-out [brown] in this case) to the S signal input on the same row of 3 pins your old z-end stop was connected. 5) Test the sensor on some metal, aluminum, copper, etc. Next step: Firmware Setup -->
Load-balancing Docker containers with Nginx and Consul-Template - Belly Card Engineering We are investing a lot of research and development time into leveraging Docker in the next generation of our internal infrastructure. One of the next components we need to build out to full maturity is being able to dynamically route web traffic from our Nginx load balancers to internal Docker containers in a performant way. We are very passionate fans of the work of HashiCorp at Belly, and they recently published a new project named Consul Template. We were using an earlier HashiCorp tool named consul–haproxy to reconfigure our Nginx load–balancers based on Consul data. Consul Template is a slightly more generalized tool that was fairly smooth to adopt. Let me walk you through a proof of concept I whipped up last week. Architecture At a high level, here is the construction of the current PoC. The Nginx container listens on the public port 80, and runs Consul Template. Finally, an example backend container is included for the load–balancer to proxy to. Breakdown Getting Started Help Wanted
Consul Service Discovery with Docker :: Jeff Lindsay
Jeff Lindsay
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