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Parkwood Karting, Go-kart racing in Sheffield
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How to Find Any Email Address Contact in 2 minutes Whether you are an experienced salesman looking for leads or a young entrepreneur looking to get in touch with a CEO, finding email addresses is difficult and time-consuming. But I’ve discovered a neat little trick that can help you find any email address contact you need in 2 minutes tops. It has worked for me 90% of the time, whether I am reaching out to major press outlets, getting in touch with prominent investors, and most often, selling TINT to Fortune 500 executives. This trick has helped me grow TINT from a failing startup to a 400k/month profitable business. Here’s what you need to do: 1) Get a Gmail account and download Rapportive on it ( 2) “Connect your social networks” on the top right hand corner after installing Rapportive. 3) Click “Compose” on the left hand side. After installing Rapportive, connect your social networks and click Compose. Now here comes the fun part. Example of what appears if you enter a valid email address. 1st: How to Find Any Email Address Contact in 2 minutes
100 Top Thrlling Movies 100 Top Thrlling Movies Part of the AFI 100 Years… series, AFI's 100 Years…100 Thrills is a list of the top 100 suspense/thriller movies in American cinema. The list was unveiled by the American Film Institute on June 12, 2001, during a CBS special hosted by Harrison Ford. List of films[edit] Criteria[edit] Feature-Length Fiction Film: The film must be in narrative format, typically more than 60 minutes long.American Film: The film must be in the English language with significant creative and/or financial production elements from the United States.Thrills: Regardless of genre, the total adrenaline-inducing impact of a film’s artistry and craft must create an experience that engages our bodies as well as our minds.Legacy: Films whose "thrills" have enlivened and enriched America’s film heritage while continuing to inspire contemporary artists and audiences. External links[edit]
Poldark (2015 TV series) In the late 18th century, Ross Poldark returns from the American War of Independence to his Cornish tin mines after spending three years in the army to avoid charges of smuggling. When he gets home, he finds his father dead, his estate in ruins, and his old sweetheart Elizabeth engaged to his cousin Francis. He rescues a young woman, Demelza, from a beating, and takes her on as a kitchen maid while trying to help the people of the village and attempting to gain control of the mines sought after by his rival, the greedy and arrogant George Warleggan. Poldark (TV series 2015–) at the Internet Movie Database Poldark (2015 TV series)
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DevelopmentCodeNames DevelopmentCodeNames Ubuntu is known for having the funkiest release code names around. From time to time users suggest potential names, so if you have a magical idea, please add it to the table at the bottom of this page. Release Naming Scheme The official name of an Ubuntu release is "Ubuntu X.YY" with X representing the year (minus 2000) and YY representing the month of eventual release within in that year. Ubuntu's first release, made in 2004 October (10th month) was Ubuntu 4.10. Since the actual release date is not known until it's ready and humans tend to prefer names rather than numbers, a set of codenames are used by developers and testers during the buildup to a release: The development codename of a release takes the form "Adjective Animal". History MarkShuttleworth said the following with regard to where the naming scheme originally came from: So, what's with the "Funky Fairy" naming system? Code Name Suggestions This is not a competition, but a way for people to work together! 11.10: Oneiric Ocelot.
Often, when you log into your Linux VPS, you are looking to get some work done. However, no one can claim that the thousands of developers who create the software available on a typical Linux machine are always completely serious. Linux has a history of including some fun "easter eggs" in its software. In this article, we'll tell you about some fun commands and options to lighten up your day. Text Editors Vim and Douglas Adams Those of you familiar with Douglas Adams, writer of The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, will appreciate a relevant help option included in the vim text editor. If you haven't already, install vim. sudo apt-get install vim In CentOS/Fedora, you can type: sudo yum install vim Open the editor from the command line: vim Type the following to access a special vim help menu: :help 42 What is the meaning of life, the universe and everything? Type the following, twice, to exit vim: :q :q Emacs Games First, install emacs. sudo apt-get install emacs sudo yum install emacs emacs And again Top 10 Linux Easter Eggs Top 10 Linux Easter Eggs
# Algorithm Visualizer > Algorithm Visualizer is an interactive online platform that visualizes algorithms from code. [![GitHub contributors]( [! Learning an algorithm gets much easier with visualizing it. [****! ## Contributing We have multiple repositories under the hood that comprise the website. - [**`algorithm-visualizer`**]( is a web app written in React. - [**`server`**]( serves the web app and provides APIs that it needs on the fly. - [**`algorithms`**]( contains visualizations of algorithms shown on the side menu of the website. - [**`tracers.*`**]( Algorithm Visualizer Algorithm Visualizer
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When Asia Citro realized her children didn't exactly "believe in sleeping," she set out on a mission to keep them entertained in a healthy way. That mission was to create a fun, educational environment for her children at home, and to do it in a way that was fun for her, too. After posting a few of their activities on Facebook and receiving tons of positive feedback, Citro decided to create her own blog. "I really didn't think it would go anywhere because there are so many blogs," Citro told A+. "I was really lucky a couple of my first posts went viral on Pintrest." They went viral for a good reason: Citro's activities are like nothing we've ever seen before. "A lot of them take me months to figure out, which I know sounds dorky but it's totally true," she said. Below, we've compiled 12 of the coolest sensory play activities Citro has put online, with links to their respective posts on her site. Here Are The 12 Most Fun Activities You Can Do With Children Here Are The 12 Most Fun Activities You Can Do With Children
Partycraft Secrets: Rocking Round Robin Paper Craft It’s no secret that preschoolers love craft projects that do things. Here’s a paper craft that I made with my girls and posted as a guest contributor over at Projects for Preschoolers, that I called the 'Rocking Round Robin'. Made of two circles, the really do rock when you gently tap their tail! Here’s what you’ll need: Light weight colored card in at least two different shades. To make the craft: Trace a large and a small circle onto two different colours of card.Cut them out (the cut needs to be as neat as possible if you want your birds to rock).Fold both circles neatly in half.Glue the smaller circle over the bigger circle.Cut a triangle and a rectangle out of the colored paper, and fold both in half.Gently unfold the circle and lay it flat on the table.Glue the folded triangle on the front of the bird as a beak, and the rectangle on the back as a tail, making sure that the folds all line up.Use a marker to add any details you want, such as eyes. Partycraft Secrets: Rocking Round Robin Paper Craft
6 Ways to Make a Collage 6 Ways to Make a Collage Edit Article Paper collageFabric collageSand collageNature collageElectronic collageDisplaying collages Edited by Nicole Willson, Kyle G., Jack Herrick, Waited and 109 others A collage is a work of art composed of numerous materials, such as paper, newsprint, photographs, ribbons or other objects attached to background support, such as plain paper. A collage can even be made with physical materials or electronic images, attaching them to a digital background. Ad Steps 1Choose a style of collage. Method 1 of 6: Paper collage 1Collect the materials needed for making a paper collage. 8Let the collage dry. Method 2 of 6: Fabric collage 1Collect the pieces of fabric you're going to use for making the collage. 6Allow to dry. Method 3 of 6: Sand collage Sand makes for an excellent collage material and is a good collage choice for young children. 1Assemble the materials needed. 5When done, tip the excess sand off. Method 4 of 6: Nature collage 1Find suitable items out in nature. 6Allow to dry. Tips
Entertainment during kids birthday parties plays an important role, contributing to the festive atmosphere. It would be good to rely on games providing educational purposes. Such games are a great way to develop leadership skills in children, even those who are at a young age. You can stimulate qualities such as fighting spirit, concentration, discipline, communication skills, etc. We offer you a variety of fun suggestions for children's games, suitable both for outdoors and indoors so the birthday party is not only entertaining but educative, too: Colour seekers – the game can be played by kids at all ages and is particularly suitable for children who are now learning the colours. House for my chaos: Cool Ideas for Kid’s Birthday Party at Home House for my chaos: Cool Ideas for Kid’s Birthday Party at Home
Summer and its scorching temperatures just make the smelly feet problem worse. Where does the smell come from? The bacteria that lives on your skin eats sweat and produces an acid byproduct that emits a strong odour. This is a natural process but there are some ways you can remedy the situation and reduce the bacteria which is the reason behind the smelly feet. An old trick that is worth mentioning is using some old newspaper to absorb moisture from your shoes. Consider trying the aforementioned methods – you will see that you will eventually get rid of smelly feet. Solutions for Stinky Feet and Shoes! - 19 August 2016 - Blog - Tough Cookie
8 Ways to Cheer Yourself Even When the Summer Is Almost Over Summer is the favourite season of many people. You don’t have to wear a pile of clothes, you go on a well-deserved vacation and, last but not least, you can enjoy the warm evenings on the patio or invite friends for a dinner in the garden. Summer is undoubtedly associated with a lot of positive emotions, but if you are unfortunate to live in a region where the hot weather lasts only a couple of weeks/ months, you have to take out the warmer clothes out of the wardrobe and prepare for the cold rainy days. Nevertheless, the end of the summer does not mean your mood should correspond to the nasty weather outside. Apart from the seaside vacation, summer is usually considered the most appropriate season for taking up home improvement projects. These were some of the proven methods for overcoming the end of the summer sadness.
DIY.. Fabric Bin With Handles | Haberdashery Fun Alright! It’s time for another storage bin tutorial. I know, I know.. Didn’t I just post a storage bin tutorial? Well, my “Glimma” canvas fabric from Lotta Jansdotter has been eye-balling me for MONTHS! I used my seam ripper a tad too much on this project. This bin is slightly different than my reversible bin from April – this one is larger and I’ve added a facing and handles. The finished size is 10″L x 9″W x 8″H Materials Needed: Cotton Canvas for the outside – at least 1/2 yardCotton Canvas for the lining – at least 1/2 yardPellon Décor-Bond 809 – 1 yardSewing machine and related suppliesRotary cutter, cutting mat, quilting rotary cutting rulerDisappearing fabric ink penIron and ironing board Before we get started, you will need to complete the following: Cut your fabric – From the outside fabric: cut 1 rectangle measuring 26″L x 20″W, 2 rectangles measuring 4″L x 20″W [facing] and 1 rectangle measuring 3″L x 20″W [straps]. Let’s get sewing: Step 2 – Press the seams while closed.
DIY.. Reversible Fabric Storage Bin | Haberdashery Fun I’m addicted to making fabric storage bins. How about you? I made smaller versions of these last year and have always wanted larger ones. I finally had a few free hours to work on the pattern and get a few made. Wouldn’t they make an awesome baby shower or house warming gift? The finished size is 8.5″L x 9″W x 7″H Supplies Needed: Cotton fabric outside – 1/2 yardCotton fabric lining – 1/2 yardPellon Décor-Bond 809 – 1 yardSewing machine and related suppliesRotary cutter, cutting mat, quilting rotary cutting rulerDisappearing ink penIron and ironing board Before we get started, you will need to complete the following: Cut your fabric – cut 2 rectangles measuring 18″ x 24″ from the outside and lining fabrics. Alright, let’s get sewing your simple fabric bin! Fold the rectangle in half, to measure 18″ x 12.” That’s it! Want to sew other reversible projects? Fabric reference..
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Get the official YouTube app for Android phones and tablets. See what the world is watching -- from the hottest music videos to what’s trending in gaming, entertainment, news, and more. Subscribe to channels you love, share with friends, and watch on any device. With a new design, you can have fun exploring videos you love more easily and quickly than before. Just tap an icon or swipe to switch between recommended videos, your subscriptions, or your account. You can also subscribe to your favorite channels, create playlists, edit and upload videos, express yourself with comments or shares, cast a video to your TV, and more – all from inside the app. • Browse personal recommendations on the Home tab • See the latest from your favorite channels on the Subscriptions tab • Look up videos you’ve watched and liked on the Account tab • Let people know how you feel with likes, comments, and shares • Upload and edit your own videos with filters and music – all inside the app YouTube
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