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Sally Ride Night at the Discovery Center Join us for a FREE event featuring veteran ABC News and 20/20 journalist Lynn Sherr, celebrating her new book, Sally Ride: America's First Woman in Space. This free event will include a public talk by Sherr, along with a Q&A and a book signing, followed by a reception, tours in the El Pomar Space Gallery and special Science On a Sphere® presentations. Seating is limited – please RSVP to The Discovery Center Store is open Tuesday - Saturday, 10:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. Astronaut Ice CreamSpace GiftsPuzzlesBooksT-shirtsArt PrintsScience Kits Proceeds support the Space Foundation's space awareness and education programs. The Space Foundation Discovery Center is the region's first and only space, science and technology attraction. We plan to continue to grow and expand in order to offer our visitors even more. Visit for a complete schedule of themes and events. Space Foundation Discovery Center | Space Foundation Space Foundation Discovery Center | Space Foundation
Jumbo Night Safari Adventure
Yesterday, the American cable channel TLC announced that it changed its tagline to “Everyone needs a little TLC.” On its own, that’s not at all remarkable. But it’s the first time that TLC has used the popular meaning of its acronym (“tender loving care”), and it further distances the network from its original name—The Learning Channel. Education has become scarce on the network. TLC is not the only one abandoning its roots. And therein lies the problem: the shows that score cable networks the best ratings are often the ones that have little to no connection with the channel’s original mission or theme. Are they filming ‘Pawn Stars’ or ‘Hardcore Pawn?’ The loss of channels’ identities began largely when American reality television boomed in the early 2000s. There are, of course, exceptions—the Discovery Channel delivered its highest viewership in 12 years last year while still airing mostly science, nature, and tech-themed shows. American cable channels have blended into an indistinguishable swamp of reality TV American cable channels have blended into an indistinguishable swamp of reality TV
Dragons' Den man and co-CEO to work for FREE at loss-making Outsourcery Secure remote control for conventional and virtual desktops Outsourcery bosses Piers Linney and Simon Newton are relinquishing their salaries for the next 12 months in a bid to save the loss-making cloudy biz £500,000, the company told the stock market today. The desperate duo’s act is part of measures to find £4.5m in funds to keep the wolves from the door in the medium term, a move that also includes wider cost-cutting, revising debt repayments and placing more shares on the market. The Manchester-based firm revealed at the end of June it is setting up a direct sales force because channel spoils came in below expectations, and as a result it needed to find additional working capital. A review of the options available to the company were assessed and today it confirmed the plan to eke out £1m in cost savings via a re-org, as well as to save another half a million pounds via exec “salary sacrifice”. Secure remote control for conventional and virtual desktops Dragons' Den man and co-CEO to work for FREE at loss-making Outsourcery
We Love You, Kate McKinnon. And Thanks for Saving Ghostbusters There are ample reasons to go see Ghostbusters: supporting women, supporting quality comedy, supporting anything that isn’t Pokémon Go. But there’s only one that matters: bearing witness to the ascension of Kate McKinnon. A few poorly misguided reviews aside, McKinnon—and her ever-morphing facial expressions and dance moves—is the saving grace of Ghostbusters. Yes, in a movie filled with three other very funny leads—Melissa McCarthy, Kristen Wiig, and Leslie Jones—that’s a bold statement. To borrow a line from Tracy Jordan on 30 Rock: her style is like jazz. Click to Open Overlay Gallery What’s most impressive is that McKinnon does all of this while having the least material to work with. And bringing that levity and joy to Ghostbusters is exactly what McKinnon needed to do. Just yesterday, McKinnon was nominated for an Emmy for her work on Saturday Night Live. Go Back to Top. We Love You, Kate McKinnon. And Thanks for Saving Ghostbusters
| εστιατόρια στην Ελλάδα | Meat House....και το ΜΕΣΗΜΕΡΙ
The Athens Concert Hall
Δήμος Νέας Ιωνίας Δήμος Νέας Ιωνίας EΞΑΙΡΕΤΙΚΑ ΕΠΕΙΓΟΝ ΠΡΟΕΔΡΟΣ Αθήνα, 4-03-2014 Τηλ.: 210 6871706 -708 Fax:210 6871769 Αρ. πρ. οικ.8830 Ταχ. Δ/νση: ΚΗΦΙΣΙΑΣ 39 Προς: τους Οργανισμούς Τοπικής Αυτοδιοίκησης Γραφεία Δημάρχων ΘΕΜΑ: Ενημέρωση πολιτών Αξιότιμε κ. Δήμαρχε, Σε συνέχεια προηγούμενων οδηγιών μας, σας αποστέλλουμε οδηγό όλων των παρεχομένων υπηρεσιών του ΕΟΠΥΥ για την μεταβατική περίοδο και μέχρι την λειτουργία του νέου Φορέα Πρωτοβάθμιας Φροντίδας Υγείας και παρακαλούμε όπως προβείτε στην εκ νέου ενημέρωση των πολιτών με οιονδήποτε τρόπο θεωρείτε πρόσφορο (πχ ανάρτηση σε πίνακα ανακοινώσεων δημόσιων υπηρεσιών, δημαρχείο, νοσοκομείο, ΚΕΠ κλπ). Ευχαριστώ θερμά εκ των προτέρων για την ανταπόκρισή σας. Για να δείτε τον οδηγό των παρεχομένων υπηρεσιών πατήστε εδώ Κύριε υπουργέ, Ενημερωθήκαμε για το πρόγραμμα σίτισης των μαθητών με το 573/20-1-14 έγγραφό σας. 1) Από τα 16 δημοτικά σχολεία του δήμου, ένταξη στο πρόγραμμα σίτισης δικαιούνται τα 10. Περιμένοντας απάντησή σας. Περισσότερα...
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Roman Entertainment The Romans liked to go out and enjoy themselves. Public Entertainment The Roman amphitheatre was the centre of public entertainment in Rome, and all over the Roman Empire. People would go to the amphitheatre to see men fighting wild beasts or each other. These men were called gladiators. It was a cruel sport because someone was usually killed. Find out more about amphitheatres Find out more about Roman gladiators The stadium (or circus) was used for chariot-racing. A stadium has been discovered at Colchester. Chariot Racing Chariot-racing was a very popular sport all over the Roman Empire. Roman chariots were ultra lightweight and flimsy. There were three main types of chariots: Two-horse chariots (biga) Three-horse chariot (triga) Four-horse chariot (quadra) Charioteers were usually slaves The Romans liked to keep themselves clean. Find out more Most Roman cities had a theatre. Performances were often part of religious festivals. The actors were men with each actor playing several roles. Roman Entertainment
Roman Entertainment Facts The Romans, particularly the rich, enjoyed lots of leisure time, and they spent this time in a variety of different ways. Here are some facts about some of the forms of Roman entertainment. Roman Baths Most Romans visited the public bath house on a daily basis. Bath houses were set up like the spas or health clubs of today, and a trip to the bath house was a social occasion.At the bath house Romans could exercise, get clean, meet friends, walk in the gardens and borrow books from the bath house library.Follow this link to learn more facts about Roman baths. Chariot Racing at the Stadium Chariot races took place in the stadium (sometimes known as the circus). The Roman Theatre Gladiators and the Amphitheatre Roman Feasts and Dinner Parties Rich Romans enjoyed entertaining at home. Find out more facts about the Romans by visiting our resources page. Roman Entertainment Facts
Dennison "Denny" Duquette was a heart patient and love interest of Izzie Stevens. He died of a stroke following a heart transplant. Later, he appeared to Meredith as a ghost type figure and again to Izzie when she had cancer. History Edit Congestive Heart Failure Edit Denny had been a patient of Preston Burke for a long time. He came back into the hospital later in heart failure. While hospitalized, Denny experienced shortness of breath and chest pains. Life on the LVAD While on the LVAD, Denny started experiencing shortness of breath. Denny then started looking into a portable LVAD, which would allow him to get up and out of bed. While walking around the hospital with his portable LVAD, Denny collapsed and fell in the hallway after trying to use the stairs. Heart Transplant and Death When a heart became available for Denny at Mercy West Medical Center, he was prepped for the surgery. When the donor flatlined, Burke tried to get the other donor's heart for Denny. Legacy Posthumous History Edit Denny Duquette, Jr. | Grey's Anatomy and Private Practice Wiki | Fandom powered by Wikia Denny Duquette, Jr. | Grey's Anatomy and Private Practice Wiki | Fandom powered by Wikia
Danger on the set: Accidents while filming seldom get reported LOS ANGELES — As hundreds of names scrolled up the screen after 2012's "The Avengers," moviegoers who remained glued to their seats for a taste of the next treat in Marvel's superhero universe didn't know one name was missing — that of John Suttles, a truck driver who died helping make the $1.5 billion blockbuster. Every year, workers on both sides of the camera are maimed, burned, break bones and even die striving to deliver entertainment that packs multiplexes and commands top TV ratings. Injuries come not just from obvious risks such as stunts and explosives, but from falls off ladders, toppled equipment and machines without safety guards. Yet in an industry where virtually everything is tallied and every success is touted, set accidents remain largely hidden and the consequences usually amount to mere thousands of dollars in fines paid out of multimillion-dollar budgets. OSHA investigates most workplace accidents, whether they take place on a movie set, a factory or a farm. Danger on the set: Accidents while filming seldom get reported
Mariah Carey performs at the New Year's Eve celebration in Times Square on Saturday, Dec. 31, 2016, in New York. (Photo by Greg Allen/Invision/AP) NEW YORK -- Mariah Carey has ushered in 2017 and stirred plenty of Twitter comments with a botched performance on "Dick Clark's New Year's Rockin' Eve with Ryan Seacrest" on ABC. The singer appeared to have technical difficulties during her live performance Saturday night in Times Square. She told the crowd, "I'm trying to be a good sport here." Carey headlined the festivities in Times Square, where about a million revelers jammed in to greet 2017. After the song finished Carey looked exasperated. She started saying, "That was," then she paused and finally finished by saying, "amazing." Mariah Carey stirs Twitter buzz with botched singing on New Year's Eve telecast
How each signs express their anger It doesn’t matter who you are. Everyone gets angry from time to time. And when we’re angry, we tend to leave patience, humility and common sense behind, even if only for a moment. So, here are some of the typical things each zodiac sign usually has to work on when it comes to acting out in anger. Aries- Arians are definitely one of the quickest to anger. They don’t usually start arguments with people, but they certainly know how to end them. But, as quick as they are to anger, they are usually just as quick to calm down and even forgive those who angered them in the first place. Taurus- Taureans are usually quite fair tempered creatures. When they do get angry it can take a long time for them calm them down again. After the argument is over, they are usually very quick to forgive, unless of course you’ve done something extreme that they consider unforgivable. Gemini-As you probably already know, Geminis are known as the Twins. Geminis LOVE to talk. passive aggressive behavior.
15 clever psychological tricks that everyone should know The following psychological tricks will make your life easier and help you cope with stressful situations. They’re well worth reading. When a group of people laughs, people instinctively look toward the group members they feel closest to (or want to feel closest to).Chew gum or eat food if you’re doing something that would normally make you feel nervous. It tricks a primal part of your brain into thinking you couldn’t be in danger because you’re eating.If somebody is angry at you and you stay calm, they’ll probably get angrier, but they’ll be ashamed at themselves later.If you ask someone a question and they only give you a partial answer, maintain eye-contact and stay silent. The person answering will usually assume that the original answer wasn’t good enough, and they’ll keep talking.Emotional expressions are one way to cause emotions. Source: imgur Preview photo credit: shutterstock
Ten excellent tips for packing your holiday suitcase If you’ve never felt stressed out while doing your last-minute holiday packing, you’re either an emotionless robot or you prefer to travel carrying nothing but a small duty-free bag. We at Bright Side tend to suffer from pre-holiday anxiety as well, so we’ve compiled a list of simple rules for organizing one’s suitcase. By following these easy-to-memorize examples, you will always stay in control of the situation and make the best use of even the smallest of suitcases! 1. A great way to save suitcase space and make sure that your clothes don’t crease is to store them in tight rolls instead of stacking them on top of each other. This way, even a cramped suitcase can easily house 3 pairs of shorts, 3 pairs of pants, 3 pairs of jeans, 1 skirt, 2 swimsuits, 3 summer sweaters, 10 jerseys, 5 shirts, and 4 dresses. 2. Vacuum compression bags are invaluable for packing bulky objects such as jackets, children’s clothes, soft toys, and bed linen. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10.

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