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A Psimple Psaltery - Building a Bowed Psaltery From Start to Finish
The above drawing of an Æolian harp was drawn by Bruce Taylor (using Windows Paintbrush) and posted on many years ago. The tuning pins are harpsichord tuning pins and the hitch pins are any type of attractive headless nail. Pre-drill holes for both (first in an off-cut!) Both Bruce and I would like to know of harps built using this plan. This type of Æolian harp fits into a sash window and the length of the instrument is tailored to fit the window. Tune all the strings to the same pitch, but each string should be of a different diameter. When the wind blows across the strings, it causes it them to vibrate. Harmonics When the Æolian Harp plays, we hear harmonics and an understanding of harmonics will be helpful in getting the best out of the instrument. Tune a string to middle c and it will sound middle c when plucked or bowed. The harmonics always occur in a pattern. I have had success with nylon strings. Laminar Air Flow Æolian Harp Commission From Hao, 2012 The Little Æolian Harp Page The Little Æolian Harp Page
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מיד תועבר לדף המבוקש בריאות ומשפחה כדאי לדעת הומור ופנאי אומנות ובמה רוחניות והעצמה נושאים נוספים בריאות ולייף סטייל כדאי לדעת הומור ופנאי רץ ברשת טיולים וטבע רוחניות והעצמה אומנות ובמה טכנולוגיה אקטואליה וספורט צפית לאחרונה ראשי > בריאות ולייף סטייל > הורות ומשפחה המדריך המלא למניעת חלודה והסרתה מאת: מאור מואיגר צפיות: 110144 אהבו: 186 גודל גופן: א א שתף הרשמה שתף שלח לחבר הודפס מאתר אהבתי שלח לחבר שתף WhatsApp הצטרף בחינם לשירות קבל עדכונים על תכנים חדשים ישירות לתיבת המייל שלך! התכוונת ל: דווח על הפרת זכויות יוצרים | מצאת טעות? הדפס תוכן אולי תאהב גם: דברים שכדאי לדעת 18 טיפים חכמים ושימושיים ליעול עבודות התיקון והשיפוץ בבית בעזרת 18 הטיפים הבאים כל השיפוצים והתיקונים הקטנים והמציקים שצריך לסדר בבית יהפכו למשימות פשוטות שניתן לבצע ללא מאמץ! אביב הגיע ואיתו באו היתושים - כך תבנו מלכודת ביתית בקלות! עונת האביב מאופיינת בפריחה נפלאה אבל גם בשובם של החרקים העוקצים והטורדניים. 10 דרכים מפתיעות לשימוש בחומץ ברחבי הבית בפחות מ-2 דקות מחשבים וסלולר 7:26 תרבות ואומנות 7:20 יהדות ודת שתף המדריך המלא למניעת חלודה ולהסרתה | הורות ומשפחה המדריך המלא למניעת חלודה ולהסרתה | הורות ומשפחה
Sometimes ordinary things can be used in a more creative way. For example, you can use a nail file to remove spots from suede, or a fruit bowl to store random objects. Such hacks make our life easier and help with solving household problems. To make you aware of things you can use in a new, unordinary way, Bright Side collected 100 little tricks which will definitely be useful. 100 hacks for every occasion 100 hacks for every occasion
11 Extremely Useful Hacks That Will Turn You into a Cleaning God Finally! You’re actually in the mood for cleaning, you’ve got your gloves on suddenly realize you’ve ran out of a certain cleaning agent... Don’t worry, Bright Side has collected some incredibly useful tips to help you get your home sparkling clean. Now you’ll be able to resolve the most persistent and time-wasting cleaning problems in no time at all. These hacks totally work and they won’t cost you a fortune. We checked. Burnt pots and baking trays Baking soda and peroxide will return your burnt pots, pans and baking trays to almost-as-new condition. Window fittings Sprinkle a bit of baking soda into the corners, then carefully pour some white vinegar into the fittings. The bathtub Mix vinegar and washing powder in equal proportions and apply what you get on the problem zones. The washing machine Our washing machines are one of the most used appliances in our homes, and they consequently get dirty and stinky too. Grout lines A microfiber couch A hair brush Air vents Car seats 11 Extremely Useful Hacks That Will Turn You into a Cleaning God
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Zur Aktualisierung klickt bitte hin und wieder auf Eure F5-Taste, damit die neuen Bilder geladen werden: Klicken Sie auf die Bilder, um diese zu vergrößern. So, die kalte Winterzeit kommt - da solltet Ihr natürlich auch mal an die Energiekosten denken ... - und wie Ihr sie reduzieren könnt. Hier haben wir einen Zugluftstopper, der einfach aus alten Socken gemacht wurde. Schön bunt und herrlich simpel zu nähen ... - Viel Spaß dabei !! Ich sag's ja nicht gerne - aber es wird kalt ... - zumindest irgendwann ... - daher möchte ich Euch hier eine Idee weiter geben, wie Ihr alte / olle Pullover noch weiter verwenden könnt: Schaut Euch die Bilder an, wie einfach Ihr schöne, warme Handschuhe bekommt - Toll, oder ?? Und nun 'was zum Hingucken für die Männer - und zum Nachmachen für die Frauen ..... - Sexy, nicht wahr ?! Hier ist noch eine Zusatz-Idee - eine Wintermütze für die Kinder - diesmal aus Wolle - DANKE dafür !! Warum bin ich eigentlich nie auf so eine Idee gekommen ?? Die Ideenbörse - Kleidung Die Ideenbörse - Kleidung
Im Moment ärgere ich mich gerade ein bisschen darüber, dass ich meine alten Jeans einfach so weggeworfen habe. Sie waren halt ziemlich durch… wenn ich mir aber jetzt so ansehe, was für wirklich tolle Sachen man damit noch machen kann… eigentlich genial.... Schmuck 1. SaveCrafts by AmandaPerlen aus Jeansstoff mit Acrylfarbe bemalt5BastelfrauUpcycling - Kleidung 2. Savefrom livemaster.ruOhrringe und anderer Schmuck aus Jeansstoff8BastelfrauUpcycling - Kleidung 3. Savefrom welke.nlArmbandjes van denim en kant.283jenny jaspersjeans diy 4. SaveEtsyBracelet - Recycled Denim with Vintage Rhinestones - Diamonds and Denim.91Muriel DassevilleBijoux 5. SaveFlickrdenim necklace by maryrose_21, via Flickrby maryrose_2116Renee CushmanRethink your jeans 6. SaveEtsyUpcycled Denim Bangle with Vintage bead by AngieHallHaviland, $8.0017BastelfrauUpcycling - Kleidung Kleidung 7. Savefrom metmuseum.orgCotton skirt made of converted blue jeans and applique, by Serendipity 3, American, mid-1960s. 9. 11. 12. 13. 14. 50 Ideen, was man mit alten Jeans anfangen kann | Bastelfrau 50 Ideen, was man mit alten Jeans anfangen kann | Bastelfrau
Nie wieder Langeweile! 100 Upcycling Ideen zum Nähen, Basteln und Dekorieren – DIY MODE Nie wieder Langeweile! 100 ausgewählte Anleitungen von kreativen Bloggern, rund ums Thema Upcycling. Ob Nähen, Geschenke basteln oder Wohnung dekorieren, hier findest du bestimmt Inspiration für dein nächstes DIY Projekt. Das schöne an den „aus alt mach neu“ Anleitungen ist, dass man die Materialen dafür meistens schon zu Hause hat. Beim Klick aufs Bild landest du direkt bei der kostenlosen Anleitung für dein Wunsch DIY. Ich wünsche dir ganz viel Freude beim Durchstöbern und Loslegen! Wenn dir die Ideen gefallen, dann teile sie gerne mit deinen Freunden! Du magst meinein Stil? Nie wieder Langeweile! 100 Upcycling Ideen zum Nähen, Basteln und Dekorieren – DIY MODE
30 Easy And Cuddly DIY Ideas For Recycling Old Sweaters
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How to Make Your Own Clothes How to Make Your Own Clothes Learning how to make your own clothes is a pastime that will not only save you some money, it is skill that can evolve into a hobby that you love. With some practice, patience, and some sewing know-how, you’ll be on your way to making your own clothing before you know it. Here are some helpful tips to get you going. Getting Started If you have never attempted to make your own clothes before, or if you have little or no sewing skills, finding some good reference materials is a great place to start. Before you purchase any other materials besides a few reference books or patterns, you may want to start thinking about what kind of clothes you would like to make. Gather Notions, Materials, and Equipment Before you begin to learn how to sew, you’ll need to accumulate a few sewing necessities. Learn How to Sew If you already have some basic sewing skills or if you’re already a master seamstress, you can skip this part and move on. Choose a Project Use Recycled Fabrics Be Creative
Dave Sloan is CEO of Treehouse Logic, which offers a hosted design tool solution that enables customer co-creation. You can reach Dave at and follow him on Twitter. Do you have good taste? Feeling inspired? Here are three ways to get started in fashion design from the comfort of your own computer. 1. Garmz’s goal is to activate fashion talent. Fabricly has set out to help you, the designer, launch your own clothing line. Both Garmz and Fabricly are in the business of democratizing the fashion world by giving creative, up-and-coming designers access to the fashion industry. 2. Instead of asking designers to sketch out free-form designs, Polyvore provides a web-based scrapbooking tool that accesses a broad library of fashion pieces. Fashiolista takes on the difficulty of finding fashion across a crowded Internet, i.e. Google’s invites members to create and follow online boutiques. 3. More Fashion Resources from Mashable: 3 Ways to Design Your Own Clothes Online 3 Ways to Design Your Own Clothes Online
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Family reunions are a great time to take a family photo. We have very few family group photos that look perfect- maybe we don’t even have one perfect picture. It’s so hard to get everyone looking in the same direction, smiling and not squinting. It seems that if you get the children looking at the camera their parents are looking at the children but no matter how difficult a family reunion photo may be to take, you’ve just got to do it- old family photographs are a treasured part of any family history and it won’t be long until the pictures you take today become a cherished part of your family memories. Becoming our Family Reunion Photographer You can always hire a professional photographer but unfortunately for us, most photographers don’t like to travel to the locations we have our reunions and so we are left with “Do-it-yourself” family reunion pictures. Take Photos at the Beginning of Your Reunion Take pictures earlier in the day and at the first of your reunion. Get the Light Right Taking Family Reunion Photos | Family Reunion Helper
DIY Photo Backdrop Frame - Parties for PenniesParties for Pennies Hey party people! **I’VE COMPLETED AN UPDATED VIDEO TUTORIAL on creating a DIY PHOTO BACKDROP FRAME!! CLICK HERE TO SEE! For the Builder’s Floor Covering & Mohawk Flooring grand opening event last weekend, I had to diy two photo backdrop frames. This is a project that’s super easy, inexpensive and is easy to store. Thanks to Gary & Keith at the Home Depot in the Vinings area, I didn’t even have to cut my pieces of PVC pipe. They even helped me construct it right there in the store! I can’t guarantee you’ll have two guys like Gary & Keith helping you but here are the plans for the DIY photo backdrop frame so you can construct one yourself. Most stores will cut the PVC pipe for you, so here are the sizes you need to tell them to cut: 2 – 6ft long 1.25″ pipes 2- 7 ft long 1.25″ pipes 4 – 1.5 ft long 1.25″ pipes This should total 4 pipes you need to purchase. To put together – Use the two elbow connections to attach one 6 ft piece to the two 7ft pieces. Add a 6ft piece to the bottom of the backdrop.
5ft Photography Baseboard Plain Design by MyBackdropShop

If you have ever grown strawberries, you probably know that it can take a good amount of plants to get a decent size harvest. Of course having a good amount of plants also means more space taken up from your garden. One of the recent trends in small space and urban gardening is to grow your crops vertically instead of flat on the ground, allowing you to grow more than you could traditionally. Not only does growing vertically create a smaller footprint on the ground, which is ideal for us urban gardeners, but it also can also be beneficial in other ways. When planning my strawberry crop this year I decided to go with two different methods of vertical gardening. General Concept and Materials Required There are many way you can grow strawberries hydroponically, each method offering its own advantages. The idea here is to plant bare roots through holes in the PVC, and allow the roots to grow down through the medium. Planning and Cutting All of the holes marked and ready for cutting Kyle Building a PVC Hydroponic Strawberry Tower - Gridlock Gardening
Build Your Own Computer, Laptop, Mini PC, Server Use the selections below to build a computer, custom laptop, mini pc, or server - online from scratch. Each subsection lists parts that are specialized to the pre-built computer you select. If you have additional needs or would like to use a part that is not listed, simply type your desires into the comments field at the bottom of the final configuration page. Of course, if you have any questions, email us and we'll be there! Build Your Own PC Configuring your own PC requires knowing what you want, and knowing the difference between all the new technologies out there. Build a Gaming PC from Scratch Customizing a gaming PC requires special attention to key areas like your video card, CPU and memory. Custom Build a Laptop Computer Our custom built pc laptops can give you the serious power that only a custom machine can offer! Build Your Own Quiet PC A quiet computer is a delicate balance of performance and cooling. Build Your Own Video Editing Computer Build Your Own Liquid Cooled Computer
So, the 6700K is fast, no question, even at it's stock configuration. With the K Sku CPU and Z170-A motherboard though, if you wish, you can overclock either now or at some point down the road. Taking that configuration to 4.5-4.7Ghz, gaining 500-700mhz clock speed or comparatively a 13-17% performance boost, should be not problem with this configuration. The BeQuiet Shadow rock slim is an extremely capable slim tower cooler. The Trident Z memory modules are currently about the best on the market. The Samsung 950 Pro M.2 drive will plug into the M.2 port on the motherboard. Max Sequential Read Up to 540 MBps Max Sequential Write Up to 520 MBps 4KB Random Read Random read (QD1) [IOPS]: up to 10,000 IOPS Random read (QD32) [IOPS]: up to 97,000 IOPS 4KB Random Write Random Write (QD1) [IOPS]: up to 40,000 IOPS Random Write (QD32) [IOPS]: up to 88,000 IOPS While the 950 Pro M.2 SSD has the following: Max Sequential Read Up to 2200 MBps Max Sequential Write Up to 900 MBps music production pc build [Solved] - Homebuilt
Toll free: 1(877) 440-0256 Shopping Cart | My Account Menu Home > Hardware > Motherboards > Intel Motherboards > Intel Socket H2 / LGA1155 > Intel BLKDH67GDB3 H67 LGA1155 DDR3 24-Pin mATX Motherboard Awards & Contracts VMware vSphere Licenses for KUB, TNWe provided VMware licenses and service coverage for an annual contract.. Intel BLKDH67GDB3 H67 LGA1155 DDR3 24-Pin mATX Motherboard Price: $135.00 Condition: New Manufacture: Intel Model Number: BOXDH67GDB3 Part Number(s): DH67GDB3 Availability: In stock Reviews No reviews left yet. Leave a review... Type the characters you see in the picture above. Feedback “My company was in hurry to find quickly some Intel boards out of production and eSaitech provided the parts in time as expected. Tuscany “I ordered several out-of-production mother boards to repair our industrial applications. Purchasing Dept, OEM Clients NavyBureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and ExplosivesDepartment of the Air ForceU.S. Partners Certifications Contact Us Company Hardware :: Motherboards :: Intel Motherboards :: Intel Socket H2 / LGA1155 :: Intel BLKDH67GDB3 H67 LGA1155 DDR3 24-Pin mATX Motherboard -

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OSB desky 3/N kolmá hrana Kronospan - tl. 12 mm, rozměr 2500x1250 mm |
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This 1936 advice manual on living alone is smart, witty,...
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