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Extreme programming Extreme programming Planning and feedback loops in extreme programming. Extreme programming (XP) is a software development methodology which is intended to improve software quality and responsiveness to changing customer requirements. As a type of agile software development,[1][2][3] it advocates frequent "releases" in short development cycles, which is intended to improve productivity and introduce checkpoints at which new customer requirements can be adopted. Critics have noted several potential drawbacks,[5] including problems with unstable requirements, no documented compromises of user conflicts, and a lack of an overall design specification or document. History[edit] Although extreme programming itself is relatively new, many of its practices have been around for some time; the methodology, after all, takes "best practices" to extreme levels. Origins[edit] The first time I was asked to lead a team, I asked them to do a little bit of the things I thought were sensible, like testing and reviews.
This article is about the process management and improvement method. For the lean manufacturing process, see Kanban. Kanban in the context of software development can mean a visual process management system that tells what to produce, when to produce it, and how much to produce inspired by the Toyota Production System[1] and Lean manufacturing.[2] The name 'Kanban' originates from Japanese[看板], and translates roughly as "signboard" or "billboard". It was formulated by David J. Start with existing process The Kanban method does not prescribe a specific set of roles or process steps. Agree to pursue incremental, evolutionary change The organization (or team) must agree that continuous, incremental and evolutionary change is the way to make system improvements and make them stick. Respect the current process, roles, responsibilities and titles It is likely that the organization currently has some elements that work acceptably and are worth preserving. Leadership at all levels 1. 2. 3. 4. Kanban (development) Kanban (development)
What is monolithic development in software development What is monolithic development in software development Monolithic solutions are putting as many features as possible in one big application or suite of applications. It is the opposite of "best of breed". Monolithic approaches to software development tend to come from very large corporations because it requires complex development teams with project managers, coders, testers, business analysts, etc. The monolithic applications are usually sold to customers with lots of money in their budget for software.
Big Tree versnelt marketinginnovatie en new business development
Big Tree versnelt marketinginnovatie en new business development
Center for Global Development : Publications: The Trouble with the MDGs: Confronting Expectations of Aid and Development Success - Working Paper 40 *REVISED Version September 2004 Download an abbreviated version of this paper in French (PDF) The Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) are unlikely to be met by 2015, even if huge increases in development assistance materialize. Center for Global Development : Publications: The Trouble with the MDGs: Confronting Expectations of Aid and Development Success - Working Paper 40
Vulnerability, capacity and resilience: Perspectives for climate and development policy - Gaillard - 2010 - Journal of International Development
DRAWING FROM DEVELOPMENT: TOWARDS UNIFYING THEORY AND PRACTICE OF ICT4D - Heffernan - 2012 - Journal of International Development
Software Development 1
Software Development 1
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iOS Development Leading BYOD and Enterprise Mobility There has been a huge transformation in the mobile sector, with devices that were earlier used for making calls and sending text messages now transforming in fully mobile computing devices. Smartphones in the form of mobile computing have opened up a plethora of opportunities in the sphere of mobility solutions. Leading the pack in that sector has been iOS that has generated a diverse ecosystem of applications in the consumer centric marketplace. with over 850,000 application already being developed for the platform, the platform has come at the forefront bringing the era of mobile application to the mainstream. There is no denying the fact that applications are considered to be the soul of any smartphone. Moreover the platform with a substantial amount of applications in its marketplace, tends to have an edge in terms of user base. In the recent years there has been a substantial increase in the iOS application development solutions in the enterprise sector. iOS Development Leading BYOD and Enterprise Mobility
by Joel Spolsky Tuesday, April 11, 2006 A young man comes to town. He is reasonably good looking, has a little money in his pocket. He finds it easy to talk to women. He doesn't speak much about his past, but it is clear that he spent a lot of time in a soulless big company. He is naturally friendly and outgoing, and quietly confident without being arrogant. After a year, he calculates that he has saved up enough money to pay his modest expenses for a year. One by one, he calls his friends and warns them that if he seems remote over the next months, it is only because he is hard at work. And he sits down to spin code. And what code it is. Encouraged by the feedback of his peers, he sets up in business and prepares to take orders. His modesty precludes any pretensions, but after a month, the situation in his bank account is not looking encouraging. In the second month, no more orders come in. This surprises him and leaves him feeling melancholy. The big company is not vindictive. Enough. Next: The Development Abstraction Layer (Joel on Software) The Development Abstraction Layer (Joel on Software)
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Want to receive a weekly email containing the scoop on our new titles along with the occasional special offer? Just click the button. (You can always unsubscribe later by editing your account information). Give us an email and a password (you can use the password later to log in and change your preferences). We'll send you a newsletter roughly once a week. The chart shows the approximate number of words in each chapter of Agile Web Development with Rails per week. This is the second edition of Agile Web Development with Rails. The Rails team recently released Rails 2. (If you’re looking for code or errata for the first edition of this book, you’ll find them here.) Out of Print This book is currently out of print. About this Book 719 pages Published: Release: P5.0 (2007-11-08) ISBN: 978-0-9776-1663-3 See the third edition for more information. About the Author As one of the authors of the Agile Manifesto, Dave Thomas understands agility. Upcoming Author Events Agile Web Development with Rails (2nd Edition) Agile Web Development with Rails (2nd Edition)
OpenCart development services OpenCart development services TechnoScore offers smart OpenCart Development Services to help you manage a broad spectrum of business tasks easily and efficiently, augment the functionality of your store, extend your insight into the business flow, and ultimately to better satisfy your clients’ needs. We provide OpenCart web design, development, integration services, and work closely with our clients to develop the best performing OpenCart eCommerce website specific to their needs. Our clients typically become long term partners as we build, maintain and help grow their business. OpenCart Development Services at TechnoScore At TechnoScore, we provide custom OpenCart design and development services. The following are some of the custom OpenCart development services that we offer: Custom Design, Development and Integration OpenCart Customization Custom eCommerce Store Development Theme Design and Development Support and Maintenance Services Payment Gateway Integration Custom Module Development What is OpenCart?
WooCommerce development services With WooCommerce eCommerce plugin, get more from your WordPress website: A powerful eCommerce Store with more speed, strength and flexibility, more built-in features, extensions and add-ons, and more control, security and stability… WooCommerce Development at TechnoScore As WooCommerce developers, TechnoScore is committed to implementing, developing, customizing, and supporting the WooCommerce platform all throughout. Built upon core WordPress functionality, WooCommerce facilitates you with all the features your eCommerce store needs to sell online. Banking on our close familiarity with both WordPress and WooCommerce platforms, we can help you more than merely plug and play. Our Spectrum of WooCommerce Development and Customization Services Could your enterprise use an expert team of WooCommerce designers and developers? TechnoScore Differentiatiators in WooCommerce Development Who Should Use WooCommerce? The platform is apt for you if: WooCommerce development services
Numerous benefits of availing X-Cart development services from experts X-Cart is a popular eCommerce solution that is widely used by successful entrepreneurs to develop a fully-functional online store. Based on PHP, it is open source feature-rich eCommerce shopping cart software that allows easy installation and customization. If you are contemplating to venture into online business, you can avail X-Cart development services from reliable and reputed outsourcing companies that have the right mix of resources to provide you customized services at cost-effective prices. Let’s discusses some of the features of X-Cart that makes it one of the most trusted eCommerce development platforms. 1. One of the key features of X-Cart is that this shopping cart platform allows online store owners to expand their stores with the help of extensions. Listed below are some of the notable benefits of availing X-Cart development services from eminent outsourcing companies. You can hire X-Cart developers to avail the services as per your business needs and requirements. Numerous benefits of availing X-Cart development services from experts
At the end of each calendar year, I like to summarize some of the most significant developments in the software development industry that happened during the year that is ending. The choice of these is entirely subjective and obviously colored by my own experience, background, perceptions, and preferences. Not worrying about the opinionated content of such a post, I now present the developments in software development that I consider most significant in 2013. 10. Gradle Gradle appeared to me to enter the mainstream consciousness of software developers in a big way in 2013. Gradle's rapidly rising popularity is nearly matched by its torrid rate of new releases. Gradle's success does not surprise me. Ruby on Rails helped bring Ruby into mainstream international prominence and, to a lesser degree, Grailshelped do the same thing for Groovy. 9. I'm not arguing that this trend means that there will only be one main programming language in the future. 8. 7. 6. 5. 4. 2. Significant Software Development Developments of 2013 | Javalobby
Inspired by Actual Events: The Developer/Non-Developer Impedance Mismatch Most software developers have probably heard of and even had experiences with the object-relational impedance mismatch (often addressed with ORM tools), the object-XML impedance mismatch (often addressed with OXM tools), and even the developer-DBA impedance mismatch. I don't believe that these impedance mismatches are as difficult as they are sometimes made out to be, but for those wishing to mitigate them, we have tools such as Java Persistence API implementations and JDO implementations for dealing with the object-relational mismatch (and some of the developer-DBA impedance mismatch) and similarly have approaches such as JAXB, XMLBeans, JiBX and Apache Commons Digester for dealing with the object-XML mismatch (and .NET's LINQ deals with both ORM and OXM mismatches). At this point in my career, I believe the developer/non-developer impedance mismatch is perhaps the most frustrating impedance mismatch I have run into. DRY Principle / Modularity Readable and Maintainable Code Conclusion
Developer Delayed Development - Paul Hammant's blog A week or so ago, I talked of a ThoughtWorks project that was consistently hitting story sizes of one day using AngularJS amongst other technologies. What could we do to make those smaller? Developers, when they are staffed on a project, quickly become the largest and therefore most expensive group. At that moment, everything has to be optimized for their greatest throughput. If we could delay that moment, then we could delay the coupled increasing of costs. There’s only so far you can go with photoshop, wire frames and alike before the product owners itch to see something real, so I’m going to propose something that feels real enough to them. Use AngularJS (or better). UX people should already know how to do their own incremental work using source-control appropriately and without an actual web server, so bring them in at this stage. What you want them to adopt, is the AngularJS stuff too. The above, and no safety net from tests, will get you down to story sizes of an hour or so.
Interview Training - Experience Media Consulting Group has served clients in the private and public sectors with discreet media and presentation training. Coaching Training London, Hypnosis Scotland and NLP London - Description: Offers Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) training and hypnotherapy courses in London, UK. INHOUSEPRESS - INHOUSEPRESS publish books, essays and newsletter principally dedicated to writings of Stan Lawaka Stanislaw Kapuscinski. A Free Self Help Tutorial designed to accelerate your personal development by exposing success blocks, clearing the path for achievement and re-programming your subconscious to succeed. The Attitude Doc - Tools that can help change your life! Friendship Inspiration Greeting Cards -Send your friends a little inspiration or a warm word of encouragement to keep up their spirit ! Men at Midlife... Interactive Self-Help for personal development - Life enhancing short residential breaks on the Isle of Arran, off the West Coast of Scotland. Self Help and Personal Development Websites
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This is an additional list of 62 personal development blogs to watch in 2010, the concept has been pioneered by Problogger who encouraged building a list within your niche. I have been inspired by Steven Aitchison’s list which I have built on rather than reiterate , Although I have been soooo…tempted to add some of my favourite bloggers form Steven’s list. My concept of personal development is defined by skills, shared personal experiences ,knowledge, awareness which contributions and enhances an individual experience(s) subsequently leading to increased understanding and personal growth . Enjoy as you breeze through .. Please note this list is placed in no particular order .. 1, Symphony of Love; love and inspiration; Symphony of Love aims to bring you love and inspiration. 2, The wisdom wall ; is a place where you can share the lessons you have learned in life. 8,This time This Space ; Time thief interests are focused on mind, body, spirit, nature and relationships. 43 I Choose Bliss. Personal Development Blogs Watch List | Self Help Wellness
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