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Caterpillar luxurious jewellery - Kaleidoscope effect Caterpillar luxurious jewellery. Unique 19th Century Ethiopian Golden Caterpillar Robot This so called Ethiopian Caterpillar is a unique work of Swiss jeweler and watch maker Henri Maillardet. 200-year-old masterpiece of high jewellery, the caterpillar is still in excellent working condition. Fully articulated caterpillar automaton by Henri Millardet, late 1700s. It was titled ‘the Ethiopian caterpillar’ when Maillardet, in partnership with legendary watchmaker Jaquet Droz, organized an exhibition to show off his menagerie of miniaturized automata in London, which dazzled the public. Of Maillardet’s caterpillar robots only six are known to exist and five are in prestigious collections in Europe, including one in the Patek Philippe museum and another two in the Sandoz collection. Golden Caterpillar Robot From 19th Century luxurious jewelry simulates movement of live caterpillars The Ethiopian Caterpillar closeup The underside is decorated with champlevé black enamel. Brooch ‘Caterpillar’. Caterpillar luxurious jewellery - Kaleidoscope effect
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Los cinco entierros de Pessoa - XV Festival Iberoamericano de Teatro de Bogotá | Teatro Mayor Julio Mario Santo Domingo Los cinco entierros de Pessoa - XV Festival Iberoamericano de Teatro de Bogotá | Teatro Mayor Julio Mario Santo Domingo “Durante varios meses nos sumergimos en el mundo delirante y esencial de Fernando Pessoa y ahora vamos a mostrar el resultado de la incursión teatral por la diversidad interior de uno de los más grandes poetas universales de todos los tiempos. […] esta experiencia nos ha llevado a la médula de un drama que se involucra directamente con las agitaciones de la existencia de uno y de todos los que nos habitan piel adentro” [Teatro Tierra]. Pessoa es en sí mismo un personaje teatral. Los cinco entierros de Pessoa, título que retoma un poema de Juan Manuel Roca dedicado al poeta portugués [“Pocas veces ocurre / que al morir un poeta / sean necesarios cinco ataúdes”], es además una hermosa puesta en escena del Teatro Tierra que, como es habitual en el lenguaje artístico de la compañía, transforma las imágenes poéticas en acciones dramáticas.
Arts plastiques - Éduscol Quelle architecture pour l'école de demain ? - Les Cahiers du CERFEELe numéro 43 des Cahiers du CERFEE paru en 2017 est consacré à la question de l'architecture scolaire. Arts plastiques - Éduscol
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Uber has launched an aggressive battle with California over its controversial self-driving cars, with regulators and consumer advocates accusing the corporation of flagrantly violating the law, endangering public safety and mistreating drivers. The intense fight with the state – which ignited hours after numerous self-driving cars were caught running red lights in Uber’s home town – has exposed what critics say are the unethical and illegal tactics that the company has repeatedly used to grow its business. The ride-sharing company, which launched semi-autonomous vehicles in San Francisco without permits this week, was ordered by the California department of motor vehicles (DMV) to immediately remove the cars from the road or face legal action. But Uber, which has not publicly responded to the state’s demands, blamed the traffic light violations on “human error” and suspended the drivers who were monitoring the cars. “These incidents were due to human error. Self-driving cars: Uber's open defiance of California shines light on brazen tactics | Technology Self-driving cars: Uber's open defiance of California shines light on brazen tactics | Technology
“I’ve seen good intentions among the NGOs,” Daniel Tillias said of the thousands of foreign non-governmental organizations that work in his home country of Haiti — so many that some Haitians refer to their country as the “NGO Republic of Haiti.” “I cannot imagine they would come here with the desire to create a big mess,” he said. Still, good intentions doesn’t always mean good results. Despite an outpouring of international aid, Haitians continue to struggle nearly seven years after the devastating 2010 earthquake which killed 200,000 people. A 2015 Congressional investigation found inefficiencies, wastefulness and lack of accountability with the American Red Cross’s recovery efforts. Tillias has a different conception of what will truly help his native Haiti rise from years of hardship. Through the Sakala Foundation, Tillias runs an urban farm in Cité Soleil, one of the poorest communities in Haiti, in the Port au Prince metropolitan area. The interest is there. Haiti's recovery: Grassroots effort sows seeds of hope for the future Haiti's recovery: Grassroots effort sows seeds of hope for the future
​The age of humanism is ending | Opinion | Analysis There is no sign that 2017 will be much different from 2016. Under Israeli occupation for decades, Gaza will still be the biggest open prison on Earth. In the United States, the killing of black people at the hands of the police will proceed unabated and hundreds of thousands more will join those already housed in the prison-industrial complex that came on the heels of plantation slavery and Jim Crow laws. Europe will continue its slow descent into liberal authoritarianism or what cultural theorist Stuart Hall called authoritarian populism. Inequalities will keep growing worldwide. The denigration of virtues such as care, compassion and kindness will go hand in hand with the belief, especially among the poor, that winning is all that matters and who wins — by whatever means necessary — is ultimately right. With the triumph of this neo-Darwinian approach to history-making, apartheid under various guises will be restored as the new old norm. None of the above is accidental. ​The age of humanism is ending | Opinion | Analysis
Culture shock: The best artistic stories that science has to tell Thousands of years ago people made up stories to explain the world. Myths describing the changing seasons often became dogma, morphing into religion. Fact, theory and story slid around one another, shaping an idea of what the world was, how it worked and what the meaning of life was. More recently science nudged those belief systems aside – unless you happen to be a creationist – and enjoyed a brief interlude when everything seemed measurable, discoverable and explainable. But it isn’t. These days string theory and quantum physics seem to occupy a similar space to the old myths. Some of these ideas are almost romantically delicious. On a perhaps more practical level, there’s the work of Benoit Mandelbrot, the Polish-born French mathematician who saw how fractal geometry creates the structure underpinning what may otherwise seem like chaos, and that even clouds and coastlines have an underlying degree of order. Culture shock: The best artistic stories that science has to tell
The Courier » Weekend: ‘Rockin’ Road to Dublin’ Irish dance music and rock ‘n’ roll collide when the Marathon Center for the Performing Arts presents “Rockin’ Road to Dublin” as part of the show’s first national tour. The show will be presented Sept. 30 at the arts center. (Photo provided) Created by the 2009 World Champion of Irish Dance, Scott Doherty, and worldwide performer of Irish music Chris Smith, “Rockin’ Road to Dublin” is bringing its concert and stage show hybrid to the Marathon Center for the Performing Arts as part of its first national tour. Comments comments The Courier » Weekend: ‘Rockin’ Road to Dublin’
Asphyxia: A Striking Fusion of Dance and Motion Capture Technology Asphyxia: A Striking Fusion of Dance and Motion Capture Technology Asphyxia is an experimental film project by Maria Takeuchi and Frederico Phillips that explores human movement through motion capture technology. The team used two inexpensive Xbox One Kinect sensors to capture the movements of dancer Shiho Tanaka and then rendered the data inside a near photo-realistic environment. From their description of the project: The project is an effort to explore new ways to use and/or combine technologies and different fields in an experiment without many of the common commercial limitations. You can see a making of video here.
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13. Alimentos ¿Qué clase de alimentos comían los judíos antiguos? "El alimento ordinario de la mayoría de los hebreos de los tiempos bíblicos, era pan, aceitunas, aceite, suero de manteca, y quesos de sus ganados, frutas y verduras de sus huertos y jardines, y carne en raras ocasiones'. Sólo muy pocas variedades podrían añadirse para tener una lista completa de los alimentos que se usaban en aquellos días. El comer los granos crudos es una costumbre moderna en Palestina que data de los tiempos más antiguos. (Véase también "Comer el Grano en el Campo" Cap. 19). Los discípulos de Jesús comían grano crudo en los campos. Por lo anterior puede verse que la costumbre de comer grano crudo ha prevalecido por miles de años. Otro alimento muy común en el Oriente actualmente y que se usa desde los tiempos bíblicos es el grano tostado. Pan, el principal alimento. La santidad del pan. Puede decirse que esta actitud del pueblo hacia el pan es esencialmente religiosa. Clases de Pan que se usaban. El Dr. Leche. 13. Alimentos
El vivir en tiendas es de origen muy antiguo según la Biblia. Se remonta hasta antes de los días de Abrahán. En las Sagradas Escrituras encontramos la primera referencia a esa vida en Génesis 4:20, cuando se refiere a un hombre llamado Jabal, que "fue el padre de los que habitaron en tiendas". Después del diluvio se dice en las Sagradas "Dios engrandezca a Japhet, y habite en sus tiendas de Sem" (Génesis 9:27). Los patriarcas Abraham, Isaac y Jacob pasaron la mayor parte de su vida en tiendas en la tierra de Canaán y sus alrededores. Los hijos de Israel vivieron en tiendas durante su peregrinación por el desierto durante cuarenta años. Por muchos años después que Israel entró a poseer la Tierra Prometida aún vivían en sus tiendas. Cuando las tribus se reunían en lugares pequeños como Gilgal y Silo, siempre llevaban consigo sus tiendas. La habitación de los beduinos es su tienda, la que es fabricada con telas de pelo negro. El fogón queda, por supuesto, sobre el piso. 11. Costumbres
Mundo Bíblico es el estudio de la historia de la nación de Israel: los patriarcas, el éxodo, la monarquía, el cisma, el exilio y el destierro. El curso comienza con el mundo de Abraham y da énfasis en las naciones que tuvieron influencia sobre el pueblo hebreo: Egipto, Asiria, Babilonia, Persia, Grecia y Roma. También se considera la geografía del medio-oriente y las costumbres en los tiempos bíblicos. Programa diario de actividades Referente a la hora de levantarse de la cama, un escritor ha descrito el asunto así: "El hábito de levantarse temprano es general en Palestina. Muchos pasajes bíblicos indican la costumbre de levantarse temprano que se practicaba en aquellos días. El primer sonido que alegra el oído temprano en la mañana en muchos pueblos palestinos, es el de la molienda del grano. Las referencias bíblicas a los molinos de mano son fieles a las costumbres Orientales. "La piedra superior da vueltas en derredor de un pivote de madera en el Centro de la de abajo. 15. Vestuario
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Chapter 6. Communications to Promote Interest | Section 7. Preparing Public Service Announcements What is a public service announcement?When should you consider using PSA's?How do you write a PSA?How do you produce a PSA?How do you get your PSA on the air? "This is your brain. "A mind is a terrible thing to waste." "Friends don't let friends drive drunk." "You could learn a lot from a dummy." How many of these phrases ring a bell? While the above examples were all big-budget campaigns, your own organization's public service announcements (also known as PSA's) -- even if they're a small, locally-produced campaign -- can be a great inexpensive way to get your message out to the public. What is a public service announcement? Public service announcements, or PSA's, are short messages produced on film, videotape, DVD, CD, audiotape, or as a computer file and given to radio and television stations. Broadcast media -- radio and television -- are required by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to serve "in the public interest." Advantages of PSA's PSA's are generally inexpensive. Radio
What do you want the world to know? That's the central question asked when you are creating a public service announcement (PSA), which is any message promoting programs, activities or services of federal, state or local governments or the programs, activities or services of non-profit organizations. Often in the form of commercials and print ads, PSAs are created to persuade an audience to take a favorable action. PSAs came into being with the entry of the United States into World War II. Today that same council, the Advertising Council, now serves as a facilitating agency and clearing house for nationwide campaigns that have become a familiar part of daily life. Yet the most recognized PSA consisted of only an egg, a frying pan and these 15 words: "This is your brain. This only goes to show the massive impact PSAs have on our culture and our society. Getting Started Choose your topic. How to Create the Perfect Public Service Announcement
The old adage about a free lunch is also true about free media—there’s no such thing. It is true that radio and television stations, as well as newspapers and magazines, will broadcast or publish public service announcements (PSAs) for free. But that doesn’t mean that PSA campaigns are free or easy. What PSAs Are... Often the only realistic opportunity for nonprofit groups to communicate a message through the mass media.Considered "advertising" by media outlets that use them. That is, PSAs generally are published or broadcast in unsold advertising space and must follow the same guidelines as paid advertising.Available to nonprofit and not-for-profit organizations.Viewed by the public as positive and credible sources of information. What PSAs Aren’t... Free advertising. Deciding to Launch a PSA Campaign Like all ventures, there are pros and cons to a PSA campaign. Step 1: Refine your message. Producing PSAs Consider hiring a professional advertising firm. Television PSAs Radio PSAs Print PSAs All About Public Service Announcements // ACEP
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