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I remember making my first bow as a kid. I found a branch on the ground under the black oak trees that grew in our yard. There was a windstorm the prior evening and branches were everywhere. I found one with a bend and tied on a string. Then I grabbed a smaller, straighter branch. What is it that attracts people to want to know how to make a bow and arrow? So how do you make a bow? Select your wood My first attempt at bow making was actually not that far off. You can walk outside, find some local trees or shrubs, and start bending wood. You can actually make a bow out of any wood. Bow woods [twocol_one] [unordered_list style="tick"] HickoryOakPacific YewJuniper [/unordered_list] [/twocol_one] [twocol_one_last] Osage OrangeAshElmMulberry [/twocol_one_last] If you live in the land of hardwoods, you can see from the list that there is a bounty of woods from which to choose. Harvest Once you have decided which species you are going to use, you’ll need to find a specimen to harvest. Prepare the stave Bow making Basics Bow making Basics
No one is a morning person, even if they CLAIM they are. They are probably lying and by “probably…” I obviously mean they are. Who LIKES having to get out of bed, especially when you JUST found the perfect sleeping spot and the open air is frighteningly and shockingly less welcoming than your blanket cocoon? What could possibly be even worse than that? The traumatic moment where you have actually managed to violently pull yourself out of bed but have yet to consume your morning wake-me-up beverage of choice. All you want is a straight caffeine shot to the face, but noooo you have to wait for water to boil and drinks to steep while making small talk with your roommie, slash bestie, who you love but at that pre-caffeinated moment, can’t remember why. Enter Sharpie mugs who can say it alllll for you and possibly inject a smile into the AM routine we all love hate while working to get your day started off right. Image and tutorial via A Beautiful Mess blog Cups | Sharpie Markers Official Blog Cups | Sharpie Markers Official Blog
Best on DA: volume 34 « Cosplay Gen We continue the candy-sharing campaign by offering you our finest cosplay photos of this week. Just have a bite and some more. Magi – Dark Sideby ca-g-e Bayonetta 2 (Maid version) by rinoafatali Devil Scanty by Vavalika Kinuko Ibara ZONE 00 by AlienOrihara Shining Tears x Wind (Elwing) by Pugoffka-sama Smile! Cosfest 2013 – Magic Knight Rayearth by shiroang Tengen Toppa Gurren-Lagann by AlienOrihara Lady Sylvanas Windrunner by Kiirae Scissors Crown – Red Queen? Cosfest 2013 – Clover by shiroang BANG! Pain Is Righteousness by xXAnemonaXx Fate Extra : Red Saber – 2 by ImMuze Captains will curse our flag … by S-Seith Elin Priest – Tera by sundancekiid Magi – Yunan Cosplay by ElisaCosplay Blood on my hands by Miss-Alice-Monster Stone Ocean by yui930 Fate/Zero: Irisviel and Saber by Yuuri-C Giorno Giovanna by fritzfusion Devil May Cry 4 – Lady by Matosauce Mahmut by studioK2 Oichi – Sengoku Basara by Pugoffka-sama Kindan no Elixir-02 by hiyuki Legendary J anchor – Felyne by Shoko-Cosplay Skuld by vietgirl018 Best on DA: volume 34 « Cosplay Gen
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Lately, my bucket has been brimming over with ideas. I love Pinterest not just to discover cute and clever art lessons, but for ideas to create them. I’m in the business of creating my own content so I look to my surroundings (and Pinterest!) for my daily fix. Here’s what’s inspiring me lately… A simple image often spurs the brain into action. I’m always on the lookout for a simple approach to teach perspective and this atmospheric grove of birch trees is perfect. Last summer, I took my parents to visit Lotusland in Santa Barbara. Of course, inspiration is never far away. What has inspired you lately? Share October Inspirations October Inspirations
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Amalgamated is a new series of vessels by studio markunpoika constructed from assembled pencils. Taking advantage of the pencil’s unique hexagon shape, the pencils are first tightly glued together at each facet to form a solid block. The final pieces are then carved on a machine lathe to reveal the insides of each pencil. Via studio markunpoika: “Amalgamated” is a collection which explores the relationship of a mass produced ‘tool’ and its individual purpose. The beauty of the pencil as an object seems to go unnoticed if utilised only for their primary purpose. The vessels are part of a collaboration between Gallery FUMI and Faber-Castell and were recently on view as part of Design Miami/Basel 2014. Vases Constructed from Hundreds of Pencils by Studio Markunpoika Vases Constructed from Hundreds of Pencils by Studio Markunpoika
From 2012-2013 Gucci Japan produced an online video series called “Hand” that payed homage to 35 artists and designers who eschew modern mass-production in favor of traditional techniques. One of the most impressive videos is an example of Japanese parquetry demonstrated by Noboru Honma, where geometric mosaics of wood are cut into razor-thin veneers for application on boxes or other decorative objects. According to Jesus Diaz over at Gizmodo, when viewed with headphones and at full-screen, this video may be an example of autonomous sensory meridian response (ASMR), a perceptual phenomenon that’s described on Wikipedia as “a distinct, pleasurable tingling sensation in the head, scalp, back, or peripheral regions of the body in response to visual, auditory, tactile, olfactory, and/or cognitive stimuli.” So, what’s the verdict, does this Japanese parquetry make your spine tingle!? Or maybe this calligraphy video? The Fine Art of Japanese Parquetry Using Razor-Thin Slices of Wood Mosaics The Fine Art of Japanese Parquetry Using Razor-Thin Slices of Wood Mosaics
Basic Resin Casting In this tutorial, you will learn about basic resin casting - the types of resins, how to measure them and how to work with them. You will also learn about different types of molds and how to mix them. What you need Resin Measuring Tools Disposable Mixing bowl or cup Disposable tools Suitable mold Cooking Spray Straw Items for Embedding Instructions Resins: Polyester Resin: is a liquid plastic that hardens when a few drops of the catalyst are added to create a chemical reaction. Epoxy Resin: These resins are more frequently used in the crafting and hobby world, they are easy to use with a low toxicity, making them suitable for ventilated craft rooms and work areas. Epoxy resins come in two parts: resin and hardener. Always handle resins with care, and follow the proper use that is recommended by the manufacturer. Pigments and Dyes: These come in liquids, powders and pastes . Molds: Latex molds: These are great to use as the flexibility of them means you can literally POP out your resin cast. Basic Resin Casting
Casting Flexible Polyurethane Foam Casting Flexible Polyurethane Foam I have been making a series of 3D printed molds recently (see Making a 3D Printed Mold) and figured I should explain how I'm doing the casting. The molds are for animal ear shapes (it's a long story) and they need to be squishy and light weight. The best material for this is polyurethane foam. It comes in a two-part kit, similar to most RTV silicones and casting resins. It's slightly harder to work with than those other materials due to its very short pot life, but with a bit of practice you can achieve good results. I'll show pictures of the 3D printed molds I've used but you can also cast into molds made from many other materials. Note that if you are going to use a silicone, or other rubber mold, you will need to be sure to use a "mother" mold, which is an outer mold that is stiff, unlike the stretchy rubber. "Submitted by Ace Monster Toys for the Instructables Sponsorship Program"
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28 Jun As a girl, I spent a lot of summer days lounging around making friendship bracelets of one form or another. It started simply with trios of embroidery thread and eventually evolved into more intricate creations involving beads and other such adornments. So today I’ve rounded up a dozen wonderful bracelet crafts. Dip dyed nautical rope bracelets DIY at …love Maegan. Lester lace bracelets at I SPY DIY. Summer bracelets DIY at Between the Lines. Classic friendship bracelet DIY at Design Mom. 15 minute Mod Podge wooden bracelet at maya*made. Summer kid craft: friendship bracelets at ohdeedoh. DIY braided hex nut bracelet, DIY rope bracelet, and DIY friendship bracelet from Honestly…WTF. Modern friendship bracelets DIY at A Beautiful Mess. Similar Stuff:Arts and Crafts for Big Kids (featuring another of my favorite bracelet DIYs)Retro Toy Love: Suitcase DollhouseEaster Style: Sew vs. P.S. P.S. Modern DIY Bracelets Modern DIY Bracelets
Summer bracelets DIY When M. came home from her camp with school, she showed me this yellow bracelet she made with 'scoubidoo' strings. One of her friends taught her how to make these and of course I wanted to have a go at it too. Instead of scoubidou string I used strips of fabric for one and leather - what did you think?!- shoelaces in offsetting colors for another one. I believe both resulting bracelets look really nice. So, in case you 're in need of a fun summer project here's a how-to in 16 pictures with a short description below. This is what you'll need for an adult size leather bracelet. - a 52cm long strip of fabric or leather shoe lace - a second strip of fabric or leather shoe lace of approximately 95 cm - a big-eyed needle - a cylindrical object to hold the loop so your project stays put while braiding (the neck of an Elmer's glue bottle works just fine; when out on the beach, the finger of a helper's hand might do the trick as well) Steps: 1. Summer bracelets DIY
DIY Unique Weave Bracelet ❥ 4U // h

Follow these tips and you’ll be able to do amazing toys from the usual yarn! For the manufacture of these toys will only need yarn, a piece of cardboard, scissors and your imagination! Such crafts can make even the children. Very quickly, easily, and, most importantly, fun! Materials For the pom poms: Scissors Two plastic covers (eg, yogurt) or a cardboard cut out 2 circles with holes in the center any color yarn Flower: The dense fabric of length 7 inch (stalk) A thin wire Flowers, chick, cat and a frog made of pom poms Instructions Take the scissors and cut out in plastic covers or cardboard circles on one hole. Fold the two rings together so that their opening match. Place one of the blades of the scissors between the two rings. Chick Use glue to stick the two black eyes, buttons and triangles-beak. Cat Glue the ears, tail, button-eyes and nose. Frog Glue two legs and two white circle, which will be the eyes. Flower yarn crafts for kids | art ideas crafts
Pom pom and pipe cleaner dolls | The Craft Train This week I made the girls some little pom pom and pipe cleaner dolls. They were a hit! You could turn them into fairies with the addition of a pair of paper or felt wings glued to the back but I thought they were cute enough as plain dolls and left them as is. * Disclosure: I was provided with a gift card to use at Spotlight in exchange for writing this post but all thoughts, opinions and ideas are my own. I live local to a Spotlight store so when I was offered the chance to select some crafty goodies and make anything I wanted for my blog I could hardly refuse. On this occasion I was drawn to some cute little bags of mixed coloured yarn, there are eight colours in each pack. To create the body of the doll I have added from the kitchen cupboard some pasta coated with nail polish to give it a bit of durability and colour. You will need How to Use a fork like in the picture below to create the pom pom for the hair. Now is the time to give it a trim. And that, folks, is all there is to it.
Pom Poms – Backpack Charms Little Miss is ‘back to school’ in the morning, the final part of the prep was getting her hair cut today so we’re officially ready….. that is until I get home and can’t find her tie or something, always happens!! It’s been such a great weather-friendly summer for the kiddos in Ireland (after more than seven really awful summers) so I’m in no hurry for it to end, while Molly on the other hand has been counting down the sleeps – as this year, in first class, she has it in her head that she will make ‘friends for life’ :) As part of the preparations Little Miss and I made some pom pom charms for her backpack, she’s picked the little yellow chick to accompany her on her daily adventures, I wish I was the chick, the fly on the wall so to speak!!- Backpack Charms have all the fun!! Materials Needed: pom pom maker (the bought kind or the traditional cardboard discs), wool, scissors, felt, felt glue- How to make pom poms, by Molly :) Next glue on the eyes. crafts for kids and their parents Pom Poms - school bag charms & keyrings
“My Afrocentric Life,” by Akilah Johnson (courtesy of Google 2016) JUST LAST month, Akilah Johnson was “surprised and overwhelmed” when she learned that she was a national finalist in the “Doodle 4 Google” contest for elementary through high school students. Imagine how she feels now. Akilah, a sophomore at Eastern Senior High School in Northeast Washington, has just been named Google’s big winner in the national contest, topping the 53 state and territory champions, whose work had been culled from about 100,000 student entries. “It is really overwhelming,” Akilah tells The Post’s Comic Riffs, minutes after receiving the news Monday during a ceremony at Google headquarters in Mountain View, Calif. “I was so excited, I started crying,” Akilah says. Akilah is the contest’s first winner from Washington, as D.C. was not eligible to enter the states-only competition in past years. This year’s contest theme was: “What makes me…me.” entertainment comic-riffs true Entertainment Alerts Today’s winning Google Doodle invoking Black Lives Matter was designed by a high school sophomore
Radical Homemaking: Why Both Men and Women Should Get Back In Kitchen Photo: John Wise. Long before we could pronounce Betty Friedan’s last name, Americans from my generation felt her impact. Many of us born in the mid-1970s learned from our parents and our teachers that women no longer needed to stay home, that there were professional opportunities awaiting us. My own farming background led me to pursue advanced degrees in the field of sustainable agriculture, with a powerful interest in the local food movement. The economics didn’t work out, either. Wondering if my family was a freaky aberration to the conventional American culture, I decided to post a notice on my webpage, looking to connect with other ecologically minded homemakers. The Origins of Homemaking: A vocation for both sexes Upon further investigation, I learned that the household did not become the “woman’s sphere” until the Industrial Revolution. Housewife’s Syndrome The effect on the American housewife was devastating. Before long, the second family income was no longer an option.

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