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Lately, my bucket has been brimming over with ideas. I love Pinterest not just to discover cute and clever art lessons, but for ideas to create them. I’m in the business of creating my own content so I look to my surroundings (and Pinterest!) for my daily fix. Here’s what’s inspiring me lately… A simple image often spurs the brain into action. I’m always on the lookout for a simple approach to teach perspective and this atmospheric grove of birch trees is perfect. Last summer, I took my parents to visit Lotusland in Santa Barbara. Of course, inspiration is never far away. What has inspired you lately? Share October Inspirations October Inspirations
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Amalgamated is a new series of vessels by studio markunpoika constructed from assembled pencils. Taking advantage of the pencil’s unique hexagon shape, the pencils are first tightly glued together at each facet to form a solid block. The final pieces are then carved on a machine lathe to reveal the insides of each pencil. Via studio markunpoika: “Amalgamated” is a collection which explores the relationship of a mass produced ‘tool’ and its individual purpose. The beauty of the pencil as an object seems to go unnoticed if utilised only for their primary purpose. The vessels are part of a collaboration between Gallery FUMI and Faber-Castell and were recently on view as part of Design Miami/Basel 2014. Vases Constructed from Hundreds of Pencils by Studio Markunpoika Vases Constructed from Hundreds of Pencils by Studio Markunpoika
From 2012-2013 Gucci Japan produced an online video series called “Hand” that payed homage to 35 artists and designers who eschew modern mass-production in favor of traditional techniques. One of the most impressive videos is an example of Japanese parquetry demonstrated by Noboru Honma, where geometric mosaics of wood are cut into razor-thin veneers for application on boxes or other decorative objects. According to Jesus Diaz over at Gizmodo, when viewed with headphones and at full-screen, this video may be an example of autonomous sensory meridian response (ASMR), a perceptual phenomenon that’s described on Wikipedia as “a distinct, pleasurable tingling sensation in the head, scalp, back, or peripheral regions of the body in response to visual, auditory, tactile, olfactory, and/or cognitive stimuli.” So, what’s the verdict, does this Japanese parquetry make your spine tingle!? Or maybe this calligraphy video? The Fine Art of Japanese Parquetry Using Razor-Thin Slices of Wood Mosaics The Fine Art of Japanese Parquetry Using Razor-Thin Slices of Wood Mosaics
Basic Resin Casting In this tutorial, you will learn about basic resin casting - the types of resins, how to measure them and how to work with them. You will also learn about different types of molds and how to mix them. What you need Resin Measuring Tools Disposable Mixing bowl or cup Disposable tools Suitable mold Cooking Spray Straw Items for Embedding Instructions Resins: Polyester Resin: is a liquid plastic that hardens when a few drops of the catalyst are added to create a chemical reaction. Epoxy Resin: These resins are more frequently used in the crafting and hobby world, they are easy to use with a low toxicity, making them suitable for ventilated craft rooms and work areas. Epoxy resins come in two parts: resin and hardener. Always handle resins with care, and follow the proper use that is recommended by the manufacturer. Pigments and Dyes: These come in liquids, powders and pastes . Molds: Latex molds: These are great to use as the flexibility of them means you can literally POP out your resin cast. Basic Resin Casting
Casting Flexible Polyurethane Foam Casting Flexible Polyurethane Foam I have been making a series of 3D printed molds recently (see Making a 3D Printed Mold) and figured I should explain how I'm doing the casting. The molds are for animal ear shapes (it's a long story) and they need to be squishy and light weight. The best material for this is polyurethane foam. It comes in a two-part kit, similar to most RTV silicones and casting resins. It's slightly harder to work with than those other materials due to its very short pot life, but with a bit of practice you can achieve good results. I'll show pictures of the 3D printed molds I've used but you can also cast into molds made from many other materials. Note that if you are going to use a silicone, or other rubber mold, you will need to be sure to use a "mother" mold, which is an outer mold that is stiff, unlike the stretchy rubber. "Submitted by Ace Monster Toys for the Instructables Sponsorship Program"
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It’s been awhile since we made these pretty storage jars and we realized we never shared them on our own site, duh! We did share a brief rundown when we shared some pretty bathroom storage tips last year but figured it was time to share a quick step by step how to fancy up your mason jars. We love these recycled food jars turned pretty storage jars with glass knob tops, great way to upcycle something that would have gone in the trash! This is a super easy project and we love the color combo! They coordinate with my personal decor style and especially that of my daughter’s room. I couldn’t be more pleased with how easy these knob jars turned out and guarantee you’ll love them just as much! Paint jar lids assortment of paint colors, 2-3 light coats will cover them. Tip: Paint the sides first, then hold the lid with you thumb and index finger to keep your hands clean! When dry, seal with a foam brush.Drill into middle of jar lid with a metal drill bit. Screw knob into place. upcycled mason jar with pretty glass knob tops » Lolly Jane upcycled mason jar with pretty glass knob tops » Lolly Jane
Wonderful DIY Beautiful Teacup Bird feeder Here are some great ideas for Teacup Bird feeder .They are easy to make and are great for getting those birds to your backyard so that you can enjoy them. So don’t throw away your old cutlery and kitchen items. Use your old cup and saucer, or old sauce pan as bird feeder and amaze everyone with your sense of creativity. You and your kids will love these unique DIY about recycling ! Click here for instructions from ‘Intimate Weddings’ Click here for instructions from ‘Mommy Moment’ Click here for instructions from ” Gardenweb “ Click here for instructions from ‘Erin’s Creative Energy’ DIY beautiful-teacup-tyre-planter — Check here Wonderful DIY Beautiful Teacup Bird feeder
One of the coolest parts about mastering crochet, is swapping out different types of materials to create your masterpieces. Traditional crochet pieces are created from yarn. But, some crafty creators, like Mama in a Stitch have taken a twist on the art form by turning to less conventional materials, like rope. Other crochet fans turn to materials like embroidery thread, wire, grocery bags, t-shirts, para-cord and hemp. Choosing a different material is a great way to get creative, but it can also save you a bundle. Mama in a stitch crocheted this one-of-a-kind rug for about $16. You can personalize this project by heading to the local hardware store and grabbing different textures and colors of rope, like Aesthetic Outburst which opted for a bright pink cord. This project is perfect for beginners and experts. More experienced crochet artists can swap colors or change stitches for more intricate designs, like the one above from Craft Passion. Create a gorgeous and durable rug crocheting with rope Create a gorgeous and durable rug crocheting with rope
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Learn how to draw Harley Quinn from Suicide Squad step by step Chibi in this follow along drawing tutorial lesson. She is part of a team of supervillains that are given a chance at redemption. She is played by the beautiful actress Margot Robbie who does an amazing job in the movie and steals the show. =) Thanks for watching!! Please LIKE, COMMENT, and SHARE. =) Thank You!!! Draw So Cute

Art/Crafts | Squarehead Teachers Another gem I found in my mom’s old teaching files were these art center folders. I realize that teachers nowadays don’t have time for an art center every day (or can’t use some of the tools needed for these projects), but they’re interesting ideas that you could use as springboards for projects during art or at home with kids. I only have the photos; I don’t have more detailed directions than what’s in the photo. Like this: Like Loading... I recently found this cool fraction picture book in my mom’s old teaching files. This page (quick tips on how to cut out each piece) was also in the file: If you wanted to allow for more creativity, you could have students cut out a bunch of the fraction pieces and let them make whatever they wanted. Looking for something cute to make, that’s challenging enough for upper grade students? You’ll need the fat ones (for the body, arms and legs) and the regular skinny ones (cut up for toes and mouth). It incorporates so much good stuff into one project!
History: Abstract Art for Kids History >> Art History General Overview The Abstract Art movement took place in the United States. When was the Abstract Art movement? The Abstract Expressionism movement began in the 1940s in New York City after World War II. What are the characteristics of Abstract Art? The main characteristic of abstract art is that it has no recognizable subject. Examples of Abstract Art Composition II in Red, Blue, and Yellow (Piet Mondrian) Mondrian painted with precision and geometric shapes. Composition II in Red, Blue, and Yellow by Piet Mondrian (click picture for larger view) White Center: Yellow, Pink and Lavender on Rose (Mark Rothko) No. 5, 1948 (Jackson Pollock) Jackson Pollock created his own unique style of painting. Famous Abstract Artists Willem de Kooning - Kooning was a Dutch artist who became a part of the New York City Abstract Expressionist movement. Take a ten question quiz about this page. Works Cited
Carrie at her creative Dittle Dattle blog has posted several DIY tutorials, including framing projects for nautical custom frames, a frame-within-a-frame and a (higher skill level) shadow box frame. She also created a great home project wall display using square white frames. Her clear instructions and running commentary are delightful, as well. Pretty matted frame-within-a-frame instructions can be found at Dittle Dattle's Framing Frame Instructions for these nautical frames using pallets or rough-sawn lumber, boards, nut mounted glass, and chalk paint are available at Nautical Custom DIY Frames Carrie's gallery wall collage, including an Ikea rug No instructions for these 20"x20" white frames using 1"x4" boards, although you can make a request. Thanks Carrie for you and your husband and your DIY frames!
I have been in the process of redecorating my bedroom the last few months. I wanted to do a little gallery art wall in there. I picked a wall and got to work. Here is my little frame: I love the chunkiness of it! To make it "look" bigger I had my hubby cut out a piece of wood bigger then it. I painted the top of it white. When my mom saw me doing this she thought I was making a flag for the 4th of July. Next, I painted black over the vinyl so it would make zig zags on the board. When that dried I peeled off the vinyl. I wanted all the sides to be solid black so I put the board between 2 things to hold it up and painted the sides. While that was drying I took my little frame and spray painted it black. I am not sure what I was thinking, but I didn't get pictures of the next steps. After the frame dried I took some sand paper and sanded around the edges on the inside and outside. Next, I put a family picture in it and then screwed it onto the board. EEEK!!!
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