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Het programma Digitale Overheid (Digiprogramma) is een product van het Nationaal Beraad onder voorzitterschap van de Digicommissaris. Het Digiprogramma is nationaal, meerjarig en heeft een interbestuurlijk karakter. De Digicommissaris is door het kabinet aangesteld om als overheidsbrede regisseur een nationaal programma op te stellen dat wordt uitgevoerd door alle overheden. Het Digiprogramma wordt in samenwerking met medeoverheden, uitvoeringsorganisaties en het Rijk opgesteld. In de kern is het Digiprogramma gericht op het op orde krijgen van de (inhoudelijke) ambities, de sturing en de financiering van de Generieke Digitale Infrastructuur (GDI). De Digicommissaris neemt geen taken en verantwoordelijkheden over, zoals bijvoorbeeld de regie op beleidsdoelstellingen en initiatieven. Het Digiprogramma is meerjarig en wordt jaarlijks herijkt. Digicommissaris | Inhoud (Digiprogramma) Digicommissaris | Inhoud (Digiprogramma)
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Internships in the Game Industry My Summer Internship at Electronic Arts This past Spring I interviewed with EA and was offered a position to work as a software engineering intern with the Sims team. Although every game studio is different, the following describes the process I went through to obtain an internship as well a few tips for obtaining the summer internship of your dreams! Preparing for the Game Industry The first step in obtaining an internship in the game industry is to prepare. Research the Game Industry Working in the game industry can be a lot of fun! Although playing games is fun, that's not always the case when creating them. Play and Analyze Games To excel in the game industry you must be passionate about video and computer games. Take Challenging Classes Because working in the game industry seems so glamorous, competition for jobs is fierce. At college take as many game-related classes as you can. Work on Independent Projects One way to differentiate yourself is by working on independent projects. Internships in the Game Industry
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We love to hate meetings. And with good reason — they clog up our days, making it hard to get work done in the gaps, and so many feel like a waste of time. There’s plenty of advice out there on how to stop spending so much time in meetings or make better use of the time, but does it hold up in reality? Can you really make meetings more effective and regain control of your calendar? Paul Axtell, who has worked for 35 years as a personal effectiveness consultant and wrote Meetings Matter: 8 Powerful Strategies for Remarkable Conversations, says that this is a major pain point for almost every manager he works with. “People are absolutely resigned. 1. Of course, there is no magic number. The challenge with large meetings isn’t just that everyone won’t have a chance to talk, but many of them won’t feel the need to. This isn’t to say that your 20-person meeting is doomed for failure. 2. Both experts agree this is a good idea, for two reasons. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. The Condensed Guide to Running Meetings The Condensed Guide to Running Meetings
Podcasts to boost your business knowledge Podcasts to boost your business knowledge Learn something on the way to work.Chris Hondros/Getty Images If you're someone who wants to stay up to date with business news and learn about the finer points of finance and entrepreneurialism, then one of the best ways to pass your commute or workout is with a business podcast. We've picked our favorites, and we're sure you'll find at least one you'll want to keep coming back to. 'Planet Money' will simplify some of the most complex and important economic issues in the world today. NPR's "Planet Money" is the most popular business podcast for a simple reason: It's as enjoyable and informative for someone in finance as it is for someone who never studied economics. Twice a week, the team brings you an entertaining and well-researched report on timely topics relevant to your life, from what's happening with the Brexit to why it takes so long to scan that chip in your credit card. Find it here » 'The Tim Ferriss Show' will help you understand the mechanics of success. The Tim Ferriss Show
Job Interview; Questions to ask The questions you ask your interviewer can make or break your chances. AIGA RALEIGH/flickr It's important to remember that every interview is a two-way street. You should be assessing the employer just as much as they're assessing you because you both need to walk away convinced that the job would be a great fit. So when the tables are turned and the interviewer asks, "Do you have any questions for me?" "The very process of asking questions completely changes the dynamic of the interview and the hiring manager's perception of you," says Teri Hockett, a former CEO and career strategist. Amy Hoover, president of TalentZoo, says there's another reason you should always prepare questions. But, Hoover says, don't just ask questions for the sake of it. "Your questions can, in fact, make or break an interview," she explains. Luckily, there are plenty of smart ones to pick from. 1. Before you begin asking your questions, find out if there's anything they'd like you to elaborate on. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. Job Interview; Questions to ask

by Stephen Ristau, Career Transitions Consultant Many organizations don’t recognize the reported tsunami of workforce shortages looming on the horizon that will spur them to get ready for the next generation of workers. Nonprofit organizations from all areas of the sector are facing, among other challenges, the loss of significant leadership and direct service personnel over the next 10 to 20 years. This movement is challenging long-held beliefs and behavior about career development, work-life transition, and retirement. As one of these trailblazers, you have a dual mission. You have your work cut out for you but ultimately it is worth the effort. You will be the one who convinces these organizations that they are ready for you. Here are some tips to help you start forging the trail: 1. Meet with nonprofit professionals from various organizations with diverse missions and sizes to learn about them and to assess your fit. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 17 tips to help you make the transition from for-profit to nonprofit 17 tips to help you make the transition from for-profit to nonprofit
Converting to nonprofit status | For-Profit Enterprises | Individual Grantseekers | Knowledge Base | Tools | GrantSpace Converting to nonprofit status | For-Profit Enterprises | Individual Grantseekers | Knowledge Base | Tools | GrantSpace Since you will ultimately need to change your filing status with the IRS, it is important to research their regulations on charitable organizations. Keep in mind that the IRS classifies other types of tax-exempt entities, such as business leagues, labor and social welfare organizations, each with their own restrictions and eligibility requirements. You will also need to check with your state agency (typically the Secretary of State or Attorney General's office) to find out what required filings you might need to submit. Locate your state's charity office » Incorporating as a nonprofit involves a certain loss of personal ownership over the organization, since all nonprofit organizations are run by a board of directors. See our related Knowledge Base articles: - What are the advantages/disadvantages of becoming a nonprofit organization? More articles on starting a nonprofit» Selected resources below may also be helpful. Books & Articles More books & articles»
Deep Learning Is Going to Teach Us All the Lesson of Our Lives: Jobs Are for Machines (An alternate version of this article was originally published in the Boston Globe) On December 2nd, 1942, a team of scientists led by Enrico Fermi came back from lunch and watched as humanity created the first self-sustaining nuclear reaction inside a pile of bricks and wood underneath a football field at the University of Chicago. Known to history as Chicago Pile-1, it was celebrated in silence with a single bottle of Chianti, for those who were there understood exactly what it meant for humankind, without any need for words. Now, something new has occurred that, again, quietly changed the world forever. The language is a new class of machine learning known as deep learning, and the “whispered word” was a computer’s use of it to seemingly out of nowhere defeat three-time European Go champion Fan Hui, not once but five times in a row without defeat. What actually ended up happening when they faced off? Deep Learning Is Going to Teach Us All the Lesson of Our Lives: Jobs Are for Machines — Basic income Deep Learning Is Going to Teach Us All the Lesson of Our Lives: Jobs Are for Machines — Basic income
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Knowledge guide to company registration | Company administration | Business management This Knowledge Guide provides information about the company registers of countries internationally, and where possible, access to the registers. The guide covers official and unofficial information sources from the print collection of the ICAEW Library & Information service and the internet. Last updated: December 2014 Company registration in Austria Publication requirements for small, medium and large corporations differ depending upon the size and legal form of a firm. Financial statements for some companies including those listed on the stock exchange, banks, insurance companies and large AGs must also be published in the official daily newspaper the Wiener Zeitung Company information is available from the European Business Register (EBR). Company registration in Belgium The Central Register of Commerce in Belgium is managed by Euro DB. Certain companies have to file accounts with the Central Balance Sheet Office of the National Bank of Belgium. Company registration in Canada Knowledge guide to company registration | Company administration | Business management
Official company registers Starting Points Company registration around the world A list of official company registers around the world maintained by the Commercial Register Office of the Canton St. Gallen. Overseas registries A list of official company registers by country provided by Companies House. OpenCorporates If you do not know the country in which a company is registered try OpenCorporates. Company Formation Survey The Survey is an authoritative guide to company formation in over 50 offshore jurisdictions. ICAEW Knowledge guide to company registration This guide is produced by the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales and is one of their Subject Gateways. Europe Austria Belgium Bulgaria Asia Official company registers
These are the 3 basic steps to start drop shipping products. #1: Building or renting a webshop for products: The biggest profit margins, the best branding, and the most flexibility come through selling product on your own webshop. Create your own online store in 1 minute for FREE Look at this screenshot ! Source: G2Crowd #2: Picking the best products to sell: You can find easy-to-sell products on AliExpress and Oberlo is an excellent tool to find, choose, upload and edit products into your webshop. #3: Online marketing your eShop: There are plenty of strategies to generate FREE and paid traffic. Download it ! Recommended press release: SEO expert skills 2017. 3 Easy steps to Start your own Dropshipping Business | ASO Training for Digital Marketers
For additional information Click Here Didn't you know - The retail side of ecommerce is worth more than $220 billion, and is expected to grow to $370 billion by 2017. In this article, I will teach you how to start dropshipping products from China to your country, operating your business from your home-office. What is dropshipping business model ? Dropshipping is a simple and modern e-Commerce business model, which allows you to sell items online without stocking a large inventory. Reap the benefits of dropshipping Almost no capital investment, because there is no inventory to hold. How to start your own dropshipping business? #1: Go here Rent a webshop click ‘start your 14 days free trial’, enter your store name, and create your shop. #2: Install Oberlo app and add your selected items. #3: Once you install Oberlo, you will have an option to browse and import products from Aliexpress directly to your Shopify store. Conclusion What is Dropshipping exactly, and How To Start an eCommerce business from home ?
For additional information Click Here Sometimes companies around the Globe require one or more virtual assistants eventually to help with their eCommerce business in order to reply for customer emails and other online based tasks. But what are the requriements to work as a VA in 2017 ? Other duties: Purchasing from AliExpress, fill out the shipping details correctly and complete the order.Sending pre-written e-mails with one click to people that abandon their carts.Virtual assistants need to send out pre-written emails manually to customers to remind them to pay their bill after some days. If you get hired you can establish longterm business relationship with your employer. Download 2017 eCommerce guide PDF. How drop shipping works on AliExpress ?
9 Proven Business Models to Consider for Your Startup | The Huffington Post The business model is at the core of any successful startup, because no matter how cool an idea is or how unique something may seem, a startup must have a viable way of making money that is worthy enough for future investment and to sustain itself. Many new startup founders throw around the term “business model” when discussing and planning strategies for their venture. Questions like “What business model works best with my idea?” or “How do I know if my startup is using the right model?” The business model you choose needs to tie to the consumer pain point your startup is relieving, and work better than the competition’s. There are many options to generate revenue that have already been proven, and as a founder it is your job to figure out which one works best with your business. 1. Warby Parker had the simple idea back in 2010 we all wish we would have thought of first. Why It Works: Becoming the middleman gives startups a serious pricing advantage, and saves consumers money. 2. 3.
What Is a Business Model? In The New, New Thing, Michael Lewis refers to the phrase business model as “a term of art.” And like art itself, it’s one of those things many people feel they can recognize when they see it (especially a particularly clever or terrible one) but can’t quite define. That’s less surprising than it seems because how people define the term really depends on how they’re using it. Lewis, for example, offers up the simplest of definitions — “All it really meant was how you planned to make money” — to make a simple point about the bubble, obvious now, but fairly prescient when he was writing at its height, in the fall of 1999. A look through HBR’s archives shows the many ways business thinkers use the concept and how that can skew the definitions. Lewis himself echoes many people’s impression of how Peter Drucker defined the term — “assumptions about what a company gets paid for” — which is part of Drucker’s “theory of the business.”
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