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Agile is a journey where you learn and improve continuously. Agile Self Assessments help teams to see where they are, and to decide what the next steps will be. If you want to become more Agile and Lean, my recommendation is to frequently ask yourself the following 3 questions: How Agile and Lean are you already? Getting more value out of Agile and Lean If your agile transformation is not delivering the expect results or if if you are doing agile and want to deliver more value to your customers and stakeholders, then join my workshop Getting More out of Agile and Lean. Tools and Checklists for agile self assessment The following tools and checklists are know to me. If you want to become agile in an agile way, and would like some support on applying any combination of these tools, then see my services / diensten, and feel free to contact me! Related articles The articles mentioned below can help you to do agile self-assessment or to develop your own assessment: Agile Self Assessments - Ben Linders Agile Self Assessments - Ben Linders
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The Power Of Visuals They are everywhere – on signage, hoardings, bus placards. They are there across social media channels, TV, magazines and newspapers. Literally, everywhere. Remember when you stumbled upon a confusing paragraph in your textbook, only to find a sign of respite after seeing “Figure A.” Visuals. There is no chance that you miss them. According to Hubspot, when people hear information, they're likely to remember only 10% of that information three days later. These days, more and more people are using images, screenshots, videos and infographics to convey their messages. Words are not enough anymore to inform and engage audience. We are sure that it was the image that must have come to your mind. Now, let’s check out some of the why’s and how’s of using visuals! 1. Visuals are much more powerful in grabbing the attention of the people as it evokes emotions such as shock, surprise, inspiration etc. For people, word-based interactions have become bland. courtesy of: Dppad. 2. 3. 4. The Power Of Visuals
Affiliate-markkinoijana sinun on tiedettävä asioita, jotka vaikuttavat olennaisesti niin hakukonenäkyvyyteen kuin sivustosi luotettavuuteen. Yksi näistä asioista on nofollow linkit. Olet saattanut kuulla nofollow linkeistä joskus mutta et kiinnittänyt siihen silloin sen enempää huomiota. ”Opiskelen tätä asiaa vähän myöhemmin…” Kunnes tajuat, että on kulunut puoli vuotta etkä ole tehnyt asian eteen mitään. Huoli pois, tämän artikkelin lukemisen jälkeen tiedät, mitä nofollow linkit ovatmiksi sinun on tärkeää tietää niistä sekämiten lisäät niitä sivustollesi. Mitä nofollow linkit ovat? Yksinkertaisuudessaan nofollow linkkien avulla kerrot Googlelle, että sivusto, johon linkität, sisältää affiliate-tuotteita tai ei ole muulla tavalla luotettava. Mikä PageRank on? PageRank on sinun sivustosi hakutulos Googlessa. Pelkkä linkkien määrä ei vaikuta PageRankiin vaan se on monen osatekijän summa. Mitä sinun tulee tietää nofollow linkeistä? Milloin nofollow linkkejä tulee käyttää? Ymmärrän huolesi. Nofollow linkit – Affiliate-markkinoijan pelastus | Affiliate Markkinointi / Parhaat affiliate-ohjelmat Nofollow linkit – Affiliate-markkinoijan pelastus | Affiliate Markkinointi / Parhaat affiliate-ohjelmat
57 Best WordPress Plugins For 2016: A Sumo-Sized Guide That's how many WordPress plugins have been released into the internet wilds. With that many plugins, how do you know which are legit, and which are a waste of your resources? And more importantly, how do you know which plugins you are missing out on? There's a plugin for everything. And we’re bringing you the most comprehensive guide on the internet to the best WordPress plugins ever made crowdsourced from some of the most successful online entrepreneurs and bloggers we know. But first, let's define exactly what a plugin is (and how they work with a WordPress website). You know the ones. Well, WordPress plugins are sort of like that. I can practically smell the plastic. It’s useable, but pretty basic. Plugins are apps for your WordPress website. There are plugins to 10x your email subscriptions, double, triple, and quadruple check your grammar, and fight off spammers. But like I already said, there are more than 44,000 WordPress plugins out there. Categorized. OK, it’s go time. Ok. Me too. 57 Best WordPress Plugins For 2016: A Sumo-Sized Guide
“La silla de la escuela es tranquilidad.” Sobre SER0. Laboratorio Vivo Comparto una reseña del proyecto SER0: Laboratorio Vivo, el ambicioso e inspirador proyecto de transformación pedagógica de la educación básica de Colombia, dirigido por la Fundación Dividendo por Colombia-United Way. “Todos somos novatos. Hace unos días participé en Ciudad Guzmán (México) del evento #Conectactica2016, organizado por la Universidad de Guadalajara. 10 libros imprescindibles para entender el futuro de la economía digital Sugiero esta lista de 10 lecturas imprescindibles para entender el futuro de la cultura digital y el diseño de entornos innovadores de trabajo. Changuitos. Presentamos el trailer del documental “Changuitos. Los 12 verbos inevitables del postdigitalismo (2) Seguimos con la segunda parte de la reseña del nuevo libro de Kevin Kelly, The Inevitable. @Hugo_pardo en 10 tweets • 06/2016 Seguimos en la infinita línea de tiempo de Twitter expresando nuestra ideas o nuestra referencias. Blog de Hugo Pardo kuklnski. Cultura digital, geekonomia, comunicación digital, educación Blog de Hugo Pardo kuklnski. Cultura digital, geekonomia, comunicación digital, educación
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Due to rapidly changing of life, changes our living style and we have a need to make better construction work for homes, offices, schools etc., other places because we want to live in a greenery environment with every type of amenities. Underground construction is a very important part of construction work because it is the base of upper part of a building and if you have done some mistake then all building, schools, and other places become destroy and convert into a debris form and also affected the environment. If you are planning for underground construction work and want to give this project, then, first of all, ensure that project requirement exactly, how much cost it carry in comparison to others, which type of equipment they used during construction, time-saving process, maintenance facilities, and other things. Because these types of work take more time and you cannot do again and again. And its equipment is more expensive. Find the Best Underground Construction Company - Bolat Find the Best Underground Construction Company - Bolat
Rock Support in Mining and Underground Construction – Underground Construction Company in Canada | Bolat Underground Construction is a process in which we used different types of mining, tunneling processes for better construction work. Underground Construction products comes in various form according to customer need. Now, we will discuss the Rock Support in Mining and Underground Construction Products and which product is better for the particular construction work.See some Rock Support and Ground Consolidation Products below:Steadfast Anchors: – Steadfast Anchors are a self-drilling hollow bar anchor system that performs drilling, grouting and anchoring construction work in a single operation. It has simple installation and operation process and during the drilling process, this bar prevents the debris and dust from entering and immediately inject the grout after completing drilling process and complete the process successfully. It is safe, reliable and time-saving rock support mining product that suit for difficult ground conditions and makes the ground condition better and better. Rock Support in Mining and Underground Construction – Underground Construction Company in Canada | Bolat
Chapter 1 — Updated Nov 13, 2016 — 1,153 characters Today, Building Construction work is easy in compared to the ancient time. Every type of Big or Small Companies, want a better construction work with minimum efforts and excellent technology - based equipment for faster excavation process. But today, the question is how you can choose the best construction company online – the solution is that, Bolat Materials Corporation, premier and genuine construction company that provides the excellent underground mining services and tunneling services with highly equipped underground construction equipment. Underground Construction - Know about the Underground Construction in Mining by Bolatmaterials Corporation Underground Construction - Know about the Underground Construction in Mining by Bolatmaterials Corporation

One of last year's most popular posts featured my chart comparing seven popular blogging tools for teachers and students. Given the recent update to Edublogs I thought it was time to update my chart and rankings of blogging tools for teachers and students. You can view the chart here as a Google Doc or as embedded below through Below the embed you will find my ranking of the seven tools. 1. 1a. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. To learn how make blogging a successful classroom activity, take a look at Winning Blog Strategies. 7 Blogging Tools for Teachers Compared and Ranked - Updated for 2017 7 Blogging Tools for Teachers Compared and Ranked - Updated for 2017
Per una Didattica con i Social | APPrenderò – La scuola verso il futuro Per una Didattica con i Social | APPrenderò – La scuola verso il futuro Laura Casaldi, media educator e redattrice del Blog, ci guida alla scoperta della valenza e spendibilità didattica delle piattaforme di social network più conosciute, per capire come poterli integrare efficacemente all’interno di un percorso di apprendimento. Social Network quali Facebook, Twitter, Youtube sono ormai entrati di diritto nel nostro quotidiano e, riferendoci ai nativi digitali, questi rappresentano ambienti di espressione e di relazione percepiti e vissuti “realmente” e non solo virtualmente, come spesso si ritiene. Le piattaforme social, sulle quali giovani e meno giovani trascorrono anche diverse ore al giorno, sono i luoghi frequentati e abitati abitualmente e percepiti come familiari, naturale estensione dei rapporti vissuti in presenza. Cercare quindi di integrarli nella didattica, significa avvicinarsi vocabolario espressivo dei nostri ragazzi, parlare quella “lingua liquida”, colmando il gap che separa nativi e immigrati digitali, scuola e extrascuola. Si…ma come?
Dettagli Categoria: Italiano Creato: Domenica, 28 Maggio 2017 15:09 Creare un giornale di classe è un laboratorio molto utile per l'insegnante che vuole impegnare i propri studenti in un'ampia serie di attività letterarie e comunicative. Gli alunni infatti possono consolidare le loro competenze nella scrittura dimostrando i loro livelli di apprendimento, condividendo storie, collaborando tra pari per produrre contenuti significativi. Se fino a pochi anni fa impaginare un giornale di classe era un'attività graficamente faticosa, da realizzare in word e risistemare con Publisher o altri strumenti (quasi sempre a pagamento), ora ci sono diversi tool gratuiti che facilitano il nostro lavoro. Printing Press. Strumenti gratuiti per creare un giornale di classe
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Demonizando a los ricos y emigración empresarial El nivel del debate social español deja mucho que desear, también en lo que a impuestos se refiere. La mayoría de la gente quiere que se aumenten los servicios públicos, pero ninguno quiere pagarlos. Todos quieren que los nuevos derechos los paguen “los ricos”; esos que nunca somos nosotros. Echo de menos un poco de sentido común e informado sentido crítico en la mayoría de españoles. Somos muy cortoplacistas y simplistas analizando la realidad. Pensamos, por ejemplo, que subiendo la tasa impositiva vamos a recaudar más cuando la realidad suele demostrar lo contrario. Los partidos de izquierdas y centro-izquierda proponen y llevan a cabo siempre subidas de impuestos mientras los acomplejados liberales -que no son tales- no se atreven a explicar, a pesar de que la experiencia les avala, que una menor tasa de impuestos fomenta el crecimiento y el empleo. Si gobernara la izquierda o el centro-izquierda, veríamos aún más impuestos en España. Pero no nos damos cuenta de varios hechos: No.
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About | Shelf Talk Shelf Talk: The Seattle Public Library Blog Shelf Talk is created and maintained by the staff of The Seattle Public Library. Seattle loves its libraries. Four out of five Seattlites has a library card (what’s with you other fifth, anyway?) Read any good books lately? Like this: Like Loading...
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Contar experiencias, compartir proyectos, dar opiniones o recomendaciones… En el ámbito educativo, cada vez son más los profesores que utilizan esta herramienta con su alumnado o como medio de comunicación y expresión. Si estás interesado en temas relacionados con el uso de la tecnología en la educación, no puedes dejar de seguir los blogs de los siguientes docentes. ¿Nos ayudáis a continuar ampliando nuestra recopilación? Anna Forés Miravalles Es la autora del blog que lleva su nombre, Anna Forés, donde aborda temas como la metodología Design Thinking y el aprendizaje basado en proyectos o conceptos como la resiliencia y la neurodidáctica. Ángel Fidalgo Además de profesor de la Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, es el autor del blog ‘Innovación Educativa’ donde investiga y comparte su conocimiento sobre innovación educación. Jesús C. José Antonio Lucero Profesor de Ciencias Sociales y Lengua y Literatura en Secundaria y autor de la novela ‘Mariela, 1972. Mireia Torrent José Blas Esteban G. 30 blogs de docentes que no te puedes perder
Hoy en día YouTube se ha convertido en una fuente inmensa de conocimiento. Hay videos y tutoriales sobre cualquier cosa que uno pueda imaginarse. Esto constituye una ventaja a la hora de encontrar recursos audiovisuales que te sirvan para apoyar tus explicaciones en clase, plantear actividades un poco diferentes, o aplicar nuevas metodologías como la pedagogía inversa o flipped classroom. Sin embargo, a menudo es difícil zambullirse en ese mar de información y encontrar lo que uno necesita sin perder tiempo. Antes de lanzarse a la búsqueda, es esencial conocer bien las fuentes de antemano. Recopilamos para ti diez canales educativos imprescindibles dentro y fuera del aula. 1. Además de consultar estos portales, os invitamos a suscribiros al canal de aulaPlaneta en Youtube. Diez canales educativos imprescindibles de YouTube para alumnos y profesores
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