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The word liqueur comes from the latin word liquefacere, which means “to make liquid.” It is believed that liqueurs were first produced by medieval monks and alchemists. Over the centuries, they have been used as medicines, tonics, love potions and aphrodisiacs. A liqueur is a sweetened and distilled liquor with an alcohol content ranging from between 24 percent to 60 percent by volume. Liqueur image via ShutterstockA fruit liqueur is produced by infusion in which fruit is steeped in a spirit to absorb the aroma, flavor and color. As opposed to fruit and plant liqueurs, generic liqueurs vary according to the brand because of the different formulas used. Proprietary brands are usually prepared from secret formulas and are marketed under registered brand names. Liqueurs are inherently sweet and include ingredients that promote digestion, which is why they make great after-dinner drinks. Source: Encyclopedia Britannica -Apple Pie Liqueur: Baked apples and pears. The Story of: Liqueurs The Story of: Liqueurs
The Joys of Sake When I first entered the world of spirits, I found that I spent the majority of my time researching liquor. As spirit lovers, we all know that there are an abundance of spirits out there that we’re accustomed to hearing about and buying, but there are also some that are a little more off the radar. Until recently, one of these spirits for me was Sake, or Japanese rice wine. Over the past few years, Sake has gained enough notoriety in the cocktail world to become a category that isn’t a spirit yet isn’t really a wine either, with several new brands coming out of the woodwork. Sake Image via ShutterstockSake is made up primarily of rice, water, yeast and koji. The real question is, how does one enjoy a good Sake? From what I’ve learned, there are a few different ways. Sake has recently made its way into the cocktail scene, as well. Below you’ll find tasting notes on some Sake brands that I have recently come across. What’s your favorite brand of sake? Courtesy of GoJapanGo The Joys of Sake
Sake School: All About Junmai-shu Sake School: All About Junmai-shu Hojyun Biden Junmai with Grilled Lamb [Photograph: Jack Lee] All premium sakes fall into one of two categories: junmai-shu, which is sake made from only rice, water, yeast, and koji; and honjozo-shu, which is sake that has a small amount of distilled alcohol added. These two styles are very different, and which is better is definitely a matter of personal preference. Although many people believe that the addition of alcohol in honjozo produces more aromatic and powerful sakes, just as many folks remain junmai purists, maintaining that sake with nothing added is the only way to go. Today we'll focus on junmai, and we'll get back to honjozo next time. Milling Rates and Labels The polishing process is part of what defines the difference between premium and bulk sake. Until very recently, the guidelines for producing junmai required that the rice used for junmai must be polished to a minimum of 70% seimaibuai. One note (and this is where it gets confusing.) Flavors of Junmai Junmai Sakes to Try
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You’ve got the perfect dress, shoes and purse picked out for your daily ‘fit or party ensemble, but let’s not forget about your hair. You could leave it down and head out the door, but why not really amp up your hair game and go for a swanky, modern updo? Truth be told, some people find updos a little intimidating, especially if there are time constraints involved. Well, we’re here to tell you that getting a gorgeous updo in minutes flat is not only possible, but it’s also so easy. Here are 13 uncomplicated and dazzling updos you (yes, you!) can pull together for your holiday parties and beyond. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. Lauren is a writer, artist, and film enthusiast born and raised in south Florida and currently living in San Francisco. 13 Easy Updos for Your Holiday Parties and Beyond 13 Easy Updos for Your Holiday Parties and Beyond
Get Longer, Fuller Hair with LUXY HAIR Clip-in Hair Extensions : Once you've done this hairstyle, snap a quick pic and post it on your Instagram with #luxyhair - I'd love to see it and will feature my favorites on our Luxy Hair Instagram Have you watched our other popular #hairstyle tutorials yet? Check them out: ••• 5 easy ways to curl your hair ••• ••• Lazy HEATLESS curls ••• ••• How to Curl Your Hair in 2 Minutes | Luxy Hair ••• ••• How to do a Chunky Reverse Fishtail braid ••• Thank you for watching! Please remember to LIKE, SHARE and SUBSCRIBE for more hair tutorials :) xx Mimi The Luxy Hair channel is your source for the best easy, cute and quick hair tutorials. What other tutorials would you like to see on our channel? Luxy Hair Luxy Hair
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Are You Washing Your Hands With This Toxic Pesticide? Are You Washing Your Hands With This Toxic Pesticide? 1st December 2015 By Elisha McFarland ND Guest Writer for Wake Up World Triclosan, found in common “antibacterial” products, is linked to impaired muscle function and hormone disruption. If you take a look at the label on your anti-bacterial soap, you may see the chemical triclosan listed. If you haven’t heard of triclosan, you should know that is in a number of home and personal care products that you may be using on a daily basis. Triclosan was introduced to the marketplace in 1972, although it was originally developed and registered as a pesticide in 1969. (1) At that time it was used in hospitals and health care settings for its antibacterial properties. Triclosan can also appear in products branded Microban®, Irgasan® (DP 300 or PG 60), or on products labeled “built-in antimicrobial protection.” Why should I be concerned about triclosan? A study led by researchers at UC Davis concluded that triclosan hinders muscle function in both animals and humans. Triclosan impairs muscle function.
Your Kids Are Poisoning Themselves With One Thing You Have In Your Purse! Photo credit: You might have heard a story recently on mainstream news channels about a 6 year old in Atlanta that somehow got drunk at school. If you dismissed that story with a shake of your head, pay closer attention. This girl got drunk on something you more than likely have in your purse right now: hand sanitizer. This six year old thought she was drinking some type of strawberry flavored candy. It was actually hand sanitizer. The amount of alcohol in these everyday hand sanitizers ranges anywhere between 45 percent and 95 percent. Some teens are also consuming hand sanitizer but this is especially dangerous for children under 12 as their smaller bodies cannot handle as much alcohol. Although some children consume hand sanitizers with the intention of getting drunk, others are doing it on a dare or under peer pressure. Many hand sanitizers now come in orange, grape, and strawberry flavors that appeal to children. Continue to Page 2 References: Your Kids Are Poisoning Themselves With One Thing You Have In Your Purse!
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Here’s something you might not know about shampoo: Most of it isn’t biodegradable. You’d think that something designed to be washed straight down the drain would be made with ingredients that break down and don’t poison our waterways. But nope. 7 Organic Shampoos That Work Just As Well As The Stuff With Chemicals 7 Organic Shampoos That Work Just As Well As The Stuff With Chemicals
The Dirt - Super Natural Personal Care - Happy Mouth Gift Set The Dirt - Super Natural Personal Care - Happy Mouth Gift Set Make someone smile with our premium oral care kit. It features: - 1 51g Glass Jar of our trace mineral toothpowder,- 1 full sized premium lip treatment- 1 anti-microbial pure copper tongue scraper. The set comes wrapped in an attractive gift box and is ready for the holidays or birthday gift. While this set is sure to make any fan of natural products jump for joy it is an especially popular holiday gift for paleo diet practitioners and crossfit enthusiasts. Why should you use paleo toothpaste? Check out what real people say about our toothpowder: Check out the reviews below, people LOVE us!
Redefine Your Personality With Trendy And Sizzling Dresses From Zalora | Singapore Voucher Codes We ladies want to look stylish and trendy each time we step out of our home. Don’t we? We love to follow the latest trends; keep ourselves updated with what’s new in the market, what’s hot going on in the fashion industry, this is what we are obsessed with. We want our closet to be renovated with every season which I know is very expensive sometimes. But hey, don’t dishearten yourself, as one of South-East Asia’s prominent fashion website Zalora has got great offers and deals for you to style yourself everyday with latest trends. I hope you all will agree with me when I say that our personality is a lot defined by the style of clothes, dresses we wear. The collection includes latest trends of Tops, Blouses, Dresses, Denims and many more. Let’s take a peek-a-boo at their collection: High Waist Flare Pants Flare pants and Palazzo are something that every lady must have in their wardrobe. Floral Off-Shoulder Top Off-shoulder tops are very trendy and are going to be popular this season. Redefine Your Personality With Trendy And Sizzling Dresses From Zalora | Singapore Voucher Codes
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Good! These little girls are being made targets for sexual predators. How any parent can do this to their child is beyond me. BBI French report: Ban child beauty pageants, padded bras for little girls By staff December 7, 2012 A year after Vogue Paris published provocative images of a 10-year-old model, a French government report has called for a ban on child beauty pageants and padded bras and high heels for young girls. Although the French did not react immediately to the photos of Thylane Lena-Rose Blondeau, 10, in skyscraper heels and revealing clothes in the January 2011 issue of Vogue Paris, the international community did, prompting the French parliamentary report. Chantal Jouanno, the senator who authored the report, told Le Figaro newspaper that young girls were being disguised as sexual candy and that it was “contrary to the dignity of the human being.” Wearing heavy make-up and gold stilettos, Thylane Blondeau sprawls seductively on leopard print bed covers. French report: Ban child beauty pageants, padded bras for little girls - Democratic Underground
It’s time for May’s Monthly DIY Challenge! These posts are always a lot of fun and some of my faves In case you’re new, here’s the dealio: on the 2nd Wednesday of every month, me and my amazingly talented blog friends make something based on a common theme or material. Out of all the different kinds of jewelry there are, I think that rings are my favorite. I also love ring holders – making creative storage for them is just so fun! DIY Clay Ring Holder Materials Air-Dry Modeling Clay (I used the DAS brand)Wax PaperLotion (so the clay doesn’t stick to your hands!) Step 1 Lotion up your hands so the clay doesn’t stick – this is an important first step! Step 2 Here’s where you get creative – I wanted to get a nice concave bowl shape, so I found a pool ball and rolled it around in the center of my clay disk and the edges automatically curled up. Step 3 To make the ring holder part, roll a length of clay into a cone shape and cut the end off to make a flat bottom. Step 4 Step 5 Love the project? DIY Clay Ring Holder - Monthly DIY Challenge - Dwell Beautiful
25 Creative Summer Crafts & Projects - Dwell Beautiful Summertime is officially upon us! ‘Tis the season for frolicking in the sunshine, eating popsicles, going swimming, taking trips, and trying out new things. Have a little spare time this summer? I’ve rounded up some clever ideas from some amazingly talented bloggers all across the web. You just might be surprised how much you enjoy it. Help your summer flowers and plants shine by creating a stylish geometric holder for them! {Gold Straw Himelli Plant Holders by Brooklyn Berry Designs} Give your frumpy old chairs a modern makeover for a fresh new look! {Modern Chair Makeover from DIY Passion} Want a beachy vibe without hunting for sea glass? {Upcycled Green Sea Glass Jars from Carolyn’s Home.Work} Bring the outdoors in with this creative floral tray. {Bleeding Tissue Paper Art Tray by Garden Matter} Keep all your jewelry organized with this gorgeous hanger – find what you need in a snap! {Geometric Industrial Jewelry Organizer from Made in a Day} {Metallic Gold Crate from Petticoat Junktion}
Spring is (officially) just a couple of weeks away! Eek! I’m SO excited to be out of this gray, drizzly (or maybe in your case, blizzardy) winter. Don’t get me wrong, I love wearing sweaters and cuddling up under a pile of blankets – well basically doing everything in this post, but I think it’s time to move on and enjoy some of that sweet sweet sunshine. Dwell Beautiful needs some Vitamin D! With spring, there comes a sense of renewal and a time to clean, organize, and start fresh. All of these fab ideas come from bloggers who have linked up at our weekly DIY Collective link party! {DIY Wood Slice Spring Pallet Sign from Re-Fabbed} {Ribbon Chandelier from Shabbyfufu} {How to Turn Mason Jars Blue from Pastels + Macarons} {Vintage Dollhouse Remodel from Five Marigolds} {How to Organize Your Workspace from Totally the Bomb} {Vintage Industrial Bedroom from Craving Some Creativity} {Barn Wood and Chicken Wire USA from Tinsel & Wheat} {DIY Entry Makeover from Hawthorne & Main} 15 Fun & Inspirational Projects to Get You Ready for Spring! - Dwell Beautiful
Sabonete íntimo é um sabão especial para lavagem da genitalia externa feminina. De acordo com os fabricantes e sua bancada de ginecologistas favoráveis, o sabonete íntimo seria o mais ideal para a limpeza do epitélio da genitalia externa feminina, pois não desestabilizaria o PH da região, o qual é ácido. Bem, quando eu ouvi falar deste sabão há alguns anos atrás eu acreditei piamente no que me diziam, afinal faz sentido utilizar um sabão com ph levemente ácido em uma região que também é levemente ácida. Eu, que sempre pesquisei antes que acreditar em qualquer médico, descobri que fazia todo o sentido e comprei o produto (caríssimo) e só mais tarde, após alguns meses, é que mais e mais marcas começaram a soltar seus diferentes produtos, com cheiros diferentes, cores, borboletas saltitantes e o todo o aparato publicitário destinado às mulheres. Mas, não faz sentido usar sabonete íntimo? Assim, o ideal é usar algo neutro, mas o quê? Mas e se eu tiver cheiro forte? Sempre desconfie! Paz! Sabonete Íntimo: uma Necessidade Fabricada - Pensando Ao Contrário
o e Por Que Parar de Usar Sabonete - Pensando Ao Contrário
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