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1 Domain Choose a name that people can remember well and choose wisely (and appropriately) whether you will, .net or something else. 2 Hosting Choose a reliable one and look at how much capacity you need. 3 Tech Technology you can use: HTML5, CSS3, PHP, JQuery, Javascript, etc. 4 Purpose What is the purpose of the website: business, corporate, e-commerce, etc. 5 Layout & Color Color affects the 'feel' of your site. 6 Site Map Clear site map & flow chart. 7 Content Your website has to provide a good and informative content to the users. 8 Audience You have to know who your audiences are, then you can build content that will attract them. 9 Advertisement Don't put too much advertisement in your website. 10 Pop Up Message Prevent pop up messages. 11 Attractive Design Good website should be simple, yet professional. 12 Buttons Make an eye catching buttons and "call to" action buttons like buy now or download now. 13 Background 14 Image 15 Easy Navigation Users can easily find what they are looking for. 26 Things to Note Before You Develop a Website 26 Things to Note Before You Develop a Website
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The communication of knowledge and ideas is intrinsic to the human condition. Our earliest ancestors had a rich oral tradition, through which they passed on what they knew about the world, often across great distances. Our systems of communication have evolved and matured, from those oral traditions to the earliest cuneiform writings and all the way up through books and newspapers, to radio and television. Today, the avenues available to our quest to gain and share knowledge are boundless, but I’d like to share with you five of my own personal favorites. #5 — Reddit Some people will tell you that Reddit is nothing but Internet trolls, bad memes and cat pictures… and there is a lot of that, but, Reddit can also be an amazing font of knowledge, works to stimulate dialogue and debate, and if often an outlet for some very real human compassion and generosity. #4 — Scribd Scribd is an online repository of the written word. #3 — #2 — Yarny #1 — Google Drive 5 (less traditional) ways to create and share knowledge online 5 (less traditional) ways to create and share knowledge online
10 Fun Tools To Easily Make Your Own Infographics 10 Fun Tools To Easily Make Your Own Infographics People love to learn by examining visual representations of data. That’s been proven time and time again by the popularity of both infographics and Pinterest. So what if you could make your own infographics ? What would you make it of? It’s actually easier than you think… even if you have zero design skills whatsoever. Below are my two favorite infographic-making web 2.0 tools that I highly recommend. Click the name of each tool to learn more! One of the more popular ways to discover infographics, actually just launched a design overhaul of their website. Dipity Want to get a beautifully simply visualization of data over time? I absolutely love Venngage Venngage (likely named for Venn diagrams) is a double threat. One of the most simple tools, lets you actually import data right into the site and then translate it all into useful visualizations. Tableau Public Photo Stats This one’s an iPhone app that’s worth trying out. What About Me?
The 88 Best iOS Apps For Mobile Learning The 88 Best iOS Apps For Mobile Learning Mobile learning is here to stay. Students and teachers alike can build entire libraries of apps and web tools that let them learn and do, well, anything. We’ve covered this just about every day and love finding new resources to share. So, if you haven’t yet, follow @edudemic on Twitter! Our friends at Online Universities took a recent list of top iOS apps that ran on Edudemic and turned it into a handy visualization that any teacher could refer back to in a time of need. Brain Exercises Take advantage of these games, puzzles, and other brain teasers to build general cognitive skills needed to process and retain necessary information. Quizzes and Flashcards Whether cramming for a class, heading down the self-taught route, or playing simple games with friends, the following resources bring familiar study strategies into the digital age. Math Overcome math anxiety — or indulge the love — through some of the iPhone’s diverse selection of tools to help that mind crunch some tasty, tasty numbers.
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Office Lens is a new app for iOS and Android (still in limited beta) designed for converting pictures of notes on whiteboards and paper into notes that can be edited in Microsoft Word or PowerPoint. If you don't need to edit the notes that your take pictures of, you can simply export the file created by Office Lens to JPEG or PDF. Probably the neatest aspect of Office Lens is that hand-drawn images and figures captured through the app can be separated from the text to move and manipulate as individual objects in PowerPoint slides. See the video below for an overview of Office Lens. Applications for EducationOffice Lens could be a great app for students to use to snap a picture of something on a whiteboard then add their own comments to it in a Word Document. The option in Office Lens to separate hand-drawn objects could be a good way to digitize a brainstorming session. H/T to Lifehacker and about a half dozen other tech blogs I read this weekend. Office Lens - Digitize Handwritten Notes and Diagrams Office Lens - Digitize Handwritten Notes and Diagrams
Simple File Sharing and Storage.
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Leggere un articolo di Piero Dominici è come cibarsi di una pietanza che richiede una lunga e laboriosa digestione e, per chi non ha un apparato digerente efficiente e robusto come il mio, c'è sempre il rischio di procurasi un'indigestione se si è troppo frettolosi e ingordi. Mi limito dunque, in questo post, a sottolineare e commentare qualcuna delle tante idee e suggestioni offerte dal suo articolo "Come educare ad una cittadinanza matura e non eterodiretta", comparso il 01/04/2016 su Forum PA, il sito web collegato all'appuntamento che ogni anno si tiene al Palazzo dei Congressi di Roma e che nasce dal tentativo di far dialogare tra loro pubblica amministrazione, imprese, mondo della ricerca e società civile. Educare a una cittadinanza matura e non eterodiretta Cosa intende Dominici con Innovazione Inclusiva? La cittadinanza digitale e la questione culturale Che senso ha parlare di "Cittadinanza Digitale" quando "non vengono garantite le condizioni minime della "cittadinanza"? strumenti Google per studenti e docenti strumenti Google per studenti e docenti
How to get started: your first dapp, under one hour. - Ethereum As of 10-dec-14 this tutorial is no longer up to date with the latest POC 7 feature set - please checkout the updated tutorials starting with this one Introduction This tutorial is the result of many days of studying best practices on how to leverage what's available on Ethereum now, and making the technology available to users today, several months away from the network go live date (March 2015). For this reason, keep in mind development practices are likely to change heavily throughout the next few months, and the below is in no way indicative of what you should expect from the finished product. I have also kept a very narrow focus and omitted much information. For more advanced documents please instead refer to 'further reading' at the bottom of this page. And now, onwards to a decentralized web! The basics Ethereum enables the decentralized web, referred to as 'web 3'. Installing the client We'll be using AlethZero, the C++ implementation of Ethereum designed for developers. Our backend How to get started: your first dapp, under one hour. - Ethereum
Pancake Manor Music Videos for Kids | PANCAKE MANOR MUSIC VIDEOS for KIDS Mama and Zach go for a walk out in the autumn weather and meet a pumpkin-headed friend with a love for rock guitars! Another original music video from Pancake Manor™ featuring the song “Orange” from our album “Colors!” GET COLORS! There is a new girl in town, and she loves the color pink! Zach, Reggie, and Lulu are ANIMATED! Red is known as the first color on the rainbow, but did you know it’s the FASTEST? We are so proud to present our latest take on a nursery classic with “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.” NEW SECOND VERSE written by Billy Reid & Reb Stevenson ©2014 Pancake Manor After Mama suggests he take a look at Grandpa’s old record collection, Zach finds a new buddy. Zach and Reggie sing a song about hair. This video was shot at the YouTube Space, in LA. Zach has a new game to play, and Reggie is the contestant! Here at Pancake Manor, we love the way kids use their imaginations to craft superhero costumes out of everyday objects like swimming googles, pool noodles and tin foil. Pancake Manor Music Videos for Kids | PANCAKE MANOR MUSIC VIDEOS for KIDS
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FindSounds - Sound Types FindSounds - Sound Types What types of sounds can be found on the Web using FindSounds? Below is a partial list. Click on any link below to perform a search, or enter one or more words in the search box above and then click on the Search button. Animals alligator, baboon, bat, bear, bobcat, buffalo, bullfrog, camel, cat, cheetah, chimpanzee, chinchilla, chipmunk, cougar, cow, coyote, crocodile, deer, dinosaur, dog, dolphin, donkey, elephant, elk, ferret, fox, frog, gibbon, goat, gorilla, grizzly bear, guinea pig, hippo, horse, hyena, jaguar, kitten, lamb, lemur, leopard, lion, llama, marmot, monkey, moose, mouse, orca, panda, panther, pig, polar bear, prairie dog, puppy, rabbit, raccoon, rat, rattlesnake, rhinoceros, rodent, sea lion, seal, sheep, snake, squirrel, sugar glider, tiger, toad, whale, wolf, zebra Insects bee, cicada, cricket, insects, katydid, mosquito, wasp Noisemakers alarm, alert, beeper, bell, buzzer, chime, foghorn, horn, siren, slide whistle, sonar, whistle, wind chimes
Effectively Investing in Education Tech - Quickclass Whilst the vast majority of teachers appreciate how essential technology has become in their classrooms, especially in film and media related courses, with this has come an increasingly complex minefield of options to best utilise technology for the benefits of learning. As Jahana Hayes, the 2016 National Teacher of the Year (Connecticut, USA) succinctly puts it: “Technology has changed teaching. You have access to unlimited resources that are right at your fingertips. And one of the challenges we have at my school is that we can’t keep up with technology. Oftentimes, my students are walking me through programs that our IT department hasn’t even gotten yet. What can you do to ensure that the technologies you choose will not only enhance learning, but also be future-proofed to a degree that you don’t have to start from scratch again two years later? “I think a better use of our resources would be to partner with industries that can afford to keep up with technology.
Balancing students’ exposure to technology in the classroom with considerations for safety, equal access and appropriateness is key to successful digital boosts to learning. Another essential but often ill-considered aspect of the mix is what parents want and expect for their children and the importance of introducing new methods of teaching with their full support. The first step is communicating clearly what digital tools can offer over traditional teaching methods, and being able to counter concerns parents may have over safety. Digital technologies are an essential part of learning today. To support the digital direction classrooms are moving in, onboard parents can offer essential encouragement and practical help in a number of ways. Finally, safety is the subject many parents express deepest misgivings about, and fortunately, they can play a leading role in ensuring their children are not exposed to the worst the internet has to offer. What Parents Want from Digital Education - Quickclass
Strategies to Infuse Digital Literacy in the Classroom - Quickclass The way your classroom has been gently invaded in the last 5 years by iPads, whiteboard screens and digital cameras is evidence that a revolution is in the making… Many of the technologies are falling into place, but revolutions are never gentle, nor are they single-geared. The trick now for ALL teachers, especially those who already feel they’re behind in the digital stampede, to look at this objectively, rather than with fright, and make a plan. The first rule of action should be not to fight the tide, and question those moves in your school to limit or block the use of technology en masse. The next step in recognising how digital advances are going to help your teaching and students is to take a look at your own school’s situation. What support is available to teachers for new tech? What the technology revolution is ultimately offering are new opportunities for invention — doing new things in new ways.
Te presentamos 15 herramientas para crear gifs animados de forma sencilla. Para usar los gifs con fines comerciales o promocionales o porque siempre es interesante enriquecer tu blog profesional o tus comunicaciones en redes sociales con contenidos “blancos” y que se aparten de la temática corporativa. Los gifs vuelven a estar de moda, nunca se fueron. Incluso Twitter se ha contagiado de la nueva fiebre de los gifs y ya permite este tipo de imágenes en movimiento en su aplicación. Tampoco hay que olvidar que se pueden realizar gifs para funciones comerciales: el ejemplo más claro lo encontramos en banners publicitarios. RecordIT Especialmente indicado para crear gifs animados lo más rápido y fácil posible sobre la zona de la pantalla que seleccionemos para compartirlos en Twitter gracias a su aplicación integrada. Gif Movie Gear Realiza gifs animados a partir de fotos o gráficos. Banner Maker Pro GifCam Instagiffer Photoshop Gimp Photoscape GIF Construction Set Profesional VirtualDub Pivot Animator 15 herramientas para hacer GIFs animados
Aplicaciones para crear GIFs animados desde el móvil El formato de imagen GIF (Graphics Interchange Format) nació en 1987, pero curiosamente hoy en día es cuando más se le está usando, principalmente para compartir escenas breves y divertidas que ponen énfasis en el contenido que queremos compartir, convirtiéndose en la forma más popular de comunicación en Internet. Aunque no lo creas, crear una imagen Gif animada es una tarea muy sencilla si cuentas con la ayuda de algunas herramientas como las que a continuación te mostramos. Gif Creator Con Gif Creator se pueden crear imágenes a partir de las fotografías almacenadas en nuestro teléfono Android o directamente desde la cámara. Giffer Giffer es una aplicación para iOS que por sólo $2.99 te permite crear GIFs animados de todo tipo (stopmotion, cinemagraphs, text overlays, timelapse, jitter/wiggle gifs, etc.). GifBoom Gifinator ¿Quieres algo aún más fácil? GifMill Gif Me! Gif Me! 5SecondsApp GIF Maker Moquu Gif Camera Timelapse GifRus
Los 3 mejores sitios para crear GIF animados en línea
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