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Animal Experiments Animal Experiments With grateful thanks to BUAV and PETA for use of the footage in this film. Each year inside British laboratories, nearly 4 million animals are experimented on. Every 8 seconds, one animal dies. Cats, dogs, rats, mice, guinea pigs, rabbits, primates and other animals are used to test new products, to study human disease and in the development of new drugs. They are even used in warfare experiments. Animal Aid opposes animal experiments on both moral and scientific grounds. To imprison animals and deny them their freedom to express natural instincts and to deliberately inflict physical pain in the name of science is unacceptable. Read more Science Corrupted Animal Aid's latest report, Science Corrupted, reveals the shocking scale and nature of research conducted on genetically modified mice. Read more about our report in the use of GM mice in medical research Charities and Animal Testing Read more about health charities and animal testing Read more about the Making a Killing report

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Disabled killer whale with missing fins survives with the help of family who hunt for its food Rainer Schimpf spotted the whale off Port Elizabeth in South AfricaIt was missing its right-side pectoral fin and dorsal fin But it was cared for by its pod which shared food with the young male By Becky Evans Published: 10:17 GMT, 19 May 2013 | Updated: 20:08 GMT, 19 May 2013 A disabled killer whale that is missing two fins is able to survive in the wild with the help of its family, who hunt food its food. The young killer whale has no dorsal fin or right-side pectoral fin, leaving it unable to hunt for itself. But rather than be left to fend for itself or die, the whale appears to be cared for by members of its pod, which share their food with the youngster. The disabled killer whale is allowed to share the spoils of the hunt by fellow pod members The young whale is missing its dorsal fin and its right pectoral fin and cannot hunt The killer whale was photographed off the coast of Port Elizabeth, South Africa by Rainer Schimpf Disabled killer whale with missing fins survives with the help of family who hunt for its food

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Baculum Baculum of a dog's penis, arrow shows the urethral sulcus. The baculum (also penis bone, penile bone or os penis) is a bone found in the penis of many placental mammals. It is absent in the human penis, but present in the penises of other primates, such as the gorilla and chimpanzee. The bone aids sexual intercourse by maintaining sufficient stiffness during sexual penetration. The female equivalent is the os clitoridis – a bone in the clitoris.[1][2] Etymology[edit] The phallic meaning of the term is unique to English. Purpose[edit] The baculum is used for copulation and varies in size and shape by species. Presence in mammals[edit] A raccoon baculum. Mammals having a penile bone (in males) and a clitoral bone (in females) include various eutherians: It is absent in humans, ungulates, elephants, monotremes, marsupials, lagomorphs,[citation needed] hyenas,[13] and cetaceans (whales, dolphins, and porpoises), among others. Absence in humans[edit] Cultural significance[edit] Oosik[edit] Notes[edit] Baculum
United States presidential pets United States presidential pets This is a list of pets belonging to United States Presidents and their families, while serving their term(s) in office.[1] History of White House dogs[edit] Richard Nixon was accused of hiding a secret slush fund during his candidacy for vice president under Dwight D. Eisenhower in 1952. He gave a televised "Checkers speech" named after his cocker spaniel; denying he had a slush fund but admitted that, "there is one thing that I did get as a gift that I'm not going to give back.”[2] The gift was a black and white cocker spaniel, Checkers, given to his daughters. Although Nixon had been in danger of being kicked off the ticket, following his speech he received an increase in support and Mamie Eisenhower reportedly recommended he stay because he was “such a warm person”.[3][4] Pets also featured on presidential elections. On the other hand, many believe that President Lyndon B. List of Presidential pets[edit] Notes[edit] References[edit] Jump up ^ "Presidential Pet Museum".
Self-awareness Self-awareness Self-awareness is the capacity for introspection and the ability to recognize oneself as an individual separate from the environment and other individuals.[1] It is not to be confused with consciousness. While consciousness is being aware of one’s environment and body and lifestyle, self-awareness is the recognition of that consciousness.[2] Neurobiological basis[edit] There are questions regarding what part of the brain allows us to be self-aware and how we are biologically programmed to be self- aware. V.S. Ramachandran has speculated that mirror neurons may provide the neurological basis of human self-awareness.[3] In an essay written for the Edge Foundation in 2009 Ramachandran gave the following explanation of his theory: "... Animals[edit] Studies have been done mainly on primates to test if self-awareness is present. The ‘Red Spot Technique’ created and experimented by Gordon Gallup[6] studies self-awareness in animals (primates). Psychology[edit] Developmental stages[edit] [edit]
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Link to the CSS animation library Link to Animate.css (You can link to another CSS animation library by changing WOW.js settings) Link and activate WOW.js <script src="js/wow.min.js"></script><script> new WOW().init(); </script> Make an element revealable Add the CSS class .wow to a HTML element: it will be invisible until the user scrolls to reveal it. <div class="wow"> Content to Reveal Here </div> Choose the animation style Pick an animation style in Animate.css , then add the CSS class to the HTML element <div class="wow bounceInUp"> Content to Reveal Here </div> Now your animations will be revealed when the user scrolls. Check these examples of WOW.js + Animate.css uses: * MaterialUp * Fliplingo * Streamline Icons data-wow-duration: Change the animation durationdata-wow-delay: Delay before the animation startsdata-wow-offset: Distance to start the animation (related to the browser bottom)data-wow-iteration: Number of times the animation is repeated Reveal Animations When Scrolling — WOW.js Reveal Animations When Scrolling — WOW.js

Hamburgers by Jonathan Suh Usage Using Hamburgers for your site is easy (well, that was my intention anyway). Sass I’ve also included .scss source files if you use Sass as your CSS precompiler. Download and unzip the source code from Github. Hamburgers is also available on npm and Bower. npm install hamburgers bower install css-hamburgers * Be sure to run the CSS through Autoprefixer since the Sass doesn’t account for vendor prefixes. Customization Here is the full list of default settings (found in _sass/hamburgers/hamburgers.scss); $hamburger-padding-x : 15px ! To override any default settings, you can change the value(s) within hamburgers.scss, but I recommend you declare your new settings separately. $hamburgers-padding-x: 20px;$hamburgers-padding-y: 15px;$hamburger-types : (collapse); @import "path/to/hamburgers"; You can also create a separate file (e.g. hamburgers-settings.scss) with those declarations, then import it along with Hamburgers: @import "hamburgers-settings"@import "path/to/hamburgers"; ems or rems Hamburgers by Jonathan Suh
While it was hard to narrow it down, this is a list, in no particular order, of some of our favourite stop motion videos, combining the most popular and the lesser known stop motion videos on YouTube. Yellow Sticky Notes Yellow Sticky Notes has to be the most elegant and creative way to put together a to-do list. Using nothing more than post-it-notes and a pen, this 6 minute video takes you through a 9 year period of the animator’s life. Inspiré/Seattle Ski Stop-Motion Over 1,700 photographs were used to create this 2 minute skiing adventure through downtown Seattle. Game Over PES has an unbelievable amount of stop motion videos uploaded on YouTube. Controversy The plot here is very simple – if something or someone is annoying you – play dead. Pancakes II You’d be surprised how funny and entertaining a stop motion video of making and eating pancakes can be, but Pancakes II has over 3 million views to prove just how true that is. Change Minilogue The Whiteboard Rymdreglage – 8-bit trip Deadline 15 Of The Coolest Stop Motion Videos On YouTube 15 Of The Coolest Stop Motion Videos On YouTube
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Farm Animals for Kids Farms and farm animals are an enduring theme with children, and we've got a great collection of... Here's a collection of fun farm animal colour by number pages. Two versions available - one UK... Farm animals are a classic "theme" with little children, so we decided to pull together... Scroll down for our collection of farm animal worksheets for kids to use for fact-finding, research... All young children seem to love farm animals - so we have created a collection of farm animal... Farm animals are fun for kids, especially the little ones, and they enjoy having them around. Here's something a little different! What did the philosopher pig say? If you are doing a farm animals themed unit, visiting a children's farm, or just having some... Looking at farms in the spring time when lots of baby animals are being born is a popular topic so... Here's a brand new collection of colouring pages, posters and worksheets to help your children... Farm Animals for Kids
Animals Lesson Plans, Worksheets, Teaching Activities Amazing Animals A lesson about what makes animals so amazing. Raccoons: Nature's Little Rascals The different characteristics of raccoons. Bats Learn facts about bats, where they live, and what they eat. Polar Bears Learn facts about polar bears, including how they have adapted to their environment. Elephants Students will learn about elephants. Giraffes Students will learn about giraffes. Hippopotamus Students will learn about the hippopotamus. Rhinoceros Students will learn about Rhinos. Zebras Students will learn about zebras. Cheetahs Students will learn about cheetahs. Jaguars Students will learn about jaguars. Lions Students will learn about lions. Mountain Lions Students will learn about mountain lions. Tigers Students will learn about tigers. Alligators and Crocodiles Students will learn about alligators and crocodiles. Frogs and Toads Students will learn about frogs and toads. Lizards Students will learn about lizards. Salamanders Students will learn about salamanders. Snakes Students will learn about snakes. Owls Animals Lesson Plans, Worksheets, Teaching Activities
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