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Culture et Logiciels Libres

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Alchemy. Interaction The Alchemy drawing canvas has an intentionally reduced level of functionality. No undo, no selecting, and no editing. Interaction focuses instead on the output of a great number of good, bad, strange and beautiful shapes. To take a good look at what Alchemy can (and can not) do, check out the Videos section. The Alchemy Interface Modules Alchemy consists of a growing number of ‘modules’ that can be added or removed at will. Shout at the computer. Global Features Other global features place focus on the ‘process’ of drawing, letting you do things like: Record a drawing ’session’.

Twine / An open-source tool for telling interactive, nonlinear stories. Le livre, la littérature et le domaine public. Konqi Contest: The winner is found! Since it was first announced, we have received 19 entries, many of which were of quite good quality and show an interesting approach to the topic. That of course meant that picking a winner was quite a challenge. Image : Konqui, Katie and Friends by tysontan After reviewing all the entries the jury - consisting of Nuno Pinheiro, David Revoy and Timothee Giet - selected Konqui, Katie and Friends by tysontan as the winner. tysontan’s work was not only well thought out, it was also an extremely cute and charming representation of Konqi.

In addition, the way it was presented allows it to be used in many different settings, from avatars to groups, wallpapers, promotional material, and so on. Thanks to tysontan and all the contest participants for their valuable input and great work! Watch all entries here This contest alone is just a glimpse of what can be done by artists with Krita, as the works in the forum gallery show eloquently. Stuffomatic.


Un conte pour imaginer le (No) Futur du Droit d’Auteur. Le mois dernier, la Modern Poland Foundation a lancé sur Indiegogo un concours original intitulé Future of Copyright. Elle demandait aux internautes d’imaginer quel pourrait être le futur du droit d’auteur et d’envoyer leurs contributions sous la forme de textes ou de vidéos. L’un des détournements de tableaux qui servaient d’illustrations à ce concours « Future of Copyright » Dix textes ont été rassemblés sous la forme d’une anthologie, téléchargeable comme un livre numérique sous licence CC-BY-SA. Le jury, qui comportait notamment le professeur Michael Geist, a choisi de décerner le premier prix à Aymeric Mansoux, pour un texte intitulé Morphology of A Copyright Tale (Morphologie du conte du droit d’auteur), inspiré de l’ouvrage Morphologie du conte du flokloriste russe Vladimir Propp.

This text is based on the work from Vladimir Yakovlevich Propp in his 1928 essay “Morphology of the Folktale.” MORPHOLOGIE DU CONTE DU DROIT D’AUTEUR (Par Aymeric Mansour. Banksy – No Future. J'aime : Free Word. L'édition sous licence libre, une utopie ? Accueil - 11es RMLL du 6 au 11 juillet 2010. Debian. Photo de groupe de la DebConf 19 Mini DebConf Hambourg 2018 Copie d'écran de l'installateur Calamares Debian is like a Swiss Army Knife People have fun with Debian.

Enjeux du logiciel libre, standards ouverts et interopérabilité. Framasoft.