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Creative Industries - Creative Skillset. Discover Risk | CII. Careers in Finance. Graduate Jobs, Internships & Careers Advice - Inside Careers Jobs in Finance. Home - Directions Online Career Service (Law and Finance sectors) Registration Portal - Cyber Security Challenge. Chartered Management Institute | Chartered Management Institute.

BCS - The Chartered Institute for IT. CIPS - Leading global excellence in procurement and supply - The Chartered Institute of Purchasing and Supply. Welcome to the Chartered Banker Institute. The Chartered Institute of Building | Membership Body for Construction. Marketing qualifications, training and membership from The Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM)

Psychology - Careers, education and training. Psychology is one of the most popular subjects to study because it has a big impact on all areas of life, from education and health, to the economy and crime. Psychologists apply scientific methodology to explain human behaviour. They formulate theories, test hypotheses through observation and experiment, and analyse their reports with statistical techniques that help them identify important findings. If you are interested in finding out why people behave the way they do or how the brain works then psychology could be for you.

Whether you are at school, studying at university or have already started your career, our resources will help you make the most of your potential. Careers in Psychology Our Careers Portal contains information on how to become a psychologist, studying, work experience tips and changing your career. Accredited courses and training programmes Search for accredited courses and how to get a course accredited.

Learning Centre and CPD Psychological testing Society qualifications. Careers using foreign languages. A knowledge of one or more foreign languages can be useful in a wide range of careers. For some jobs, such as translating, interpreting and language teaching, language skills are one of the main requirements. For other jobs a combination of languages and other qualifications, knowledge or skills may be needed. For example, people with languages plus IT, law, finance or sales skills are much sought-after. Specialist language occupations These include working as a translator, interpreter, language teacher or linguist.

Though the terms interpreting/interpretation and translating/translation are often used interchangeably, these professions are different. Translation Translators translate written material from one language to another. To be a translator you need the ability to write and express yourself very well in the target language, usually your native tongue, and a good knowledge of the source language(s), usually foreign languages. Interpreting Language teaching and training Linguistics. Nursing. NHS Careers > Explore by career > Nursing If you want to work in an environment that's interesting, rewarding and challenging, a career in nursing has plenty to offer. Nurses form the largest group of staff in the NHS and are a crucial part of the healthcare team.

Nurses work in every sort of health setting from accident and emergency to patients' homes, with people of all ages and backgrounds. So, if you're caring, compassionate and have a commitment to helping people, you'll find a role that suits you. You'll also need to be be able to communicate difficult health issues effectively and courageously. Education and training To work as a nurse in the NHS, you must be registered with the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC), which means you'll need a degree in nursing. It is possible to work your way up from a healthcare assistant and progress to apply for a place on a degree course.

You'll also find lots of information on the Nursing Careers website. Roles available Adult nurses Prison nurses. BMA - How to become a doctor. Please note: Our how to become a doctor guide is under review and has not been updated for 2015. Guidance is still available in this section, however for the most up to date information for 2015 contact UCAS for application queries and medical schools for assistance.

Medicine is a popular career choice and competition for places at medical school is extremely high. Give yourself a headstart! Use our guide to help you decide if a career in medicine is right for you Find answers to commonly asked questions about becoming a doctor Get the latest information on entry requirements and student funding What is medical school really like? Watch our short videos Need advice on medical specialties? We have created this guide as a useful overview on how to begin a career in medicine.

Don't forget to also talk to your career advisors at your school or college. Watch our video We interviewed a number of students to get their views on what medical school is really like. Join the BMA for FREE. Doctors. NHS Careers > Explore by career > Doctors Becoming a doctor isn't an easy option, it takes years of study and hard work. As you learn the skills you need, you will also learn a great deal about yourself. If you like helping people there are few more rewarding or respected careers. You'll be part of a team of professionals and non-medical staff delivering care to the highest standards in the NHS. Medicine is about helping people - treating illness, providing advice and reassurance, and seeing the effects of both ill health and good health from the patient's point of view.

You must test your diagnosis, decide on the best course of treatment, and monitor progress. If you have the passion to improve people's lives and the determination to reach the highest standards, you will have a wide range of career opportunities open to you. NHS Medical Careers can help refine your choices and decide what is best for you. Read some of our real life stories of doctors talking about their work. BVA - Jobs and careers. Engineering Careers: Inspiring Engineering Apprentices and Graduates. Tomorrow's Engineers. Pharmaceutical Industry Career information from the ABPI - ABPI Careers. Biology Careers. Biology offers a wide range of career options and opportunities for school-leavers, graduates, postgraduates. Whichever stage of your career you're at - from deciding whether to study biology at school, college or university, to working out what to do after you graduate - the Society of Biology is here to help.

First of all, there's no such thing as a typical biologist. Entering a career in biology could take you in almost any direction you can think of, and to anywhere in the world. Physics Careers information and resources. Home | A future in chemistry. Becoming a Barrister. Becoming a solicitor. Training to become a solicitor demands considerable commitment over a number of years. Do your own research to find out as much as you can about what a career as a solicitor is really like. Talk to people in the profession and try to get some work experience. Make sure you are right for the profession and the profession is right for you.

This section of the website aims to help you make the right choice. This information is also available for download in the following resources: Becoming a solicitor (PDF 5.5mb) - handout guide including checklists and tips Preparing students for the profession (PDF 215kb) - comprehensive toolkit including further guidance, tools and resources Disabled students' guide (PDF 358kb) - additional advice for students with a disability Informed choices - top universities provide advice to students on A Level choices, guidance for university entrance and a list of 'facilitating subjects' required for acceptance into competitive universities You will need to: