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60 Inspiring Examples of Twitter in the Classroom. Social media offers some great opportunities for learning in the classroom, bringing together the ability to collaborate, access worldwide resources, and find new and interesting ways to communicate in one easily accessible place.

60 Inspiring Examples of Twitter in the Classroom

Teachers and educators around the world have found innovative ways to use Twitter as a teaching tool, and we’ve shared many of these great ideas here with you. Read on, and we’ll explore 60 inspiring ways that teachers and students can put Twitter to work in the classroom. Communication Twitter makes staying in touch and sharing announcements super simple and even fun. These ideas offer a great way to put the tool to good use. Twitter as a bulletin board: Jim Newman at Northern Illinois University uses Twitter as a bulletin board for his class, letting students know about last minute news like canceled classes.

Organization. The 100 Best Twitter Tools For Teachers (2012 Edition) Creative-Education-Twitter-for-Teachers-Final. Twitter for Teachers: A Guide for Beginners. I just received the following tweet: “I’m an NQT.

Twitter for Teachers: A Guide for Beginners

Heard about Twitter being great for CPD but have absolutely no idea how to use it – can you help?” I’m still quite new to Twitter but I hope that what I’ve learnt in my first few weeks will prove helpful to those of you even newer on the scene than me. And maybe it will encourage a few of you to try Twitter out if you’ve not yet taken the plunge. Choose your name wisely Short and sweet: Tweets are only 140 characters long. Make it easy: Make your name both easy to read and to type. Have a uniform online presence: If you’ve already got a good social network elsewhere, using the same or a similar name on Twitter will help your other followers recognise and find you and increase the speed with which you’ll get going on Twitter.

Sell yourself in your Profile. Ten Twitter Tips for Teachers. I’m a massive fan of Twitter.

Ten Twitter Tips for Teachers

I have personally found it to be the best source of new ideas and tips out there, and it’s free! It can take time to build up a decent sized network, but once you follow enough people then you begin to see the benefits. I’ve written a short guide to Twitter for Teachers before, but I’ve updated some of the ideas and added a few more things that you can do to make your Twitter experience much more useful. 1. Follow Follow Follow Twitter is all about following people.

Once you follow a few people – look at their twitter pages and see who they talk to, or who they follow. Also – take a look at the “Who to Follow” page which will suggest other followers based on who you follow. Hopefully, those people you follow will also follow you back. 2. Whenever I get a new follower I check on their Twitter account to see if they are worth following back, or whether they are an automated spam bot. 3.

It’s a good way of meeting other educators. A Teacher’s Guide to Twitter. Twitter is apart of my life almost every day because: - It’s a great source of news. - There are rich conversations among educators and edtech people. - People post entertaining, interesting, and very useful links. - I enjoy the easy interaction with others from around the world.

A Teacher’s Guide to Twitter

Most people start off in a rocky relationship with Twitter. It doesn’t seem to be as easy or as useful as everyone has said, it takes awhile before you find your niche, and there is an overwhelming amount of information to deal with. But, just hang on – it’ll be worth it!!! This is a guide to help teachers, or anyone for that matter, have a smoother and more enjoyable experience. It is, by no means, the most comprehensive list of tips but hopefully it’ll be helpful. Getting Started.

Why Twitter Is a Teacher's Best Tool - Education. Teachers are increasingly bringing the real-time communication power of Twitter into the classroom to help students learn.

Why Twitter Is a Teacher's Best Tool - Education

But I've come to the conclusion that it's great for helping teachers learn as well. Twitter has simply become one of the best places for teachers to collaborate, share solutions to common classroom problems, and discuss education policy. In fact, it might just be the best forum teachers have ever had. As a classroom teacher I remember going across the hall to ask Mr.

Sally for tips on getting kids to learn their times tables. Teaching Twitter to Teachers. Recently I decided to start running some more informal relaxed training sessions at school for staff.

Teaching Twitter to Teachers

Not the sort of official ‘boring’ ones where staff have to learn how to do mail merge but fun ones like YouTube and Twitter. So for this week’s Twitter sessions I set out with an easy aim – I wasn’t trying to convert teachers into using Twitter extensively but instead just show them how it worked and some of the benefits it can bring. I wrote the PowerPoint which is attached to the blog as the basis for the lesson and it proved to be reasonably successful as a resource.

I sometimes write PowerPoints which don’t end up getting used for one reason or another so it felt good to use one properly. Of course it could be improved even further but at least I’ve got one I can revisit. As for the training itself that went reasonably well. None of the staff since the sessions have tweeted again but I’m not concerned about that. Till next time … ps: Don’t you just love alliteration? Like this: