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Zoot Sports Wave 1 Triathlon Men's Wetsuit. Technical Swimsuits, Tri Gear for Men & Women. Zoot Sports Men's Wave 2 Triathlon Wetsuit. The Zoot Sports Wahine 2 Wetzoot features new graphics and Yamamoto SCS C39.

Zoot Sports Men's Wave 2 Triathlon Wetsuit

Zoot’s Aqualift provides maximum buoyancy, raising your legs and torso in the water for increased power and speed. The super thin neck panel has fuse welded SCS eliminates neck constriction and creates an extremely low profile neck seal. It sits flat against the neck to limit water entry and stop chafing. The front chest is 3mm Yamamoto SCS C39, center chest is 4mm Yamamoto SCS GLIDEflex C39, the back and center body are 2mm Yamamoto SCS C39, sleeves are 1.5mm Yamamoto SCS C39, front leg is 5mm Yamamoto SCS C39, side leg inset is 4mm Yamamoto SCS GLIDEflex C39, lower front leg is 4mm Yamamoto SCS C39 and the seat is 4mm Yamamoto SCS C39. [/vc_column_text][/vc_column] Water Temperature Rating Buoyancy Rating Rubber Flexibility Rating [/vc_row] Sizing Chart When choosing your size, please be sure to focus on your weight rather than height.

Zoot Sports Wave 1 Triathlon Men's Wetsuit. Beginners Triathlon Nutrition Tips. If you’re preparing for your first triathlon and you think that training is all about hitting the gym or the pool, then there’s a whole world of nutrition you’re missing out on.

Beginners Triathlon Nutrition Tips

Without it, you’re not going to get very far with your training and, more importantly, your race. Here’s our 101 on newbie triathlete nutrition. First let’s get some questions about supplements and nutrition bars out of the way. What kind of sports nutrition bars and supplements are for triathletes? Nutrition bars and supplements are broken into four broad categories: bars, chews, gels and mixes.

Bars Bars generally have dates or oats as the main ingredient, and include a combination of pressed solid food like nuts and fruits. Do not use them as a meal replacement, and look at the calorie value before consuming. Chicken Appetizers for Parties. 2xu Wetsuit Sale. Holiday Hors D Oeuvres for Party. Blue Seventy Swim Skin. Blueseventy is pleased to introduce a new swimskin worthy of the pointzero3 name.

Blue Seventy Swim Skin

The PZ4TX features advanced ultrasonic welding and extensively tested fabrics offering the optimal blend of fit, compression and performance. No other brand has a better understanding of what is needed in a swimskin to produce faster times and better results. The PZ4TX features four different fabrics designed for optimal compression, fit and speed. The front fabric is lightweight and hydrophobic. Extensive testing showed this fabric produces huge gains in time, particularly with beginner swimmers. Sizing Chart: The PZ4TX is designed to fit tight while accommodating a tri kit underneath. If you have any questions concerning sizing, don’t hesitate to contact us at 1-877-784-7808 or email us at for free friendly help!

Blueseventy Helix Sleeveless Triathlon Wetsuits. The 2016 Blue Seventy Helix Wetsuits represents the culmination of years of testing and research.

Blueseventy Helix Sleeveless Triathlon Wetsuits

Blueseventy has meticulously sourced materials, experimented with panel construction and tested many prototypes. All this work has led to their most flexible and comfortable wetsuit yet. Proprietary TST panels provide unparalleled upper body flexibility and 5mm Yamamoto Aerodome rubber delivers a high body position in the water.

Paired with quick exit legs, a reverse zipper and body fit panels, the new Helix Sleeveless Wetsuits fit like a second skin. Olympic champions, World champions and the fastest swimmers and triathletes in the world have placed the Helix in a class of its own. Men's Triathlon Wetsuits, Tri Gears & Accessories. Buy Triathlon Wetsuits, Apparels & Clothing from Looking to gain an advantage on your competition during triathlon events?

Buy Triathlon Wetsuits, Apparels & Clothing from

Look no further than our complete selection of triathlon wetsuits. has compiled the best brands with the best triathlon wetsuits for you to choose from. You will find seven brands of triathlon suits like Blue seventy, Orca, Zone 3, Zoot etc. with current year models available in addition to many fantastic sales on previous year models. We offer a wide-variety of dynamic triathlon wetsuits, clothing, apparels and accessories online. There are so many innovative designs to choose from. Whether you’re looking for a full sleeve wetsuit for improved hydrodynamics or a sleeveless wetsuit for more shoulder flexibility, you can find it here. Why You Should Buy Blue Seventy Wetsuits for 2017 Triathlons. Blue Seventy was one of the top two Triathlon 220 2016 award winners in the Triathlon Wetsuit Brand category.

Why You Should Buy Blue Seventy Wetsuits for 2017 Triathlons

The brand has bagged another prestigious nomination for the Triathlon 220 2017 awards. What makes this brand an all-around favorite of triathletes? Here are the top five reasons why Blue Seventy wetsuits are what you should be wearing in 2017: Blue Seventy recently launched the Thermal Helix, an upgrade of its best-selling Helix which is, not surprisingly, making waves all over the triathlon world. Trust Blue Seventy to come up with something like this; after all it’s a brand with more than 20 years of experience in cutting edge design of wetsuits for triathletes.It was the first brand to launch a gender specific range of wetsuits called Femme Fit. Blue Seventy is one brand that offers top-end, mid-range, entry-level, and youth wetsuits.

Shop Zone3 Triathlon Wetsuits for Men & Women Online. Best Triathlon Wetsuits for Men & Women.