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Business Card Printing Online. Need Business Cards Printed FAST? Choose a Same Day Turnaround with double-sided glossy business cards in 14pt stock. Business Cards: Standard or Custom Business cards are printed 100% offset3 business card stock options available. Uncoated Business Cards Available.Standard 2" x 3.5" Business Cards and Custom Sizes AvailableFull bleed printing is included in our pricesBoth horizontal and vertical business cards are availableChoose full color printing for both sides or front onlyAdd rounded corners to business cardsGloss Aqueous Coating, UV Gloss, or Dull UV Coating The quality of your business cards reflects the quality of your company image.

Need help ordering online? Other Business Card Products For free samples of our printed business cards, request a PrintPlace Sample Kit. Customer Testimonials - Mark Stanton, Computer Intelligence Agency - Brian Gericke, FBC St. "Ease of use, quality of product, great customer service, best online print solution I have found. " HTML5 Boilerplate - A rock-solid default template for HTML5 awesome. Web hosting provider - Turning Small Projects Into Big Profit, A Case Study - Smashing Magazine.

Advertisement In the Web world, hearing businesses and freelancers alike complain about low-budget projects is not too uncommon.

Turning Small Projects Into Big Profit, A Case Study - Smashing Magazine

Let’s say that a local coffee shop needs to update its Web presence and contacts you for a redesign. It also requires a blog so that it can announce new coffees, events and so on. However, during the course of the first meeting, the client mentions that they don’t have a budget. Being the inquisitive businessperson that you are, you say, “Well, we work with budgets of almost any size. This is where our design studio found ourselves. We began questioning our business practices. Here’s the simple premise on which we began to transform our business: if you turn away 10 to 15 small projects a year at $1500 per project, that’s declining between $15,000 and $22,500 every year. Any amount of money adds up over time. Our company was a start-up business once, too, and it still is.

It’s All About The Process Write Down Your Processes Finally, it ensures quality. Use a Theme. LESS « The Dynamic Stylesheet language. Free WordPress Themes. Smashing Magazine - For Professional Web Designers and Developers. FreshBooks - Online Invoicing, Accounting & Billing Software. How much to charge for design work? Posted on 26'09 Feb Posted on February 26, 2009 along with 98 JUST™ Creative Comments Often I get asked this question via email, facebook or twitter about how to price yourself as a designer.

How much to charge for design work?

The usual phrase goes something along the lines of “how much should I charge for” … web design, graphic design, logo design, etc. In reply, I usually send them off to Freelance Switch’s pricing yourself section (they removed it) and / or refer them to my article on the fast, good, cheap pricing method however I have come across a few other valuable resources: Danny Outlaw suggests to ask yourself 10 Questions when pricing yourself: What services am I pricing? Similarly, Jeff Fisher suggests some other questions to ask yourself, in his article How Much Should I Charge? What is your experience in the field of graphic design or with a specific type of project? So really, there is no magic formula? Here, Josh provides four steps to effective design pricing: But always remember… there is no exact formula. Outsource to Freelancers, IT Companies, Programmers, Web Designers from India, Russia, USA, and more.