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Online Course Design Guidelines

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Instructional Strategies for Online Courses. Instructional Strategies for Online Courses Effective online instruction depends on learning experiences appropriately designed and facilitated by knowledgeable educators. Because learners have different learning stylesor a combination of styles, online educators should design activities multiple modes of learning in order to provide significant experiences for each class participant.

In designing online courses, use multiple instructional strategies. Teaching models exist which apply to traditional higher education learning environments, and when designing courses for the online environment, these strategies should be adapted to the new environment. Traditionally, in a teacher-centered classroom, instructors control their environment because they have a monopoly on information. Online learning environments permit a range of interactive methodologies. Learning contracts connect educational needs to individual student needs. The discussion group Guided design Role playing Games The panel. Introduction: Designing for Online Learning | Office of Distance Learning.

Designing an Effective Course Quality online instruction requires effective planning and attention to detail, but the process doesn’t have to be tedious and can even enhance your face-to-face courses. These resources in this section of our website can give you insight on course design that will create the most engaging learning environment for your students. After an extensive review, ODL has selected the Quality Matters Rubric Standards for Online Courses as our online course quality review tool. The above link takes you to the QM website where you can find informative links about the research behind the tool. When you begin working with your ODL instructional development consultant, you'll be provided with a detailed overview of the rubric, as well as tools and templates to help you apply it to your course.

Mapping Out a Course Development Project Step 1: Determine learning objectives for each unit/topic of instruction. What do students need to learn to be successful in the course? Quality Matters Program | Creating Simple Online Courses For Free With MyiCourse. Course Overview.