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Brands Will Now Know How Many People Bought Products After Seeing LinkedIn Ads. How to Increase LinkedIn Engagement 300 Percent. LinkedIn is a powerful marketing tool.

How to Increase LinkedIn Engagement 300 Percent

It’s a fast-growing network of millions of professionals and one of the only places the business-savvy can put their ideas in front of key decision-makers. Although you may have a profile on the site and are sure to add contacts you’ve recently met, you’re probably not aware of all of the features you can use on the site to grow your community. For companies and individuals alike, LinkedIn has multiple platforms its members can use to find like-minded people and direct relevant content their way. This infographic from Quick Sprout gives us LinkedIn by the numbers--and suggests how you can grow your followers more than three-fold. Here’s some quick tips and strategies: How to Transform Your LinkedIn Profile Into a Marketing Tool Social Media Examiner. Do you want to use your LinkedIn profile to market yourself more effectively?

How to Transform Your LinkedIn Profile Into a Marketing Tool Social Media Examiner

Have you thought beyond adding a list of jobs and responsibilities? LinkedIn is the number-one social network for professionals, but that doesn’t mean you have to treat your profile as a traditional, boring resume. In this article you’ll discover four ways to turn your bland LinkedIn profile into a LinkedIn marketing tool that attracts potential decision makers.

Develop a Plan Recent studies show that 71% of B2B marketers say relevance to the audience is the most important aspect of any marketing program. Find tips for turning your LinkedIn profile into a marketing tool. Listen to this article: Listen now: Play in new window | Download | Embed Subscribe: iTunes | Android | You can also subscribe via RSS, Stitcher and iTunes. What the Best Social Media Community Managers Actually Do in Their Jobs. Searching for someone to run your social media efforts can be both an eye-opening and frustrating experience.

What the Best Social Media Community Managers Actually Do in Their Jobs

It might seem that, of the applicants who can boast any goal or metric from their job, the one thing they point to doing is "driving engagement. " While engagement metrics can be tied back to a business' bottom line, more often than not, social media marketers aren't moving the metrics CEOs care about. Years after the very first "Can we measure the ROI of social media? " blog post, the role of the social media community manager hasn't evolved much in the ways of goal-oriented, metrics-driven marketing. It's possible this is because many companies haven't figured out the right way to measure the ROI of their efforts, so they don't know to hire someone who can help them drive real business results. It becomes a vicious cycle. But someone's got to break out of the cycle. Download a ready-made job description for the social media manager role here. 1) Content Creator. How to Get More Authentic Connections on LinkedIn. With over 380 million users, LinkedIn is the largest professional networking site on the web - even Santa Claus himself has a LinkedIn profile.

How to Get More Authentic Connections on LinkedIn

Connections are what form the bedrock of a useful LinkedIn experience, but expanding your network can be difficult, particularly after you’ve gone through everyone in your contact list. Building connections is what the platforms all about, an important element of the process - so how can you expand your professional network and maximize LinkedIn? Let’s take a look at some of the ways you can groom and grow your connections list. Participate in Groups One of the best ways to form authentic connections on LinkedIn is to approach it as a digital networking opportunity. Give as Much as You Get LinkedIn's all about creating connections and referrals between professionals - but don’t expect the platform to do all the work for you. Businessinsider. Université de Nice-Sophia Antipolis. Comment les écoles et les recruteurs peuvent-ils utiliser les pages Universités de LinkedIn.

A la veille de la prochaine rentrée Universitaire, il me paraissait intéressant de revenir sur une fonctionnalité dévoilée par LinkedIn il y a presque un an : les pages « Universités ».

Comment les écoles et les recruteurs peuvent-ils utiliser les pages Universités de LinkedIn

Ce n’est plus un secret pour personne, les réseaux sociaux professionnels sont investis de plus en plus tôt par les étudiants. Pour rappel, ils étaient 79% en 2013 à posséder un compte sur Viadeo et/ou LinkedIn, ils sont désormais 86% en 2014 (Source : «Recrutement des étudiants sur les nouveaux canaux, mythe ou réalité ?»). Une tendance que LinkedIn et Viadeo ont souhaité utiliser afin de rendre leur outil encore plus pertinent pour leurs utilisateurs. Le 19 août dernier, LinkedIn publiait d’ailleurs sur son blog un billet nous expliquant que les pages Universités étaient désormais un nouvel outil permettant aux écoles, aux étudiants et aux anciens élèves de faire du réseau, de communiquer et d’explorer d’une manière différente les perspectives de carrière qui peuvent s’offrir à eux.

How to Build a LinkedIn Marketing Plan that Delivers Ongoing Results. Why Your Business Should Make Time for LinkedIn (Infographic) With more than 225 million users worldwide, LinkedIn has become a tremendously popular site for job seekers and those looking to make professional connections.

Why Your Business Should Make Time for LinkedIn (Infographic)

Business owners are realizing the value of the networking site, too. According to data compiled by Wishpond, a maker of social media marketing applications based in Vancouver, British Columbia, 27 million brands have a LinkedIn company page. And it seems to be paying off. According to their research, 77 percent of LinkedIn members do product or service-related research on the site, and 60 percent of users have clicked on ads on LinkedIn. Related: 10 Questions to Ask When Creating Your LinkedIn Company Page For a breakdown of how the site's members use it, take a look at the infographic below.