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Quick View Jabón Amor Dile al mundo porqué #GayIsOK Enjabónate y ama tu piel con nuestra base de jabón libre de aceite de palma, perfumada con la icónica fragancia Love.

Adorarás a la comunidad LGBT y la campaña del grupo All Out cuando el importe de tu compra sea donado a campañas de grupos activistas locales en todo el mundo. Pero antes de que te mojes, muestra tu amor online compartiendo un selfie con tu jabón Amor para decirle al mundo que para ti #GayIsOk. IR13 Sunday highlights: mobile ecologies, Instagram, disruptive spaces, teaching on Facebook…and a bit more activism « Store in Langa township, courtesy of Adamina The day began with ‘Mobile ecologies: mobile phones and young people’s online participation in public access venues in Cape Town’ from Marion Walton and Jonathan Donner.

IR13 Sunday highlights: mobile ecologies, Instagram, disruptive spaces, teaching on Facebook…and a bit more activism «

Walton started by saying that mobile Internet in South Africa doesn’t, for the most part, mean smart phones, the Web, or Twitter: it means “feature phones”, and probably platforms like Mxit. Southern ecologies of use for mobile phones are also very different from Northern contexts: most public schools don’t have the resources to provide training in technology, and the overlap between mobile use and the spheres of tertiary education and the workplace is limited (since many people don’t have the opportunity to study further and unemployment is high).

Those who are poorest pay the highest costs for data, as prepaid data access is far more expensive than broadband access. Later in the session, Magdalena Olszanowski looked at Instagram’s spaces of flow. Like this: Like Loading... Facebook. No more birthday greetings on my Facebook wall, please. Is Twitter a Public service social medium? A comparative content an... Listening Platform for Social Media Analytics & Research. MAP is Sysomos' flagship product, offering customers the ability to effectively listen, measure, understand and engage.

Listening Platform for Social Media Analytics & Research

MAP delivers insight into the key conversations, why they're happening and who's driving them. Unlimited queries and access to billions of conversations Identify key influencers by industry or demographic groups Understand key conversations, themes and trends Conduct in-depth research, prepare detailed reports Comprehensive and Spam-Free Database A database, featuring billions of social media conversations dating back two years. Affective news streams and networked publics: mediality and engagem... IssueCrawler >> Log-in. WOMMA. Digital Anthropology. “Researchers and teachers alike have long been waiting for this invaluable guide to the tricky terrain of digital anthropology.

Digital Anthropology

Demonstrating what anthropology brings to the study of the digital and vice versa, Horst and Miller's book provides a firm launching-off point for new investigations of the remediations, remodulations, and reconfigurations associated with digital media and technology.” – Paul Dourish, Professor of Informatics, University of California, Irvine “This remarkable volume provides a provocative survey of an emergent territory we are all coming to inhabit. Broad in coverage yet acutely attentive to the particulars, offering multiple perspectives yet elegantly integrative, and epistemologically bracing while deeply anthropological, this is a work of lasting value for experts and non-experts alike.” – Don Brenneis, University of California, Santa Cruz “Highly recommended.

All levels/libraries.” – A. In Defence of the Multiplicity of Personal Identity. The post-lunch keynote at AoIR 2012 is by Liesbet van Zoonen, who begins with a recap of cultural theories of identity.

In Defence of the Multiplicity of Personal Identity

These assume both individual and collective identities to be multiple rather than single, dynamic rather than static. Identity is something we do, not something we are. Research has been informed by these ideas, and we have a good understanding of how different groups use media to perform their identities. This has also been reflected in an understanding of diversity as a desirable goal for social policy. There has been less attention on recent forces that work against the multiplicity of identity, and these need to be brought out into the open. European Journal of Communication. Mary L. Gray » Out in the Country. Gray, Mary L.

Mary L. Gray » Out in the Country

Out in the Country: Youth, Media, and Queer Visibility in Rural America. New York University Press, 2009 Project description: Identities are commonly thought of as deeply personal and often experienced as an internal resonance of who we are. Yet, in mapping the construction of identities, we see distributed, technosocial processes that entangle multiple sites and fields of power beyond the location of a solitary person. In an effort to address the above questions and the gap in research on how new media are implicated in the constructions of rural sexual and gender identities, my project examined how rural young people and their advocates use support services, peers, and new media as sites and technologies of gender and sexual representation or what I call “queer identity work.”

I examined the unique relationships youth have to the modern constructions of sexual and gendered subjects. Chapter One: Introduction Chapter Two: Methods Chapter Five: Locating identity. Donna Haraway. Staying with the Trouble. IMPRINTS - Home.