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34 WordPress Plugins You May Not Know-Worth a Look. Everyday new wordpress plugins and wordpress widgets are released or updated so it is very useful to check out the official WordPress website and of course some wordpress plugin forums.You can definetely find interesting,useful and updated plugins.The below wordpress plugins are not known much but i’m sure at least,few of them will be useful for your wordpress blog. 1.Wp-post-tips This is a simple, lightweight plugin that adds tooltips to your ‘links’ widget using jQuery.

34 WordPress Plugins You May Not Know-Worth a Look

The tooltips appear with a bubble image and the description of the link. please leave your comments if you have any suggestions for enhancement. 2.AutoTweet Highlights: With a TinyURL thats shows the page highlighted to ANY visitor Anyone can make highlights on any part of your web page and automatically tweet them. 4.3D Wall FX One of the most advanced 3D Wall on the web. 5.Page Flip FX You can integrate it in any website for free without even using Flash. 6.Authors Widget 7.sidebarTabs 9.Mingle 10.Subscribe Widget.

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Bookings — Zingiri

Visitors to your site will be able to check the availability of your staff/services/products and make online bookings. The beauty of implementing Zingiri Bookings is that you can take bookings at any time and any place, ultimately saving you time and money. We are the ideal addition to any business as our software fully integrates with your site, allowing your clientele to easily make an appointment directly with you. For a full list of our features and pricing, please click here. Bookings works for any business, big or small With Bookings, the options are endless Discover who uses us here. Why choose us? Unlike other scheduling software, Zingiri Bookings fully integrates with your site so that your clients can effortlessly proceed with their bookings without the hassle of visiting a third party website to register and login.

Un plugin newsletter gratuit pour wordpress. 5 Innovative Uses of WordPress for Business Owners. If you’re a freelancer or small business owner, building your website is just the beginning of what you can do with WordPress as a CMS.

5 Innovative Uses of WordPress for Business Owners

If you’d like to take more control over your day-to-day administrative tasks, and rely less on third party software and hosted web applications, these days there’s not much that you can’t do with WordPress plugins. These are a few ways that you can extend the functionality of WordPress to help you manage your business independently. #1: Use WordPress as your invoicing system A lot of freelancers use web-based billing platforms like Freshbooks or Zoho to manage their finances. There are even some really old-fashioned folk out there who still use Excel spreadsheets. As an alternative, you can actually run a fully-featured invoicing system on your WordPress site, that allows you to send itemized bills to your clients and integrate with payment gateways like Google Checkout, or PayPal. Build a multilingual site with WordPress. 40 Exceptional “CMS Enabling” WordPress Plugins - Noupe Design Blog.

May 27 2009 WordPress is a great blogging platform with a potential of being an easy to use content management system.

40 Exceptional “CMS Enabling” WordPress Plugins - Noupe Design Blog

This is the third article of our three-part series, “The Comprehensive Guide for a Powerful CMS using WordPress”. We are taking a look at 40+ quality and useful WordPress Plug-ins that will turn a simple WordPress site into a blazing fast dynamic one, with easily managed content, that you and your clients will love to use.

The Comprehensive Guide for a Powerful CMS using WordPress – Part 1 The Comprehensive Guide for a Powerful CMS using WordPress – Part 2 Making Your Content Unbreakable There is one big drawback to using WordPress as a CMS: the lack of custom content types/groups, an area where developers put restrictions on how clients insert content. 1. More Fields is a WordPress plugin that adds boxes to the Write/Edit page. Download Plugin 2. Flutter is made precisely for CMS-making, allows you to create custom Write Panel (Posts, Pages, and Theme Options).

9 plugins pour gérer ses pages en utilisation CMS. WordPress est super en tant que CMS pour créer des sites qui n’ont presque rien à voir avec des blogs ordinaires. Pour mon projet sur les cordages bateaux dont j’ai déjà parlé sur WordPress tuto, on a eu recours à un usage massif des pages pour gérer le contenu. Breadcrumb NavXT. Breadcrumb NavXT, the successor to the popular WordPress plugin Breadcrumb Navigation XT, was written from the ground up to be better than its ancestor.

Breadcrumb NavXT

Table of Contents Purpose Breadcrumb NavXT is a WordPress plugin compatible with WordPress versions 4.0 and up. This plugin generates locational breadcrumb trails for your WordPress blog. These represent the hierarchy leading up to the current page rather than the actual path taken to arrive at the current page. Breadcrumb trails are a good supplementary navigation system that aid in site usability. Features (non-exhaustive) Screenshots A screenshot of the General tab of the settings page A screenshot of the Post Types tab of the settings page A screenshot of the Taxonomies tab of the settings page A screenshot of the Miscellaneous tab of the settings page A screenshot of the Settings Import/Export/Reset form under the Help menu Download Installation Basic Usage Depending on your theme this section may be unnecessary. Advanced Usage Add On Extensions. Les 10 meilleurs plugins pour CMS de WordPress. Blueprint Design Studio, une société qui crée des sites web à partir de WordPress vient de publier un article intitulé Top 10 WordPress CMS Plugins et je l’ai trouvé vraiment intéressant et méritant cette traduction :

Les 10 meilleurs plugins pour CMS de WordPress