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He Purifies His Home's Air Using A Simple Aloe Plant. How? This Is INCREDIBLE! When you hear the words “air pollution,” you probably think about smog-belching factories and the exhaust from cars on the crowded freeway.

He Purifies His Home's Air Using A Simple Aloe Plant. How? This Is INCREDIBLE!

Most people associate air pollution with the outdoor environment — as brought to light by these pollution-fighting artists. But it’s also the air inside of our homes that we should pay attention to. According to the American Lung Association, indoor air can be even more polluted than the air outdoors. She Bakes Marbles In The Oven, Then Dumps Them In Ice Water. The Result? Stunning! Kitchen cabinet. Wood & Burlap Natural Fall Wreath - Finding Home.

Since this is one of my all time favorites, I thought I would share it again!

Wood & Burlap Natural Fall Wreath - Finding Home

Happy day to you all! Sometimes there is nothing better than a project that is easy and simple and that you love in the end. That is the case with my wood and burlap natural fall wreath I made today. Truly, it could not have been easier. Slice thin pieces of wood from a dried log. Tie a piece of burlap on a flat wooden wreath form first to hang it and then attach the wood slices in a single layer using an adhesive.

Update: here is a link to the wreath form that I used (affiliate link included). Add a second layer overlapping where the first layer pieces meet. Remove permanent marker. My first watering can. Candle flower pot. Fishing pole picture. Remove permanent marker. Weed killer. A Watering Can That Pours Crystals. My neighbor and good friend, Debra, made this wonderful garden decoration from an old watering can and chandelier crystals.

A Watering Can That Pours Crystals

The light from the sun reflects off of the crystals, making it shine brilliantly. The stream of crystals look like they are pouring out of the watering can’s spout using little more than some wire and a bead to secure them. I’ll explain how to make something like this yourself down below. When I shared a photo of this watering can project on Instagram last night, I had no idea what was going to follow.

I went to my Facebook page and shared the instagram photo there. What resulted was almost 700 likes and over 200 shares! Debra and I live literally right around the corner from each other. That was a little over a year ago and since then Debra and I have become good friends. Debra lives in a cute little farm house with a great big barn in her side yard. How to Care for Peace Lilies: 15 Steps. Edit Article Three Parts:Maintaining a Peace LilyRe-potting a Peace LilySolving Peace Lily MaladiesQuestions and Answers Because they are relatively easy to maintain and their pure white blossoms are lovely to look at, peace lilies, also known as closet plants, are one of the most popular varieties of houseplants.

How to Care for Peace Lilies: 15 Steps

Recently, the peace lily also was recognized by NASA for its air-cleaning properties.[1] Caring for peace lilies by taking into account their water, soil, and sun needs and keeping them healthy ensures that you're able to get the most out of your plant. Ad Steps. Glitter jar. Biodegradable pots. Weed killer. 10 Painless Ways To Change Your Messy, Messy Habits. If you're the type who considers the act of maintaining an organized (and spotless) home a waste of time, prepare to have your world rocked.

10 Painless Ways To Change Your Messy, Messy Habits

"Clean people" know that you don't have to devote hours upon hours to keep your living space from becoming a chaotic mess. You just have to adopt a few simple habits that can be painlessly incorporated into your daily routine. We caught up with Jolie Kerr, author of "My Boyfriend Barfed In My Handbag...And Other Things You Can't Ask Martha" (Penguin, 2014) and our favorite expert on all things clean, about the foolproof ways to avoid a life lived among cat-sized dust bunnies. These tips can't completely undo a lifetime of bad habits, but they're a very easy start.

We'll take it room by room. In The Bedroom1. Your Most Embarrassing Cleaning Questions. Jolie Kerr, cleaning expert and author of the new book My Boyfriend Barfed in My Handbag .. and Other Things You Can't Ask Martha has seen it all, from stinky dishwashers to lipstick on your collar.

Your Most Embarrassing Cleaning Questions

By Lynn Andriani Why does my dishwasher smell so bad, if all it does is clean dishes? Getty Images Your mother-in-law offers to help you load the dishwasher, pulls the door open and -- ugh, that smell. Too Many Glass Jars Lying Around? Here Are 11 Cool Ideas For Reusing Them. From Networx's Katie Marks: We all know that mason jars are super hip in home decor right now, but what about jars in general?

Too Many Glass Jars Lying Around? Here Are 11 Cool Ideas For Reusing Them

Because jars come in all shapes an sizes, not just the classic mason style, and chances are that if you buy peanut butter, spices, jams, and much more, you have some old glass jars floating around. Sure, you could put them in the recycling, but that's not really how we roll here at Networx, where the "reuse" part of "reduce, reuse, recycle" is taken extremely seriously. Without further ado, 11 uses for jars: Food Preservation Flickr Mason jars aren't the only ones that can be used for home canning. Flickr Recycled jars are a lifesaver in your DIY carpentry workshop and craft room, where they can tame sloppy messes of random items. Katie Marks writes for Homemade Miracle Cleaner. Update: Wow!

Homemade Miracle Cleaner

Thank you so much for all the love. we are happy to hear that this has had AMAZING results. many of you have tried it and now swear by it. we are so happy to hear that! Again, thank you for spreading the word. this is now one of our most popular craft posts. to see other arts & crafts, diy’s and how-tos, click here and view our arts & crafts category! Read the comments for feedback on those who have tried it! I’m not big on cleaning. Don’t get me wrong, I love having clean things…but I generally get fed up with the amount of time, elbow grease, and/or money for cleaning products required to do the job.

10 Vinegar Life Hacks That Actually Work.