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Vormgevingsbureau. Light Box is a series of lamps made in the tradition of furniture making.


The lamp which is made out of wood has a pattern of 8.000 holes reinforced with transparant resin. In combination with the pattern of low growing trees, Light Box is the ideal room divider forming an artificial hedge or a nocturnal landscape with your home. Cool Hunting. Mozilla Firefox. Etsy Finds: Favorite Handmade 2010 Calendars. Chuck & Jessica's 196 Square Foot Green Shed Green Tour. Name: Chuck and JessicaLocation: Silver Spring, MarylandSize: 196 square feetYears lived in: Completed this year, 2009 Chuck is an architect and furniture designer and Jessica is a painter, so their shed was built out of necessity to provide additional workspace behind their home.

Built from the ground up and using many salvaged materials, the shed keeps in line with their philosophy on environmental responsibility. And given Chuck's occupation, it's no surprise their shed won the International Shed of the Year award for 2009. Built by Chuck himself, the shed's 196 square feet size was dictated by their zoning laws. If they kept the size under 200 square feet, they wouldn't be required to pull permits, which meant a lot less red tape and hassle.

Bamboo(zle): Folding Dining Chairs + Room Divider Design. There is something almost creepy about the stealth with which these folding chairs convert into a flat and inconspicuous three-panel bamboo screen; decorative shoji-style space divider one moment – tall-back dining-room-worthy set of chairs the next.

Bamboo(zle): Folding Dining Chairs + Room Divider Design

A wooden frame serves as structural reinforcement for the lighter-weight panels, which in turn slide and slot between positions to make the transformation process smooth and simple. Designer Daniel Milchtein Peltsverger may yet have a few functionality issues to resolve but the idea seems sound (and the material is sustainable as well). Of course, this would not be too difficult to make for the DIY-inclined – which is fortunate since (for now) this screen-and-chair combination is only a concept design. Still, given the appeal of home product that folds flat for storage in small apartments, it would make sense for these to start flying off the shelves should they ever be produced for sale. Lounge37 - Graffiti Shirts Photography Design.