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Picture Mosaics - Free Online Photo Mosaic Tool. Real Men Make Their Own Viking Beer Mugs—Without Using Power Tools (Now You Can Too) « Beer. Man + Beer = Happy.

Real Men Make Their Own Viking Beer Mugs—Without Using Power Tools (Now You Can Too) « Beer

Some say that's the formula to a pretty blissful life, but it's not just the beer you're drinking—it's about what you're drinking it in. Drinking out of the bottle or pint glass is perfectly fine for the average person, but if you want to be above average and a little creative, then making a giant Viking Beer Mug needs to be on your to-do list. Lucky for us, Instructables user Bricobart laid out all the steps for us, and in the most manly way possible—without any power tools. Image via All you really need is a hatchet, knife, yard, wood, and some resin. Head outside and look for a decently sized piece of wood or find a downed log.

Images via He went ahead and shaved down the excess wood, then smoothed it out with a knife. After a few hours of whittling, smoothing, and tying pieces of wood together, your mug is almost there. This would also make for a pretty awesome gift. Hanging Cradle DIY Fabric Sewing Pattern with by TutorialGirl. Fabric Hanging Cradle Tutorial in a style of TutorialGirl, computerized pattern pieces with easy to read photo instructions.

Hanging Cradle DIY Fabric Sewing Pattern with by TutorialGirl

TOTALY NEW: on my blog you could see the VIDEO of making this; ) yey...... For Hanging Cradle eeverything is simple with a little wood work, and all you need to have from tools (for woodworking) is a handsaw; so simple this is. Everything else is made with a sewing machine, easy peasy and fun project, as always in a TutorialGirl Shop. The benefits of this Cradle, or way on earth people should do this by themselves? It is fun project; should I say one more time: it is easy for the beginner sewer? It is more personal then if you are going to the store and just buy the crib that they offer there; I see this like a personally gift for your baby or your grandchild…what is more personally then a crib?

On my opinion the experience of nesting this way is stronger (if you do at least one of the project preparations for your coming baby). Old Wharf Dory Co: Fishing, Work and Pleasure Skiffs and Boats. I have been building and repairing boats in Wellfleet, MA, Cape Cod since 1977.

Old Wharf Dory Co: Fishing, Work and Pleasure Skiffs and Boats

I have built slightly more than 100 boats, and repaired many more. The Lumber Yard Skiffs are a pair of small work skiffs that I designed in 1993. The design is inspired by the classic skiffs of Ray Brockway, whose boats were known on the New England Coast from Old Saybrook, CT to Provincetown, MA. Sometimes they were called Cozzi skiffs or Montagna skiffs, for the shellfish buyer who often sold them on the Cape. I have repaired and rebuilt several Brockways, and currently co- own a 14' Brockway with my son Nicolas. I decided to offer an improved version of these work skiffs in two sizes , 16' and 20'. Next step is to go to the lumberyard, where I pick up most of the materials to build the 20' skiff. The first step in actually building the boat is to assemble the two side panels. Jessamyn's Regency Costume Companion: Florentine gown. The Shoes.

Jessamyn's Regency Costume Companion: Florentine gown

Pattern Drafting In a new page on my Florentine gent's diary, I've written up some of my ideas about shoes, some of which I'll reiterate and add to here. As I've mentioned before, I wish that more costume diaries went into detail - any detail - about hair, makeup, stockings, shoes...all the unglamorous but necessary, often frustrating details that can make or break a costume.


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