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In this inspiring 90 minute presentation, Mike Maloney discusses the truth about our economic systems and why precious metals have achieved record high prices while the global economy is collapsing. As Mike, the founder of, points out – the economic events we are witnessing today are just a repetition of the surest economic cycle in history – the flight from unbacked fiat paper currencies (dollars, euros, yen, pounds, pesos, etc) to real money – physical gold and silver bullion. Debt Collapse - $20,000 Gold - Mike Maloney | Debt Collapse - $20,000 Gold - Mike Maloney |
Robert Kiyosaki: Silver is the best hedge against inflation!
Robert Kiyosaki - New Rules of Money, Part 3/7: Why Savers Are Losers in This Economy
Hyperinflation Nation Part 1/3
Hyperinflation Nation Part 2/3
Hyperinflation Nation Part 3/3
End of Liberty
Trader on Bloomberg says markets are manipulated and volumes ficticious
History of The Federal Reserve
Money, Banking and the Federal Reserve
The Committee of 300
PDF download on Committee of 300
Yield Curve
July 11, 2012 If you haven’t heard already, I no longer work for GFT. Boris Schlossberg and I expanded our business and launched a new website WWW.BKASSETMANAGEMENT.COM This is the new home for all of our commentary. Kathy Lien Kathy Lien
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SRDC Global - The Worldwide SRDC Community SRDC Global - The Worldwide SRDC Community Philippines - SRDC Worldwide featured in Entrepreneur Magazine Paper bills really aren't worth much, but gold, silver, and physical assets are. One group can help you tell the difference.
SRDC Bootcamp Summary - Part 1
SRDC Bootcamp 2011 Summary Part 2