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Justin Goh

Graduated from Malaysia University and is a social activist. He focuses on various areas including education and takes notes on measure which could help in the overall pattern of studying. Recently he is registered with MyPrivateTutor Malaysia and has gained reputation in his field.

How to Use a Sense of Humour Right in Essays. Humour in writing an essay means the writing is serious writing.

How to Use a Sense of Humour Right in Essays

The writer’s intention in using humour is to say something important in a special way. To do this, the writer needs to use the appropriate comic device, such as parody or satire or irony, to emphasize the truth. Much of the time the humour in nonfiction is intended to make a serious point. The writer must find the right comic device to disguise his/her serious point. The writer can use satire, irony, parody, and lampoon—even nonsense. But the truth is that anyone can learn to write humour.

A List of Habits and Tricks to Enhance Your General Knowledge. Signs you should drop the idea of Appearing for that Interview. Make sure that you apply for interview in a company you are interested in and you are sure of about that company.

Signs you should drop the idea of Appearing for that Interview

Many times it happens with young job seekers that they go for an interview and they have a horrible experience of it. There are many things that can ruin your interview like vague policies of the companies, high level of attitude from the person who is taking the interview, you not knowing anything about the company, etc. 8 Ways to avoid getting Phished. Phishing is the effort to attain sensitive personal information such as passwords, usernames and credit card details for malicious reasons by disguising a trustworthy entity in an electronic communication.

8 Ways to avoid getting Phished

It is a very harmful and dangerous thing from which each and every citizen should take care and be safe. These phishing scams post a huge threat to the victim’s personal and financial information. It could ruin a person’s life both financially and mentally. Sometimes people after being victimized from these scams, become very weak mentally as they have lost all their valuable assets and also their pride and dignity. 9 Ways to study better for upcoming board examination.

Personalized learning: The future of school education. Do you still remember those conventional school teaching methods?

Personalized learning: The future of school education

Sitting in ordered rows with your mates, learning the same lessons each day and doing the same assignments together; there’s no doubt that it was fun. But can you consider that teaching model flawless? 7 Amazing Benefits of E-Learning / Online Learning. E-learning or electronic learning has taken the world by storm.

7 Amazing Benefits of E-Learning / Online Learning

Earlier this form of education wasn’t deemed so appropriate because it was presumed that machine learning seldom has a positive effect on students. Ways to Choose a Good School for Your Child. As a parent, you must be looking for one of the best schools for your kids.

Ways to Choose a Good School for Your Child

If yes, we are here with certain tips to find out, how a school really is. Do some research work Attend school orientation and fairs; take reviews from your neighborhood, friends, or family members, if they live nearby you. 5 Popular International Study Destinations for Malaysian Students. Image Source: As per Project Atlas, 56,260 Malaysian students went overseas to study in 2014.

5 Popular International Study Destinations for Malaysian Students

The top international study destinations for Malaysian students were United Kingdom, Australia, United States, Egypt, Russian Federation, Japan, Jordan, India, New Zealand, and Ireland. Here is a closer look at the five most popular international study destinations for Malaysian students. 10 Tips to Get a Job as a Fresh Graduate.

You are about to graduate in a few months and hope to find a job in an industry of your choice.

10 Tips to Get a Job as a Fresh Graduate

You start scanning job vacancy websites and newspapers adverts. Then an uneasy reality hits you – it’s going to be difficult to find a good job as a fresh graduate. It is estimated that there are 200,000 unemployed graduates in Malaysia. One in four graduates remain unemployed even six months after graduation. If you don’t want to be part of the statistic, here are ten ways you can increase the likelihood of finding a job as a fresh graduate: 5 Tips on Improving Your Mental Math. Mental math is the ability to perform mathematical calculations without the use of a pen and paper or a digital aid.

5 Tips on Improving Your Mental Math

Being able to perform mental math quickly is a real advantage. As a student it can save you precious time during a math test at school or during competitive exams such as GMAT. As an adult your mental math capabilities come in handy at work (e.g. making a quick estimate on cost of project) as well as in your personal life (e.g. tallying the bill at the payment counter). If your mental capabilities have become a bit rusty, here are five ways in which you can improve them.

Perform Mental Math Everyday As with any other life skill, practice is key to retaining your mental math ability. When shopping items for your house, add the prices of all the items in your basket. A Complete Guide to Hadoop and Big Data. Popular framework, Hadoop, which has especially been developed for handling the organising and analysis part of any business.

A Complete Guide to Hadoop and Big Data

Hadoop helps in storing files which are bigger in size and do not fit in the normal capacities. Extremely large files can also be stored with the help of Hadoop. Hadoop had been designed, developed and launched for the sole purpose of storing files with a relatively big size than the usual. Another framework for storing huge size files is the Big Data. This framework includes technologies which are specially designed to handle and store large amounts of data.

6 Qualities Students Seek In Teachers. Image by: Denise Over the years, generations, geographical borders and technological leaps, most students have been found seeking mostly the same things in their teachers; and this ‘search’ is worthy of great attention. You probably have noticed that the word is ‘seek IN their teachers’ and not ‘from’. Yes; students obviously seek knowledge from their teachers – but what do they usually seek IN teachers? 5 Ways How Pressure Can Affect Students’ Performance Adversely. All of us would perhaps agree that it is difficult to work under pressure; especially, excessive pressure. Now, if we adults find it difficult to perform our best under overpowering pressure, how can children and youngsters find it easy? Therefore we find students, parents and even teachers often opining that pressure can, in fact, affect students’ performance adversely. Effective Tips to Prepare for SPM 2016.

Exams are stressful. Preparing for them is no cakewalk. With the anticipation of the outcome constantly breathing down their necks, students find themselves under extreme pressure to excel.