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Universal Design for Learning

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CTE - Universal Design. What is universal design for learning (UDL)?

CTE - Universal Design

Why UDL? How can you incorporate UDL in a course? UDL On Campus: Getting Started. (music) [The words UDL On Campus: Getting Started appear on the screen.

UDL On Campus: Getting Started

Manju Banjeree, Director of Landmark College, is seated in an office.] MANJU BANERJEE: So one advice to getting started with UDL is to take it in small steps and then pick an actual scenario. Don't be hypothetical. UDL On Campus: About UDL. (music) [Title: UDL On Campus, Gabrielle Rappolt-Schlichtmann, Co-President of CAST, appears on the screen.]

UDL On Campus: About UDL

GABRIELLE RAPPOLT-SCLICTHMANN: Learning is really a lifelong journey and when students come to postsecondary they're incredibly diverse. They have a wide range of strengths and weaknesses and UDL is really about how to make that learning journey tractable for as many of those learners as possible. [Students sit in a circle on a lawn on a college campus. The scene changes to a large display of artwork. UDL On Campus: UDL Syllabus. [The video opens to a screen recording of the interface of a web conferencing system.

UDL On Campus: UDL Syllabus

There is a small video window in the upper-left corner, in which we can see a female instructor self-recording the video feed. Below is a window showing Participants, and below that is a window displaying a live Chat feed. UDL On Campus: Learning Goals. What What is this resource about?

UDL On Campus: Learning Goals

This resource discusses the ways in which learning goals can be constructed through the lens of Universal Design for Learning. Within instructional design, goals are expectations for knowledge, skills, or outcomes. UDL On Campus: UDL and Assessment. [White text appears on magenta background: "UDL On Campus.”

UDL On Campus: UDL and Assessment

The colors are inverted and a wave of orange slides over the “UDL On Campus” magenta text. Grey text appears below: “Universal Design for Learning in Higher Education.”] FEMALE VOICE: UDL On Campus: Universal Design for Learning in Higher Education. [The title appears onscreen.] FEMALE NARRATOR: An Introduction to UDL and Assessment. UDL On Campus: Using LMS Data to Inform Course Design. Why Why is this important for higher education?

UDL On Campus: Using LMS Data to Inform Course Design

An iterative relationship between data analysis and course design results in refined efforts at addressing learner variability and engaging all students – and, as such, increasingly effective instructional environments. UDL Connection A UDL approach to data analytics includes three key components: emphasis on data to improve the learning environment rather than an individual student interpretation of data through the lens of the three UDL principles use of data to take action to make improvements to a course. UDL On Campus: Blended Courses. Why Why is this important for higher education?

UDL On Campus: Blended Courses

There are many opportunities in higher education settings to leverage technology to create both face-to-face and online learning environments, but there are important pedagogical and accessibility considerations to make these setting successful. UDL Connection Planning a Blended Course. UDL On Campus: Media & Materials. UDL Explainer. UDL At A Glance START. UDL in Higher Education. CAST Universal Design for Learning in Postsecondary Education Video. UDL: Reducing Barriers.