State versus the People

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Croatian teenager wakes from coma speaking fluent German. 9/11 Is the LitmusTest. Beware Africa: You’re Being Set Up. By Zen Gardner This is how they do it.

Beware Africa: You’re Being Set Up

Whether it’s staged murders to justify intervention in the name of the ubiquitous “drug war”, made up or exaggerated rogue dictators and tribal chiefs, or murderous sensational bomb blasts in public places, the Illuminati war lords know how to soften up their targets and sway public perception to continue their global hegemony. Expendable. Broadcast Yourself. Why the Mythbusters won't do RFID (last hope Adam Savage) HOW TO MAKE A EMP. Chemtrails - What in the World Are They Spraying FULL HD. Chemtrails Hall of Shame - Documenting a global non-event. Cloud Computing Explained. Still Think Fluoride, Aspartame And Genetically Modified Foods are Safe??? Men In Black 3 - Unreleased Trailer [FULL HD] What Caused Tila Tequila's Brain Aneurysm After Exposing the Illuminati on The Internet?

Epitaph: The Late, Great United States. Kennedy Was Right! in '61. Hillary Clinton : We created Al-Qaeda. Remember Me... The House of Rothschild - Money's prophets FULL VERY IMPORTANT!! Brace For Impact!!! Freemasonry And The Oath Of Nimrod: The Masonic Connection To The Ancient Babylonian Mystery Religion. Home > New World Order > Freemasonry And The Oath Of Nimrod: The Masonic Connection To The Ancient Babylonian Mystery Religion There is a direct connection between Freemasonry and the ancient Babylonian mystery religion from which the ancient pagan religions of Egypt, Persia, Greece and Rome eventually developed.

Freemasonry And The Oath Of Nimrod: The Masonic Connection To The Ancient Babylonian Mystery Religion

It all goes back to a man named Nimrod who the Freemasons view as the true originator of their Order. Nimrod was a great Mesopotamian king who founded the city of Babylon and established the first great empire after Noah's flood. He is also traditionally associated with the Tower of Babel. According to tradition, Nimrod sought to turn men away from God by setting up a tyrannical government and setting up a new religion. The two Babylons; or, The papal worship proved to be the worship of Nimrod and his wife. Prince Charles: "I am descendant of Dracula" [Read Description] Prince Charles- Follow Islamic 'spiritual principles' to save the World. EIPS - The Jesuit Oath Exposed. [The following is the text of the Jesuit Extreme Oath of Induction as recorded in the Journals of the 62nd Congress, 3rd Session, of the United States Congressional Record (House Calendar No. 397, Report No. 1523, 15 February, 1913, pp. 3215-3216), from which it was subsequently torn out.

EIPS - The Jesuit Oath Exposed

The Oath is also quoted by Charles Didier in his book Subterranean Rome (New York, 1843), translated from the French original. Dr. Alberto Rivera, who escaped from the Jesuit Order in 1967, confirms that the induction ceremony and the text of the Jesuit Oath which he took were identical to what we have cited below. – A. N.] History is about to repeat itself.