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You Can Still Be Transgender If You Don't Feel Physical Dysphoria – Here’s Why. Allies are Terrible Forever. Okay most of this has been said before I think, but still, I got irritated by someone identifying as an ally being terrible recently, so!

Allies are Terrible Forever

Large analytic post. If you know why self-identified allies are often a problem, this probably isn’t anything new. tl;dr: Being an ally means encouraging people to call you out more, not less. Cis feminists will often expect to be treated as heroic “allies” for mentioning trans people in passing occasionally, while not doing anything to reassess their conceptions of gender and gender oppression, and like, they expect to be criticized less when they fuck up because “they’re on your side!”

And it’s actually not just cisfeminism, it’s more or less every sort of ally ever. It all ultimately comes from the desire, common amongst privileged people, to use marginalized people for their own personal glory. And basically, this is just another way to marginalize you, objectify you, and force you out of the discourse. Like this: Like Loading... A Super Clever Answer to the Inadequate Question of 'Male or Female?' These Super Cute Comics About Life As a 'Trans Girl Next Door' Will Make You Smile.

Comic 1 Panel 1 (Two people are sitting together on a white sofa.

These Super Cute Comics About Life As a 'Trans Girl Next Door' Will Make You Smile

The person on the left [Person 1] is hugging a cushion while holding a mobile phone with both hands and with a wide eyed, close mouthed hard look on the face. The person on the right [Person 2] is holding onto a cushion with both hands and has a smiling look on the face.) Person 2: …and yeah, I met you when you were still “Kai,” I just remember you complimenting my hair… Panel 2 (Person 1 has a cushion held tight against the body with both hands held up with the fisted hands resting on the neck, eyes closed, and a pained grimace on the face.

Person 1: Ewewewewew! Panel 3 (Person 1 is hugging a cushion with both hands in the front hanging down, eyes rolled up, and a big frown on the face. Here are 12 Trans Folks Whose Transformative Work You Should Know About. Panel 1 (Ronnie stands in the midst of a crowd on a dark evening, holding a candle.

Here are 12 Trans Folks Whose Transformative Work You Should Know About

Everyone else in the crowd also has candles. Ronnie looks back, addressing the reader.) Ronnie: Trans Day of Remembrance is one of the most well-known events centered around the transgender and gender non-comforming community. It brings to attention the amount of mourning our community does as a whole, as one of the most vulnerable populations in North America. Panel 2 (Two iconographs occupy this panel. Text: About 70% of trans people have seriously considered suicide in their lives, and roughly half have attempted it. 1 in 12 trans women’s lives end in murder, 1 in 8 if they are of color. Panel 3 (Several layers of articles and magazine pages lay over each other.

Text: As the stories of these deaths are getting more press, it seems that the public is finally starting to understand how dire our situation is. Panel 4 (Two trans women stand next to each other. The Ultimate Break Down of the Gender Binary – Why It Hurts Us All. Panel 1 Justin stands facing the reader smiling and waving.

The Ultimate Break Down of the Gender Binary – Why It Hurts Us All

Justin: Hi, I’m Justin! Let’s talk about the Gender Binary. Panel 2 The perspective has changed, and the reader views Justin from a different viewpoint. Justin: But let’s look at it from another angle… Panel 3 A cat and dog’s faces float happily in space. Text: Suppose we grew up “knowing” there were only two animals – dogs and cats. Let's Be Clear – My Gender Identity is Harmless. Panel 1 (A person wearing glasses with short hair and a serious expression looks out from a purple circle) Justin: Let’s be clear.

Let's Be Clear – My Gender Identity is Harmless

My gender identity is many things. But most of all? It is… harmless! Panel 2 (The person sits on the floor playing with a baby, surrounded by blocks and toys)