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Par la fenêtre. Par la fenêtre. Autisme : critères diagnostiques du DSM-5. La cinquième édition du Manuel diagnostique et statistique des troubles mentaux, le DSM-5 (1), classe le trouble du spectre de l'autisme dans les troubles neurodéveloppementaux.

Autisme : critères diagnostiques du DSM-5

Ce trouble englobe quatre diagnostics précédents du DSM-IV : le trouble autistique (autisme), le syndrome d'Asperger, le trouble désintégratif de l'enfance et le trouble envahissant du développement non spécifié. Ce qui reflète, explique le manuel, le consensus scientifique selon lequel ces quatre troubles sont en fait une seule et même condition avec différents niveaux de sévérité de deux catégories de symptômes (2). Je suis autiste et cela n'est pas « exactement » ce que vous croyez... Je suis autiste et cela n’est pas « exactement » ce que vous croyez... par Miss Titi, du réseau DÉesCAaArticle du 16 mars 2012 Ailleurs, partout dans le monde sauf en France [3], c’est un trouble neurologique qui se situe au niveau du sillon temporal supérieur.

Je suis autiste et cela n'est pas « exactement » ce que vous croyez...

Malheureusement, partout sur Terre, le problème est abordé de l’extérieur. Par les conséquences de ce trouble neurologique mais jamais (ou presque) par sa nature. Parce que nous ne sommes pas crédibles en tant que « fous », vous n’écoutez que les témoignages qui vont dans votre sens : comme « type de personnalité », ou « manière d’être » ou encore, pour les plus en retard d’entre vous « TOC », « dépression », « psychose infantile »... Moi, il se trouve que je ne présente rien de tout cela [4]...

Pourtant, je suis autiste. Mon gros cerveauun papa à gros cerveau (et merveilleux, comme tous les papas de petites filles)la culture de mon merveilleux papa où les cotés différents d’un autiste peuvent passer pour de l’originalité...

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3 préjugés sur l'autisme. Autistic Hoya: 15 Things You Should Never Say To An Autistic. 1.

Autistic Hoya: 15 Things You Should Never Say To An Autistic

"So is that like being retarded? " Factually speaking, Autistic people in many cases do not have an intellectual or cognitive disability, and many people with intellectual or cognitive disabilities are not also Autistic. Syndrome d'Asperger – le webdoc. Radical Neurodivergence Speaking: "forgiving" people who aren't sorry. Not gunna happen. This has been the theme of this past week or so, and an intermittent theme of my entire life thus far: some person or group does something shitty to me, I am angry about it, that does not change because the shitty people don't care to make amends, some random, usually privileged asshat comes by on their high horse and tells me to forgive the original shitty person/group/whatever.

Radical Neurodivergence Speaking: "forgiving" people who aren't sorry. Not gunna happen.

This sanctimonious asshat, again, always has privilege I don't have on at least one axis and always tells me to forgive for my own peace of mind. Radical Neurodivergence Speaking: How my language happens. (or: I'm not as articulate as you think) One of the ways people try to tell me I don't count is to tell me I am so articulate.

Radical Neurodivergence Speaking: How my language happens. (or: I'm not as articulate as you think)

But the thing is, I am not. Not under most circumstances. To make really good, clear language happen, I have to be responding to a stimulus. Most of my blog posts? There is something strong I am reacting to. And once they're gone, they're gone. Yes, That Too: Ableism is to blame. Trigger warning: murder, lots and lots of ableism.

Yes, That Too: Ableism is to blame

I saw a girl post an apology for the fact that she has autism, that she will never be what her parents want her to be. I responded to her with the usual message of it's ok, it really is, autism isn't the end of the world. That was for her. This is for me. This is why things like the AutismPositivity flash blogs are needed, this is why things like Loud Hands are needed, this is why Autreat and Don't Mourn For Us and Autism Acceptance Month are needed. And it has devastating effects, far worse than the actual impairments of autism. Autism has no cure. To me, this is a relief, because I know what would happen if there were one. Yes, That Too: Autistic Development: It's a Thing. I have three main points when I say that Autistic development is a thing (as opposed to neurotypical development.)

Yes, That Too: Autistic Development: It's a Thing

None of them are that all, or even most, autistic people are going to have the same developmental trajectory. Yes, That Too: Functioning Labels. Trigger Warning:Ableism, Passing description of self-harm Yesterday at the #autismchat, one of the things I said was ``High functioning means your needs get ignored.

Yes, That Too: Functioning Labels

I’m Pretty Sure I’m an Unfriendly Autistic. …you know, with my “Actually guys if I want to peel off my epidermis or bite myself or stab myself with needles or bang my head on things, maybe you can let me decide for myself whether I can cope with the pain, okay?”

I’m Pretty Sure I’m an Unfriendly Autistic

Yep. I’m the person who actually wants society to enable their weird behaviors and isn’t going to let allistic supremacy get in the way of my self-determination. And it occurs to me that society has this habit of treating pain like it’s a nuisance and needs to be overcome when it comes to, for example, exercise (“No pain, no gain!”) Radical Neurodivergence Speaking: Well-Behaved Autists Rarely Make History: Why "Bad Autistics" Are Good Activists.

It's not difficult to figure out how to be a "good" autistic.

Radical Neurodivergence Speaking: Well-Behaved Autists Rarely Make History: Why "Bad Autistics" Are Good Activists

Just preface everything you say with "this only applies to me, of course" or "I'm quite high-functioning, but," apologize for existing. A good autistic answers every question, no matter how invasive, that a neurotypical person asks. A good autistic is honored that parents give them the time of day, praises said parents regardless of how they treat their kid, never questions NT supremacy or authority. I am a bad autistic. Bad autistics demand to be treated as human. We want and demand more than that. Vaccines don’t cause autism. Because science. Next time somebody says that vaccines cause autism, or that the link has not been studied extensively, hit them with this list of 99 scientific papers (including studies and reviews) showing no link between vaccines, vaccine ingredients and autism. Compiled by Nathan Boonstra, Allison Hagood, Luci Baldwin and myself.


Radical Neurodivergence Speaking: Indistinguishable from peers means: you don't have autism related problems. If you are declared indistinguishable from peers, which, as you may recall, is basically an educational diagnosis, people mistake this for not being Autistic any more. It is presented as such so of course the adults around the "indistinguishable" child act like this is the case, yes? There are some problems with this. Radical Neurodivergence Speaking: The cost of indistinguishability is unreasonable. Comments are turned off on this.

If I want to hear from you, you know how to contact me anyway. With apologies/thanks to Beth of Love Explosions for the perfect title. All below the cut because it's a) long and b) probably going to be triggery for things like suicidality and fake friends and emotional abuse. An apology to my autistic students… – Someone's Mum.

I am sorry. I am a good human being – a good teacher, I think. I listen, I learn, I strive to be better. I know it is a great responsibility to shape young minds, young opinions. Radical Neurodivergence Speaking: Things at Autism Events that Make Me Uncomfortable. This post is inspired by an Autism Speaks walk & an Autism Society of Oregon "adult" conference several years ago). -Parents with adult offspring talking for and about them while they stand right there mortified. -Obviously sensory unfriendly surroundings (loud thuddy music? Parenting Autistic Children With Love & Acceptance. 8 Things You Were Probably Taught About Autism That Are Completely Wrong.

Panel 1 8 Misconceptions About Autism Debunked – Christine Deneweth and Creigh Farinas Panel 2 Image of paper dolls. Extraits vidéos du Bal des Pompiers de Laurent Savard #autisme #humour #theatre. We Don't Need a Cure for Autism – And Pushing One Is Really Messed Up. I used to want to cure autistic people. I babysat for an autism support group and listened pityingly as parents described how hard it was to have a child on the spectrum – thinking nothing of the fact that those children were right there listening. I begged my mom to take my autistic sister, Caley, and me to an autism cure event, ignoring the fact that my sister herself wasn’t interested in doing so.

Later, I went still further and led a fundraiser at my high school to raise hundreds of dollars for Autism Speaks, an organization that pushes for a cure for autism. As the sibling of an autistic person, I felt it was my duty to do these things to show my support for her and others like her. 15 Common Phrases That Are Way More Ableist Than You May Realize. Témoignage de Taylor Morris (autrefois non-verbale) : autisme : mode d'emploi. Autisme formations en ligne gratuites - Autisme Formations en ligne gratuites.

Explorer les 239 thèses pour "Autisme" Syndrome d'Asperger – le webdoc. Invisible_at_the_end_of_the_spectrum.pdf. L'Asperger Café: la Radio - Asperger Amitié.

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