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Just Be Scene has made it easy for young artist to take the next step in their careers by packaging together a simple program for the artist to follow and guided along by the JBS team of industry professionals. With a Motto of Be Seen, Be Heard and Be Discovered, Just Be Scene guarantees a view, a listen by industry decision makers, and the potential to make money. The JBS team advises artist with their work and guides them in the direction that leads to a successful submission to the right people.

3 Best Entertainment Companies in Montreal, QC - ThreeBestRated. Writers Talent Agency Montreal, Canada- Just Be Scene. Best Investment You Can Make for Your Career. What can you buy with $99 dollars in today’s market ?

Best Investment You Can Make for Your Career

A new shirt, some pants maybe, or CONTACTS AND EXPERIENCE that will get you to the next level in your artistic career. Investing in yourself is the smartest investment you will ever make. When you buy our GOLD PACKAGE for $99, we work on your file for 3 months sending your material, music, manuscripts, U Card or Artwork out to so many potential interesting industry “players”, management and executives who can then evaluate what you are doing and hopefully offer you work or represent you in your field. Our team of professionals have hundreds of excellent contacts who we communicate with regularly and who are always looking for talented people and their next signature !

Get Started your Dream Career. Role Models Influence Youth about Strategies Success - Just Be Scene. We always say to ourselves “wouldn’t it be great if I had someone to walk me through the hardest part of getting there in my career .. someone who has already done it, succeeded and is really in a position to help me”..

Role Models Influence Youth about Strategies Success - Just Be Scene

Well I did and I am sure you wish you had this special person too ! In our networking we meet a lot of people in our industry however it takes a very close relationship and someone who wants to help.. easier said than done. Fashion Modelling Agency – How to Select a Modeling Agency. Getting into the world of Modelling is challenging however very possible.

Fashion Modelling Agency – How to Select a Modeling Agency

Most agencies will not take unsolicited calls or requests however at Just be Scene we have contacts at many great modelling agencies and have placed many men, women and children with excellent houses who have found them work and made them money as models for everything from Catalogues to National TV Campaigns. All it takes is the desire to be out there and a “comp card” which is a card that every model has which shows their photos, their personal description and other important things that they need to approach the industry and a standard which every model uses.

For more information on comp cards see this article. Tips on Getting More Work as a Creative Writer. Many creative writers are active on their social medias and members of LinkedIn groups and bloggers because they enjoy the process of writing and getting their works read.

Tips on Getting More Work as a Creative Writer

There is no doubt that social medias have become a very important tool and platform for creative writers of all genres. Yesterday I was on a site where sci-fi writers share ideas and stories with each other. Sometimes they even talk about having their manuscripts read by either readers from Publishing houses or by Literary agents, but most are self-published given that they can’t find a suitable publishing house to work with them. The process is not easy however there are hundreds of readers out there as well as Literary Agents who only do this !

They read manuscripts hoping to find a diamond in the ruff that they can take to the major publishing houses for a book deal. How to Get More Work as a Fine Artist. Fine art has and always will be a subjective profession whereby the value of any one creation is determined by the artist or based on the value of select pieces that they have sold.

How to Get More Work as a Fine Artist

More well-known artists are represented by big “Art Machines” and their works are sold in stores, online and in so many venues internationally. Word to the wise: You cannot enter the art market hoping to cash in. You will be looking to have people see a worth in your work or be willing to commission or pay you for pieces that you have completed. Here are a few ways that visual “fine” artists can market themselves and get more bang for their art thus increasing its value. Top 10 mistakes people make when trying to become professional musicians, writers, models or artists.