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Sanity Saving To-Do List Clipboard. Opposite Day – Picture Frame Makeover Tutorial | cheltenhamroad. I am not a “beach person.” In all honesty I’m not sure I’ve been to the beach since I moved to LA. I mean, I’ve walked by it, sure but I haven’t actually tossed a towel down or made a sand castle or anything – it’s just not my scene. But apparently the Patchwork show tomorrow in Long Beach has put me in a fully beach state of mind and has lead to Opposite Day. So, I was rummaging around in the thrift store looking for frames to use for my magnetic chalkboards when I came across this frame It’s a nice frame but the minute I saw it I knew exactly what I wanted to do and it involved the beach – which seemed odd but who am I to argue with sudden flashes of vision?

I have this habit of rummaging around at flea markets and coming home with random black and white photos. And I finally knew what I wanted to do with her. So I set about sanding the edges of my frame down to bare wood Easy! And now it was time for the details. I think it suits her. OK, now I’m off to the beach myself. Like this: Easy Personalized Binder Clips – Get Organized! | cheltenhamroad. I was going to subtitle this post “Did I really spend part of my day taking pictures of binder clips? And is that actually part of my job now!?”

And file it under “directions I never imagined my life would go.” Which is not, in any way, meant as a complaint. I just continue to be amazed. Anyway, my friend Sarah likes to be organized. Super organized (she and Phebe would get along famously) and a while ago she asked me if I would make her some color coordinated, decorative binder clips. She wanted a way to easily identify the stacks of paper on her desk. I hadn’t shared these before because, honestly, I wanted to see if they held up to day in/day out use. But Sarah reports that they have held up very well! It’s incredibly easy to do. You just need: Binder Clips (Small, Medium and Large)Paper of your choiceMod Podge (I used regular MP for Sarah’s but the Outdoor version would be even more durable)Foam BrushCraft KnifeStyrofoam block or flower foam. Cut the paper to the size of your clip(s) Make a Sandwich Station from a Recycled Drawer.

Curbly-Original Let’s begin with a logic experiment: I am not a morning person.I love drawers. In fact, it’s a borderline fetish.I am a mother. How does 2 help me with 1 even though I am 3? Easy. I made a Drawer Sandwich Station. My DSS helps me prepare sandwiches for my kids for school in no time. So why am I telling you this when school’s just ended for the year? Here’s how it’s done: Materials and Tools An old drawerA wooden dowel3 packages of curtain rod holdersA piece of thin plywoodA drill with a 1 1/2" hole saw saw bit NailsPaint and suppliesSanding paperCork board (optional) 1. 2. 3. Michal Chitin Steiner is a DIYer and designer who believes that creativity, rather than a big budget, is the key to making a beautiful home. Tagged : lunch, How-To, Makeover, drawer, sandwich, mom, Kitchen, Furniture, Curbly-Original, DIY. Adventures in Organizing | Intentional Adventures. * Our Command Center had been updated again, Summer 2013. Click here to see. After 31 Days of Adventure the Sharpteam has been finding some new rhythm and balance in their days.

We have found some particular rhythms that work for us. We write up a menu monthly, so that we only have to think about what we are having for dinner once. We sit down together annually, monthly, and weekly to talk about goals. So when we moved here we bought a couple of dry erase boards and wrote our goals out together monthly and weekly. This summer I decided to change it up, and make it more of a gallery wall feel. We were going to post about this “transformation” but the more we lived with it, the less we liked it. So this past weekend, we re-did the look again. I have been looking at this wall from pottery barn for a while . . . We were not as interested in the price tag for each of the pieces. Here is what everything is . . . Here is a little detail that I like . . . Here is the evolution . . . Linking up . . . 52 Weeks of Organizing. 52 Weeks of Organizing was a series I ran each week in 2011.

I’m leaving it up and accessible for anyone wanting to follow along at their own pace in the future. All the posts related to this series are listed below for your convenience. I’d like to challenge you to create a list of 52 organizing projects or habits that need to be done or developed around your home…dressers, drawers, closet, toys, paper, you name it. Having a plan is a great first step!

Tackle one a week or more. Looking for a place to start? If you’d like I’ve created a simple sheet to help you keep track of your 52 projects. 52 weeks of organizing checklist After all, organizing isn’t a means to an end, it’s an ongoing process that involves all sorts of habits, disciplines and maintenance. 52 Weeks: Introduction Week #1 Where will you start? While some of the weeks above provide practical organizing tasks, the majority of the tasks were intentionally created to teach basic organizing skills.

Diy-heating-pad. Freezer Fix for Empty Spaces. Posted by Laura on February 28, 2014 · 10 Comments Welcome! Simplify your blog reading by signing up to read my blog via RSS (get updates in a feed reader) or via email (get updates delivered daily to your inbox). The following is a guest post from regular contributor, Rachel at Useful Beautiful Home. Remember when Laura organized her deep freezer (HERE)? Wasn’t it absolutely inspiring?! Unfortunately, I don’t have a chest freezer. In fact, I don’t have a separate stand-alone freezer at all. A few months ago, I attempted a quick freezer organization. “If at first you don’t succeed, try, try, try again.”

The mess I could tackle but the open spaces and shelving issue left me stumped. Yes, that picture is far from pretty but worse than that, the arrangement was inconvenient. First, I checked with the refrigerator manufacturer. So, I hunted and pecked around on the internet. Usually people use these baskets for saran wrap and foil storage, a logical and brilliant use. Not me! Day2day joys: Why I Don't Have a Daily Routine {But am Trying to Make One}

Printable Household Notebook. Products I Use | Shop > Products I Use Kitchen/Pantry Organizing Products DIY Tea/Drawer Organizer I’m a total fan of these! They’re “supposed” to be used for storing socks, panty hose, and/or underwear in dresser drawers. More However, I use them to store tea bags in my kitchen drawer and they work perfectly!!! Slide N’ Stack Organizer This was the very first “pull-out cabinet organizer” I ever purchased. And comes in various sizes. Pull-Out Lid Organizer This pull-out lid organizer keeps all your lids easily accessible (and quiet) instead of being stacked on top of one another. Pull-Out Cabinet Organizer This organizer works great at keeping all the food storage containers organized in the kitchen cabinets. Erasable Food Storage Labels These are the labels I have on my food storage bins in the kitchen.

Which means you can use them over and over and over! Measures Conversion Magnet I have this on my fridge and I still use it pretty much every time I cook or bake. Teabag Organizer for the Kitchen pans. In place. 12" Tray Divider. Creating a Daily Chore Routine. Melissa Barrett via Compfight A lot of people have been asking for tips on homemaking. While I’m not the world’s greatest homemaker (at all), there are some things that work for me. I plan to share what I do know, and we can muddle through the rest together. In our home, we have a general daily routine and part of our routine is the chores that we do to keep our home looking decent. Coming up with small ways to get the things that you need to do as a part of your schedule will help you stay on top of things.

Our Daily Chore Routine We all get up around 7 am everyday. Emptying the dishwasher and re-loading it with breakfast and other dishesEmptying and re-filling the ice traysRe-filling the Berkey water filter These are the ‘must do’ things on my list each day. Start a load of laundryGet meat out for lunch and/or dinnerSweep the kitchen floorStart cooking lunch/dinnerAdd yeast/salt to soaked bread and set to rise That’s pretty much all I do in the morning. It generally looks like this: