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Ma passion: La sonorisation (anime des petite soirée de moins de 100 personnes occasionnellement). Et puis un jour mon papa ma fait écouter du HIFI je vous laisse devinez la suite ^^. Mon métier (ou plutot mes étude pour le moment, la programmation et le reseau informatique) Voila c'est tout :)

Building an Pass XOno MC/MM-Preamplifier Clone. Last Changes : 2013 / 08 / 19 !!!

Building an Pass XOno MC/MM-Preamplifier Clone

Professionell Made PCB's Available !!! Table of Contents Introduction After the very good results with my Aleph P clone I start thinking about a complete differential audio chain. Back to the top of the page Description of the Pass XOno Clone (Rev. 0) I have made nearly no changes to the circuit of the preamplifier. XONO / ONO In the very first mail of this thread, KDT asked what the differences are between the ONO and the XONO. These are the main changes I made to the original design in the service manual. Instead of the 2SC1844 and 2SA991 I use BC550C and BC560C. Schematic of the Moving Coil PreamplifierSchematic of the Moving Magnet Preamplifier with Output DriverTop Overlay of the BoardParts List of the Board Because of the very good results with the Wima MKP4 coupling caps in my Aleph P clone I used them also for C7, C9 and C38 (10μF/160V).

There are switchable resistors and capacitors at the input of the moving magnet preamplifier. Power Supply (Rev. 0) KA Home Page. Voici une sélection de câble Hi-Fi abordables et de qualité. Ne pas péter un câble !

Voici une sélection de câble Hi-Fi abordables et de qualité.

Optimiser sa chaîne Hi-fi n’est pas une mince affaire. C’est un parcours du combattant, un long chemin pour obtenir satisfaction. Un câble, ce bout de fil gainé de plastique PVC ou de téflon participe à la qualité de rendu sur les divers éléments d’une chaîne Hi-Fi. Sans rentrer dans les délires audiophiles de câbles vendus à prix d’or, il existe des marques sortant des sentiers battus capables de contribuer au son de votre installation Hi-Fi Home cinéma pour quelques euros. Pour reconnaître un câble de qualité, certaines précautions et observations s’imposent. Un câble de modulation analogique doit avoir la plus faible capacitance possible : En théorie l’idéal est : sortir d’une basse impédance et attaquer une impédance supérieure. Bien souvent un câble dit asymétrique analogique est constitué d’une structure dite coaxial mono brin avec blindage conducteur. L’effet capacitif doit être mesuré entre son blindage et son point chaud. Les connecteurs RCA CINCH. Aleph-X 100w Amplifier Construction Notes.

Devices - Volumio. Utilite is a fanless ARM Cortex-A9 computer delivering high performance and rich I/O in a tiny form-factor.

Devices - Volumio

Utilite is offered with fully featured, desktop-grade Ubuntu Linux or Android operating systems delivering rich multimedia and PC-like user experience. Utilite comes in a really awesome form factor, the same of a small home router, and packs in it an incredibile variety of i\o. I really like the design, the integrated Wi-Fi with Antenna, and the dual HDMI and Ethernet Ports. Didn’t I mention it features also Coaxial S/PDIF out? With Compulab Utilite and Volumio, you’ll get an amazing Audiophile Music Player in a really nice form factor, at a low price compared to similar commercial solutions! Tellement Nomade - Afficher le sujet - Dac discrete R2R soekris@diyaudio. De nouvelles réponses sur ce DAC... et des réponses éclairantes sur pas mal de points ... je sens que je vais prendre la version 0.01% :D :D :D First, thanks for the nice words, with an interest like that it will definite move into production, target is 2.5 months from now to availability, there are leadtime on those precision resistors in the quantity needed....

Tellement Nomade - Afficher le sujet - Dac discrete R2R soekris@diyaudio

To answer questions are clarify things: Frequency Response, Impulse Response and Square Wave: The DAC is bit correct and FAST thanks to the low capacitance compact SMT design. Only limited by the programmable digital filters, a 270 Khz 1st order bessel LPF in output of the R-2R resistor chains and clock speed. Clock: The board just need data with bitclock, no other input clocks needed. Linearity: Dust or other environmental issues: The boards will be manufactured to industrial standards, and due to the low impedance everywhere I don't see any need to go further.... H i F i D U I N O. has released a new diy DAC board designed in collaboration with the China arm of ESS Technologies.

H i F i D U I N O

Code name for this project is “Prometheus”, part of the “Titans” series from Hifidiy. This is the first product out of the collaboration which aims at “HI END”. And to start this series of products, a 50% off group buy has been put together (and available until 7/6/13). I’ve summarized here some of the details shared in the discussion boards and product announcements. (Photos and most words taken from TaoBao and Hifidiy website/forums…) The DAC Kit. Prometheus is aimed at upping China’s diy audio products to a new level in quality and capability. Hifidiy is an official partner of ESS Tech [link] The board is “top industry military grade, 4-layer PCB with 2 oz copper thickness and 4 um Immersion Gold plating; each board is fully tested”. Labels for layers 3 and 4 can be better seen on the other side of the board. Size is 240 mm by 150 mm Other users would select different capacitors.

«DAC / lecteur réseau à base de Raspberry Pi» sur le forum «WIY - Wire It Yourself» du site - 30048028 - 1429. Bonjour,

«DAC / lecteur réseau à base de Raspberry Pi» sur le forum «WIY - Wire It Yourself» du site - 30048028 - 1429