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Controverses architecturales et urbanistiques

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Controversy dynamics: a simulation. A dynamic mapping of the London 2012 Olympic Stadium controversy The questions • How can we visualise the dynamics of a controversy? Atlantic Yards Controversies. Controverses SciencesPo. Mont Saint-Michel. Street art. Versailles Controversé : Au cœur de la controverse. Albena Yaneva. The Making of a Building: A Pragmatist Approach to Architecture - Albena Yaneva. Mapping controversies in architecture.

Made by the Office for Metropolitan Architecture: An Ethnography of Design - Albena Yaneva. How building 'surprise' : The renovation of the Alte Aula in Vienna. Transdisciplinary Knowledge Production in Architecture and Urbanism: Towards ... - Isabelle Doucet. Reconnecting practice and meaning. Understanding architecture, accounting society. Le projet en train de se faire. Mapping Architectural Controversies. Mapping Architectural Controversies - Main - Mapping Controversies. Mapping Architectural Controversies (MAC) is an interactive website dedicated to students and researchers working on controversies surrounding design projects, buildings, master plans, and urban and development issues.

Mapping Architectural Controversies - Main - Mapping Controversies

Documenting and visualising recent controversies in architecture, it also aims to address a broader audience interested in the design of cities, spatial networks and built environments as well as planners, representatives of city government, NGOs and citizens. Originally based on the EU-funded project MACOSPOL, Mapping Architectural Controversies draws on a variety of documental sources and visual methods to explore the multifarious connections of architecture and society. Controversy mapping of London 2012 Olympic Stadium - 3D animation courtesy of Danny Richards (MSA) Mapping Architectural Controversies / Manchester School of Architecture.

Chelsea barracks controversy created by jamesslocock based on blank website. ArcelorMittal ORBIT London 2012. New National library in Prague. Home | Intro | FutureSystems | Context | Controversies | Timeline | Actors | Documentation | Documentation | Quiz | Team Built and designed by Jack Stewart.

New National library in Prague

Birmingham Central Library. London Olympic Games 2012. Ground Zero Controversies. « Learning from Las Vegas » : anatomie d’une controverse.