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Middlebury Resources

Gap Year Emily. Bootfahren. Flipped and Blended Learning (Math) LMS and digital reading. Maker Education. ECIS TECH 2015. Presentation and Design. G9 Project. Digital Life: Creating a Social Media Site.

Game-based learning.

Grade 9 Service as Action Sites

Grade 9 Video Project. ePortfolios. Digital Citizenship. Maker Education. Online Learning. Professional Development. Accessibility and Learning Support. Professional Learning.

IB Webinar Resources

Learning Commons Website Resources. For Students-Tutorials and HW Help Sites. For Teachers- Digital Learning Tools and Resources. Research Module Collections. Weekly Dose of Ideas Links. ISS Learning Commons. Google. Student-created resources. Tutorials. ISS Apps and Tools. Beginner’s Guide to Maker-ize An Elementary Classroom | HonorsGradU.