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Film Project #2

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Catfishing-Nattawin and Rebecca. Gloria and Megan. DD Movie- Jordan, Zaphira and Camilla. The bullied Maxi and Eitan. Bullying Story Marlie and Jacqueline. DL movie, bullying Vasilios- Philip and Nathan. Cyberbully - Kushi & Sophia. Lisa and Yu- Stalking. Stalker- Alec, Mateo. Online safety- Julian, Gagan. Dangers of the Internet Daniel and Kim. Dark Web-Nick. The NSA- Ashank. SNS and SMS- Tim C.

Internet Presence Leon H. and Max vBB. Final Movie Design Cedric & Finn. Evolution of the phone- Marie and. U.S Election Interview. Noah and Caitlin Elections and Media. The Vampire Energy Slayer- Filip, Max G. New Games 2017 Jose, Luca, and Leon P.