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Public Cloud Solutions. Run your business on a premium secure managed cloud. The secure public cloud is deployed in a highly secure, best-in-class, multi-tenant infrastructure that provides customers their own private, self-contained virtual data centers. Each of these environments provide operating systems, applications, and additional services that meet your needs. We base our cloud offerings on our highly available enterprise cloud platform. WHOA Data Center (WDC) provides customers access to an enhanced Cloud Management Platform Portal which will provide customers the ability to manage their virtual environments, which is their WHOA Data Center. The WHOA Data Center (WDC) is a pool of cloud infrastructure resources and services including compute, memory, storage, bandwidth, firewall, load balancer, network security, and compliance.

Top 5 Benefits of Private Cloud Computing. Private cloud is a term used in cloud computing that is basically incorporated in corporate firewall under the control of the IT department. It basically gives same features and benefits as given by public cloud systems but eradicates various objections to the cloud computing model that includes control over enterprise and customer data, problem related to regulatory compliance and all security issues. This type of cloud computing is best suited for companies with unpredictable and dynamic needs that require direct control over their environments. A private cloud is basically a software-defined data center that coalesce necessary hardware and other computing resources into a unified virtualized unit.

So if you want to get private cloud services then take a look at some benefits of private cloud computing. Benefits of Private Cloud Computing Better Flexibility In cloud computing, resources can be placed in other location in fraction of seconds. More Security Better Resource Management. Cloud Server Security, IT Security Solutions. All businesses require secure operations in order to be successful and protect their sensitive information.

Devising a comprehensive strategy to cover all of your security demands has never been more important, and should include a number of layered security services. Security is the culmination of a number of pieces working together to collectively create a powerful defense against cyber threats. These security pieces commonly include the features of WHOA's seven layers of security, which include physical security, network protection, secure multitenant architecture, per-tenant firewalls, host-based firewalls, anti-virus, and backup and replication. In order to maintain the most secure environment possible, most businesses choose to trust the management of their network security to their provider. By choosing WHOA to manage the security system for your business or network, you will be expertly protected by the best available technology, and freed to focus on the job at hand.

Top 4 Benefits of Managed Cloud Services. Managed cloud hosting is a method in which organization share and access resource that includes database, software tools and hardware tools across a remote network through various servers placed in different geographical locations. By availing the Managed Cloud services, companies can maintain a balance between scalability and facility of public solutions to offer better reliability of on-premises solutions. In managed cloud hosting, server are bought either in slices or as a virtual servers. The main aim of managed hosting is to provide security and consistent availability. Companies take managed cloud services in the form of monthly contracts in order to run enterprise-critical application for longer period.

Benefits of Managed Cloud Services Cost-Effective Managed cloud computing provides secure and dedicated private cloud at much affordable rates. High Availability Automatic Fail-over and Resource Balancing Increased Reliability. Top 4 Benefits of Cloud Based Backup. Cloud backup is a technique in which offsite data that is stored in files, folders and the contents of a hard drive are backed up on a remote server or computer on a regular basis via network connection. But it is important to secure data that stored on remote server or on cloud.

The main aim of cloud backup solutions is to safeguard company’s information from any risks and loss that are linked with hacking, fire, theft and other technological disasters. There are numerous benefits of cloud based backup solutions. So let’s take a look at few of them. Benefits of Cloud Based Backup Convenient Convenience is the most important benefit offered by cloud backup. Affordable Cloud-based backup is quite affordable as it is much less expensive than cost of servers, tapes drive and software elements that are required for backup solutions. Safe In cloud computing, the information is not subjected to typical threats such as hacking, fire or thefts. Easy Recovery. IT Alignment - Cloud Solutions Provider - Coordinating the objectives of a business with its information technology (IT) needs and capabilities is an important step in maximizing the potential of its operations.

By means of IT alignment, businesses seek to match these two components to produce the highest level of efficiency. When a disconnect impairs the cooperation of these two pieces it is difficult to overcome, but conversely, successful IT alignment unlocks the true potential of a business. WHOA recognizes that no two companies have the same needs, and therefore, we take a consultative approach to IT alignment.

By working closely with your company and understanding your vision for the role that IT should play in your business, we are able to create a thoughtful, structured path to realizing that vision. IT Alignment was last modified: September 1st, 2015 by whoa. Top 6 Benefits of Public Cloud Computing. Cloud computing is a type of Internet-based computing in which variety of services such as servers, storage and applications are delivered to company’s devices and computers through the internet.

With the changing needs of customers, companies have realized the significance of different types of cloud services. Public cloud is totally based on basic cloud computing model and with this type of computing, service provider makes resources such as applications and storage accessible to common people over the internet. It is very simple and cheap set-up because bandwidth costs and applications are given by the provider. There is no wastage of resources because clients only have to pay for resource that they want to avail.

Public cloud services provide scalability to meet your company needs and these services may be free or offered on a pay-per-usage model. API Access Many public cloud hosts also provide APIs with which user can programmatically spin up and kill server through API access. Need for Cloud Computing Security. Cloud computing is a type of Internet-based computing by which variety of services such as servers, storage and applications are delivered to company’s devices and computers through the internet. Today most of the organizations are using cloud computing, so it is very crucial to properly secure the data and other potentially vulnerable data in order to safeguard the data and information from cloud security breaches. In cloud computing, different types of standards, procedures and processes are crafted to offer security assurance in cloud computing environment.

It covers the physical and logical security issues of various service models of platform, software and infrastructure. Cloud computing security is basically a collection of control-based policies and technologies that are crafted to adhere to regulatory compliance rules in order to protect data, application and infrastructure associated with cloud computing use. Need for Cloud Computing Security Final Words. Managed Cloud Support Services. WHOA delivers the broadest selection of enterprise-grade cloud solutions, including Software as a Service (SaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS), Desktop as a Service (DaaS), and Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS).

Now you can focus on growing your organization with access to industry-leading services, “Best in Class” technology, and enterprise-class service level agreements. Peace of mind through Experience WHOA’s Managed Support provides you with management and monitoring for all your operating environments—while enabling complete visibility into system and application performance. Managed Support was last modified: September 1st, 2015 by whoa.

Cloud Servers and Cloud Applications - Cloud Solutions Provider. Every business has different needs for operating systems and applications. We recognize that your business must have the correct OS and applications in order to function effectively and we will work with you to determine and select the most appropriate choices. WHOA offers all of the leading operating systems and applications, and is licensed to do so. We are proud to offer a large number of premium operating systems and applications, but if you have the need for a product not listed, please contact us for our latest availability. Our current offerings include: Windows OS Platform Server 2008 / R2Server 2012 / R2Microsoft Applications MS SQL 08 / 12MS Exchange 2010 / 2013MS Lync 10 / 2013MS SharePoint 10 / 18PHPMySQLCitrix Applications XenAppXenDesktopNetScalerLinux OS Platform Red Hat Enterprise LinuxCentOSDebianUbuntuLinux Applications ApacheMySQLPHPNginx OS & Applications was last modified: June 27th, 2014 by whoa.

Importance of Cloud Encryptions Solutions over Traditional Techniques. Cloud based backup solutions is an ultimate way to protect confidential business information & data saved in your computer. It enables users to maintain data backup without any hassles and threat of data loss. By implying such solutions in your system gives you smooth & easy file restoration system that is completely reliable and safe to use. Today all big business companies look for cloud encryption solutions over net. There are few famous websites available online that make search easy for the users looking for cloud based backup systems. With the increasing popularity of online data backup services it is important to judge their reliability and certification. Benefits associated with online cloud based encryption services: Prevent data theft All business organizations look for the best ways to solve data theft problem.

Easy configuration Installation procedure is quite important for cloud based encryption solutions. Best-in-class data transmission Easy to store data Conclusion. Top 5 Benefits of Cloud Hosting. Cloud computing is a type of Internet-based computing by which variety of services such as servers, storage and applications are delivered to company’s devices and computers through the internet. Cloud hosting is based on the most advanced cloud computing technologiesand enables numerous machines to act as one system. It provides website growth flexibility and guaranteed server resource. Cloud hosting is basically a technique of configuring server in a scalable way to create a reliable and affordable web infrastructure. It is one of the most reliable, fast and scalable type of hosting and provides an effective interface to secure data, resize servers and creates new servers easily. So let’s discuss about the benefits of cloud computing.

Benefits of Cloud Computing Dependability Physical Security In cloud hosting, your data remains safe because it distributes the data across redundant servers. Cost-Effective Scalable Customizable In cloud computing, you can also customize your servers. Best in Class: Our Cloud Vendors. The WHOA Secure Cloud offers the fastest and most reliable platform for cloud computing. Featuring the best technology available, making it the first and only choice for enterprise-grade cloud hosting. ALL Flash Fibre Channel and SSD disk technology are key to the performance of our Cloud. Connected via 40GB Ethernet, flash storage provides 'light-speed' performance, enabling virtual servers on the WHOA cloud platform to outperform traditional dedicated servers. 'Best In Class' Hardware WHOA's cloud platform is purpose-built to provide unparalleled performance.

Premier Data Centers We are deployed in only “Top Tier” data centers in the country and worldwide, using Verizon/Terremark and Switch Las Vegas as our providers of choice. VMware – Virtualization Market Leader The WHOA cloud is 100% VMware-based. Minimize Server Downtime VMware High Availability (HA) is a powerful feature providing high availability to all servers on the WHOA cloud. Why You Should Choose Cloud Services for Business? These days, every business owner should consider the type of technology they are exploiting in running their trade.

It is this technology that takes them into competition with similar businesses within their area. They can even get linked with other related businesses and customers therefore, registering decent business growth. Using technology efficiently helps them to effortlessly connect with people. Functioning With Cloud Services One of the technologies progressively used by companies at the present time is the cloud computing services. Cloud computing portrays a new model destined for IT services' delivery as well as consumption. All these IT services are internet based and usually use scalable and virtualized possessions in the form of services. Of course, functioning in the cloud has numerous benefits as compared to functioning on a local server. Why Cloud computing services Is a Crucial Business Tool? Lessening the Overall Cost. WHOA Cloud Services Overview. Professional Services Cloud Migration The process of migration, also known as cloud migration, involves the transferring of an organization to a cloud.

More specifically, by undergoing migration, businesses relocate some or all of their applications, digital assets…Learn More IT Alignment Coordinating the objectives of a business with its information technology (IT) needs and capabilities is an important step in maximizing the potential of its operations…Learn More Disaster Recovery / Business Continuity Implementing the proper disaster recovery and business continuity practices can greatly limit the risk posed by disasters, and render them inconsequential.

Network & System Architecture Organizations with a well-designed framework will naturally operate more seamlessly. Security All businesses require secure operations in order to be successful and protect their sensitive information. Monitoring The many devices and components of a modern business require constant surveillance. Managed Support. Private Cloud Hosting.