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"At Jumpstart, learning is interactive & stimulating! Our well curated, age appropriate curriculum and activities set the right foundation for your child through a platter of experiences to evolve & transform him/her. The preschool programs boost the child’s social & emotional development, ensure that learning with peers and educators has a lifelong positive impact on his/her personality and lead to physical development as your child steps out of the home into a safe and healthy environment. Jumpstart aims at giving your child the gift of meaningful experiences for lifelong learning. We also aim at teaching children life skills that are needed to be a confident and perseverant individual."

Our Future Is The Reflection Of Our Today. How often do people come to you and tell you that you are a replica of your father or mother, you behave like them or that you talk or walk like them?

Our Future Is The Reflection Of Our Today

Or some one might say that you might become like them in future, Have you ever asked them why they said that? It was just a sudden realization that our personalities are a shadow of our parents and their teaching. We tend to pick up on small actions and pattern from our parents and subconsciously start imitating them as a part of our personality. You Are Who You Surround Yourself With!!! We always wish, aspire and desire that our children should follow the right path and should have the right influence during those crucial growing years and later too!

You Are Who You Surround Yourself With!!!

How do we teach children to surround themselves with the right people and have the right influence?? A. Teach children to believe in themselves. Others around them can sense weather they believe in themselves or not and their thoughts, actions and gestures change accordingly. Positive Words Generates Positive Thoughts. Do we express ourselves enough as parents to our children???

Positive Words Generates Positive Thoughts

Not really…. Because, as parents, we can strongly persuade the direction of our children’s lives by the words we say to them. Yet many parents fall short to do so. A lot of parents say “Oh, my children know that we care for them,”. “They know that we love them.” How Do You Measure Success???. People maybe really powerful when it… People maybe really powerful when it comes to wealth, their position or fame; but are they really peaceful?

How Do You Measure Success???. People maybe really powerful when it…

Can they trust easily? Do these so-called successful people live their life in the present and in the current moment without overthinking and analyzing? Is Your Child Imaginative?? - Jumpstart Preschool. Our enthusiastic core Preschool team member shares her views on beauty of imagination in our life.

Is Your Child Imaginative?? - Jumpstart Preschool

“Imagination Is The Beginning Of Creation. You Imagine What You Desire, You Will What You Imagine, And At Last, You Create What You Will.” ―George Bernard Shaw. Jumpstart Preschool Daycare & Activity Center Pune. Work from home is a boon for everyone.

Jumpstart Preschool Daycare & Activity Center Pune

It saves travel time and the snacks/lunch are only as far away as the kitchen. However, it can turn out differently for parents working from home. If you are a new parent or considering a work-from-home job, it may not be all roses. Though the pandemic has created a massive change in everyone’s lifestyle, we have learned to cope up with the change. It can be challenging for parents who need to give their children undivided attention.

Jumpstart Preschool Daycare & Activity Center Pune. They say the most talked about topics in any part of the world are weather and politics!

Jumpstart Preschool Daycare & Activity Center Pune

However, if you talk to parents anywhere, then obviously their children’s career would be the most discussed topic. There is no doubt that parents are always preoccupied with the need to plan ahead for their child’s future. Right from the day the child begins to walk, they open a planner in their mind – Which language medium to choose… Which school to join… Which syllabus – State, CBSE, ICSE… What type of hobbies to inculcate – sports, music, dance… and finally, which career to focus on – engineering, medical, management, etc! The biggest anxiety among all parents is if their children will grow up to do better academically and be successful in their career. This worry constantly emerges in the backs of their heads and affects every action the parents undertake.

High quality infant daycare Pune - Jumpstart International Preschool. Jumpstart learning center is the best day care in Pune.

High quality infant daycare Pune - Jumpstart International Preschool

Finding a high-quality child day care is important. It plays a key role in a child’s health and development. Parents consider a variety of factors while deciding the right care for their child. Jumpstart is the only day care in the city having a curriculum! Affordable international school. 360-degree program is a full-day preschool.

Affordable international school

Here every activity is for a longer duration. It keeps the inquisitiveness of the child alive. The program is a mix of multiple intelligence activities like Lego education, music and moment, foreign language, speech and drama, culinary, sensorial, physical and creative activities. Duration The 360-degree program is a preschool for 6 to 7.5 hours allowing the child to spend more time with the educator and peers. Looking for Best Preschool in Pune ? - contact Jumstart. Corporate Profile100421. Get ad free downloads and 1 TB of space.

Corporate Profile100421

Learn More Corporate Profile100421.pdf File size: 18.21MB Uploaded: 2021-04-27 02:06:57 About PDF Formats. 7 Benefits of virtual learning and Virtual Schooling for preschoolers. What has become important in year 2020-21 is to continue with the education. Covid has taught us too many things and prioritizing your life is one of them. Without education there is no balance in life and this is why we all gave a thump up to Virtual Education where children could top up their knowledge by not physically attending schools and classes but by simply being online. International preschool Franchise. International preschool Franchise. Virtual online preschool for kids.

“It takes a village to raise the child!” Parents, grandparents, siblings, educators and peers all help in the holistic development of the child. Through the “learn from home” program our partnership with the parents has become all the more robust as not only parents but other family members team up as our real partners in educating children online. Best preschool and nursery school in Pune. Research has proved that up to the age of 5 years, the brain forms as many as 700 neural connections per second.

As the pace of development in these early years is extremely rapid, it becomes crucial to give the right knowledge, exposure and experiences to the children in nursery school. The impressions formed in their minds during these formative years are known to last a lifetime. Preschool works as a foundation for each and every child. Jumpstart Preschool creates and enables an environment for every child and thereby forms a strong and sound foundation for their life. Investment in early childhood education reduces deficits, it strengthens the economy and provides quality human capital to the country, resulting in overall betterment of the society.