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The Revolution is coming to Dubai! Defining Big Data – Examples, Data Sources & Technologies. New age marketing techniques and cutting-edge technology go hand in hand.

Defining Big Data – Examples, Data Sources & Technologies

With a rise in the collection of information to gain benefits, a problem emerged where there were no good tools to collect, analyze, and properly store and manage the massive database. But since technology has always been working to bring out new solutions to such problems, methods were soon devised to store and distribute these gigantic figures as clusters to different nodes. How To Make A Social Media App? Just for the record, there are approximately 7.8 billion people in the world.

How To Make A Social Media App?

Out of these 7.8 billion people, nearly 3.725 billion are active on social media.Here is a great social media usage infographic by Hootsuite so that you can have an idea of how prevalent social media usage has become. It’s a fact, social media is essential for us today. Quite honestly, we can’t imagine a life without social media. With increased smartphone usage each year, the number of social media users continues to grow. How to Create A Mobile App Business Plan? (A Comprehensive Guide) Businesses are all about takings risks!

How to Create A Mobile App Business Plan? (A Comprehensive Guide)

The most crucial ingredient for success in any business is sales! You might’ve heard these lines over the years, and let us tell you that these are just myths. The actual path to success begins with a “Plan” or, to elaborate it furthermore, “A Business Plan.” A Detailed Overview Of Flask Vs. Django. Python is debatably one of the most popular programming languages that exist today.

A Detailed Overview Of Flask Vs. Django

Due to its clean and readable code and wide range of frameworks, programmers prefer it worldwide. Two of its most famous frameworks include Django and Flask. Now Django vs. Flask is perhaps the most common argument you’ll come across once you plan to build your web app in Python. What Are The Different Stages Of Mobile App Development? Building a mobile app is certainly not an easy task.

What Are The Different Stages Of Mobile App Development?

From understanding the app from a technical standpoint to making it feature-packed and not feature-stuffed, building a mobile application requires expertise and experience to ensure seamless and swift development and designing process. Therefore, it’s crucial to know the process of creating an app. Making a mobile application successful requires extensive planning, research, agility, efficiency, and much more and this is our topic of today. We’re going to tell you about the stages of app development that will enable you to build a mobile application like a professional. So, without any further ado – let’s uncover the robust set of methods that will ensure the creation of a perfect app while saving your time and resources.

How to Create A Mobile App Business Plan? (A Comprehensive Guide) The Complete Guide Towards Developing A Custom eLearning Platform. Digitalization has led to the creation of eLearning platforms.

The Complete Guide Towards Developing A Custom eLearning Platform

People around the world are leveraging these platforms to learn at home. According to a study, the global eLearning market is predicted to be worth $325 Billion in 2025. Also, eLearning has given rise to the possibility of learning anything at one’s leisure and off-course who can neglect the cost-effectiveness of this program. What Is MVP And The Top 10 Minimum Viable Product Examples? Here’s how we define MVP in the fewest words possible, “A minimum viable product also known as MVP is a development methodology that involves the development of an initial product integrated with basic features just enough to satisfy the early adopters.

What Is MVP And The Top 10 Minimum Viable Product Examples?

The final product with the complete set of features is only designed and developed once feedback from the product’s initial users has been received”. The MVP product created goes through a process of continual iterations and refinements until the feedback received from the users is positive. The MVP method is especially not new to people who belong to the digital world – for websites and mobile apps, MVPs are extremely important; hence, they’ve been implementing this methodology from the start. 18 Best Android Apps for Photo Editing in 2021. Photographers are always on the hunt to capture perfect photos that reflect and convey powerful meanings but sometimes, capturing the perfect moment seems like a daunting task.

18 Best Android Apps for Photo Editing in 2021

As a photographer, a business owner, or a selfie lover, you might want to upload some eye-catching photography samples on your social media to catch the attention of your audience. But knowing that the attention span on social media has shrunk to just eight seconds – the overall process may feel a little overwhelming. 12 Best Apps for Dog Lovers In 2021. There is an app for everything and anything nowadays.

12 Best Apps for Dog Lovers In 2021

From hailing rides to booking reservations in restaurants, but some of the most useful apps are also the ones that are the least known among them all. These apps provide the utmost utility to end users by allowing them to keep track of a very important task on their end. Tekrevol Miami. Bite Sized Business Managing Reputation Through Proximity. The Top 10 Automation Testing Tools In 2021. Tekrevol is here with the top 10 Automation Testing Tools List that you can use for your project.

The Top 10 Automation Testing Tools In 2021

Through the Automation Testing Tools mentioned in this list, you will be able to choose the best fit for your project. There is tough competition in the mobile app development world, and these tools automate the manual testing method. The outcome? Well, automation testing saves human effort, gets your project closer to completion, minimizes errors and faults, and the development process becomes swift.

Reddit vs. Wall Street - What is happening with the GameStop Stock Price? What’s going on with GameStop’s stock prices does not make any sense to many people, especially investors. The poor financial decisions and management led the GameStop stock prices to fall, which raised many professional investors’ concerns. A 52-year-old individual/investor from Nevada wrote that “I just want my money back, but I know it’s gone.” TEKREVOL TOPS THE LIST OF WEB DEVELOPERS IN FORT-LAUDERDALE ON CLUTCH'S LEADERS MATRIX.

The Team of Tekrevol Proudly announces that we’ve been declared the top web development company in the Fort-Lauderdale in Clutch’s Leaders Matrix for 2021. Image Source: Washington based B2B agency Clutch is popular for its independent reviews and rating that identify the leading companies in every niche related to the tech. It is a highly credible source that evaluates each firm’s rank based on systematic and refined methodology, which means each company has to work hard and be transparent to compete for the rank. The Top 10 Best Pranking Apps. Apps have been around us for quite a while now. While they’re being the primary source of getting out day to day tasks done more effectively, many apps could potentially be used for having a moment of fun as well.

Yup, we’re talking about the prank apps. How to Lead With Your App Idea In 2021. The two most significant factors that can cause unnecessary delays in your app development and increase your cost of development are consistently making changes to your project scope and poor communication with your App development company. The reason that this happens is mainly because of ambiguity on your end on how exactly you want certain features to appear in your app or how exactly you envision your app to be. Without the right guidance and a carefully structured plan, developing your Android or iPhone app can be more challenging and expensive.

But, here is how you can avoid unnecessary delays and redevelopment costs and get your app idea rolling on without any issues. Have An Expert Prepare Your Project Specifications Document Your development scope is also known as a project specifications document and product requirement document. Bite-Sized Business: Managing Reputation Through Proximity. The Process of Finding Business Stability in a Post-Covid World. The Coronavirus pandemic has been a testing time for businesses, globally. From Tourism to Oil, industries have faced significant financial problems. Businesses have gone through massive layoffs, while some have reduced operations due to budget cuts. Now, we are seeing a resurgence of businesses, as they adapt to the new normal that has been forced onto us by the pandemic. Businesses are leveraging technologies to pivot and change the way they operate.

Python for app development. How To Choose The Right Database For Mobile Application Development. The 7 Best Celebrity Look-Alike Apps + Ideas + Revenue Model. 12 Best Image Recognition Apps That You Should Try In 2021. Bite Sized Business Is Your Business a Pain Killer or Vitamin. Cross platform app development services.